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Poll: Nazo no Kanojo X OVA Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 23, 2016 6:56 AM

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No progression and character development. Just drools.
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Feb 22, 2018 10:03 PM

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Not bad...not especially thrilling though.

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Feb 24, 2018 6:54 PM

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uh... nth special.

Feb 26, 2018 4:46 PM

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Season 2 pls Watanabe-san
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Mar 5, 2018 1:53 PM

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I found it hilarious that Ueno thinks he's so ahead of Tsubaki in his relationship with Oka.

He got excited because of a hug, while Tsubaki did not only hug Urabe (well, it took some time) but he also touched her boobs and saw her naked :D

May 10, 2018 4:04 AM

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My first thought: Wow, they have telephones? How come we have never seen one of them before in the show?

I lolled when Oka said: "Boys sure are dense, aren't they?" Tsubaki is so dense it's a wonder he doesn't collapse into a singularity.

Urabe blushing when Oka suggests some one-on-one time for her and Tsubaki. So cute!

I enjoy the fact that Tsubaki actually accomplished something this episode and was able to rescue Urabe. That is the most heroic thing we have ever seen him do. :)

We saw both couples growing closer to each other. Ueno got the hug that he longed for, and Tsubaki carrying Urabe is definitely the biggest instance of body contact they have had to date. I absolutely loved how happy Urabe and Tsubaki looked at the end! :D

This was a beautiful episode. I wasn't expecting much because the reviews were mediocre, but I loved every moment of it. I am glad it was not full of nudity. (I love nudity as much as the next fellow, but I think this show works perfectly well without it.) I especially value the extended dénouement. I thought it was going to end when Tsubaki carried Urabe, but we got a sweet scene with Togawa and Matsubue, a sweet scene with Oka and Ueno and another sweet scene with Urabe and Tsubaki to round everything off. I am happy. :D

One more thing: I watched the DVD version of the TV series, but for the OVA I watched the SubDESU fansub. For the opening and ending song, I vastly prefer SubDESU's translation of the lyrics. The DVD translation is pretty tame and boring and never did much for me. The SubDESU translation is somehow much sweeter, more emotional. I felt so much more of a connection with the narrator of the songs in this version. (I assume that the songs are supposed to be narrated by Urabe, since it is her voice actress singing them.) I nearly had tears in my eyes at the end of the opening song.

I love this anime with all my heart. I rate the OVA 9/10.

nantuko said:
However, Urabe's defense was down here quite much. Unusual.

I agree. Urabe even smiles at Oka at 6:30! Isn't that the first time we have seen her smile at someone other than Tsubaki? I see it as a sign that her experience with Tsubaki and Oka has made her grow into a much warmer, more open person in general. :D

zensunni said:
This story is very cute. I especially like the way they made Ueno complicit in setting up the "double date" without actually knowing that he was setting up his friend with his own girlfriend! LOL!

Yes! I love how Ueno thinks he is being the clever matchmaker, hooking Tsubaki up with Urabe. :D
I'm sad that Tsubaki didn't get the chance to call Urabe, though. It was cute when Tsubaki was standing there all nervous by the phone.

zensunni said:
To the teenage boy, what is more mysterious than that girl in the tight sweater [...] on the other side of the room that you just can't get off your mind? Nothing! That is the true genius of this story. Sure, it has all sorts of pseudo-psychic/supernatural aspects with the transfer of emotional and physical states and dreams through exchanging drool (or sweat), but the real mystery is the opposite sex in the first place! So mysterious... So alluring... So desirable... So untouchable...


That age group holds a great wealth of narrative possibilities. I think that is part of the reason that so many romance stories are set at that age. In that same author's note section, he talked about how he thinks that modern youth are too quick to enter into physically intimate relationships and this story is about the wonders of the pre-sexual relationship and the joys and sorrows the emotional roller-coaster (my word, not his) that such relationships put you on provide. From that point of view, once the relationship reaches a point of physical intimacy, the mystery is gone and the story over! It is a story about the journey, not the destination!

This was a great post. Thanks for the perspective!
Mar 29, 1:13 PM

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Mediocre. Should have kissed.
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