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Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Episode 12 Discussion! Last episode! If you can give your last thoughts here.

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Sep 27, 2012 5:37 PM

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Well this episode wrapped up things rather well with the spoiler
and the following part,

The dream indeed came true and the kiss proves it all. Easily however it was more of a childish dream. Kannagi certainly wanted a taste of his lips and she got her wish. Whether it would go towards sex is most likely not the choice since of the revealings of this episode with the money.

Kannagi might be infatuated with Shougo but Konoe is the logical choice to conclude for the sake of both companies or Rinka. I still prefer Mei because Shougo’s company can market her cafe along with their products since lots of teens go there and the company deals with them in terms of cells. In thee end no one wins and they still chase him like wild chickens in heat.

So apart from that my thoughts follow on the content and flow of the episode itself along with my final thoughts of this series.

About the beginning, I really liked the start for how it showed Kannagi in the spoiler
young and MOE along with a glimpse of her mother whom does look like Shougo in terms of hair colour itself. Quite the lovely site.

About cafe, 2 things strike a lot in there. First of all Kannagi younger version in the spoiler
was HNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHH that it’s insane intense. Lovely Kannagi was when younger and even more a MOE danger to one’s heart.

The second thing is seeing Kannagi eat that big dessert in the spoiler
along with a coming of Kurumi that added a nice appearance.

About the kiss problem, seems that Yuzurina saw it in the spoiler
SHIT! DAMN IT! Was going through my mind as she can use this against him provided she establishes the official link of Shougo and Kannagi if there is one. Yuzurina continued to provide great facials expressions in the spoiler
of rather high regret value there. Specifically being a chicken shit and running away from Shougo’s mother.

As Mr. X makes her appearance and scolds so bad Yuzurina in the spoiler
I cannot get enough of a satisfying smile such as:
Let’s just say. Yuzurina there with her faces and revealings just got me in the mood of yelling out WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE YUZURINA! WE KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW? HUH? HUH? Yeah that’s right, it was a great feeling of satisfaction right there considering Yuzurina’s little bitchy faces from here, yeah pretty much.

About the truth, well the start of this had to include Mei in the spoiler
whom was nice to see her face along with some Rinka. I notice Mei blushes more at one point even. The whole situation is quite simple Kannagi stumbles in the spoiler
of the whole money talk. Sadly not the best when you are a kid as you can misunderstand the whole situation easily as selling you since you are not needed anymore. Stuff like that.

However the problem stems much more with Yuzurina in the spoiler
she essentially talks out as if to brain screw Kannagi. Not the best of things and she really is bitchy to do that. Which is why I liker her in a way. Sadly her little methods of that are long non effective against my superior knowledge of psychology so I would see her ways. But Kannagi is too gullible IMO. Hence she got into the whole thing.

What I really liked much more are Kannagi’s facials in the spoiler
for they were really great and nicely done IMO. MOE and sentimental at face value. The tone and effect it has on you are quite soft feeling to say the least. Hard to explain but if a nice comparing to do there is….that would be in the spoiler
of whom Kannagi’s face from the LN is there.
Notice how close some of them were to that one. There you have your answer that it was the closest to quality in the LN. Now sadly the series perhaps does not live up to the MOE elements of some LN parts the way they are drawn. But make no mistake, the animation far outboasted the ecchi and parts of the LN far more than its regression of some LN illustrations.

About thee end, well Konoe must be damn desperate in the spoiler
to boob out her breasts like that. However I still like her in the following,

For he face is priceless there. Desperate yet MOE full of life. I liked Maiko a lot in the spoiler
and it’s too bad no fan service of the best loli like teacher was not around FEAR NOT! OVA shall do that or may just focus on Mana herself. I am hoping for both and maybe a huge bath show of the rest of the girl’s bodies less that is for S2 eventually. Well everyone cheering around and chasing Shougo like wild-gooses in heat in the spoiler
made for nice comedy and Kannagi defends Shougo again.

A general thinking of the series, itself does not provide anything of moral or social value other than hurry up to be someone and get nice young girls to make large families with even though it may lead to polygamy. Japan should adopt that practice IMO. What the series does provide and excels in is Fan Service and MOE. But to me a veteran of this culture it’s more the fresh art style and some of the whoring done on the girls to make it appealing whatever it may be as a fetish or infatuation itself through some GIFs.

This series really did that well and like the spoiler
shows its marketing is quite PRO in providing exactly that which will make buyers come back for another Volume to get. As my BLOG shows the cover of Vol 2 itself it still stays strong in what it markets. Just need to get the info on what comes with that Vol again. Other than that it’s pretty cliche. My score hence follows in what it was good at. It stands as 9/10 perhaps a strong score for some of my reactions but when it comes down to fan service and art, it’s really worth that number TBH.

BTW Commercials in the spoiler
suggest the community if they liked this to come aboard the new series advertised:
It’s certain to be better than this and pleasing to anyone who liked this series. I myself having done GIFs of it can attest of its charms.
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