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Poll: Kokoro Connect Episode 12 Discussion

Oct 8, 2017 5:56 AM

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clannad4ever said:
well this was something else. Amazing episode. I like how Yui finally accepted everything that was going on in her life, including Aoki and her rape episode...

5/5, amazing stuff

it wasn't actually rape, it was attempted rape she got away barely before getting rapped!!!!

EliseZoghbi34 said:
Aoki is so damn weird like seriously you travel all this distance to just say 2 phrases to Nana this is so dumb

that's what is called closure :)

& next EP is not last EP there are 4ova's that end the story

Apr 12, 2018 10:49 AM

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Good episode, now Taichi is in a big problem.
Aug 23, 2018 2:52 PM

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Melodrama was over the top and felt forced (feels like her emotions are running in circles all the time and so the other who tries to fix her) but it wasn't bad episode either. Yui still has to find her resolution with her karate friend and Iori with her mother (guess the next time). But it's just strange that Taichi himself doesn't have any problem at all, what about his sister?

I'm not so such about Iori x Inaba quarrel over Taichi at famirest - if I were him I wouldn't wanted either at the moment. And it feels like they are only talking about loving him all the time yet won't try any action towards their goal or something.

Baby Iori was cute though, the moment was pretty nice. Let's hope for some good developement the next time, now that Taichi spoke out the secret.
Dec 23, 2018 8:55 AM

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This episode was... strange. There were some resoundingly poignant moments -- Aoki questioning what happened to his feelings and when they disappeared resounded with me -- but there were a lot of scenes that just made no damn sense. Aoki travels all the way to see Nana, tells her to fuck off in kinder words, and she finds nothing weird about that. And that entire scene with Aoki confirming his love to Yui, how'd she go from hating herself to loving herself? In, like, 2 seconds?

There were a few other, smaller things, too, but it was all just very peculiar and didn't make a lot of sense. This arc kind of capitalized on its potential with this episode but did so in a strange, unrealistic way that disappoints me. :/

Nonetheless, they were moving. Aoki's conversation (I use this word loosely) with Nana left filled me with a sense of internal sadness I can't quite understand. It feels somewhat bitter to look on such an important part of your past and say goodbye, I guess. Likewise, I thought his resolution with Yuki terrifically sweet, even if unrealistic. It's all simultaneously moving yet unbelievable.

I think the pacing is the problem here. There's a number of powerful, dramatic, and heartwarming moments, but it's happening too fast and we're suddenly thrown teen angst after teen angst without much bridge. The early episodes were strikingly realistic in how they juggled the drama and the downtime. Everything, understandably, climaxed, but it didn't settle back down afterward.
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Mar 6, 7:07 PM

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The scene where Aoki goes to visit his childhood love was so strange and inconsequential it shouldn't have even been animated.

This show has a huge problem with characters reacting to events in ways that makes it obvious that the reactions themselves are important, and not the events that lead up to them. Half of the time it feels like we're not even getting half the picture, which is dumb because these characters sure love divulging their feelings at the weirdest times. This is probably why the scenes with Nana and Yui (back to back, no less) were so unimpressive.

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