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Poll: Shinsekai yori Episode 4 Discussion

Dec 14, 2014 7:26 PM

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mayukachan said:
Grouchio said:
Would a telekinetic mass extincion like the one represented in Shin Sekai Yori be possible in real life?

As much as that'd be cool, I don't think so.

zat-bust said:
It got dark very quickly, then it become very ratty. The blow dog looks more awesome than how I thought it looked from the camp story.

lol, that pun.

Thank the gods. It would only be cool if I were one of the PK gifted, so that I could actually survive the ensuing genocide.
Jan 11, 2015 1:35 PM

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this is some brave new world rip-off here
Jan 11, 2015 1:39 PM

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UnoPuntoCinco said:
this is some brave new world rip-off here

New world?
Jan 11, 2015 1:40 PM

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UnoPuntoCinco said:
this is some brave new world rip-off here

They've been compared before, but they are relatively different.


watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Feb 14, 2015 8:25 PM

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holysh*t! intense episode!
lots of info about the world!

great episode!
Feb 26, 2015 6:34 AM
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I loved this chapter. As i expected Telekinesis brought humanity to the verge of extinction and different societies have evolved as a result of it. And theirs manages to keep TK under control, albeit with some harsh methods.

I bet the rat she saved some episodes ago comes to their assistance now.
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Mar 5, 2015 11:23 PM

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Epic episode.

Specifically how the new world begun.

I did feel that the main characters overreacted to the library thing. The library didnt show them anything, he just told them. So for them to do that overreaction, was a bit much.

I hope this anime doesnt become a "the world is in trouble, and only the children can save us" anime. It better not.

Still epic episode. Cant wait to see the next one.
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Apr 19, 2015 4:26 PM

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Holy mother of information dumps, I'M BEGINNING TO SEE A PLOT!!! There are still holes in the story along with an amount of missing information that makes it difficult to see exactly what their current civilization is, much less its origins. I'm assuming this will be addressed soon.

y123y said:
I did feel that the main characters overreacted to the library thing. The library didnt show them anything, he just told them. So for them to do that overreaction, was a bit much.

It made perfect sense to me. You saw one specific reaction, "Humans killing other humans?!" The way it seems the leaders have created their society to condition its citizens, this kind of revelation would be mindblowing.
Jun 6, 2015 7:20 PM
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Okay then. I'm not sure how to treat this show.

I just noticed that one of Shinsekai yori's tags is horror, and it makes sense in an odd way. As in, it feels like I'm watching something horrific, but I'm not completely sure what I'm being exposed to. If I'm correct, it's one of those rare horror moments where you'll only realize it looking back. There is a multitude of mysteries to this show, but it has gone out of its way to first establish the tone and setting in the beginning episodes before actually explaining anything. Because of this, everything feels disorienting.

At the same time though, these mysteries seem to be based around a lack of information, rather than someone, an organization, or some force hiding it. Before knowing the underlying story, it was already a great discovery to simply figure out what time period we're in. Still, after three episodes of pure introduction and setting up ground rules to Shinsekai yori, this is the first time there has been a full explanation on things. This seems to be a show that leaves viewers hanging, and that last scene with the blowdog must have been painful for weekly viewers.
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Jun 7, 2015 7:16 PM

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I really like the world-building so far. It combines the idyllic presentation of the society and the depictions of their daily lives with the characters' (especially Saki's) anxieties to really firmly establish the tone while setting up a number of what I assume will be plot points later on.

My initial reaction to the False Minoshiro's infodump was that it felt kinda clumsy and blatant. But then going back over the first four episodes in my head I could better see how they set it up by showing you the stuff from "present day" and from 500 and then 570 years into the future, as well as tons of hints at stuff going on in the shadows, which (at least from me) elicits a, "What's going on here?" Saki is shown to have similar anxieties in previous episodes, and then when we get to the False Minoshiro, we see that Shun does as well (and even more than Saki). Realizing all that, the infodump really doesn't feel as blatant as it did at first.

One other thing that I really, really like is how all our main characters have very distinct personalities, and none of them feel even remotely archetypal.

And the balloon-dog coming out of the pile of dead monster rats with its head looking almost exactly like theirs... HMMM...
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Jun 12, 2015 12:40 PM

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Just four episodes in and I already know that this show's going to be a 10/10.
Jun 15, 2015 1:10 AM
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holly cow there are no demons or anything it was a sickness in humans? they made it up i love shun and saki they figure it out ! wow ! damn rats i hope everyone will be fine :3 and that monk pissed me off he is obviously keeping a lot of truth hidden :3 cant wait to know more :3
Aug 20, 2015 9:07 PM
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The story so far is awesome. The characters... not so much. I understand that their view of the world is being shattered (although they never talked about anything being utopian until now), I don't think there was a need to have them gasping and crying every few seconds.
Sep 5, 2015 10:00 AM

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So much information ...

The way their power came to be in 2011, how it divided a lot of people in certain groups.
How people that were likely to violate their rules were "filtered" out of the system (not why people forget them though ...)

Queerats probably being more than just a group of animals, maybe they are the humans that were exiled.

This show is so good :)

myronator said:
The story so far is awesome. The characters... not so much. I understand that their view of the world is being shattered (although they never talked about anything being utopian until now), I don't think there was a need to have them gasping and crying every few seconds.

You have to understand ... they've never been told about something like this even being a thing, people raping and killing each other ...
If you suddenly think about something like that being a thing I'm sure it'd be quite disturbing.
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Sep 14, 2015 12:42 PM

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O M F G !
This was EPIC on so many levels and it's getting even better, wow!
I'm speechless, seriously. And impressed like I wasn't being for a long time when it comes to single episode.

And that ED is fucking phenomenal!
Oct 22, 2015 11:43 AM

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The brats were really annoying in this episode, everything else was great though
Dec 1, 2015 7:39 PM

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Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge will set you free. Ep 4.

Plot: Saki and co learn of the bloody history of the human race. And in doing so have gotten themselves in trouble with a Priest named Rijin and sealed powers. However their journey is delayed by the appearance of combative Rat Creatures and most dangerous of all a Balloon Dog.

Character: I was right there with Saki on how to feel. So much anger, confusion, disgust on what happened and what has been done recently. Her observation on the Rat creatures not being the true enemy shows she's paying attention. I can definitely see Saki growing into a fighter.

Rijin made me hate him and yet be sooo dang curious. He's obviously in the conspiracy but he is kinda keeping the kids safe so he probably isn't there for their deaths.

Shun also shows himself to be of sterner stuff as he asks the most questions. Maybe he has a deep dissatisfaction with things. Or just too curious?

Animation/sound: They went all out here.

The infodump interwoven with the history of PK and the civilizations was pulse pounding and gut wrenching to know. Then Rijin came and it got worse and worse. THe rat creatures are no longer cute (well the little ones still are) and the Balloon dog was a big WTF. The opera/"Awwww" was woven perfectly to the mystery being cleared up.

And the PK usage. Rijin's power is not to be underestimated. The death of the Library Robot and the image of the woman. And finally Naked Death.

The message is clear: Sh^t be gettin' real up in here.

5/5. This is where it all ends and begins.
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Jan 4, 2016 7:58 AM

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Could someone sum up all the history the false Minoshiro told the kids? This episode was quite information heavy and Im sure I missed a few key details :)
Feb 18, 2016 11:08 PM

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Yeah, kinda guessed PK uses were the assholes who ruined the world. Now the scientist group is controlling everything. Those rat monsters are probably humans or evolved rats?
Feb 23, 2016 6:30 PM

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Whoever design this artistic colorful world is a genius imo, amazing!
Great Episode.
Mar 18, 2016 4:51 AM

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Now all the pre stories make sense. PK users are just trying to take over the world one step at a time.
Mar 30, 2016 7:00 PM
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I'm sorry, but I cannot deal with Mamoru's crying. The minoshiro was only talking about all of the deaths, and she's breaking down.
Apr 1, 2016 12:34 AM
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NOW this is an interesting exposition, world-building episode. I had several complaints when it comes to these type of episodes in the past through Fate/Zero (I'm looking at you Season 1) where they make all the dialogue scenes tiresome to listen to; lack of body language, and static emotion felt when all the info-dumping is uttered by the characters. NONE of those problems were found in this episode as we can clearly see the overwhelming sensation and shocking realization from the main characters expressions as they learn the dark secrets of the show's civilization past.

The first half of this episode with all the world-building was strengthened by the things that was going its way leading up to it. First, the timing of when this scene happened. We clearly needed at this point to learn more about Shinsekai Yori's world that was deliberately presented as mysterious. It was a bold yet strategic move by the creators to drag this revelation out up until the 4th episode because this might've otherwise irked and tested the patience of ordinary viewers. Even from a first episode of a typical anime series where they're meant to explain the basic gist of the characters and story, while Shinsekai Yori did do this, there were still a lot of things that we didn't know. That much I can highly praise on and shows why it isn't an "ordinary" show. Thus, the implication was it created the "fear of the unknown" effect that set-up and enhanced the distinct atmosphere of the show. And this tension and dread of what's out there (such as unknown creatures and entities) gradually built up episode-by episode. Likewise to this, how much we don't know was the reason why the exposition scenes really captured my attention.
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Apr 1, 2016 5:12 AM
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This is really getting interesting!
Apr 25, 2016 11:25 AM

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Fuck ton of exposition there but it was incredibly interesting. Now all those random flashbacks at the start of the previous episodes make sense.

Quite the scary thought, though, that they're essentially caged animals that have to go through stringent protocols in order to live with the rest of their society. It's bettered by the fact that it isn't some evil organisation who're doing it because they're power hungry either; it's for everyone's own benefit that they go through what they go through.

I am wondering just why nobody seems to remember any of the other people going missing, though. They've explained why they take students away but have yet to explain just why nobody is freaking the fuck out when a different kid goes missing for the rest of their life every other week.
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May 11, 2016 5:21 PM
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myronator said:
The story so far is awesome. The characters... not so much. I understand that their view of the world is being shattered (although they never talked about anything being utopian until now), I don't think there was a need to have them gasping and crying every few seconds.

Well it is impossible for us to grasp since we live in a society were violence is commonplace but it seems like in their world they eradicated crime completely. So to us the thought of folks raping and murdering eachother isn't mind blowing- even without special powers.
May 19, 2016 12:31 PM
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The manner in which the plot background was revealed by the demon was executed perfectly. I loved how it was shoved onto the kids all at once, making them question the society they have grown up with as never before.

With the monk's Death of Shame activating, I wonder if those rats he killed were only rats...or maybe they were mutated humans.
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Aug 19, 2016 6:56 AM

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The truth has been spoken! The Cantus theyre using is a.k.a PK. WoW. Nice plot twist. The Dark Age is in modern year so the age where Saki lives is now year 3000?? Good!!

Crazy!! Raped 19!!!

Another Sugita Tomokazu character, LOL.

Sep 13, 2016 6:04 AM

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Hmm... I got confused a lot. So I know that they've gone from our time to 1000 years later growing a telekinesis only community that will die if the kill a human?

Sep 30, 2016 4:28 AM

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this still doesn't make any sense
Oct 10, 2016 10:44 PM

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A bit heavy on the exposition during the first half, but it was all very interesting background info. The bald dude just totally pissed me off sealing away their canti like that. And why did they put the shotty-nosed crying girl up on the floating flower petal thing as their lookout? They should have used one of the more level-headed kids. The Queerats reminded me of the rabbits from the ancient cartoon Watershhip Down (now THAT was a gory movie).

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Nov 2, 2016 3:39 AM

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Well based on that huge infodump, this world is far more fucked up than I realized.
Nov 2, 2016 12:05 PM
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Humanity techonology progress took a different direction with the appearence of the PKs, the whole system collapses, now +1500 later after 2011, there are these little societies created by the previous cientists community from the dark age, and all these restrictions so that the PKs can live in society.
One of them is death feedback and the other, the library was going to say it but was destroyed by that asshole, I m sure... she was going to talk about the tainted cats, and how they kill those that have broken the rules, and like it was said in episode 2, those that have mental collapses, became disfunctional, that start to hurt others, they became karma demons... so tainted cats is the last measure of this society to prevent these karma demons??

I was expecting some really eerie shit, but also getting such an interesting and different plot, I think this anime is gonna end becoming one of my original favorite anime in a very long time!

Want to see more now, that cliffhanger!

PS: Still confused about those "human spirits" that appeared when the library was destroyed and then when the hurricane starts killing those "ogres", I hope there is some kind of explanation for these "images".
Jun 27, 2017 7:25 PM

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Wow, that was quite the info bomb.

So far I'm loving everything about the show, the pacing, the dialogues, the explanations. The world building is also something else, even though they haven't shown that much, but that what I've seen till now was very good and there's still a lot of potential, hopefully it will live up to my expectations.
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Jul 5, 2017 3:15 PM

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I am curious how it can be that there are even explosions already and deaths but still everything is so hollow. Is there any plot? Is there any MC? Is there anything but "Hey-hey, let's just pretend that previous episode ended without typical cliffhanger...". One of the weakest anime in my life so far, I can't even say that I hate it or just dislike since there are nothing at all to like or dislike, it's empty.
Sep 14, 2017 4:22 PM

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So it's been like two years since I watched this show, so I'm obviously a bit confused, but that was a heck of an info dump exposition LOL. Talking about how PK came to be on the rise and the history behind their "society" I guess. Then their powers get sealed by this mysterious priest guy (who is super suspicious) and they have to fight queerats??? Who I guess are semi-human because of the death feedback thing happening??? Plus there is a new blowdog monster thing coming up so uh ... we'll see how that goes? I'm hoping watching another episode or two will help me a bit with the story lol XD
Oct 30, 2017 11:26 PM

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Looks like we're heading to Trauma City. I feel bad for the kids, but maybe learning the truth will be worth it. And now I see why Psycho-Pass is the top recommendation to Shinsekai Yori.

Maybe the queerats' attack saved their lives, since they would have been probably "removed" if they had been able to return to the village. The bigwigs wouldn't want the redpilled kids to be spreading the truth.
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Jan 29, 2018 4:38 PM

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This was waaay to much infomation at once. And weren't the pwers of that one girl sealed already in epsiode one?
Feb 10, 2018 6:40 AM

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A lot of information in this episode. It's rare, is just deep not boring. 4/5
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Mar 13, 2018 3:48 AM

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Well, that was informative, those rats look ugly.
Mar 29, 2018 8:44 PM

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well, now this is starting to get good.
May 9, 2018 9:35 AM

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Ooooh, it's pretty interesting to hear a series mentioning Azerbaijani. That's pretty cool.

Damn Rijin's a badass!

Oh shiiiiit, things are getting intense now! This is great! I'm glad I stuck around til now.

Dec 17, 2018 1:18 PM

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That info dump was intense lol. I normally don't like heavy analytical animes which is why I dropped Bakemonogatari, but it's not too bad in this one. Quite interesting.

I'm mad at that monk for taking away the kiddos' Cantus powers >:3

Seems like he's suffering bc he killed other "humans" aka the queerats ;O but who turned them into that form????
Jan 23, 12:30 PM

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The infodump at the beginning was interesting, but the best part was definitely the last scene where the priest kills all the queerats. The animation and music was amazing and that black spirit thing showing up was done amazingly. Gave me goosebumps.

Feb 24, 3:11 AM
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Samu-tan said:
The infodump at the beginning was interesting, but the best part was definitely the last scene where the priest kills all the queerats. The animation and music was amazing and that black spirit thing showing up was done amazingly. Gave me goosebumps.


It makes me think though, if these monks have this ability to seal away someones power in a doll, why not just do that (To all newborns or everyone in highschool) instead of going though genetic modification to humans?
Mar 31, 6:54 AM

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Shit is about to go down, I totally forgot about this part.
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Jul 12, 7:13 PM

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-Why are they being so mean to the demon?
-It seems so odd that the idea of a human killing another human seems impossible to these guys.
-Mamoru's acting like an acoustic.
-I like the idea that the end of the World reverted everyone to tribes and whatnot. Reminds me of Fallout.
>Death of Shame
That explains the "killing other humans" thing.
-Them being caught by that guy in a shrine place reminds me of Spirited Away. This show actually gives off a lot of Spirited Away vibes sometimes.
-Mamoru's such a baby.
-That spell or whatever that the adult used near the end was really cool.
-I like how loud the bugs swarming the bodies are. It really makes you feel like you're near a pile of corpses.
-Satoru saying "I thought Balloon Dogs were made up!" was pretty funny.
For some reason, this episode felt especially long, but not boring at all. It's interesting so far, that's for sure.

Aug 14, 12:17 AM

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Finally a little meat to go with our potatoes. I’m finally hooked. I’m really hoping that little creep Satoru dies soon, ideally painfully.
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