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Poll: Dwaejiui Wang Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 7, 2012 5:28 PM
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Oct 8, 2012 5:36 PM

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It was entertaining from beginning to end. Shocking end. I don't think is extremely violent though. I like that is about real issues and explores topics like evil, human nature and the rawness of our world.
Oct 9, 2012 6:24 AM

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korean anime, NICE!
I really loved the art style of this anime!!!!... cool story as well ^^
Apr 26, 2013 2:56 AM

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Is not a movie easy to digest, I think is good that this crude matter within the different persons, to be show to the world like in anime, i'm used to Korean language and it was a very good voice acting, this movie have a sense of reality undoubtedly rude and meaningful.
Dec 23, 2013 7:17 PM

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Pretty distressing and raw but watchable.

The ending was kind of inevitable but the plot was interesting for what it was, and kept you wanting to find out more the whole time. Had to rewind to the start again to see exactly what happened to his wife though.

Not a film I can say I "loved", or would even want to watch again*, but it was good.

*Tekkonkinkreet is vaguely similar but its fantasy is far easier to digest.
Dec 9, 2014 8:21 AM

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It was a nice movie, very depressiv. Yeon Sang-ho seems to like those kind of stories. The cgi, like in his other work "saibi" bothered me quite a bit, and i didnt feel that much entertained during the movie. It was just the same old.. weak people getting bullied in school thing. How they live as adults would have interested me way more. Ending was nice, and i liked especially that the rather crazy kid (i guess chil was his name) was afraid of making suicide close the end.. it made him feel more realistic and human.
Feb 12, 2015 4:23 PM

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The MC as a child has the face of a 40 year old man. Dafuq.
Mar 14, 2015 7:39 AM
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I didn't like the animation at all every kid looked like an old man.. only CHUL looked like a normal kid and he is my favorite :3

about the story-I

ts a good story... the thing we can learn from this is being brave to face the world is hard but if you have faithful great friends your mind , soul and body becomes strong :3 chul is a brave kid he was just loss but when he came to his senses because of his mom it was already too late because now his friends were loss in the world :3
Jul 15, 2015 1:41 AM

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Yeah, animation didn't bother me much. I think it added to the atmosphere. Plus, do you really want adorable kids to be killing each other?

I really liked Chul's character, except when he killed the cat. My heart goes out to him when he realized what was really important in life - not fighting back evil, but to value the things close to him. I was really shocked when it was Jong-suk that was the one to push him because I was expecting one of the bullies. Yet it makes sense because he was the one that wanted Chul to forever remain "The King of Pigs", and not some grunt like the new kid. Strangely, Chul might be the most human of the trio, though Jong-suk seems to have found his more human side after Kyung-min suicide.

I like how Kyung-min's family also tied in with Chul and they were related in ways aside from just friendship.

Overall, it was a grim kind of allegory about society and human nature. I was disgusted when they killed the cat since I have a love of cats, but I was also moved by Chul's realization and shocked at how he died. It feels terribly ironic that he died, and I feel bad that he never got to follow through with that plan of his with his mother. She even mentioned how she wouldn't know how to deal with Chul's death if he died. She just might have killed herself as well. :/
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Nov 18, 2015 2:56 AM
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It was a very tragic tale about those three who tried to stand against the hierarchy. One character that summarized the themes of the movie was Jong-Suk Jung's elder sister. Her demanding of trendy jeans and then her stealing of walkman portray the theme - getting equal to the higher echelon of the society .In their attempt , the trio they end up in downward spiral with unpleasant memory of one's lifetime which is normally taken as cheerful and memorable- school.
Which brings us to the other aspect of school life - bullying.It is a serious issue due to circumstances remain unearthed until something extreme happens .
Creator shows us the face of society through the allegory of "pig", one who will get exploited while trying not to rebel against the privileged "dogs" in an attempt to get "fat" , only to be exploited by the said dogs.

Apart from that cat scene , everything remained fairly grounded.

While animation was jarring at time, I think it somehow ended up as appetizer to the meat of the story.
Very good movie overall , worth a watch.
Mar 3, 2016 7:47 AM

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Overall it was an interesting story about social hierarchy and middle school bullying. The ending, on the other hand, was too pessimistic for my taste but I can see why the creator wanted to conclude the story like that

I like how it managed to be non sugarcoating and raw at times without drifting into the "2edgy4me" territory (except for the cat killing scene, WFT was up with that shit)

Also extra points for good Korean voice acting, interesting art style and CGI that wasn't complete shit for once (and much better than I've seen in any Japanese all CGI anime)

Nico- said:
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Salman bin Abdul Aziz said:
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Feb 13, 2017 7:48 AM

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Totally Masterpiece.
Feb 5, 8:41 PM

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I think Chul created them to be these twisted monsters, he reaped what he sow in the end. Their twisted nature ended up passing through to adulthood, Kyu-min killed his wife and Jong-suk is abusive to his spouse and also killed Chul.

This movie's purpose was to depict the twisted psychological mindset of a person, how it can pass from a young age to adulthood and how it can affect. Chul placed an image of a some kind of hero to them and, that cat stabbing incident fuelled their outlook on life and became the epiphanies of true evil that he desired for them. Its a cruel movie that wanted to showcase the cruelty of the world. If you are faint hearted then you probably rated it small.

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May 16, 12:57 PM

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4/5 liked that movie
I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

It's just a bunch of different circlejerks who all hate each other and their own kind.
May 16, 12:58 PM

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The animation was a bit off, and whoever did the subtitles has the most broken engrish there is lmao
I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

It's just a bunch of different circlejerks who all hate each other and their own kind.
May 16, 12:59 PM

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I feel like I needed to know about what happened to the bullies and to Shul's mother. Oh well, with that being said, 7/10
I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

It's just a bunch of different circlejerks who all hate each other and their own kind.
Nov 12, 1:52 PM

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Intense, Atmospheric, and Engaging. That's truly what Psychological Thrillers all about. I can relate to this a lot too. I'm glad Korean stuff made into MAL, those who reject this decision are fanatic weebs who are always running from the truth and should be ignored whenever they want to do some appointment in the society.