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Nov 1, 2008 2:03 PM

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Chouji, Choza, and Kakashi try to confirm whether the demon realm Pain body is dead.

Kakashi explains the battle plan he came up with based on Pain's ability.

The god realm Pain body can use attractive force.

With father and son fighting side by side, the battle begins.

A long battle emerges between Pain and the Akimichis, but, in the end, Choji and Choza manage to capture the god realm body.

Then, just as Kakashi is charging forward with a Chidori to finish off the god realm body, the demon realm body suddenly blocks the attack.

Choza: He can still move?!

Kakashi: Can I make it?

In Myouboku Mountain, Naruto fuses with Fukasaku.

Pain: Of course I can still move.

Kakashi: Is it...too late?

As the demon realm body was resurrected, the Akimichis and the other reinforcements were blown away.

Pain: Apparently it's not a clone this time. Then it is time for you to die.

Pain picks up some sort of a nail from the ground, and throws it at Kakashi.

Pain: Now you will feel the pain.

Kakashi: From this distance, I can't dodge it!

The nail-like object explodes and either Kakashi has been killed or has lost his Sharingan