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Sep 21, 2012 3:28 PM

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Hello, I need to suggest a managa for a friend of mine...

Now, he loves Medaka Box, Soul Eater & Deadman Wonderland.

He also likes a few LN, but not those like SAO and such (he likes those 2, but less..) VN that he likes a lot would be.. umineko or index.. for example.

I want to give him something creative and unique! like in medaka box, something that isn't everywhere, something he had never seen before that will surprise him, he is very smart and stuff like the usual shounen (narutoone piece and so on) the usual seinen (vagabond berserk and so on) wont do! this is not his style.

In the recommedation for the manga's i named ^^ there was nothing that suits the description of his liking.

and btw, I thought about giving him xxxHolic - u think this will match?
also I thought about Onani Master Kurosawa...

anyways - thank you in advance, and I'd rather not give his list but he didnt read a lot anyways~ so it doesnt matter.
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