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best friend: Shinra OMG YES I LOVE HIM XDDD
Likes you: Namie.... xP
Lover: Shizuo well I'll take it xD woulda prefered Izaya xD
Hates you: Simon (crap...)
Wants you dead: Shinra.... im so sad D'X
Alliance: Dollars lol woot!

Best friend: USA
First Kiss: N Italy .... lol? XD
Likes you: Germany
Wants to be your ally: USA
Wants to take over you: Germany
Hates you: S. Italy ... some how that makes sense in a creepy way.... xD

Nabari no Ou
Best friend: Aizawa yay! :D
First Kiss: Raikou WOO FAV CHARACTER!
Lover: Kazuhiko lol xD also a fav character.... xD
Rival: Kazuhiki lawl xD
Senpai: Tobari
Sensei: Saraba... meeeh boring xP

Best Friend: Suigetsu haha sweet!
Lover: Guy.... BWAHAHAHA
Enemy: Hidan eh never liked him much anyway xD
First Kiss.... Sai xD man these all seem awkward xD
Ninjutsu: YES lightning xD
Alliance: Sand

Ally: Tobi!!!!!! <3
Best friend: Itachi i suppose that will do... i wanted Tobi for all of them xD
Enemy: Hidan... wow i guess he's just permanently my enemy xD
Lover: Tobi! hahahahahahahah
Doesn't like you: Yahiko (Pain)... im so sad...
Partner: ....Tobi... my life is complete xD Tobi for 3 of them xDDD day made xD

LOL THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN i love these things xD but i'v spent enough time procrastinating... back to work xD
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn (already done it in your other club but that's so funny to play :D)
Best Friend: Enma Kozato (nice!)
Has a crush on you: Byakuran *_*
First kiss: Mammon lol
Lover: Xanxus *___* <33 (like the last time that's fate <3)
# of children: fifteen??????? I could make my own mafia group with all of these lol xD (but don't mind if it's with Xanxus <333)
Cockblocked by: Rokudo Mukuro (again??? I was already in trouble with him last time, guess he has really a grudge against me xD)

Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica
Best Friend: Homura Akemi (I like her!)
I'm a girl but anyway...
First Kiss: Homura Akemi (yuri with my best friend lol)
Lover: Kyouko Sakura
Marry: Kaname madoka (yuri with my best friend's best friend xD)
Enemy: Mami Tomoe (what did I do to her? O_o)
Tries to kill you: Sayaka Miki (I don't like her anyway ><)

Best Friend: Heiwajima, Shizuo (really nice! :D)
Likes you: Yumasaki Walker
Lover: Ryugamine Mikado (oh? Not bad xD)
Hates you: Sturluson Celty. Why?? :'(
Wants you dead: Kida Masaomi (oh? maybe because Mikado is my lover xD)
Alliance: Dollars (that's kind of logical xP)

Best Friend: Ui
Childhood Friend: Yui (lol friend with the 2 sisters!)
Senpai: Tsumugi
Rival: Azusa
Song: Don't say "lazy" (I really like this song!)
Instrument: Guitar (would really like to be able to play with it *_*)

Nabari no ou
Best friend: Tojuro er... that's a shame but I don't remember him xD (watched the anime almost 4 years ago...)
First Kiss: Koutarou
Lover: Yoite (oh? really? <3)
Rival: Hanabusa
Senpai: Sabara
Sensei: Kazuhiko-sensei *_*

Best Friend: Miku :D
First Duet: Kaito wow xP
Lover: Kaito <3
Partner: Rin
Rival: Len xD
Song: Just Be Friends (oh didn't know that song, just played it and really love it ^^)

Best Friend: Shikamaru ^^
Lover: Shino... really? loooool
Enemy: Sai haha xD
First Kiss: Orochimaru... oh no!!! Why?? I really hate him >< I'll kill him for having stolen my first kiss :'(((
Ninjutsu: Wind (oh yes! Like Naruto <3)
Alliance: Akatsuki loool (will put that weird purple nail varnish right now! xD)

Ally: Kisame (can be fun xP)
Best friend: Itachi *_*
Enemy: Orochimaru (bwahaha! That's normal, he stole my first kiss! ><)
Lover: Nagato <3
Doesn't like you: Itachi... But why? You are my best friend!!!! :'(
Partner: Sasori (not bad! :P)

That was so much fun!!!!!!!! :D

Nov 5, 2012 12:38 PM

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best Friend: Spanner. Yay~ XD
Has a crush on you: Bianchi :P
First kiss: Tsuna *facepalm*
Lover: Colonello. Now we're talking xDD
# of children: None. Haha, that's just like me
Cockblocked by: Dino. Kufufufu

Best Friend: Anri. Yeah, okay >.>
Likes you: Dotachin. Yay, I like him too xDDD
Lover: Mikado. Oh God :P
Hates you: Anri. What a good friend. :P
Wants you dead: Mikado. What a great lover I've got!
Alliance: Yellow scarves

Best Friend: Shinpachi. Sounds like fun xD
Like You: Hijikata. Aww :3
Lover: Kazamaaaa <3
Senpai: Hijikata :P
Hates You: Okita. Why? T.T
Wants You Dead: Saitou! No way~ >.<

Axis Powers
Best friend: Spain. Makes sense XD
First Kiss: Germany. OH YES~!
Likes you: Prussia
Wants to be your ally: France
Wants to take over you: China :P
Hates you: USA. Yeah, probably :P

Nabari no ou
Best friend: Ichiki. Ok....
First Kiss: Raikou :P
Lover: Aizawa :P
Rival: Koutarou haha
Senpai: Raikou
Sensei: Kazuhiko

These are really fun. I want mooore xD
Dec 27, 2012 7:19 AM

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best friend:Colonnello (adult), YES!!
Has a crush on you: Lambo (Adult)
First kiss: Belphegor, WHY?!!
Lover: Mukuro Rokudo, YAY!! I love him! <3
No. of children: 5
Cockblocked by: Hayato Gokudera

Best friend: Simon, I don't like him!!>,<
Likes you: Masaomi, Yahoo!
Lover: Shizuo, how can I even get closed to him?
Hates you: Celty
Wants you dead: Saburo
Alliance: Yellow scarves, the one who likes me is by my side, awesome!!

Best friend: Shiranui Kyo
Likes you: Hajime Saito
Lover: Shinpachi Nagekura, my lover is my senpai? I like it! XD
Senpai: Shinpachi Nagekura
Hates you: Shinpachi Nagekura, my lover is also someone who hates me?? O_o
Wants you dead: Shiranui Kyo, how can my best friend be a back stabber?

Nabari no ou
Best friend: Hanabusa
First kiss: Kotarou, HIM?!! well, at least he is cute
Lover: Yoite, nice..
Rival: Tobari
Senpai: Shijima
Sensei: Kazuho

Best friend: Gakupo
First duet: Mikuo, I love him!
Lover: Kaito, Meiko sure gonna kills me..
Partner: Meiko, wait! I'm surely gonna be dead!!
Rival: Luka
Song: Romeo and Cinderella

Awesome game!! XD
Jan 31, 2013 4:33 PM
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best friend: Alaude (YES!!)
Has a crush on you: Mukuro Rokudo (...)
First kiss: Daemon Spade (O_O!!! .....)
Lover: Yamamoto
No. of children: 6
Cockblocked by: Flan

Axis Powers
Best friend: N. Italy
First Kiss: France...
Likes you: S. Italy
Wants to be your ally: U.S.A
Wants to take over you: Japan (what the...? O_O!!)
Hates you: Spain

Best Friend: Len
First Duet: Kaito
Lover: Rin (...i'm a girl..)
Partner: Gakupo
Rival: Len
Song: Popipo

(Cool game x3)
Jan 31, 2013 8:35 PM

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best friend: G
Has a crush on you: Lal Mirch (adult)
First kiss: Xanxus
Lover: Kyoya Hibari (it's my lucky day! :D)
No. of children: twins <3
Cockblocked by: Reborn (adult)

Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica
Best Friend: Mami Tomoe
First Kiss: Mami Tomoe (lol that's awkward)
Lover: Mami Tomoe (!?! haha)
Marry: Mami Tomoe (i have the weirdest luck actually.)
Enemy: Sayaka Miki (she's actually my least favorite)
Tries to kill you: Mami Tomoe (ouch...relationship gone bad)

Best friend: Dotachin (he's cool!)
Likes you: Namie Yagiri (*runs away, fast*)
Lover: Mikado Ryugamine
Hates you: Walker Yumasaki
Wants you dead: Masaomi Kida (*cries*)
Alliance: Saika army (why did i get the creepy ones?!)

Hetalia Axis Powers
Best friend: Spain
First Kiss: Russia
Likes you: Japan (aww yeah :D)
Wants to be your ally: Spain (well i suppose my best friend can also be my ally)
Wants to take over you: Germany
Hates you: Italy

Best Friend: Ritsu
Childhood Friend: Tsumugi
Senpai: Ui
Rival: Nodoka
Song: Utauyo Miracle :)
Instrument: Guitar (i do like guitar!)

Best friend: Gumi
First duet: Miku :)
Lover: Mikuo (yes!!!)
Partner: Gumi
Rival: Luka (boo...)
Song: Matryoshka (yay, i like this one)

i loved this game! so much fun :)
Jan 31, 2013 11:08 PM
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best Friend: Takeshi Yamamoto
Has a crush on you: Flan
First Kiss: Byakuran
Lover: Enma Kozato
No. of children: Twins :>>>>>
Cockblocked by: Glotto

Best Friend: Masaomi Kida
Likes you: Saburo Togusa
Lover: Mikado Ryugamine
Hates you: Saburo Togusa (haha, likes & hates me?)
Wants you dead: Erika Karisawa
Alliance: Yellow Scarves

Axis Powers
Best Friend: Japan
First Kiss: S. Italy
Likes you: France
Wants to be your ally: France
Wants to take over you: Spain
Hates you: Russia

Best Friend: Nodoka
Childhood Friend: Yui
Senpai: Ritsu
Rival: Nodoka (o.O my bestfriend's my rival)
Song: Cagayake! GIRLS
Instrument: Drums (oh yeah! my beloved drumsssss)

Best Friend: Rin
First Duet: Len
Lover: Rin
Partner: Mikuo
Rival: Rin (okay, that's 3 Rin's now)
Song: Just be Friends

Best Friend: Hidan
Lover: Karin
Enemy: Jiraiya
First Kiss: Neji
Ninjutsu Element: Lightning
Alliance: Rain

cool & fun ^^
Feb 1, 2013 2:57 PM

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Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica
Best Friend: Kaname Madoka
First Kiss: Kaname Madoka
Lover: Kaname Madoka
Marry: Sayaka Miki (meep~ , i love her)
Enemy: Homura Akemi (its only natural , lol)
Tries to kill you: Kaname Madoka (xDDD)

Best Friend: Celty
Likes you: Simon (scary)
Lover: Erika
Hates you: Masaomi Kida (no way , my favorite character)
Wants you dead: Masaomi Kida (lol XD)
Alliance: Yellow Scurves
Feb 3, 2013 4:35 AM

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Best Friend: I-pin (adult)
Has a crush on you: Daemon Spade
First Kiss: Haru Miura
Lover: Lussuria
No. of Children: Seven
Cockblocked by: Alaude

Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica
Best Friend: Sakura Kyouko
First Kiss: Tomoe Mami
Lover: Kaname Madoka
Marry: Akemi Homura
Enemy: Miki Sayaka
Tries to kill you: Akemi Homura (o_O)

Best Friend: Sonohara Anri
Likes you: Sonohara Anri
Lover: Sonohara Anri (^o^)
Hates you: Togusa Saburo
Wants you dead: Dotachin
Alliance: n/a

Best Friend: Shiranui Kyo
Likes you: Shiranui Kyo
Lover: Susumu Yamazaki
Senpai: Hajime Saito
Hates you: Keisuke Sannan
Wants you dead: Heisuke Touhou (T^T)

Axis Powers
Best Friend: N. Italy
First Kiss: China
Likes you: England
Wants to be your Ally: Spain
Wants to take over you: Prussia
Hates you: Spain (O.O)

Best Friend: Ui
Childhood friend: Azusa
Senpai: Azusa
Rival: Mio
Song: Don't Say "lazy"
Instrument: Mic/ Voice

Nabari no ou
Best Friend: Juji
First Kiss: Yae
Lover: Shijima
Rival: Saraba
Senpai: Juji
Sensei: Hanabusa

Best Friend: Len
First duet: Gumi
Lover: Rin
Partner: Miku
Rival: Luki
Song: Alice of Human Sacrifice

Best Friend: Sasuke
Lover: Gaara
Enemy: Temari
First kiss: Gai (#.#)
Ninjutsu Element: Lightning
Alliance: Rain

Ally: Yahiko
Best Friend: Zetsu
Enemy: Sasori
Lover: Zetsu
Doesn't like you: Konan
Partner: Itachi

Mar 12, 2013 3:49 AM

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I only made with DRRRR! let's go

In the first time, i got several dissapoints... I'm a MALE, so it felt weird.

best friend: Celty
Likes you: Shinra
Lover: Togusa Saburo (Crapppp)
Hates you: Yagiri Namie (Don't hate me...I like you!)
Wants you dead: Kadota
Alliance:Blue Squares

At the second( This one is what i consider right)

best friend: Shizuo( Let's Kill I-Z-A-Y-A)
Likes you: Shinra
Lover: Karisawa Erika (Yes!!!!!!!!)
Hates you: Izaya (obviously...I have the same feeling to him)
Wants you dead: Kadota (Everytime i tried, Kadota was there...Weird, I'm okay with him, but no need to worry, Shizuo will protect me!)
Alliance: Dollars lol YEAH!