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Poll: Sword Art Online Episode 25 Discussion

Sep 16, 2016 1:03 PM

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Sugou is one of the most retarded villain I've ever seen.

The first arc was much better.

I'm not in the mood of writing about it in detail, much of what i would say has been already said though, so no point writing stuff that has been said in the past.

I liked the Technical aspect of the show (Animation,Art,Sounds) but i disliked everything else.
Couldn't enjoy it.

Final Score: 4.3/10

First Arc - 5.5/10

Second Arc - 3/10

I think it's slightly better than Re:Zero.
Sep 24, 2016 9:59 AM

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So now that I finished it I kind of understand why some people hate this anime so much. Not that I agree with them..

the SAO part was clearly the strong point of this anime. The only downside is, it ended after 14 episodes. Would have loved a longer version, maybe with more story between.

ALO was just boring. I really felt no thrill at all, despite the limited time to save asuna. But since kirito was pretty lazy on this adventure, it killed the tension for me. "Oh no dont die" "omg that suicide" "i dont want you to get hurt" - my ass! Literally nothing bad could happen to any of them.
I guess even with the tension of SAO, the world would be just... boring.

I liked the emotional interaction of kirito with his sister and the whole idea of saving people who are still stuck in the VR. So theres that.
Strong points where maybe that they showed us Andrew and his bar. I hate it when animes give us supporting characters and just forget about them later on.

And thatswhy I really really loved the ending. Seeing all of them together again was just nice! Because I always expected it the logical thing to have a party for the guy that saved your life after beeing stuck in a game for 2 years.

Im not even sad that its "over". Simply because the ALO part was that bad. There where like 3 characters, kirito, his sister and this other guy from her school.
Where was klein or liz in this part?

If they had made the SAO part longer and skipped some of the ALO part (after all I liked that the ending of SAO had its drawbacks.) this anime would have been WAY better.

As for the rating I really dont know what to do. If I would only rate SAO (and that wouldnt work since its kinda open ended with asuna missing) I would give it an 8 or something. If the part was longer probably a 9 (I just loved the world, the dungeons and interaction with the guilds. Therefore Im sad that it was so suddenly over)
But since ALO is a part of this anime, I have to go down with the score. If I would be fair, I would go really low. ALO was just that plain to me.
But considering this anime gets hated way to much, I rate this 8/10.

Animation, OST and voice acting where amazing. Probably better then anything that aired this year. (yes Re Zero, you had amazing OST and voice acting. But the animation went down in the last part.)

Im glad that I finally watched it anyway, I had really really low expactations with all the hate that anime fans have for this show. I wouldnt mind a reboot with ONLY the SAO part and an alternative way to handle the ALO part. Basically without any ALO if possible.
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It is for Madoka alone." - Homura
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Oct 7, 2016 4:18 AM
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Pretty great ending to the season, this arc was decent, I hated the fact that they mad Asuna a damsel in distress, the villain was pitiful and a there were few other things that irritated me, but it was still entertaining at least.

Episode: 9/10
Aincrad arc: 8/10
Fairy Dance arc: 6/10
Season: 7/10
Nov 22, 2016 3:30 AM

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yeha they are back together blablabla happy end yeha -.-

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Dec 20, 2016 9:29 PM

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Well, Wait the Movie at Winter 2017...
Dec 27, 2016 9:26 AM

Joined: Nov 2016
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I am finally.
..done with SAO.....
But after Ep 24 I kinda felt like Ep 25 was a let downer.....
Oh, well whatever....anyway I got to see kirito and Asuna in school uniforms LOL!
Jan 11, 2017 4:34 PM
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While this show was bad, I honestly expected worse. I didn't think it was significantly worse in terms of writing or character than most shows from the last few years.

Mar 25, 2017 10:39 AM

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This episode is very enjoyable and amazing. Kirito kiss Asuna in hospital after defeated Suguo again. Then, Suguo be arrested by police and ALO events is end with 300 people safe and health to come back the real world. This is so great and warm. 11/10 scores

Overall, SAO: 10.75/10 scores , ALO: 10.07/10 Scores

Overall SAO season 1: 10.41/10 scores

Hope that, and somedays, God's blessing on this wonderful heartful human could continue to enjoy watched other anime which are touching, amazing and unique. I can't wait season 2 and the movie.
Apr 2, 2017 7:35 PM

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Que final meio bosta.. ficam o anime inteiro tentando sair da SAO para no final voltarem para lá novamente -_-
o(≧o≦)o Kimi o miteru to itsu mo HAATO DOKI DOKI
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Apr 10, 2017 11:40 AM

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NICE !!~~ Gonna watch the season 2 :D

Overall : 10/10
May 14, 2017 12:20 PM

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Exept the assault the beginning it was a peaceful and relaxing ending. Kirito and Asuna were cute together, like them more now than at the beginning. The ending scene with all character joining together was also nice.

Overall an enjoyable show, way better than supposed, even though the strenght was definitely the first arc storywisw, while this was rather bad despite some nice moments and this decent epilogue.

One Piece episode 914 & 915 were a mistake.

Jul 19, 2017 7:43 AM
Joined: Jan 2017
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An amazing anime overall, great story with lots of unexpected twists 10/10
Jul 19, 2017 1:18 PM
Joined: Sep 2016
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Good anime with very predictable plot and annoying characters xD. I still kinda like it.
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Jan 23, 2018 12:33 PM
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Good ending! It's nice that everything was resolved and all ends tied.
Feb 12, 2018 3:24 PM

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The final episodes was soo epic! But I'm a little dissapointed, because for me there were too little episodes in world Sword Art Online. And ALO wasn't that good, but ending battle was very interesting. That bastard, Oberon, was scary, I couldn't stand scenes with him. Thanks Akihiko for help :D

And I've never imagined that I will like SAO that much! At first, after few episodes I didn't liked that anime and I dropped it, but from time to time my head was remainded me Kirito and he was the only thing that kept me from definitive forgetting. I am so grateful for that. Thank you, Kirito-kun, for this awesome adventure.
Apr 29, 2018 10:05 PM

Joined: Oct 2016
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Wow! What a wonderful ending, to say the least. It ended perfectly and everyone got to play MMOs together in the end. =)
Can't believe it's been six years since SAO came out. It was an enjoyable experience to re watch this series! It has been nothing but fun and I look forward to watching SAO II. Whatever people say is probably half bullshit about this series. It's truly not that bad of a show.
May 6, 2018 9:22 PM

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Lamest end. 1/10.

Bet he was moaning when he thought of Asuna being violated.

Only thing I am thankful for is that I finally completed this bullshit series.

But seriously, they had such good animation, and they wasted it on such a bad plot.

I think this matches SAO's first opening anyway.

Without change,we end up becoming the very person we hate.

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May 18, 2018 1:59 PM

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Don't they get it? After two serious incidents with virtual MMO games, one leading in the deaths of thousands, other almodd ruining hundreds of people's lives, they still fantasize over them and want it to be revived? And the main vilian who started this shit on the end is portrayed as some great hero who gave people the privilege to create their own world?

May 22, 2018 11:28 PM

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rak-nid said:
Don't they get it? After two serious incidents with virtual MMO games, one leading in the deaths of thousands, other almodd ruining hundreds of people's lives, they still fantasize over them and want it to be revived? And the main vilian who started this shit on the end is portrayed as some great hero who gave people the privilege to create their own world?


I can't figure out if they writters are lazy, stupid or simply childrens.

I've heard season 2 was better. I think i'm gonna give this anime a last chance, i'll see what happens..
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Sep 12, 2018 10:18 AM

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For as many times as I've rewatched Sword Art Online, this anime has never fallen below a grade of C (numerical ratings are skewed and letter grades have useful ubiquitous meaning). Reki Kawahara wants to make science fantasy regardless of whether he knows how unfit a science fiction setting is for what he wants to do

Characters are a different story. At times, what he pens in for them are things he thinks the audience will like. Those one-and-done female characters in Aincrad who fall in love with Kirito in a short time frame. It plays into the harem aspect. Or a particular scene where Kirito just wants to spend the night with Asuna, and Asuna thinks he wants to sleep with her, and comedic cringe ensues. At other times, Kawahara is telling the story he wants to tell and the difference in passion is usually clear. Genuinely hot moments between Kirito and Asuna that play on intimacy and not gratuity, moments of calm with the locals where they're completely at peace. Perhaps the development leading to this romance isn't his strong point. The care he puts into the romance itself, is

Kirito has hax moments. Hacking the terminal to preserve Yui when this capability lacks set-up. Willing himself against death in the 2nd fight with Heathcliff. Being bailed out against Sugou by Kayaba. That's not the same as being overpowered, nor is he actually overpowered

It's important to examine his boss fights
1--Illfang the Kobold Lord: the raid itself was doing most of the work. Kirito and Asuna stepped in when its HP was low, and Kirito simply finished it off
2--Nicholas the Renegade: Kirito is implied to have solo'd the boss. A Floor 35 event boss. Kirito had long passed this floor
3--The Gleam Eyes: the only boss Kirito solos. Even then, he needed Klein and Asuna to buy him time. This is the only "at parity" fight we see him carrying everyone else
4--The Fatal Scythe: Yui had to bail out him and Asuna
5--The Skull Reaper: Kirito did not solo this fight. Everyone was putting in work
6--Guardian Knights: Kirito did not solo this fight either. It's likely he was carrying the battle more than he was vs The Skull Reaper, though

his other fights to examine
1--X'rphan the White Wyrm: he didn't kill this thing. He picked up its Rare Drop and then left
2--Titan's Hand: he didn't need to dodge their attacks. Games with outright leveling systems are unfair that way
3--Heathcliff: a little stronger than Heathcliff when both are at full strength. Kirito is in an exhausted state in their 2nd fight, and lost. Tied at best
4--Salamanders: Kirito's only egregious fight in SAO (or ALO in this case). The save import data would not suffice to explain his proficiency in illusion magic
5--Eugene: Kirito needed to borrow one more weapon to win this. On a side note, starting here and going forward into SAO II and Ordinal Scale, dual-wielding has turned into a power-up for Kirito, not his default state
6--King Oberon: Kayaba bailed him out of this

Kirito is strong but far from being able to do everything. His story arc in Aincrad is about avoiding other players to avoid the guilt of being unable to protect them. As time goes on, his mood gradually lightens as he learns to open up and trust in others as they come to trust in him. Any time he flaunts his power, it's a ruse. In any moment of honesty with people he's comfortable with, he makes it a point to stress he has no real power. He doesn't. He doubts and curses himself, but grows into the hero because he has to be, and it's that desperation that informs his compassion as he expresses his misgivings over killing even NPCs

Then the story reaches ALO. Kirito has a clear goal: save Asuna. Unfortunately, Kawahara is more focused on developing Leafa/Suguha's feelings for Kirito/Kazuto. Kawahara is sensible in how he approaches this, adequately reflecting the tug of war between Suguha's feelings as family and Leafa's feelings as a romantic interest. The scene where Kirito and Leafa learn who's behind the other character is visceral. The culmination of Suguha's jealousy, longing, resignation, happiness, hesitation, frustration, and honesty all coming through. The way the scene is shot being so untheatrical

Meanwhile, Asuna in ALO has become a damsel in distress. This in itself wouldn't be a problem had the framing around her circumstances changed. The way it's presented, Sugou treats Asuna as his main goal while his plan to change people's memories through VR technology and experiments on the last SAO players who had not been logged out, becomes a secondary goal. The importance of these motivations need to be flipped and Asuna's importance to Sugou greatly reduced; Asuna becomes a "bonus" to accompany Sugou's bigger plans, Kirito is made to look smaller when his driving force is tertiary to the villain, and accompanying Sugou's bigger plans would be his obsession with surpassing Kayaba, and in turn creating the preamble for Kayaba to help Kirito at the end

Kawahara is confused on writing his villain and clear on wanting to tell this story for Suguha. Kirito gets lost in the shuffle. He helped Leafa with the Salamander problem because even in this moment of urgency, he is not someone who can let his friends die, death game or not. The compassion informed by his years in Aincrad won't let him do that with a clean conscious. When Kirito is "in-mode" for saving Asuna and then has his focus broken, all too often, by comparatively trivial nuisances, it is NOT a good look for him. It causes Asuna to oscillate into a secondary goal for Kirito. It calls into question how much he really cares for her. The sad part is, he clearly does. They're the most important people in each other's lives, which is why it's nauseating that Kawahara messed up Kirito this much

ALO is not flawed because Asuna is a damsel in distress. ALO is egregious because IT DIDN'T UNDERSTAND KIRITO. Kawahara. Didn't get. Kirito. HIS OWN CHARACTER. WHAT THE ACTUAL F--

I don't hate ALO as much as I used to. It's a compelling Suguha story trapped inside a confused Kirito story trapped inside whatever drugs Sugou is taking. Aincrad is a solid story arc though. What it wants to do shines through what it thinks audiences want, but ALO is being carried by Suguha if there ever was a secondary character to take that role
Oct 1, 2018 1:58 PM
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Loved the ending! Really concluded the whole series.
Oct 5, 2018 7:03 AM

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Excellent show i really liked it.




Oct 20, 2018 11:26 AM
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It was an excellent anime. I liked it but because of a ALO's weakness it's rating decreaseed rapidly. The first half of Sao was great but it also had its negative points. I did not like the villain in the second part and some of the Harem shit .
I would give the first half a 9/10 but
The second half a 7/10 so
Overall 8/10 .
But it's to notice that the plot is great. I mean the idea of getting stuck into a game and other stuff was just great. I think they could than extended the first half a lot and I wanted them to do so . In that way It would have been a even more fantastic show.
Apr 26, 2019 8:49 AM

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Wait, what? Asuna’s gone and now he’s going after his sister? That makes absolutely no sense.
Jun 11, 2019 1:23 PM
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I hope there's no dlc xD
Jul 8, 2019 7:51 PM
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gotta be one of the worst animes ever made
Jul 21, 2019 1:59 AM

Joined: Aug 2017
Posts: 5861's over....

I read most of criticisms and I can say they don't like romance or never had a girlfriend. One of the most unfairly hated anime i've ever seen. 7/10 for the anime.
Defying me till the very end, huh? Some things are beautiful exactly because they are unobtainable.
Sep 23, 2019 4:06 AM
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Sigh, it's...fine. Nothing spectacular or memorable, but the season overall was mediocre. Had some Twilight vibes to it...which is never a good thing, otherwise it was okayish; 6/10.
Sep 23, 2019 4:10 AM
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Wairuhhh said:
I hope there's no dlc xD

Ha, good one! I really needed to have a good laugh after today.
Feb 11, 3:01 PM

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I only really watched this because I wanted a refresher before I started the rest of SAO, but it also helped to make sure the score I gave it was accurate. And... It was. Mostly. This was about as "eh" as I remember it being. It absolutely isn't as bad as the majority of people would leave you to believe and in that regard I would even say it is underrated, but in terms of pacing, character development, and storytelling, all I see is a lot of disappointment and even more wasted potential. I'll bump up the character section from a 5/10 to a 6/10, because this didn't have characters as bad as Fairy Gone. So the score actually goes up, good for you SAO. 7/10.

Jun 16, 12:32 AM

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That's it? I mean wai, this was really it?
I don't know what I was expecting, but after I finally gave the famed SAO a go, the ending was a bit underwhelming. However, I gotta give some credit, I still don't see what was bad about this Anime, for all the hate it gets, maybe back in the day, when good Anime was the norm it didn't match up for the quality, but I gotta say, compared to trash like cheat magician or smartphone Isekai, this is high tier. Looking forward to seeing the later seasons.

I was facepalming during the dance part until I realized they were living up to the “Fairy Dance” title.
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Jun 30, 12:36 AM
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SAO is definitely a pretty OK anime not a good anime (my opinion) but i don't think SAO deserve the title: third most popular anime ever. I think the third place deserve hxh or tokyo ghoul one of these two perfect animes
Jun 30, 12:38 AM
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I would give a overall of 3.99/5
Jun 30, 1:55 PM

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Obitosamaalb said:
SAO is definitely a pretty OK anime not a good anime (my opinion) but i don't think SAO deserve the title: third most popular anime ever. I think the third place deserve hxh or tokyo ghoul one of these two perfect animes

Popular, doesn't mean best my dude, SAO is more popular than hxh and TG because more people have seen it.
Aug 3, 9:18 PM
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Enjoy your permanent vacation behind bars, Nobuyuki Sugo, you ugly son of a bitch.
Aug 19, 8:33 AM

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Kirito has too many open fronts.
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The one who is acknowledged by everyone, is the one who becomes Hokage."
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Aug 20, 4:26 AM

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What did Kirito said before the episode finished?
The part that was muted.
Oct 6, 10:52 AM

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SAO is the worst wasted potential of all time. All the amazing potential it had at the beginning never followed up on ever.

It is also now the worst anime I have ever seen. 3/10.
Oct 15, 11:53 PM
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Now i understandes why so much people hates kirito, im one of these people right now. After this ep, i wanted to kill kirito and the mf that he let live. I haven't seen a mc this trash in a time. God bless tatsuya (mahouka)
Oct 29, 5:33 AM
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Last episode was good so finally kirito saves asuna.and meet all sao player's in real life that was cool hope s2 is more cooler than this,
Nov 17, 1:22 AM
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I'll save most of what I want to say for my review, but I just wanted to point out that this anime had such amazing potential. The idea of a death game was really freaking cool. They should have stuck with that instead of making ALO. They let Asuna go from badass to damsel in distress. The fanservice ruined a lot of enjoyment for this show between the incest and rapey bits. The final fights were underwhelming. The only thing I could really say I enjoyed were things such as the sound, art, and animation. Everything else was pretty bad.

Aincrad: 6/10

Alfheim: 2/10

Overall: 4/10

Hopefully the later seasons will be much better than this one.
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