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Aug 12, 2012 4:48 AM

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Since we heavily dislike divorces, we installed some rules.

1 - You can not divorce anyone until at least 7 days have passed.
2 - To divorce you need consent from both parties.
2.1 - You may choose to negate the consent from your partner at additional penalties.
3 - After you divorce you need to wait 7 days to marry someone different then the person you were married to.
3.1 - If 1 of the party does not consent to the divorce, You must wait at least 2 weeks to marry someone different then the person you were married.
3.2 - Only the divorcer incurs the penalty at 3.1, the divorcee receives the standard 7 day penalty.
4 - After a divorce both parties receive 1 divorce credit
4.1 - If you divorce without consent, the divorcer will receive 2 divorce credits
4.2 - upon reaching 3 divorce credits you are no longer allowed to marry
4.3 - At no point may you incur more then 3 divorce credits, any amount over will be reduced to 3
4.4 - 1 divorce credit is removed from everyone once every 3 months