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Poll: Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko Episode 1 Discussion

Apr 20, 2015 12:32 AM

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I only had access to the dub, which was horrifying, but between that and the super off-model character designs, I found myself rolling my eyes at this way too often. It seemed more interested in cramming everyone's catchphrases and special attacks that it forgot to have real, natural, interesting character interaction. It was just embarrassing.

The plot, for what there was of it, was fine for what it was - universal shonen movie plot #263, or whatever. It's fine, if you went into this expecting anything else, you forgot how nakama power works. But the execution is so bad that I just couldn't get into it, other than talking at the tv constantly for doing it wrong.
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May 4, 2015 7:59 PM

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Anyone else think the animation was on point? Like waaaaaaay better than usual?
May 28, 2015 3:08 PM

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Erza is cute as always.

3DChaos said:
Anyone else think the animation was on point? Like waaaaaaay better than usual?
Movie/ova quality is mostly always better.

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Sep 3, 2016 6:33 PM

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first, Looks like to be set before the Mage games at the last act in the first season. But a taste of the 2014 season :) lovely texture to the character . Love it, as well the design, Got a little tease at the ending of the first season as well.

Love the movie, better then what i have heard.
Some parts Like the part then you see erza buying the wedding dress xD i didnt know i was watching SAO lol fucki display xD even tho! A Wedding dress?!?! xD Hilarious,She really wants to get married xD (i wonder who will be the lucky one?!?!?My bets its Jellal xD )
Also MOST be the first time Natsu and Gray seeing Lucy naked literary! ;) The Lucy x Eclair moment was wonderful ;-; sooo touchy.. From the knowing he was Eclair Father, to the ending of losing her.. ;-; damn.

Awesome movie, Deleverd lots of feelings and enjoyment,So im Really Satisfying with it. Now its time for the 2014 season
cause MAL is doing there job for once.
May 23, 2017 11:06 AM

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Oct 2, 2017 4:13 PM
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Did anyone else think the phoenix looked like the robot thing from Laputa Castle in the Sky?
Feb 14, 7:41 AM

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The movie itself was okay, better than what I expected. 7/10

Mar 10, 10:49 AM

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Blood; concise, flashy battles; fluid, detailed animation in place of slow motion stills... is this still Fairy Tail!? This movie makes me wonder how much more engrossing the main series would be with this level of animation detail. It was incredibly flashy and extravagant, much more so than the series has any hope of being.

I don't get the complaints about the character designs or the art being off. Everything looked fine to me, except with the souped-up flair of the fluid animation and better attention to detail (where it counts, at least).

Being movie length meant the fights didn't have the time to take an entire episode exchanging generic attacks under Adobe After Effects slow motion frames, reducing the battles to a short series of key blows which is MUCH more effective IMO. But I think shounenfags like the exchange of generic attacks (how many times do we need to see FIRE DRAGON ROAR?) to build immersion (which I kinda get, I guess, sometimes) where a brief exchange of strategic attacks would suffice, so I understand that complaint, more or less, even if I don't empathize with it. I found my favorite fights in the series followed this formula as well while people often criticized them.

Story-wise this was a pleasant addition to Fairy Tail lore, it was cool to see drama with a neighboring country -- which we never see in-series, as the entire show takes place in Fiore -- and Eclair's character arc was surprisingly moving. I also found the standard character interactions surprisingly charming, considering I don't consider that a main series highlight.

It was quite interesting watching this coming right off the conclusion of the Tartaros arc. Maybe that might've made me appreciate it more.

Tweetie was cute and I was expecting it to end up being the phoenix. oh well.
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