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Poll: Psycho-Pass Episode 11 Discussion

Aug 22, 2018 1:49 PM

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Yuki no!

Well, that's certainly a good turning point type episode, and I'm honestly not as mad at Akane as it seems so many people are. There's definitely more she could've done, but she did shoot, and it's not like she had used a shotgun before. And while she's seen flaws with the whole system, she's never seen a criminal be seen as a non-criminal, only vice versa, so of course she'd think the crime coefficient would go up at some point
Dec 27, 2018 10:01 PM

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It'd be explainable if Shogo's Crime Coefficient being dangerously low is the result of him not actually pulling off the crimes themselves but seeing his numbers go lower and lower the more he came closer to killing Akane's friend was insane. They depended on the Sibyl System so much that an exception like him would be almost impossible to apprehend from afar. Traditional weapons like that Double Barrel Rifle must be really difficult to come by those days and wielding them is very difficult if you weren't trained to do it.

Shinya tried so hard to keep her alive but everything was for naught because of that glitch. It was either she missed miserably or he'll use her friend as a meat-shield. At least that cyborg's dealt with and hundreds won't have to play his hunting game anytime soon anymore.

Mar 9, 10:41 PM

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Fantastic episode, dominator owned the old cyborg fella. Sad that she's so caught up in the system that she wouldn't just aim that shotgun better to save her friend..

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Mar 21, 6:35 PM

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It was fairly obvious how it would play out once Makishima took Yuki with him, despite that it was still incredibly intense. Makishima is truly the natural enemy of the sybil system and the way his coefficient rate kept decreasing gave me chills.

Regarding Akanes behaviour, I commended her for showing some backbone two episodes ago. That said, the situation at hand will probably force her to eat these words. I understand that she was quite in the tight spot there and that it must've been extremely stressful, but damn, her attempt was pathetic. As things stand right now, she isn't cut for the job. The system is flawed in more than one way and particularly this episode displayed it in a spectacular manner.

Great way to end the first cour, looking forward to the second one and the character development.
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Apr 21, 7:21 PM

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Not a fan of the battle, the cyborg dude was very stupid. Kougami was great.

Wow, I expected that Yuki was going to survive but in the end....

So Makishima can't be judged by the Sibyl System....

I feel bad for Akane. She saw Yuki die. But if she save her, she's labeled a murderer by the Sibyl System's standards.
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Jun 1, 6:15 PM

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F-Mega for poor Yuki. I will never get over how brutal and cold this was. Quite rare in anime I might say.
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Jul 6, 10:30 AM

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I get where Akane was coming from...but till though..why it did not react
Jul 7, 9:27 PM

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The fact that Senguji thinks he's hunting an animal leads to his own demise.

Either Makishima know the trick behind the Psycho Pass or he hacked it. Either way it's mentioned too that genetic could be the factor, so that could be it. Akane should have checked again if Makishima's CC increased after he slithed her friend's throat.

Time to upgrade the Sybil System.
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Aug 3, 2:30 AM
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Akane is full of shit this proves that she is weak minded and cant do crap in stressful situations like hell is wrong with her!!! If she was a true friend then she would have shot that damn gun holy smokes i was having a breakdown screaming at my phone spewing f bombs because i couldnt handle how she was handling the situation WOW im fucking pissed and these situations happen in real life too so its even worse
Aug 6, 9:09 PM

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hmm, so Akane finally got reality check. Hopefully the 2nd half will show it.
Aug 26, 4:49 AM

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WTF 0 and that system is flawed af

Oct 13, 2:13 PM

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That was a really interesting episode
I get the feeling that sibyl can only judge you if you know/feel that what you're doing is wrong. Essentially, they can't judge psychopaths who feel no remorse or guilt over their actions; who truly know/believe that they're doing society a good deed.
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