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Poll: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 7 Discussion

Sep 13, 2012 8:58 AM
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This episode solidified this show as one of my favourite anime ever. The directing and the use of soundtrack is just superb at creatng an unsettling and and mysterious atmsphere.
Sep 16, 2012 1:45 AM
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The fairies wasn't allowed to clone her and thus they used time traveling lol
But whats with the dog?
And "Thank you not very much." xD
Nov 12, 2012 2:53 AM

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Here have a banana that will clone you and send you back in time but you will slip over the peel anyway whatever you try!

Yep fun and great episode! Up to the next one!
Dec 9, 2012 6:46 PM

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It's hilarious that the Fairies seemingly sent Watashi in a time loop just so they can have more candy and apparently perfect a banana.

Also, there are some pretty interesting theories in this thread. Especially the "Watashi is crazy" one. Never even thought of that.
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Feb 6, 2013 12:21 AM

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this anime is so random

Mar 9, 2013 7:10 AM

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Whoa ... this episode was freaking epic but really confusing O_O
The fairies use a magic banana and make time paradoxes so there are hundreds of Watashi ... all just to make them sweets?! Crazy O_O The other ones also turn into dogs as well?! Lol wtf ... this is so mind trippy O_O
I thought it was really well done, especially with the watch and grandpa showing up and looking for the assistant ... how'd she know about the shirt though? Looks like again with non-chronological order since they're just meeting for the first time this episode ... we'll probably get an explanation next episode since it seems like they come in two-episode arcs ...
Mar 28, 2013 12:53 PM

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I like Watashi's inner monologue.
Her personality is unique.

I just don't find the plot interesting.
Aug 21, 2013 6:33 AM

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That was confusing, but also awesome.
Sep 9, 2013 10:38 AM

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For some reason, my mind is blown.

And it seems I'm watching a reverse order or something like that.

Oct 1, 2013 3:06 PM
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What did I watch? Complete confusion, more Watashi, so many ^^.

Feb 14, 2014 7:25 AM

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For the umpteenth time I forget how confusing this anime. It sounds like a fairy tale for children, but in reality it is always a puzzle each episode.
Watashi is worth so much, and thanks to her narration is not boring! : D
Even in the speeches we perceive the discrepancy with the graphics, amazing as it can mess your mind! * _ *
Let's see how this arc ends, another thing that catches the eye is the discrepancy with the episodes so far seen, but the assistant did not know already? O_o
Mar 17, 2014 3:45 AM

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I was getting all sorts of Steins;Gate vibes while watching the episode haha. Banana and going back in time! Those fairies will do anything just to get more sweets.

How come she didn't know who the assistant was? Was this supposed to be some sort of flashback or did she imagine the person she's picking up looks like her assistant? What's with the dog? I guess there are some things that aren't meant to be answered lol.
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May 7, 2014 12:53 AM

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TF did I just watch :P.

I like this anime!
May 11, 2014 12:36 AM

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Basically, instead of jumping all over the place, the timeline of the show actually seems to be going backwards.
Jun 7, 2014 12:26 AM

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I tend to find just about anything identifying as "horror" to not actually be scary at all, but this episode is the kind of thing that genuinely creeps me out.

A seemingly normal series of events suddenly gets twisted and distorted until you aren't sure what is real and what isn't real. You're walking through a forest and run into a giant group of clones, who all look and talk just like you, except you aren't capable of realizing that they are you. Upon asking a question, such as "where are the faries?", all the clones stop smiling and turn silent. You know something is wrong but you can't figure out what it is, there's just something in the back of your mind keeping you uneasy. Absurd events such as a town full of dogs staring at you aren't even acknowledged by those around you, as if you're the only one who thinks it's out of the ordinary.

Shock horror and gore don't even phase me, but mental mindfucks like that really give me the creeps.
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Jun 18, 2015 9:57 PM

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This episode reminded me so much of the Endless Eights, and I'm glad people are thinking the same way too.
Sep 30, 2015 3:13 PM

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The fairies are creepy as hell. Though what else can you expect from something that has a permanent happy face >_>
Nov 15, 2015 1:52 PM

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Yeah the fairies using another fairies head as a ball freaked me out too.

It was like Groundhog day only with fairies who wanted sweets, it got a bit boring after a while.

Was that her assistant? if so it makes no sense lol.

So they weren't clones made by DNA from the banana, it was a time paradox, okay.
Dec 2, 2015 9:12 PM

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Not sure if i actually liked this episode or not.
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Apr 25, 2016 5:51 AM

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It's endless eight all over again
That was actually quite terrifying
To see your clones that many... Experiencing same things over and over
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Oct 21, 2016 6:34 AM

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Endless 8 was much better imo.


EDIT (Rewatched): Hey guys, I discovered lot of amazing things. After you watched episode 8, try to re-watch episode 7 again. This makes lot of sense. The Lot of Watashi is due to time paradox and at the last part when Watashi asked what kind of guy is the assistant, there are lot of Watashi that didnt wear clock because
and proceeded on making sweets for fairies. There are also lot of thing you will notice when you re-watched it so its worth watching it for second time. I will highly recommend it.

Re-watched score: 5/5
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Jun 15, 2017 8:02 AM

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Endless Eight: The Episode. Except it's actually not retarded.
Jul 30, 2017 2:05 AM
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The entire episode is a parody of Steins;Gate, specially with the GODDAMN AWFUL light of the sun, exactly like the first episode of Steins;Gate again lol, and the "banana" (microwave machine) and "assistant" (kurisu) thing.
Not to mention that the little changes that watashi did created more different watashis of another time lines.
Banana=Attractor Field (best analogy ever lol)
Aug 9, 2017 1:52 PM

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Lool, a time traveling banana xD
it was since the villainous chickens something this random didn't happen

wtf, fucking fairies, messing with the timelines
...fuuuckers, they just wanted candies, all that mess for candies

the new models of bananas are plain evil, slipping even if cooked, wth

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Jan 24, 2018 10:38 AM

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The fairies are quite selfish little things huh, sending Watashi on a time loop to get more candies.
Mar 13, 2018 12:01 AM
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wow, amazing!-!!
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Jan 17, 11:07 PM

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What the fuck did I just watch
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