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Aug 13, 2012 7:32 AM

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This episode was very annoying and dragging around instead of giving out its point it extended through ridiculous amounts of copies of Watashi whom is a very beautiful character and through that character gets repeated as though to abuse the males of their views of her on many formats. Truly the creators must THINK WE ARE DUMB! We cannot comprehend a mere 15 minutes of one point only amend to another 10 minutes of ridiculous CRAP repeating itself makes it very ANNOYED to say the least on this episode. I have gotten a 3 point explanation as follows.

Human Decline References

The first one in the spoiler
with the guns reminds a little of the Wild West. A previous lifestyle of the humans when they were not so advance past the year 2000. Watashi’s expressions there were quite nice.

The second reference would be the chariot in the spoiler
a obvious reference to Rome. I can also say a little that the road alluded to “One Road Leads to Rome” or better yet to destination which ultimately did.

A 3rd reference can be seen in the spoiler
under the form of that watch which was used long ago during human’s evolution. It was of the first watches out there. It was a little bigger than that a little like the spoiler
would be more of the size.

The abuse of fairies

That is the main problem of this episode’s plot. Seems the Fairies have insane amounts of powers that is shown to be abused and moreover not really known what to do with since they seem to put it in fruits of all things. Now sub categories follow.

About the beginning, the start was obvious in the spoiler
much to the Fairies getting rather excited at the bin of candies it showed rather well Watashi’s expression at them. Especially when they did consider cloning Watashi whom she never wanted but they do anyway.

About the first time shift, the first one in the spoiler
occurred the moment Watashi took the banana. However it did happen right away. Instead it shows CLUE 1 in the spoiler
think of the ball as Watashi being bounced around.
That is a key to show that they will bounce around Watashi cause they need to perfect the flavor in the banana to taste like it since it’s made artificially from their magic and I assume the tree for it is long gone so none will grow anymore. That being said we are rather nicely shown the following woman,

Whom along with the spoiler
has some rather nice characteristics from the beauty point of her face to her composure and eye color. She is quite enticing as a MILF let’s just say. So what exactly happens after is in fact in the spoiler
showing that Watashi gets transported to another world time line with it being to the taste of the Fairies obviously with the harmony of the tress being distanced equally. That being said it shows that the Fairies got selfish and cloned Watashi in order to get her powers of making sweets. In doing so they readied a furnace to bake the sweets with no chance of doing it since they are forbidden that knowledge. So time being short and all. A banana was made and it seems it makes your slip when you eat it and end the time shift.

About 2nd Time shift, thing is it makes another time shift in the spoiler
essentially getting you back to the original time you were out. Except it was not. It made Watashi come back before she even saw her grandfather. 2 things happen there.

1. Clone of Watashi in the spoiler
absorbs into her and at most I assume that could be a trigger to forget things or assimilation of sub dimensional particles from her clone into her since the time frame she is in nullifies that clone.

2. Watashi gets in shit in the spoiler
since she already has the watch and her grandfather accuses her of stealing. That is proof of a FUCK UP of the Fairies where they did not put the watch back with the time shift. Another showing of their power abuse being imperfect and causing shit to Watashi. Moreover due to banana? WTF?

In doing all this a re-summon in the spoiler
of Watashi being back exactly at that part she was in with the same lame copy of her and the same lame furnace setting. It was quite ridiculous that the taste is trying to be prefect of a banana at the expense of MASS ABUSE of Time/Space effects within a fruit of all things. RIDICULOUS! Comes the end in the spoiler
one can see the absorption once again of the clone into Watashi as though she also started to forget and once again Time Shift being over the space cancels out the clone itself. Since its nature is of he fairies world.

About the 3rd Time shift, happens in the spoiler
which further repeats stuff like the dog being the assistant and Watashi getting closer to it only to amend back at nice girl that is still nice to see again at different angles.

However it turns out much UGLIER than before with Multi Pin-balls of copies of Watashi in the spoiler
at rather ridiculous amounts. More than before. The real difference is that the fairies were nice enough to show out and explain WTF is up really. Turns out like I explained their stupidity and MASS POWERS abused got them wrongfully to input a Time/Space shifter that gets you into their Lala Land of a sub-dimensional Fabric. That apparently they give out another banana and it let’s you out of there. Which is exactly what happened.

About the 4th Time Shift, the last yielded out INSANE amounts of Watashis and this time with their eyes in following,

Along with the spoiler
it got totally stupid not to mention it was all for the fairies wanting more sweets due to indulging themselves in the bin and becoming rather gluttonous of the candy. To finally amend to doing this in order to perfect a banana’s taste? RIDICULOUS! Makes totally no sense other than fairies not knowing what to with their powers and input in a banana by mistake. While I do admit in this case it might better to not have them around. They are all trouble. Sure it’s nice to prevent deaths of some humans due to them being in accidents. However this episode showed how much trouble they can be with one invention of a taste for a fruit.

All this to get to assistant due to that fruit. WOW! Mass abuse of Time/Space. A major force and certainly Steins Gate can be mentioned to show it’s a powerful force.

The assistant

A rather easy setup that got dragged a little too much.

At first, in the spoiler
the obvious dog reference here would most likely amount to partner as dogs were always as an animal. Rather interesting how it was shown at first the dog being illusionary a little with the Oasis type of mist.

However by the end in the spoiler
it became apparent that the dog really meant as a reference to the assistant. Whom is pretty OK however the episode dragged on too long for this IMO.

BTW Image Stitches and pic dump in the BLOG:
Scenery parts. The art style is really nice in this series TBH.
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