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Jul 20, 6:23 AM

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Batman: Hush

Based on the comic by the same name, and fun fact: this is one of only two comic books I have ever read in my life, I loved it and so I was super excited to see it get an animated movie adaptation. And it blew all my expectations away.

It changed about 75% of the comic story line so it certainly wasn't what you would call a "faithful adaptation" but that actually turned out to be a great thing because it improved a lot of the flaws from the comic. This movie has almost every character from the Batman universe (each one of which was perfectly characterized) all crammed into an 80 minute movie with incredible animation, voice acting and action scenes.

I honestly think this is the best animated Batman movie to come out this decade - 10/10
Jul 20, 8:32 AM

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Never even heard of it, but that damn AI knew I was watching Cop Craft so it suggested it to me. Was better and worse that I expected in some ways.

Jul 20, 9:58 PM

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Lion King Remake

It just goes to show how limited the possibilities are on these type of movies if it's based on realism. Lacks heart and emotion to it. Even the color palette is so bland that every song cue just feels boring to watch
Jul 21, 9:52 AM

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I couldn't agree more.

The last movie I saw was "Us". It creeped me out more than anything and the soundtrack was great.

Jul 21, 10:14 PM

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I also saw the live action remake of "The Lion King".

It was okay. I still prefer the animated film.
Jul 23, 1:41 PM

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Trail of the Pink Panther 7/10
Been watching the older Pink Panther movies the past few weeks with some mates, this one is one that I had seen before and is quite good, the pool full of gelatin was funny.
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Jul 23, 3:30 PM

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Men in Black: International (4 or 5/10)

While this movie had the star power of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, their talent was ultimately wasted in this bland, forgettable movie. It had very good potential, but ultimately wasted it--I wish I'd gotten to see the characters' backgrounds explained more, I did not have much of a connection to them by the end (and the finale itself just...wasn't good)

Spider Man: Far From Home (10/10)

An amazing addition to the MCU, a perfect movie that helps takes your mind off of the emotional trauma dealt by the masterpiece known as Endgame (congrats to Endgame for beating Avatar in the box office!)
The special effects were simply gorgeous along with the soundtrack, and the plot twists were amazing, I did not expect them at all (and then of course there was the game-changing mid credits scene...)
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Jul 26, 6:52 AM
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Went to watch Once Upon a Time In Hollywood last night. As usual from Tarantino, it was fun and good. The characters of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were amazing, the movie was pretty funny and ... that ending tho. However, personally, i think its his weakest movie but its mostly because i'm not really into 70s hollywood movies era and it's literally a love letter to this time so... eh.

Like i said tho, i still had a good time. 7/10
Jul 26, 10:23 AM

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Lion King (2019)

Didn't care for it honestly. While there were minor changes to the movie, the changes were so minor that I might as well be watching the original.
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Jul 26, 10:54 AM

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Men in Black: International 6/10
While a lot of the special effects were pretty good, the story wasn't all that good and could have been done better.
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This might be the last chance,
for all is fleeting;
'tis naught but a dream.
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Jul 26, 11:13 AM

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The new Lion King.

The details with (most) of the art were beautiful and I quite enjoyed the remakes of the songs, ngl.
The story pretty much is the same as before but just a bit more modernised which is okay, considering there are "modernised" series that are supposed to be based on the 90's which just ruins them.
The story is cliche in this day and age, but yet again, it should be thought as it being made back then because it was. It's more of a reskin of the old movie.
Also, fluff fibres.

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Jul 30, 2:45 PM

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Being a Tarantino fan I went in with high and all the wrong expectations. Pretty disappointing overall, cept the last 10 mins of the movie.
Jul 30, 7:54 PM

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this thread is old as hell lol.

Anyways the last movie I watched was "The Revenant".
Amazing movie 8/10, I highly recommend it.
The writing gets very stupid near the end and keeps me from giving it a 10, but a great movie none the less.
Aug 1, 6:42 PM
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It started pretty slow at first but it picked up the pace in the end.

Also, the jokes and quips were funny and I laughed a little.

This is the first DCEU movie I watched. I plan to watch Aquaman and Wonder Woman later.

Overall, Shazam! was a decent superhero film. The characters will grow into you if you have patience.
Aug 1, 7:32 PM

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Movie i just saw tonight was RoboCop the remake, pretty generic and ordinary answer i know, but my buddy wanted to watch it so i just decided to as well. Good movie, haven't seen it in years.
Aug 1, 8:28 PM
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Brightburn. I enjoyed it but it would have been better if the Movie Focused a lot more on Brandon turning evil and why. The film kinda just framed it as "he heard voices from his space ship" and that was his turning point.

Aug 1, 11:01 PM

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Porco Rosso. Good, but nothing special.
Aug 2, 3:16 AM

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its basically if goku didnt lose his memories and carried out his mission to take over earth, but instead of being goku, it was kal el, good movie

they even had 6 or 8 chars at the end each with powers, like DC but better. injustice or justice lords without batman. I hope we get a time skip sequel
Aug 2, 5:09 AM

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Stephen King's "It" (2017)

Love the film and the author, it doesn't keep me up at night but it's still creepy and a good watch. It's got some great concepts and likable characters/actors. I said to my friend once: "A cosmic deity that takes the form of a clown and feeds on children's fear. Stephen King imagined and created that." Hopefully the second one will be just as good if not better, fingers crossed.
Aug 2, 6:47 AM

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the forest (2016)

a flick for orientalists
cryptic aura rendering and malefic environment are more than enough to settle down the tone of the story
the reality vs madness philosophy is subtle in this film and i am not impressed at all by the director's approach
the jumpscares are overly redundant, not to mention how indecisive the direction of the film is in the first 30 minutes
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Aug 2, 7:48 AM

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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

It has some awesome moments from Dicaprio that are worth rewatching for sure.
If you are into acting you definitely need to watch this one.

But overall a very funny film, a slow movie, has some scenes that are boring not gonna lie, but everything is there for a reason. 7/10

More of my thoughts on the movie at
Aug 2, 10:46 AM

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Force Majeure: Strong performances throughout, some beautiful shots of the French Alps, pretty funny at times, overall good drama that critically examines traditional gender roles
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Aug 7, 10:50 PM

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Follows the usual horror tropes and had a lot of jumpscares that I feel like is a cop out on the viewer's side. You have well designed monsters, utilize them well rather than just using the same old tricks. Not to mention characters literally there without purpose just to be written on the book lol. Plot is okay, but really forgettable
Aug 8, 12:30 AM

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I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming because I happened to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home first. I watched the sequel first because when I had taken relatives to the airport, according to Google Maps, the drive back was three and a half hours because of traffic. I decided to just hang out at a nearby entertainment hub to eat and watch a random movie until traffic died down.
Aug 8, 9:56 AM

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I saw the Lion King remake. I quite liked it, the music was pretty good and the animation looked fine though sometimes it did feel a bit clunky and lifeless. I would recommend to watch it however. All in all a pretty good remake.

Aug 8, 12:20 PM

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Brightburn 7/10

Pretty good "What if" scenario applied to a Superman-style story. Most of the deaths in the movie were pretty well done. Would probably watch it again.
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This might be the last chance,
for all is fleeting;
'tis naught but a dream.
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Aug 8, 12:58 PM

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The Lion King
Unlike Aladdin which had quite a few additions which were great overall, the Lion King was almost a 100% retelling. Not bad but most of the time the 1994 version did it better. The worst thing is that they took "Be Prepared", one of my favorite songs out of the movie, out. Somewhat.
Though, the scene where Mufasa was stomped was better in the remake, I give them that.

8/10, in comparison the 1994 version got a 9/10.
Aug 15, 7:49 AM

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It's a genre of its own. I went in blind and totally did not expect the 2nd half at all.
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