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Aug 14, 2012 8:27 PM

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You guys should know character rules by now. If you need clarification.

Only one element!!
You cannot have more than one element!!
Aribenders need to have at least a paragraph or more of blackground story!
No Bloodbending. Sorry, I don't want any overly evil characters yet. post on my profile and we can talk about it if you like.
Metalbenders: Must be on the police force and have an alignment of neutral good or good good. (Or you must be 30 years or older)
No Immortals. You cant have been around in the time of Aang or any of the other avatars.
Non-benders: You exist too.
Firebenders: ... You still have overly good looks?

Note: Airbenders cannot participate in Pro-bending tournaments, so choose wisely.
You do not need a seal of approval. We will talk to you if you don't meet the requirements or if there is a problem with your profile.





You choose!

Present day:
Treasured item:

Goodluck! More applicants = more rp settings and stages!
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Aug 15, 2012 4:13 AM

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Name: Nanami

Background:Only child of an old waterbending family. She was always a strange kid. She had no friends. Her fathed died in a storm on the ocean.

Present day: Went to Republic city to learn more waterbending. She didn't find a place to stay yet.

Looks:A cute little girl, whith huge eyes. She has really dark long hair.

Treasured item:She has a heart shaped golden music box. She found it next to her bed one morning. She doesn't know who put it there.

Other:She loves animals and nature. She's very shy and silent. She says strange things all the time. She has a white fox friend. Calls her Snow Fairy.
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Aug 15, 2012 6:01 AM

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Name: Terisong
Origin: The only word he found when he woke up.
Age: 23
Bending: Main - Fire(Unknown to him), Lightning.

Background: He woke up one day, surrounded by corpses in the mountains. At the time, he didn't even know who the corpses belonged to. That was a more innocent time, before he realised the state of the world. It was a terrifying thing, to awake with no memory of who you had been and who you were now. He had looked up at the violent sky, a storm brewed above and thought one thing. The lightning is spectacular His body was battered and bleeding. He had broken bones to complement his broken mind. Clutched in his hand were the burnt remnants of a book. Only one word could be read in the entire script. Terisong. He dragged himself away from the bodies, he couldn't die here. He didn't remember anything before opening his eyes but he knew he wasn't meant to die there!

The next time he awoke, there was a stranger with him, she was sleeping by his bedside. He could tell his injuries had been wrapped and cleaned. She was so beautiful, so innocent that he wondered who his saviour could be. Her name was Lilac, after a flower. She was a lone waterbender that had seen what had happened. She had hidden and only seen from afar but from what she saw, she said he was lucky to be alive.

He had left Lilac behind when he found he was a bender as well. He shuddered about when he found out. Walking in the woods with her, feeling such a calm and peaceful feeling when he held her hand, when he heard her laugh. The lightning had flowed through her body into the ground. Poor Lilac always had water with her, which didn't help. Terisong hadn't known if she would wake or not, he just carried her to her bed, and laid her to rest there. She had electric burns on her hands, which he tried to treat as best he could. He said with her, as long as he could. Making her drink water and mashed up food to stay alive. The day she opened her eyes, he was gone the next second. He couldn't bare to face her.

Terisong's only recollection of anything before the events of that morning he awoke were he'd finally been able to harness lightning. The amnesiac figured the best place to discover more about himself was a place with as many benders as possible. Republic city.

Present day: Sitting in Republic city park, usually wondering what to do about his memories

Looks: Shoulder length black hair with a streak of white in it, 6ft tall, toned build. Dark eyes and light brown complexion.

Treasured Item: A burnt book, a platinum chain around his neck with a platinum ring on it.

Other: In his travels, Terisong found an Snow Eaglewolf, a pure white four-legged wolf like animal with wing on it's shoulder blades for flight. The cub was young and alone, like himself and he took it with him. Her name is Memory and she's only a month old and his constant companion.
Aug 15, 2012 11:21 AM

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Name: Masaru Takeshi

Age: 17

Bending?: Firebender (Blue flames when he looses control of his anger)

Background: Masaru and his little sister were abandoned by their parents. He then took it upon himself to take care of his sister. He learned to steal, pickpocket, etc. to get barely enough money for them to live. He even found an abandoned house for them to stay in for a while. It wasn't long after, however, that his sister was killed. The notorious gangs of Republic city found them and started beating them. Obviously, they were just blowing off steam. Even though he hated using his firebending, this drove him to insane anger. He lost control of himself. He did end up killing the gang members, however, also killing his sister. This caused him to close off his emotions, and act coldly towards everyone. Making it extremely hard to get close to him.

Present day: Pro-bending.


Treasured item: A necklace his little sister gave him before she died.

other: Cold and untrusting most people. However, is somewhat friendly towards kids. And will do whatever he can to protect whoever manages to get close to him. Has zero tolerance for gang members or people like them, and will go out of his way to fight them. When he fights, he tries to fight without his bending until forced to.
Aug 15, 2012 3:10 PM

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Name: Iya
age: 17
Bending?: Earthbender
Background: Iya was born in Republic city to a working class family of non-benders, who were astonished that at the age of 4 she began to show signs of Earthbending. She was never taught how to use her earthbending, her parents hoped it would just go away and so far to their knowledge it has not been a problem.

more later
Present day: She helps run her family's produce shop.

Treasured item: a metal bracelet attached to the her right wrist. A spike protruding from the bracelet attaches it right into her skin.
other: She has a bold personality.
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Aug 17, 2012 10:42 AM

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Name: Yumi
Age: 15
Bending?: EarthBender
Background: Yumi was born in a rich family from the earth kingdom in Republic City. She was treated with the up most respect and loyalty. When she was at the age of 5, she showed her parents that she had the special gift of earthbending, though she broke down half the house, she still showed them with a bright young smile. From then till' the age of 15, she was taught in the basics to the advanced of earthbending from a teacher, she also taught herself by doing things differently then what fer teacher said, which gave her more experience in her techniques. She started becoming more rebellious toward her parents, and would run away or disobey them.
She wants to become a Pro-bender to prove she's the best at what she can do and make sure they know their place.
Present day: She plans on becoming a pro-Bender to show people where thier place is and that's under her.

Treasured item: If you ask her whats the most important thing on her being her reply would be "Me, Myself and I!"
Other: A spunky girl, who thinks of herself as god. She does things for herself, but decides to help others when the time demands it.
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Aug 17, 2012 8:31 PM
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Name: haruka
age: 17
Bending?: earth 

Present day:  

looks: short ash blond hair 5foot 7 brown eyes fair skin and a awesome body with tattered worn out cloths and she is usually covered in dirt since she spends so much time underground 
Treasured item: utility belt she got for saving store owner and some of the items she stores in it 
Dec 11, 2012 4:41 PM

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Name: Rin

Age: 10

Element: Water/Ice

Background: Her parents were killed for some unknown reason and she lived on the streets of Republic City. She steals food and dodges the police at the same time to survive. She watches probending and practices her element so she can one day become one.

Present day: Pro Bending


Treasured item: She has a sword that she stole from the council. It can take any element and basically shoot it out of the tip and cuts very well.

Other: She is very shy and can be deadly. She may look innocent but can take down anyone that stands in her way. She is still semi innocent and doesn't like being alone.