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Poll: Rose of Versailles Episode 15 Discussion

Oct 19, 2008 2:15 PM

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"Countess of Casino"

Oscar is released from confinement and put back on duty. Orleans and Guemenee place pressure on Antoinette for her lack of an heir, using her rising insecurity and tarnishing reputation to their advantage. Polignac scares Antoinette into lying that she is pregnant. She feels horribly guilty, but Polignac persuades her from turning back. Polignac and her friends begin gambling illegally with Antoinette under the guise of cheering her up; in reality, the games are fixed so they could cover their own gambling losses. Antoinette from then on becomes addicted to gambling. Oscar confronts Polignac, but is unable to report her because the Queen's reputation would be further tarnished if the public knew of her activities. Antoinette becomes 500,000 livres (55 million U.S. dollars) in debt, but Polignac's crocodile tears help her avoid punishment. In a desperate attempt to stop the Queen's squandering, Oscar requests on her life that Antoinette quit gambling. She does, but Polignac sends out an announcement that the Queen had a miscarriage because Oscar drew a sword in front of her.
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-Duke Orleans is full of sh*t
-feeling sorry for Antoinette, she's under a lot of pressure & doesn't have good judgement
-nevermind what I said last ep, Polignac is evil >:-(
-nevermind, when Antoinette started gambling I stopped feeling sorry for her
-Polignac you evil b---~! D=<
Jan 20, 2009 10:07 AM

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yep yep... polignac is a B&*^&... oh, well... too bad the queen of france is so naive, eh?

I still don't see Rosalie fencing... I wanna see Rosalie fencing!
Feb 18, 2009 10:51 PM

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Antoinette is so stupid, and so easy to be controled, seriously I just wish Oscar would take her sword and kill about half the stupid court, the other half we don't know so I will be careful.

Besides Oscar the real loser is the king too, he won't know it was a lie and will go into grieving.
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Apr 21, 2009 6:00 PM

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Oh Marie, you are so naive. Also, has she and the king even consummated their marriage? They hardly seem to interact at all!
May 26, 2009 1:43 AM

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Antoinette is fucking retarded
Mar 3, 2011 4:19 AM

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Wow... when did Polignac turn into such a bitch? She was no saint to begin with but this episode took it a bit too far...
Sep 4, 2011 7:18 PM
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What an evil bitch she is. I hope one day Oscar gives her a good slap across the face, or worse.
And Antoinette is just making it too easy, how stupid can she be?
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Dec 6, 2011 1:04 AM

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This episode just illustrates that naivete isn't always a good thing...especially when you are the queen of a country.

And, yeah, it's obvious they have consummated their marriage. Otherwise, the king would have acted quite a bit differently, I'd imagine.
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Oct 2, 2012 6:14 AM

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atrophaneurae said:
Also, has she and the king even consummated their marriage? They hardly seem to interact at all!

This was my first thought!

insan3soldiern said:
And, yeah, it's obvious they have consummated their marriage. Otherwise, the king would have acted quite a bit differently, I'd imagine.

Maybe they are both so naïve that they don't yet know where babies come from... ._.

(Heh, I'm kidding, but a part of me wouldn't be surprise if Antoinette didn't know!) Maybe I'm just cold-hearted, but I didn't really feel sorry for Antoinette. As a lady of the court and the wife of the king, shouldn't she know that a little caution is necessary to survive and not be manipulated (as she is now, by Polignac)? Mehhh.
Oct 8, 2012 2:32 PM
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Wow, Polignac is impressively bad.
Feb 13, 2013 2:10 AM

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Why are there so many bitches in this series? First du Barry, then Jeanne, and now Polignac. Please don't let Rosalie turn into one too. T^T

Marie is just so dumb and naive she don't know she is being wrapped around Polignac's finger.
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May 16, 2013 9:30 AM

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antoinette needs a serious reality check
May 22, 2013 6:39 AM

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Someone needs to give Antoinette a swift kick in the butt.

Poor Oscar, first day back on the job, and she's thrown into this mess by that witch, Polignac.
Oct 16, 2013 12:07 AM

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And yet another time where Marie is fooled and now Oscar is paying the price. Bring on the revolution already.
Nov 3, 2013 4:14 AM

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Where the fuck is Kircheis when you need him? Oh sorry wrong show.

But seriously, the more i see Antoinette, the more i get irritated.
Jan 2, 2014 7:29 AM

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Antoinette stupidity is getting on my nerves now. She must have the IQ of a carrot. Oscar please get away from the carrot while you still can.
Apr 1, 2014 2:41 PM

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Polignac is such a bitch and Antoinette is so naive, it's so frustrating ugh. Oscar doesn't deserve this

Apr 4, 2014 2:40 PM

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I don't understand why she doesn't just get pregnant for real... Does she not want to? Has she tried but it didn't work? They must have done it recently since the king wasn't shocked about the baby...

Sep 29, 2014 10:53 PM

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WolfWood37 said:
And yet another time where Marie is fooled and now Oscar is paying the price. Bring on the revolution already.

Argh. Almost 40% through the show and still no revolution. D;

RedgraveGilver said:
Where the fuck is Kircheis when you need him?

Hell, get a Reinhard too please!
Oct 2, 2014 4:11 PM

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So dam naive, just keeps screwing over the people and now Oscar.

Polignac is even more dangerous than Countess Du Barry since she's smart enough to use Marie instead of trying to kill her or defame her. Should've planned ahead though I suppose one couldn't expect the king to suddenly die of smallpox.
Mar 9, 2015 6:08 PM

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lol....wait a minute......if the king believes her pregnancy, he either doesn't know how it works or he really did have sex with her and she's infertile

okay i'm so fed up with how gullible and naive Marie is. I know it's not her fault but it's pissing me off so much. so much bullshit for Oscar coming up
Jan 7, 2016 6:35 AM

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Damn it....poor Oscar! The only character that I liked getting treated like absolute shite. Marie needs alot of ass smacking, too goddamn naive.
Feb 13, 2016 4:34 AM

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That was too stupid antoniete..
Tragic death is the only proper death for such stupidity.

Up until this episode i still cant take oscar as a woman. Her face seems manly.
Need to see Oscar wearing woman dress to erase that image.

May 4, 2016 2:42 PM

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It's becoming frustrating to watch how foolish the queen is. I was hoping Oscar would set her straight but surprise~ he doesn't even tell her what's wrong with the country. Another thing I hate is when Oscar's childhood friend talk, this dude have no worries what so ever.
Jun 10, 2016 10:44 PM

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Antoinette is one fuckin idiot and her supposed misfortunes aren't even an excuse anymore given that she has been in Versailles for more than 5 years.
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Jul 17, 2016 6:18 PM

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Everyone is so evil. Jesus christ, Antoinette is a literal idiot. It's no wonder the French revolution happened.
I just want Oscar to be happy.
Jul 6, 2017 9:51 PM

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....women are scary. So far none of the men in this anime has been as efficient and as threatening as duBarry, Jeanne, and now Polignac. Antoinette being both this naive and this weak, she's doomed to have tragic fate. She couldn't handle the pressure of not bearing a heir yet, so she lied that she's pregnant. She couldn't handle the pressure of lying, so she gambled with tax money. Once she couldn't gamble anymore and the lie started to consume her again, she shoved someone else under the bus. Everything is Polignac's machination, but had her been strong enough to bear the brunt herself once, things wouldn't escalate this way.
Jul 8, 2017 3:56 AM

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Did the King and Antoinette even have sex for her to get pregnant? They barely interact LOL

Why would the normal people celebrate her pregnancy when they talk bad about her?

Why does everyone believe Polignac that much?

Why does no one stop Marie to keep gambling after "just one time"?

Why would even Marie have to pay for losing if Oscar knows that they are probably cheating? Why does Oscar do nothing useful in general, yet always complains about the situation?

Why do they believe that Marie lost her baby due to Oscar? Why do they believe Polignac again?

Why is Polignac so retardely evil? And while I can understand Marie being a bit dumb, how can she be this retarded? Can't she see at this point how evil Polignac is?

I have no words...
Nov 28, 2017 10:38 PM
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This show is getting stupid-er by the second.
Dec 11, 2017 3:36 PM

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Facepalm level over 9000 over Antoinettes stupidity.

And Polignac is making me rage so hard :@ About time that someone is going to teach her a lesson.
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Jan 9, 2:46 PM

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I feel sorry for Oscar. I hope she gets out of this mess. She's really the purest noble that can be; she doesn't deserve all the shit she's been blamed for.