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Character Analysis of C.C. (contains Code Geass R1 and R2 spoilers)

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Nov 10, 2008 10:25 AM
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I took my time writing a long analysis of C.C. so I hope everyone will enjoy this analysis I put up:

C.C. is currently my #1 favorite character among others in anime and very likely will remain that way for many years. Although saying C.C. is my #1 favorite character would be nothing, unless I can provide many reasons to support my position.

Ever since C.C. was introduced as a character, she brings so many good areas of quality that clearly breaks her away from the typical neglect-feeling character. I will go ahead and present you many points on C.C. herself.

Whenever you watch a series like Code Geass, C.C. is a character that brings alot of attention in making us think about her. This scenario really draws us into asking questions on who is C.C. or how she doesn't die from the very first episode. C.C. is what you consider a mysterious, controversal, and complex character which makes her alluring towards the audience. Because many of us have the willingness to find out answers about C.C., this never ceases to lose momentum throughtout the Code Geass series. To me, if C.C. was introduced in any other series besides Code Geass she will bring the same alluring attention towards its audience. Some of the mysteries that come from C.C. would involve finding out what her real name is and how she sometimes speaks to an anonymous individual when alone.
-You can also add the fact that C.C. brings an unique assortment of clothing, that certainly never brings any low moments from the fanservice perspective. In our eyes, you can say it highlights the beauty and classy image coming from C.C.

-It is quite something to see C.C. wear different types of clothing, especially when it comes to this funny little outfit. XD

-While I usually like seeing her traditional white outfit, I thought this dark outfit she worn was a nice touch in the second season.

Early in the series, it is very easy to know that C.C. can sometimes be a bitch towards others in Code Geass. However ever since knowing that area of her character, I never felt any down moments based on that result. Instead, C.C. usually brings out a good flow of chemistry on whatever she says and that usually brings something very refreshing from the stereotype bitchy female characters we often see in anime. Personally when it comes to listening to her sentences, I would usually get a few laughs or receive her full attention because you may never know what she expects to say.

The biggest highlight we often notice from C.C.'s personality is how she displays her sarcasm when talking towards others, especially towards Lelouch. For myself, I really treasure C.C.'s sarcasm because it is an entertaining aspect that I find very rare from typical neglect-feeling characters. Also, it really helps for a character to be creative with their words and C.C. often hits her mark in several scenes.

On Episode 5 of the first season, C.C. wanted to ask Lelouch a question on the "Suzaku Kururugi" incident that happened last episode:

C.C.: "Hey, in the end, what did 'orange' mean?"
Lelouch: *hmph*
C.C.: "What?"
Lelouch: "You won't answer anyone's questions at all, but you'll ask me questions, huh?"
C.C.: "If you don't want to answer me, then you don't have to. Just like me."

Somehow I find it very convenient and funny on how she says the obvious phrase "just like me" to respond back to Lelouch.
Another good example involving C.C.'s sarcasm results from the first season finale of Code Geass:

Lelouch: "C.C., do not die."
C.C.: (smirks) "Who do you think you're talking to?"
Lelouch: (smirks and puts on Zero helmet) "You're right."

Very funny moment for me personally and something I enjoy when it comes to knowing her usual personality. XD Sometimes during the Code Geass series, the relationship between Lelouch and C.C. is often interesting to witness because they often display sarcasm towards one another. On the second episode of the second season, this scene happen after Lelouch was successful using his Geass to retrieve a Nightmare from a soldier:

C.C.: "Your Geass shouldn't work unless you look your target straight in the eye..."
Lelouch: "I don't want to hear that from an immortal witch."
C.C.: Hmph. (smirks)

-I thought this screenshot was effective on how C.C. took the sarcasm as a joke from Lelouch. XD The creators of Code Geass really did a great job with this screenshot of her.

I would also like to point out that C.C. does well interacting with other characters in the Code Geass series besides Lelouch. One character that always seems to become a fool from C.C.'s interactions is Shinichiro Tamaki:

One scene I particularly enjoy is Episode 19 in Season 1. This is where the Order of the Black Knights discuss about getting Zero(Lelouch) and Kallen back. Diethard and Toudou get in a bit of an argument over the situation until C.C. suddenly interrupts the discussion:

C.C.: "It can't be helped. I'll tell you. That fellow (Zero) is still alive."
Toudou: "We have no time to listen to your hopes."
C.C.: "It's confirmed information. I know it."
Tamaki: "Are you a prophet? More importantly, didn't I tell you to practice controlling a KnightMare? You dumbass."
C.C.: (gives a bit of glare with her eyes) "Dumbass? It's been a while since someone talked to me in that manner."
Tamaki: "What's up with you acting arrogant? You're just Zero's lover."
C.C.: "I've already told you I'm not, all right? A guy who's only full of sexual thoughts."
Tamaki: "I'm saying that you're acting impolite to the executive committee."
Ohgi: "Please wait! You're going off-topic! Anyway, let's do this for now. We will move to a safe sea region just outside of Britannia's surveillance range. We will wait till tomorrow and put all of our efforts into organizing a big search. Along with a time limit..."
Toudou: "All right."
Diethard: "There's no choice then."
(C.C. walks out of the area; talking to Marianne)

C.C.: "God damn it, it's all because of your pranks that I have to argue with a boring man. Kallen is on the island as well? What bad taste, pretending to be an observer."

This was one scene that did highlight how C.C. doesn't trust humans much, but I thought it was funny how creative her words were while interacting with Tamaki.
Another great scene that involves C.C. making Tamaki look like a fool is episode 10 from the second season. C.C. discusses with Zero(Lelouch) about Kaguya Sumeragi's effort to convince Empress Tianzi to assist the Order of the Black Knights:

C.C.: "Is that okay? To let Kaguya talk her into this?"
Zero: "She's apparently not the type that can be convinced through logic."
C.C.: "Not your type?"
Zero: "It's just hard to analyze her..."
Tamaki: "Hey, Zero. You haven't decided on my position yet? I'm like, not even anything right now. Let me be the minister of finance or the secretary of financial services or something."
C.C.: "Tamaki's the chancellor of the realm for banquets."
Tamaki: "Hey, I told you to quit joking about me like that!"

C.C. also provided some interesting interactions when it comes to conversating with ace pilot Kallen Stadtfeld. While some conversations involve the Black Knights or Lelouch, C.C. usually has her moments with Kallen in a few funny scenes:

Here is one funny scene that came from Episode 3 in Code Geass' second season. C.C. is currently talking with the Chinese Federation Consulate General until Kallen suddenly interrupts the meeting covered only with a bath towel:

Chinese Federation Consulate General: "We have delayed the negotiations for handing you over to Britannia. I believe it'll buy us one week of time."
C.C.: "I shall inform Zero. That aside, the Chinese Federation Government-"
Kallen: "C.C.! Now that I think of it, wouldn't it have been faster if you were the bunny girl?!" (suddenly notices the Consulate General and Li Xingke then screams and hides behind glass wall)
Chinese Federation Consulate General: "Zero... is a woman?"
C.C.: "Indeed."
Kallen: "I am not!"
C.C.: "You revealed it much too fast. Such a bad sport, girl."
Kallen: "Don't use Zero for fun." (towel slipping)
C.C.: "We can see." (Kallen holds towel and hides behind glass wall again) XD

Besides having interesting and funny interactions with other characters C.C. is also very skillful in doing several areas such as being an good pilot, but I guess when it comes to living a long time you can be skillful in a lot of things. XD I also thought it was pretty creative to see C.C. being disguise as Zero a couple of times during the Code Geass series.

During Episode 3 of the second season, this was a pretty funny scene but it also highlights how clever C.C. was assuming the role of Zero. While Lelouch did had his voice recorded, C.C. still had to do a very difficult job in taking Zero's place such as using the correct hand gestures:

(Kallen notices Zero coming in)
Kallen: "This is quite a commotion we created, isn't it, Lelouch?"
C.C.: "Of course. A country has suddenly been formed inside their territory. (takes off Zero helmet) And that country has declared war on them. What is it?"
Kallen: "When did you two switch?"
C.C.: "Before the speech."
Kallen: "Huh? But..."
C.C.: "The voice was pre-recorded. He was no longer there when 'he' showed up, like a magic show."
Kallen: "I don't like this, going so far as to hide this from us."
C.C.: " 'Us'? You mean... 'me', don't you?"

Of course, C.C. also displays a strong base of knowledge which I think is the appropriate trait for an immortal character to have. Sometimes C.C. may always say something simple and little, but the feeling shows an eloquence from her character:

Here is one scene from episode 9 of the first season. C.C. discusses in her thoughts while Kallen runs to her mother:

C.C.: "False tears are capable of hurting other people. False smiles are capable of hurting one's self."

Another scene is from episode 10 of the first season when Lelouch notice C.C. near the cabin:

Lelouch: "C.C., what are you doing here?"
C.C.: "Didn't I tell you that I would protect you?"
Lelouch: "Pretending to be a guardian..."
C.C.: "Lelouch, why are you Lelouch?"
Lelouch: "I don't have time to discuss philosophy with you."
C.C.: "You changed your family name to Lamperouge, but you left your first name as Lelouch. How naive. Unable to give up the past."
Lelouch: "If that's so, your 'C.C.' is weird too. It's not even a human name."
C.C.: "Lelouch... Do you know why the snow is white? Because it forgot what color it is."

However, it is not just her simplistic sayings that bring out a hint of her knowledge, there are other times she has to give a few long descriptions. Among a few scenes, C.C. can often be unbiased when giving information even though it may not be the best answer for Lelouch. One example comes from the train ride in episode 14 of the first season:

C.C.: "Do you like her? That girl named Shirley."
Lelouch: "Beats me."
C.C.: "Do you hate her?"
Lelouch: "Beats me."
C.C.: "So why are you going to Narita?"
Lelouch: "Obviously because she may have found out my identity."
C.C.: "What are you going to do after you find out? Eliminate her?"
Lelouch: (stunned for a sec)
C.C.: "Don't put in too much effort into it if it's something you don't really want to lose."
Lelouch: "Was that... from experience?"
C.C.: "No, it's a way of life."

One scene that left me an impact on C.C. being unbiased is how she mention to Lelouch about the death of Shirley Fenette's father. This took place in episode 13 of the first season:

C.C.: "Are you regretting it? Getting the father of a friend involved?"
Lelouch: Uhh...
C.C.: You said that Kirihara was weak, and that you would walk down the path of carnage."
Lelouch: "Shut up."
C.C.: "But the one who is weak is you. Did you think this was a game? Up till now, you have killed a lot of people. Using your hands, or should I say your words?"
Lelouch: "Shut up."
C.C.: "They had families. Lovers and friends too. Don't tell me you're thinking of saying that you didn't realize it? Is your resolution that..."
Lelouch: "Shut up! I am resolute! Ever since the moment I killed Clovis!"
C.C.: "Then why you are confused right now? Don't tell me you've been swayed by your emotions? Kissing in an embrace. No matter how great you make yourself sound, you're still just a naive boy who's all talk and who only dreams of victory in his head."
(Lelouch grabs C.C. and holds her down the bed)
C.C.: "You no longer have the right to get agitated or to choose to do nothing. You shouldn't do that if you wish to live on, right? Don't disappoint me."
Lelouch: (stunned for a sec then leaves the room)

Even though C.C. may be harsh in what she said, she is still correct on the situation. She is trying to get Lelouch to focus on what he wants to do and to forget about what happened in the past. It is basically a kick in the pants to get Lelouch a wake-up call to reality. I thought this scene really broke the stereotype of viewing C.C. as just a helpful bystander because she usually does not mind making her own choices to assess the situation. If it wasn't for C.C., Lelouch could have just ended up quitting as Zero and remain depressed due to the death of Shirley's father. For one reason or another, C.C. does bring a lot of meaning in being an important supporter to Lelouch. In the very same episode, there was an scene where C.C. was walking away from the school grounds and snow was falling. C.C. recalls the sayings of Lelouch from her thoughts after the situation:

Lelouch: "Yes, I was saved earlier. Thanks. C.C., I need you."
C.C.: "I... can't repeat the same mistakes again."

There is also another thing that makes me wonder about C.C. We don't often see her as a complete loyalist towards Lelouch and that usually is a interesting thing about her character. If we saw C.C. as someone that seems to be completely 100% loyal to Lelouch, then I don't see this result in making her a unique character. Here are a few reasons that wanders in my mind:
-One thing that is most important involving C.C. is the contract situation. All the times we watch anime, contracts are often double-edged swords where the protaganist gets his benefit but only receives something negative later on in the story.
-Another important event that impacts the presence of C.C. involves the Mao arc from Code Geass' 1st season. This is an arc where C.C. tries to act alone on her own will despite Lelouch ordering her to stay with him. It clearly shows that C.C. tends to take a lot of responsibility on committing her own certain actions.
-We can also not forget that C.C. was willing to get a piece of the giant pizza made from the student council, although the event was used for comedic effort. At that time, C.C. did not trust Lelouch in getting a piece of the giant pizza. This is another example on C.C. going on her own will and not being a complete loyalist towards Lelouch.

-Good comedy moment from Code Geass and was funny. XD

Although C.C. often displays little care towards others, it is somewhat interesting to see her bring feelings of care towards Lelouch. In Episode 23 from the first season, C.C. manages to comfort Lelouch for the first time despite what he has accidently done to Princess Euphemia. For myself, it really displays that C.C. can bring out a few hints of different feelings from her usual personality.
-This picture I have below is something I have greatly felt from C.C's character. I'm sure anyone that has a bad day would need this from a special someone:

There was another situation that makes me question a little about C.C. and that involves her former partnership with Mao:

Most of us that have seen Code Geass' 1st season realize that Mao is a nutcase. Despite that scenario, C.C. regrets the day on knowing about Mao and often shows a few feelings of guilt on making her contract with Mao. In the aftermath of the carnival incident in episode 15 of the first season, C.C. told Lelouch about the day she met Mao:

C.C.: "When I bound a contract with him, Mao was just a six-year-old orphan. Reading and writing, parental love, good and evil, he knows nothing about those. The power of the Geass that Mao obtained from me made him distance himself from other people. That's why, even though he treats me as his best friend and his lover, I'll ultimately just be a stranger to him. Perhaps to Mao, I'm the only human he knows. I am everything to him in this world."

After hearing that from C.C., I somehow realize how guilty she felt especially with the Geass impacting Mao's life. From the flashbacks in episode 15, C.C. tries to help Mao's life become a happy one and hopes to eventually get her wish from the contract in return. Sadly, Mao's obsession for C.C. ended up being his downfall. When it came to the end of episode 16 from the first season, the picture I have below highlights how C.C. feels guilty on what has happened to Mao:

(Mao leaves the church and notices C.C. outside the door)
C.C.: "I once loved you, Mao."
(Mao moves closer to her)
C.C.: "Mao...go there first to wait for me. At the world of death."
(shoots gun at Mao's neck and dies)

From the Mao situation, one can wonder how many individuals may have gone insane or mad with power using the Geass. One can also wonder how many individuals C.C. had to make a contract with for many centuries. Everything somehow came clear on Episode 14 of the second season when Lelouch was planning to annihilate the Geass cult organization headed by V.V. It was on this very scene that C.C. regrets about giving Geass as a gift and wanted to put away its existence for good especially when it comes to individuals like Mao doing terrible things:

Researcher #1: "Impossible..."
Researcher #2: "M-Master C.C..."
C.C.: "Forgive me. This is my sin for letting you all run rampant. Therefore, the genealogy of Geass shall end here. That's perhaps... Lelouch and my..."
(missile launches to train causing it to explode)

Based on all the character traits I discuss about C.C., this highlights on how she breaks away from the typical neglect-feeling character. Based on that alone, she is a character that I find very special in anime itself. Unique, well-developed, and near flawless execution in her role are the three things that certainly fulfill C.C.'s character. Oddly enough, I have yet to discuss the impact of her past. XD

There was once a quote spoken by C.C. during the first season finale of Code Geass:

"All that's left are memories of a witch. I didn't even know that I wasn't a human. The people who hated me, the people who loved me...they have all disappeared with time. In the endless and forever time, I...alone."

A very strong quote from C.C. on living her immortal life and forgetting the feelings that where once expressed from other humans.

The background information from C.C. that involves her history is certainly something worthwhile.
-My thoughts came up from this result, her history brings a great impact towards her own existence and how much she struggle living an eternal life.
-It is something else to realize that C.C. has live for a long time for god knows how many centuries. To live for so long and to deal with the many terrible ordeals, one can always make us wonder what her stories are like. In the first season finale, she shares those memories to Lelouch and many viewers that witness the shocking results. By these results, many can understand how much C.C. has dealt with as an individual. It goes by this question: "Is being an immortal consider a great benefit or a curse we may suffer?" After all I witness from C.C.'s history, I really envy on all the crap she had to suffer with in her immortal life.

Some may argue that C.C. is a little too passive which I think is a fair argument. However if we somehow struggle with living an eternal life, should we as human beings like C.C. always strive to find open options in our lives? For myself, this also brings an impact of realism coming from C.C.'s character. As viewers, we must never forget certain situations that may have brought a factor towards C.C.'s decision making. For C.C., there was once a scene in Episode 11 of Season 1 where she shows a vulnerable side to herself:

Lelouch: "I took out the fragments and cleaned your wound."
C.C.: "There isn't a need."
Lelouch: "So it seems."
C.C.: "That's why there isn't any meaning in saving me. You always let your pride get in your way at inappropriate times."
Lelouch: "I know something interesting because of that."
(Lelouch says her name while drop of water came down in the cave)
Lelouch: "That's your name, isn't it?"
C.C.: "You sure have a bad hobby, eavesdropping."
Lelouch: "Isn't it a nice name? It's much more human than 'C.C'."
C.C.: "How foolish... To me, humans are... After all, I've... I've... forgotten everything. Every single thing. As things are now, names are... Why is the name...? (tear drops from her eyes)
Lelouch: "I'm saying it because it's a good opportunity to do so. Yes. I was saved earlier. Up till now... everything... including the Geass... That is why... I'll only say it once. Thank you."

C.C.: (tears still in her eyes and a smile) "This is the first time I've been thanked. Do you mind if I request a gift from you? Say it again, like how you did earlier."
Lelouch: "Ah... That name?"
C.C.: " Just once, with care and concern from within your heart."
Lelouch: "I have no choice. (says name without viewers hearing) How was that?"
C.C.: "It was bad. It was completely bad. Not kind at all. Nor does it reflect sincerity or kindness. Your pronunciation was odd too. Most importantly, it lacked warmth."
Lelouch: "You're a very selfish woman."
C.C.: "Of course. That's because I'm C.C."

From this situation, would it be necessary to say that C.C. was willing to take chances in different sides (like Lelouch or Marianne) just to heal the mental wounds of those she has forgotten long ago. For some reason, it plays a factor of her relationship with Marianne, Lelouch, or a few other characters just to strive on decisions that may come up as a benefit for herself. To live a life where you can't die (along with not remembering others from the past) and to somehow have this struggle to bring happiness for yourself, it brings tears to your eyes for someone like C.C. We may say C.C. was passive in her attempts, but could we clearly recognize that it was appropriate and well-executed for her character. To think, it was one out of many quality results that makes C.C. that special of a character. I can never forget the times I shed a few tears whenever C.C. mentions about forgetting the people from her past. For the state of being immortal, it is that appropriate in itself and that is something memorable coming from the character C.C.

There is also another question that we should ask and that involves C.C. liking pizza. As humans whenever we feel loneliness sometimes we need friends, family, love, or food to heal the mental burdens we are dealing with in our lives. For C.C. to like pizza, it brings an appropriate and realistic outcome in this situation.

On Episode 15 of Code Geass R2, everything we learn about C.C.'s past was set in stone on how much she has struggle as an individual. In all of the times I have spent watching anime, I have never felt so much pity learning about her past. It suddenly builds up to this scene in episode 15 on knowing about C.C.'s wish:

C.C.: "Lelouch, I shall reveal to you the condition of our pact... my wish now..."
(silence for a moment)
C.C.: "My wish is to die, for my existence to end forever."
Lelouch: "End? But you're..."
C.C.: "What lies at the end of Geass for its users... is to succeed the position of the one who bestowed the power on them. In other words, one would obtain the ability to kill me.
Lelouch: "Kill... C.C.?"
C.C.: "Of the many people that have had a pact with me, none were able to attain that goal. However, now there is one - Charles."
Lelouch: "Impossible... You made a pact with me in order to die?"
C.C.: "Correct."
Lelouch: "You've lived in order to die?"
C.C.: "Therein lies the providence of this world. Such a limit is called life."
Lelouch: "No! There is life because one is alive!"
C.C.: "Same thing. People are aware of life when they are aware of death."
Lelouch: "You're just playing with words!"
C.C.: "But people do die."
Lelouch: "Even so, what is the reason... the meaning of birth into this world?"
C.C.: "You know the answer to that. Those are nothing but mere illusions."
Lelouch: "A life that just has death is too tragic!"
C.C.: "You don't call endless aggregation of not dying, 'life'. That is merely an experience."
(Lelouch gasps)

C.C.: "If you have a reason to live, then kill me. Do that, and you will obtain the same power as Charles... The power to fight."
(Lelouch stutters to speak)
C.C.: "Farewell, Lelouch. You are too gentle of a person."
Lelouch: "Wait, you-" (falls below)

For all the time she has dealt from her eternal life, it brings a strong meaning of realism towards C.C. If one of us was immortal like C.C. and suffer through the many ordeals like herself, doesn't that make us wish to die also? There is also another question we should ask. Why did C.C. not tell Lelouch before about her wish to die? Based on my thoughts, C.C. either loves or cares for Lelouch that she doesn't want to see him deal with the eternal hell that she has gone through. From the picture I have below, C.C. known as a neglect-feeling character to many of us can certainly open up her feelings with tears that speak a truth.

C.C.'s original character brings so much presense towards Code Geass. When she went through the sudden character change at the end of Code Geass R2's Episode 15, I have certainly brought feelings towards badly missing her character. It was very good that C.C.'s original character return after a short time. However even though her character change does not last long, I did receive something important from it. During the time of her past before she receive Geass, I can understand how fearful she is towards other people when she was a slave girl. For one reason or another, the two pictures below certainly bring similar images of both past and present.

Most of us may question from this situation if this really brings a set-back on C.C.'s character. I completely disagree on this situation. While this may not be something we consider a good direction in the Code Geass R2 storyline, this is how C.C. was in the past before she ever became immortal. The truth is, we can't forget that this is an appropriate mental state (including the age she was) of how much she has struggle in the past. It is hard to imagine on how much hell she had to deal with as a slave girl and how her master (or others) may have been treating her as an individual. Even though C.C. has also dealt with the burden of eternal life, her character has came a long way in becoming a strong individual.

When Code Geass somehow came to an end, I will never forget that smile she once brought during episode 24 of the second season. Personally, it is like a smile that has truly blossum for the first time. For the first time in her life, C.C. realizes the feeling of happiness along with having a true smile she mainly deserves:

I have brought up a lot of detail out of how I see C.C. as a great character in anime. There are also a few personal interests that I tend to enjoy from C.C.
-Yukana Nogami gave out a great seiyu performance for C.C. If it wasn't for her, I may never enjoy C.C.'s character as much as I would.
-My favorite food craving is pizza, so I certainly share that interest with C.C. XD
-C.C. also brings a priceless smile, something that brings out a great image from a female character in anime.
-She also brings out an appealing image on being a mysterious character along with an interesting fashion sense in clothing.
-Finally, if I ever want to have a cup of tea or have a slice of pizza and listen to stories with a certain character, then C.C. is the one I would consider.

-C.C., you will remain the top among my favorites in anime and you will certainly bring many memories worth viewing. Thanks to all the C.C. Fanclub members who have read this and I hope my long analysis of C.C. is a worthwhile read.

On a last note, here is an interesting quote from C.C. that discuss in her thoughts about humans struggling for happiness and how Lelouch progresses as an individual. This was found in the last scene of the first Code Geass finale:

C.C.: "Humans, exist to chase for happiness. A guy from Britannia. What Lelouch was looking for, was just that bit of happiness. It's not something special. The root of his actions, as a person, they are very tiny wishes which are apparent in everyone. These dreams, these words, who can renounce them? Who has that right? But, however, no matter who, no matter what the wish is, one cannot bind others and the world to themselves. Determine one's fate. If, one allows the thoughts of others, to go beyond that of the world, his existence is merely one which is drifting with the waves. Crimes and punishment. Fate and judgment. What's blocking Lelouch is, the past he created. It is hate between people. Even so, he should be thankful now. (few tears from her eyes) Yes. At is a fact that humans exist to pursue happiness. All the wishes, concealing those yearnings...they are born from despair."

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Witty, sharp-tounged, and sexy, her voice actor Yukana really brings her character to life. C.C.'s persona sets her apart from most anime female characters; she is indeed a gem among many others, and it's so apparent why many people are attracted to her for various reasons.

It's not a in-depth analysis of her character, but this concise description sums up my thoughts for the gold-eyed, green hair witch.
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Anime-Destiny said:

I have brought up a lot of detail out of how I see C.C. as a great character in anime. There are also a few personal interests that I tend to enjoy from C.C.
-Yukana Nogami gave out a great seiyu performance for C.C. If it wasn't for her, I may never enjoy C.C.'s character as much as I would.
-My favorite food craving is pizza, so I certainly share that interest with C.C. XD
-C.C. also brings a priceless smile, something that brings out a great image from a female character in anime.
-She also brings out an appealing image on being a mysterious character along with an interesting fashion sense in clothing.
-Finally, if I ever want to have a cup of tea or have a slice of pizza and listen to stories with a certain character, then C.C. is the one I would consider.

Agreed ;)

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Something I really loved about CC, was her reaction when Lelouch was about to be killed.
She was praying in a church, I felt touched by that....was it her concern for Lelouch?
But she knew he was gonna die & did nothing to stop him....then what was it that made her pray and cry?
I suppose it must be the little humanity left inside an immortal witch.

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I agree with you guys. I have many thoughts about C.C. and most of them are told. Here is what I have to say for now. (I dont know what to say first and Ill go random, some thing i might miss).

C.C. is person that had hell of a past. During anime it can be seen how her feeling grow up toward Lelouch. They would even have true love kiss if Kallen didnt interupt them with Guren.
In CG everything is about past and future. She was person of the past, but with Lelouch she become person of the future. That is the reason she didnt vanish when she Lelouch, Suzaku, Mariane and Charles was in C world. Lelouch said: I desire future!

From her memories we learned that even though she was immortal from long time her true wish isnt to die but to find real love, person for her lifetime. That is obvious Lelouch. Chemistry betwen them sparkles in anime so many times, so as their word games of love, like one with a snow.

While immortal she isnt afraid of death or to be exposed. That is the reason she goes out in school festival, and beyond that fallows Lelouch all the time.

When she sealed her code I thought she become mortal. But it was too odd that she dont remeber anything and that Charles didnt create Akasha. She needed to be sacrafices, her immortality.

When C.C. received geass from Nun. One day she asked her to become person of the past, to throw away her true wishes and accept that she cannot fullfill her true wish. Nun was person of the past. She didnt desire future, she only wanted to die after transfering her power. When C.C. become person of the past Nun literally crucify her end engrave beneath her breast sign of geass. That they C.C. die and was reborn as immortal witch. Nun die becouse she wanted that.

Geass represents will and wishes of people. So if C.C. is person of future she can live after she become mortal.

I dont see the sign of geass on C.C. forehead in the ending scene of CG R2. She isnt sealed so there should be sign. So I asume she is mortal, or author made a big mistake.

Dont misjudge me on this one. In the end I think she ended up with Lelouch, becouse the story was going that way all along series. I saw CG as her story and I dont see why her true wish woudnt be granted, and that she lives mortal life full of her true love. Becouse of what happend in world of C when Lelouch cost geass on gods there is one more reason that he should accept his dead, and old him die end later he embrace himself in new life. That can also mean zero requiem. If not it will only mean solitude for both.

Even though C.C. is very misterious it doesnt mean that she knows everuthing about geass and wishes, because with geass you never know what will you get and what are counsequences. So it might be sometimes that even she dont know what will happen. It is bad that we didnt see scene after battle with her and Lulu toghether before he got stubbed.

I cant rid of thought in my mind that is in alarm state and screaming in my head, that we could se much more information and scenes with C.C. in R2. In R2 there were lot of characters, so I get fealing that there could easily be addedd 15 or so epizodes.

I cannot see any future season of CG without C.C. as one the main characters :]

If I were author, I would made two series that explain how human got geass power from gods. There I would add story of C.C. how she lived and got in posseion of geass, her life with Nun, and afterward. I would focus especially on time when V.V. become immortal and C.C. made contract with Mariane. After that I would made one ova parallel setting with R1 and R1. That would be prolog to new and last CG series that would include characters main characters from this ova, R1 and R2. There will C.C. (with Leuluch, Suzaku, Kallen) fight to get rid the world of power known geass.
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I've been wondering..What does C.C think of Lelouch as? A lover? A friend? A buddy? A brother? A companion? Or just a human being?