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Poll: Break Blade 6: Doukoku no Toride Episode 1 Discussion

Sep 10, 2013 8:08 PM

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Did somebody say "princess" Cleo?

Well, that ending was a bit underwhelming. Yay! You defeated the big bad general, now deal with the rest of the army!... There seemed to be no purpose behind this war, aside from some nonsense payback for deeds done in the last war.

This series was 5/10, down-the-line average for me. Though, some of the battles + music did remind me a bit of Escaflowne.
Feb 5, 2014 12:05 AM

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I don't know what to say about this one... it felt, lacking if I have to say. Seriously it felt rushed, this is very bad.

Worst from all of the series. some of the battles especially Rygart vs Borcuse is kind of "unintelligent". No, it's not like savage fighting, but i just feel... dunno, the point is, all of the scenes are I don't know what's what anymore.

Now I'm not making any sense myself. I should dropped this after movie 4, I can't even enjoy this unlike previous ones. I should clear my head and read back again the chapter when this series deviated from the manga.

4/10 from me. Looking forward to the TV series.
Feb 5, 2014 1:18 AM

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This movie was a tad bit disappointing. I really enjoyed the battle at the palace and Rygart vs Borcuse was a heart pounding joyride, but the typical "The battle is won, but the war is far from over" ending left more to be desired. Was also a bummer that Zess seemed to play such an important role in the early stage and then got swept off as nonexistent for the later part of the story. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this series in the future, but I won't hold my breath.

As a whole, I felt the Break Blade movies were enjoyable overall, albeit underwhelming at times. I'm not really sure what's going on with the TV series, but I'll stay tuned for that this year. A 7/10 for movie 6, and a 7/10 for Break Blade in its entirety.

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Feb 20, 2014 6:23 PM

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Stellar animation and great music. I don't often watch the beginning OPs every episode but I did here. So great.

Looking forward to the anime in April, hopefully it turns out like FMA and improves on the movies in every way.
Mar 6, 2014 6:16 PM

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Lackluster ending.Rygart laughing at the ending when he saw his brother seemed so bizarre/disturbing/misplaced.It made him look like he snapped or something when it was just relief that his brother was alive after all.

6/10.Was planning to read the manga to watch the tv series next season but having second thought about that seeing how average/boring these 6 movies have been.
May 13, 2014 7:22 AM

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That all? Nothing more? Kinda expecting the end to be awesome but ended up being left hanging and lacking.

Rygart laughing in the end was kinda creepy. He had the face of a psychopath. Lol! Anyway, I didn't expect the fight to take over 30 mins.. Was hoping the fighting scenes would end in a decent time (prolly 15 mins), then show the aftermath of the war and further show the relationship between Rygart, Sigyn and Hodr.

Zess was pretty much downgraded to an invisible character in the second half and lost all relevance. My favorite character would prolly be Cleo.

They should make an OVA with a PROPER ending.

Gave movies 1-4 a 7 and movies 5-6 a 6.
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Jun 20, 2014 9:42 AM

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The ending leaves a bad taste in my mouth but the series as a whole was pretty enjoyable. 7/10 for ending episode, 8/10 for series.
Jul 27, 2014 8:07 AM

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Not excited about the ending, in general though it was a good movie series.

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Sep 24, 2015 2:56 AM

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SayakaMagica said:
As expected by others, though one last movie just isn't enough to tie up all the loose ends of the story. The romantic subplot is left hanging, the war plot is unresolved, the friends' story unfinished. Also, the show took pains to present Zess and Cleo as important characters in the early half, but in the second half they just... lost relevance. In the end, Hodr didn't do anything that important either.

This is my problem exactly. Nothing was resolved at all. Rygart didn't develop as a character in the end; Zess and Cleo's significance was never made clear; Girghe's developments were abandoned; the romance sub-plot is unresolved. What's the point?

Agh. That's frustrating. Really frustrating.

The mecha battles were okay, but it's still pretty bleh with the story totally abandoned.
Oct 28, 2015 5:32 PM
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So good I did a marathon of it, going to the top 3 for mecha type
Dec 22, 2015 7:58 PM

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Wtf did I just watch?

I won't lie. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The animation is good, the setting was interesting, and the beginning was intriguing, but I have to say the show didn't deliver what it's promised.

The conflict between Zess and Rygard which is I think could makes Zess, The King, Sygin and Rygard a better character was incredibly forgotten as the show goes on.

Why the hell, Borceus suddenly out of his machine and seemingly surrender after getting a big hit once, though as far as the show, he's not the type that was blinded by pride and honor.
And why the hell, Rygard's brother still alive?
Not to mention the fanservice and ecchi moments in this show was really unnecessary.

This could be better, sadly.
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Mar 10, 2016 4:51 AM

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Well.. it gives the feel of leaving us hanging there at its ending.
It's a tad bit similar to how Rygart was laughing crazily at before the ending credits.
I want to ask the say question as he's little bro.. hahaha what the hell is he doing all this time.
To be honest, I'm not really surprising the country would fall with Hodr behaving like that the entire series.
I kinda lost interest in Rygart, Hodr and Sigyn halfway through... felt that no more developments going on for them.
Those few side characters appeal to me in a better way and are far more likable.
All on all too many things left unanswered and no sense of closure to this.
I be reading the manga then, hope it turns out better.
May 10, 2016 1:24 AM

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Oh god, what a mess of an "ending" that brother scene with Rygart going crazy laughing was dumb. Everything felt anticlimactic.

Weakest of the movie series.
Sep 6, 2016 10:19 PM

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Enjoyed this movie series. Nice battle scenes, but with rushed developments. That ending though.. uhhh

Oct 30, 2016 11:32 AM
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The story was meh , but the animation was great .
Overall : I enjoyed the movies but that's mostly because of the great animation while the story went downhill .
Nov 20, 2018 5:18 AM
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billng said:
That was incredible. I was perfectly fine with the ending, but it feels like it needs more sequels as so many questions are unanswered and the 4 friends problem still has yet to be fully fleshed out. Still, I was very satisfied with the 6th movie.

Same here, was expecting not to enjoy this one as much as previous movie, but ended up liking it even more, yes there is still alot to answer but we gotta realize at the time they didnt have had as much to go with versus now.

The fights were awesome, it was all on point. Need that ost now.
Really got me hyped to read the manga now.
Sep 3, 2019 3:55 AM

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Well, I guess that was okay. Meh series overall.
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Feb 19, 2020 11:20 AM
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I just wanna know one thing. Can I start reading the manga after watching this? Or should I start all the way from the beginning? Cuz I don't really feel like reading everything I've already watched...
Jan 26, 8:47 AM
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These last 2 episodes were NOT good.

That's the ending? Were they hoping to get a 2nd "season" that just never came through?

That final fight was lame af. The almighty general of the enemy just gives himself up like that? His mecha's leg just gives out like that? Ry can't even fight. He's a moron out there running around aimless. He didn't improve in this regard during the course of the episodes AT ALL. And let's be real, all that queen-building-a-crazy-strong-ligament hype for a stupid shuriken on a string? Fuck outta here.

POW chick is gonna do what when she gets back home? Zess is gonna do what? They know the country they're attacking aren't savages, but they won't do anything to stop it...

What did the general's killer/prisoner son say to Ry before dying? The world will never know. Ry laughing at the end? Lame. The queen riding out into the middle of the battle for NO REASON AT ALL? Lame. The Narvi(sp?) chick hitting her head against the mecha when her "dad" died? Lame. Her "dad" being a general in the first place when he couldn't fight for shit? Lame.

This story started out strong. It had a lot of potential and was genuinely interesting. An 8/10, no doubt. But nothing happened after that. We don't know learn about the ancients. We don't learn about Ry's magic-less-ness. Ry doesn't actually get any better as a fighter. The "love" interests weren't tied up at all. The war is open ended.

This episode gets a 5/10. If I averaged my scores for all 6, it would come out to a 7/10 exactly. But I would actually rate it a 6/10 if I had the chance.
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