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Aug 20, 2012 6:22 PM

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First before I present the whole confusion in a understandable manner to the many simple minded fellows who plain hate such confusion as this episode marks out. The following notes:
First time: 12:30pm/2 pm at plaza/3 pm forest
Second time: 1 pm plaza/1:30 pm road
Third Time: 2 pm plaza/2:30 pm Forest
Fourth Time: 1:40 pm Road/2 pm Plaza/2:30 pm Forest/
Fifth Time: 2:30 pm/3 pm forest/
Sixth Time: 1:40 pm road/2 pm plaza

Of all the 6 times those damn fairies again due to self egoistical perceptions of perfecting the taste of the banana as if the last time it was not enough. The only excuse this time around was a bug was in the banana? Time bug? A mistake but that is not admitted by the Fairies? Perhaps it was just a excuse for them to pry upon Watashi’s most inner desires? Indeed I think it’s both to reveal the assistant himself and of his hometown along with his past.

Now continuing on the notions of the shot in the following notes:
Country isolated 100 years from world
Doc Holiday
Ringo Kid

We can have a scope of what the kid’s names himself as and why at first it was Doc Holiday and then the apple kid. Moreover the terms the grandfather uses are interesting themselves.

So let’s start to unconfuse people. Bear in mind that those are IMO and that my knowledge perhaps may not be the delicious spoon soup of taste but in general my IMOs are quite good when I decide to pull out my brains instead of laying it to waste on some anime shows.

About the grandfather’s Greek?Roman mythological references, there are a few notions to take heed before that happens. First of all the spoiler
shows him rather having a interesting first type revolver referring strongly and immediately to the Wild West itself. Those guns were used a lot during that time.

The second immediate detail is the following spoiler
that clearly indicates some sort of mutation of the tree or a bug is on it? Certainly it might show a rather sporadic vegetative event of that human’s decline was so terrible it caused massive vegetation mutation with the waste they left on the planet.

Now going back to the mythological reference the first one being of Hercules in the spoiler
was rather interesting when you check his information:
From the looks of the grandfather he was saying it most likely because he wants a assistant in looks to protect his daughter while most likely thinking he would give her good kids that would be strong to support the future of humankind. The second reference in the spoiler
is Ares:
Now that is said mostly due to the grandfather wanting someone who can give out good protection with knowledge of war itself. In other words ti was just inferred as type of protective means but in a more refined manner than all brutal liker Hercules was. So that’s more or less cleared and the grandfather was also smiling in the spoiler
when he was talking about this so it looks rather suspicious as to what that smile was for exactly other than a passion for Roman/Greek mythologies.

About the Doctor, she can be considered as the teacher that Ringo Kid had sex with. That are 2 signs of this. The first one in the spoiler
would be the arrow that points at first towards the teacher’s privates area eventually it leads to 2 arrows that point out both her privates and womb area. Essentially leading on. The red shoes remind me of the "Devil Wears Prada" and it can insinuate a teacher that tempts like the devil little kids sexually. Could be a inuendo with her beauty point and charms. Then there are her breasts being quite big from the side.

The second sign is in the spoiler
that of kids running around randomly. Notice one of them has light hair that can be a easy combo of the teacher’s hair with his light tone. That being said it’s obvious those 2 kids might be a easy assumption they are hers and that the grandmother might be just someone who takes care of them or watches them. Moreover procreation gives out:
Which really is having sex to make kids and family.
So it’s obvious that to think that woman might be the one he had sex with logical. Moreover if one thinks about it from the following spoiler
one should think that the teacher’s body and faces are quite sexually attractive so it would not be surprised she got banged easily. The beauty point never lies sometimes.

About Watashi’s little adventure, well Watashi in the spoiler
was shown quite nicely and one should remark the difference camera angles used to show her around. Essentially showing all over her nice face and hair along with the eyes and body. One of the things I liked about her is her thinking of Ringo Kid in the spoiler
the art there and depiction were truly amazing.

About the abuse of the clones, it comes back in the spoiler
for a first show. Goes back to abusing Watashi’s beauty by cloning her.

The second time of that cloning in the spoiler
yields a rather annoying concept of having as an explanation of this is in fact it’s due to the banana and another model is being tried out. I am WTF IS UP? Why would you perfect a banana that was perfected and had no flaws from last episode again? WTF? Makes no sense except ONE THING! That of the fairies being selfish in their goals towards Watashi. Yes indeed it’s not about anymore the banana but the means of using it as a tool of time changes and paradox creating that of the dogs themselves.

The third time, happens to be the vital one in finally explaining that the clones were more a recollection each of Watashi’s feelings partitioned like a hard rive into bits each one responding accordingly. Think of it that way and of course it could have been a back plan of the fairies to find out how to make sweets. From the spoiler
it takes not long to notice there are loads of them but that goes back being proportional that 5 time skips have been done and a accumulation is back. Each time skip creating more clones from its matter. Despite all those clones it’s to remark of the of the following,

Of Watashi’s blush and more precisely her face in the spoiler
whom admits that she does in fact love her assistant enough to make him into a partner that does indeed force upon himself sexually (although not mentioned) upon her. Essentially admitting she wants a family and love. So I am quite surprised of the spoiler
that in thee end this was all a hoax by the fairies to see Watashi’s inner self through many copies of her and through trying to get the secret of sweets which never will come anyway to the Fairies.

About the assistant, another confusing part. It has multi elements that each should be addressed separately which I will do now. The first thing to remark is the time shift was much more into the past than any other before. That being said the first thing of the town in the spoiler
it quite easily 2 kids playing around, which can immediately be associated to a foreshadow of love in the young innocent days. Quite easily.

2 things can be deducted from this particular segment. First of all the dog petting in the spoiler
can be though of as the teacher herself this is due to the eyes but more than anything it can be though of that apart from the dog being only a paradox byproduct. Moreover the way the assistant’s face looks tells me of him being a brat. A little Rascal then there is the water fountain in the spoiler
being second and can mean life sprouting out. As water always is a means for life.

A final interesting thing of him would be that he is rather agile and full of energy in the spoiler
and that shows rather well with his monkeying around the sign, which I though would fall off.

About Time Paradox and Watashi’s love wishes. Now that is quite apparent to take one step at a time. The first thing to notice is the Ringo Kid’s playful spinning around in the spoiler
of Watashi which is to show him checking out her body’s appeals and form. In response to that it’s obvious that if Watashi is doing her hair in the spoiler
that it means she recognizes Ringo Kid’s romantic advancements. While Ringo Kid might have captioned that romance for it seem that he goes further in the spoiler
going towards sexual innuendos such as breasts and showing them out more to Watashi which prompted her to react embarrassed despite this is what she wants and her reaction should be a clear sign of it.

So what follows next is THE KEY point! Quite simply the taking of the apple in the spoiler
is always associated religiously a lot to SINS. Indeed it may look like Ringo Kid is giving her food but the fruit itself can have a meaning. With that meaning being SINFUL another Time Paradox opens in the spoiler
with that dog or it can be seen as that teacher being jealous of his other lover being Watashi or of a MASS change to occur. That change would be the breast fondling in the spoiler
something Watashi does not realize that she wants sexually deep down since she might be so repressed with society as it is however this clearly shows she wants it. Moreover that kiss in the following,

Was quite nice IMO. It showed a nice side that Watashi wants a assistant being bold as she mentions it during the last time she is with the clones goes back to the Third Time and what was mentioned. It goes back to it being sinful in terms of engaging publicly into sexual innuendos. The author most likely refers to Whore Houses and that the decline of humanity is due to people not marrying and having stable families but the males going from one partner to another as below it implies. The author may go as far as even outlining that kisses should be done within one's privacy.

The last part might show another side as to why Watashi might not want love or plain simply the decline of Humanity itself. At first the gift giving in the spoiler
despite being forced upon her by the assistant shows a rather nice part of her that she wants to give a gift to male. This is shown with her expressions she still had lingering from the kiss. However the opposite can be tough of when Ringo Kid goes with another female in the spoiler
which shows males in the long run stopped caring of a family and wanted sex only.
Essentially leaving their kids behind and finding more partners which eventually might have lead the females in not wanting any more kids. It’s a way of seeing it.

Consider also that assistant was ALL A FIGMENT OF WATASHI’S MIND! Indeed it damn right is! It’s not the real one! It’s a ideal one and does what Watashi’s own mind thinks about males and wants in love from them. The dog’s eyes in the spoiler
also leads me back to the teacher and that again could be a figment of Watashi’s mind thinking about that of her assistant.

About the final meeting with the assistant, there are 2 things to take into account from this segment. The first one is the real assistant’s form but also the Sakura petals in the spoiler
it’s to show the assistant may have been looking for love all along and reproducing being normal to him and primordial considering there was no one of his kind that remained in the village after he found out. It’s natural he could go to such length at 13 to have sex with a over 18 person. Desperation basically.

The last one is the handshake in the spoiler
but more than anything why is he keeping a dog? IMO that is the same dog who has all the paradox of him being the ideal lover of Watashi and of the breast grab and all. It was not about FAN SERVICE! F NO! It was really to show Watashi’s inner sexual desires of having her body parts be felt for love. I don’t see any other way TBH.

So in conclusion I hope this explains and gives some views to people of what to think of this episode exactly along with my notes.

BTW GIFs have been done in the Club:
Basically Watashi’s kissing.

Image Stitches and Pic Dump done in the BLOG:
Some of Watashi and some of scenery.
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