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Kagami Hiiragi sighed. Of course, it had to be like this, didn’t it? Konata Izumi had been friends with the Hiiragi sisters for longer than any of the three of them could remember, and it seemed that her penchant for the ridiculous knew no bounds.

Konata had invited the two of them over with a giddiness in her voice that Kagami hadn’t heard since the last major manga release hit the shelves. She wouldn’t say what exactly was going on, which only caused Kagami to worry all the more. Now, here stood their short, underdeveloped friend with the long blue mane, standing in the doorway to her own house, dressed in a getup that could have little use other than for cosplaying.

Konata was wearing a school uniform of the style Kagami had only ever seen on characters from the anime, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. Overtop of that, she had on a black cape and a pointed, oversized witch’s hat. She was clutching a very old looking book bound in leather to her chest.

“Welcome, believers! Be grateful that I have chosen the two of you to look upon my works, this day!” Konata waved the two of them into the house, a bright, mischievous grin on her face.

“Work…? H-hey, this isn’t some excuse to get me to do your math homework again, is it? I-I’m really bad at that stuff…” Kagami’s twin sister Tsukasa looked a bit pale at that thought. She had been merrily humming a tune they’d learned on the recorder in music class the entire way over here, flattening and sharpening nearly every note incorrectly. Kagami had given up trying to teach it to her after several hours’ work this morning, and she wasn’t really in the mood for games at this point.

“Knock it off, Konata,” Kagami led the way into the house and up the stairs towards Konata’s bedroom, with Tsukasa in tow, “Can you just get to the point? I stayed up too late last night, and I was hoping to take a little nap this afternoon.”

Konata sprinted ahead of them to the end of the hall, where the entrance to her room sat. The room was no different than Kagami had ever seen it before. It was chock full of garage kits, wall scrolls, and models of scantily clad anime girls that were technically designed for the pleasure of the opposite gender. Konata’s computer fan was silently humming, and her bed wasn’t made.

Always the lady, heh. Kagami grinned a little at the thought that Konata would ever do anything ladylike.

“So, who wants to try it first?” Konata had knelt on the floor in the center of the room, upon a large bathtowel that she had apparently surrounded in a circle with candles. Come to think of it, the lights had been turned down low in this room, and the curtains were drawn.

“Try what?” Kagami folded her arms, “What, do you want to have a séance or something?” With a sweep of her arm, she indicated the candles on the floor, “Didn’t your dad ever tell you playing with fire is a bad idea?”

“Try it! C’mon! IT!” Konata was absolutely giddy. Whatever the hell ‘it’ was, she had worked herself up into a frenzy over it. “Yeesh, you’re always such a stick in the mud. If we have to wait for you, the candles will melt.” Unceremoniously, Konata hopped up and sprinted over to nab Tsukasa by the wrist, whereupon she began to nudge and pull the weaker willed of the Hiiragi sisters towards the circle on the floor. “C’mon! It’s gonna be fun!”

“F-fun? Wha—h-hey!?” Tsukasa began to protest, but Kagami made a mental note that little had changed about her sister. She was, as always, allowing Konata’s will to eclipse her own, and she was being gradually drawn towards the candles.

“This better not be something perverted, Konata,” Kagami folded her arms, “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that not every pair of twin sisters in the world is hot for one another, like your hentai little mind just naturally assumes.”

“Hentai…? Wait….is that what we’re doing here??” Tsukasa was already being lowered to her knees by Konata in the center of the circle of candles. Her face was a crimson, blushing mess, and as Konata knelt in front of her, she grabbed the blue-haired girl by the shoulders and began to shake her, “I’m not a pervert! I’m not! I have older sisters! The books you found in my room last month were theirs! I swear!!”

“Tch, calm down,” Konata smirked, waiting for Tsukasa to stop shaking her so she could continue. “Who said anything about doing something perverted?” With that, she held the leather-bound book above her head in both hands, presenting it to the room as though she were addressing an auditorium full of people, “I have discovered the greatest of treasures in the dark nether-reaches of the bargain bin at Gamers’! Behold! A real, honest-to-god book of witchcraft!”

“Right.” Kagami turned on her heels and began to march out of the room, “Isn’t your Playstation in the living room? I’m not in the mood for this. Just don’t do anything weird to my sister. If she screams, so help me, I’ll come up here and stick that pointed hat where it doesn’t belong.” Kagami knew there was no point in trying to just take Tsukasa by the hand out of the house right now. She could feel her sister drinking in all of Konata’s words from behind her, and she knew that it was best to just let them play for a little bit—otherwise, Tsukasa would be complaining about wanting to ‘see real magic’ for the rest of the week. Whatever.

Honestly, Kagami thought as she sat in the Izumi living room messing with some video games, those two are such little girls all the time. That guy at Gamers’ must be laughing all the way to the bank, parting Konata with her money over something that idiotic.

“I told you it would work!!” It was less than an hour before Konata came bounding down the stairs, looking exasperated. Despite Kagami’s complaints, she nabbed the taller girl by the arm and pulled hard, beckoning up the stairs.

“Come off it, Konata. Like I said, I’ll kick your pipsqueak ass if you did anything to—“

“Come see! Come see!!”

When they returned to the bedroom, Tsukasa was still in the same position, however, her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asleep upright.

“See!? A trance, just like the spell said!”

“Tsukasa sleeps at her desk,” Kagami wasn’t at all impressed, “and when she gets in trouble for it, the teacher makes her stand in the back of the room. Then she just falls asleep standing up. You know that already. You probably just bored her to sleep.” With that, Kagami knelt in front of Tsukasa in the circle, gently taking her sister by the shoulders and shaking her a bit, “Hey, wake up. I want to go home and get some sleep, and I don’t trust Konata enough to be sleeping here.”

Nothing. Tsukasa was breathing, but she was completely unresponsive. Kagami tried a few more times, but with no luck.

“…if you drugged my sister, Konata…” Kagami’s eyebrow began to twitch, even as a vein started to pulsate in her forehead.

“Geez, give me a little credit!” Konata folded her arms and stood near the outside of the circle, discarding her hat and wiping her brow, “magic is hard work! It took me forever to get her like this.”

“Then un-‘get her’. What did you do to her, anyway?”

“Oh, that one? That’s the love spell. I mean, c’mon, it’s like the rules, you’ve gotta try the love spell first.” Konata grinned, rubbing her hands together as if she were scheming, “I mean, cast the spell on the helpless damsel to make her fall in love with the first person she sees? C’mon, it’s a classic!”

“Konata, I really will kick the crap out of you. I’m not kidding. Wake her up so we can go home.”

“Pssh…tsundere party-pooper. Fine, fine…” Konata snapped her fingers, and with that, Tsukasa began to moan softly, sleepily cracking her eyelids as though she had been in bed for days.

“Hmm…? Sister….?” Slowly, Kagami’s face began to come into focus before Tsukasa, “Izzit Monday already? J-just….just five more minutes, ‘kay…?”

“C’mon, wake up already…” Kagami’s visage began to turn a little worried, and she took to lightly slapping Tsukasa on the inside of her wrist with two fingers, in hopes of jarring the girl back to the present. Eventually, Tsukasa opened her eyes all the way.

“S-sister…” All at once, Tsukasa half-lidded her eyes, and a gentle blush began to spread about her cheeks. “H-hi…wh-where’ve you been? I missed you…” Kagami glanced down at a sudden odd sensation, to find Tsukasa gently rubbing the back of her hand, caressing it in both of hers.

Kagami made a face, and blushed a bit in her own right. “I-I-I-I….” She turned to Konata, replacing her expression with one of annoyance, “This isn’t funny, either of you. You I’ll deal with later—“ she turned back to Tsukasa, “You know not to mess with me like this. Cut it out.”

“Hmm?” Tsukasa looked bewildered, but she was still deeply blushing, and her tone was deep and uncharacteristically familiar, “What…what are you talking about, sister?” Tsukasa brought the back of Kagami’s hand up to her lips and gave it a soft, gentle kiss, “Is somebody upsetting you? I could never do a thing like that.”

With a sudden jarring, Kagami wrenched Tsukasa to her feet and began to drag her out of the house. Both the sisters were a mess of crimson blush, and Konata couldn’t help but laugh as Kagami fled, taking her sister from the scene.

“You should know better than to doubt the great Konata-allakhazam,” Konata called after them, “You’ll thank me, you twins, you!”

The sun had begun to set, and Kagami had given up trying to get through to Tsukasa. She had both her arms wrapped around Kagami’s one arm for the entire walk home, and her expression hadn’t changed at all. Her eyes were closed, and a contented smile sat upon her lips. She occasionally cooed and giggled a little bit, but that was all the rational conversation Kagami could get out of her.

“T-tsukasa,” Kagami murmured, “….c-cut it out, already. It’s dinnertime. Mom and Dad are gonna think you’re sick or something. This is a stupid way to try to get out of going to class tomorrow.”

As much as she was loathe to admit it, Kagami had never seen Tsukasa act like this before, even as a joke—she was way too sheltered and innocent a girl for such mannerisms. She continued to guide her sister home, blushing furiously as the less logical part of her mind gave some thought as to what in the world that book really had done to poor Tsukasa’s mind.
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Tsukasa sat during diner, trying to take her sister's hand the hold time. Each time she would do so, Kagami would pull her hand away and glare at her, warning her to back down. The younger sister would giggle lightly and sit quietly for a while, until she would try it again.

After Kagami finished her dinner. She quickly went to her room. "That Konata. I swear, I'll kick her ass to tomorrow for doing this to my sister." She fell back on the bed. "I'll find out what she did, make her change her back and then I'll kick her ass." She nodded in self agreement. She draped her arm over her face, blocking the light from her room.

There was a knock on her door, after a while. "The bath is free." Tsukasa's voice called out.

"Alright." Kagami let out a sigh and sat up. She was surprised her sister didn't try to come in and try to shed her clothes to get her in the bath. She got out of the bed and opened the door. Once she looked around and saw that there was no around, she walked to the bathroom where it was already steamed up. She smiled lightly. She must have gotten it ready for me. She took off her clothes and put a towel around herself.

Once she was in the bathroom, she let out a heavy sigh. "I wonder what Konota really did to her." She muttered to her self as she pour warm water over her body. Unknown to Kagami though, the door opened the same time she let the water run over her body.

She took in a breath of steamed air, when she felt a pair of hand come around her body and gently touch her skin. Her whole body tensed. "Let me wash your wash your back onee-chan." Tsukasa's soft voice came from behind. Her hands slowly crept towards Kagami's chest, when the older sister stood up.

"That's not my back! She turned to her. " And what the hell are you doing in here?" She yelled at her.

Tsukasa looked up innocently. "Washing your back." She held up a small cloth. Kagami turned and grabbed her towel, putting it back around her and stormed out.
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The elder twin couldn't help but think about the person that caused this to begin with, Konata! she shouted within herself. Kagami carefully looked around for her younger twin as she dressed herself before catching a cold.

"Geez, that Konata really went to far this time, to make Tsukasa become like that..!" she mumbled as she reached out for her cellphone that she put beside her clothes earlier. Flipping her phone open it began to vibrate, she'd just received a text message; it was from Tsukasa.

I'm sorry I upset you, Onee-chan.
I just wanted to do something special to you so you would feel better.
Since you did say you were upset earlier...
I'm really sorry, please forgive me!

Kagami couldn't help but smile softly at the apology, but for some reason, it didn't feel right. It was just too different from her, Kagami let out a troubled sigh and scrolled down her contacts, selecting Konata, her best friend's profile she called her.

"Ah, you actually picked up your cellphone," Kagami sounded satisfied.
"Ahaha... I had it beside my computer, so I couldn't miss it this time."
"But really, what have you done to Tsukasa?!"
"Well.. I told you it was a love spell..." Konata snickered in the background, frustrating Kagami.
"Then, how do you undo it..?"

"Um.. come over to my place, I don't really know how to tell it..." Konata's voice softened almost sounding like that of an innocent shy girl.
"Fine, I'll come, I didn't get to finish my shower either.."
"Then, I'll be seeing you soon Kagamin~, you can shower here if you'd like." Konata suggested.
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Kagami sighed, flipping her phone closed. We've got to go to class am I supposed to take her over there this late without mom and dad asking questions? She looks down at her lavender pajamas and bathrobe, I'm not even dressed! Does she even know what the hell she's doing with that damn book!? What if she.....what if she....

Kagami let herself trail off. She blushed a bit, sitting on the edge of her bed. Despite the fact that nobody was looking, she still felt embarassed about the fact that her train of thought was making her worry, genuinely. It wouldn't do for people to assume she was that much of a softie, but something had happened to her sister. Her little, twin sister, whom she'd always taken care of since before either of them could remember. Rising from her seat, she opened the door and began to walk barefoot down the hall to Tsukasa's room.

Tsukasa was humming from the other side of the door as Kagami quietly let herself in. "H-hey, uhmm...listen. I'm sorry about the way I've been treating you, i-it's just....wait....what the hell is that....??"

"Oh, hi sis!" Tsukasa was kneeling on her bed, smoothing a large poster against the wall that the headboard was up against. She was dressed in an uncommon fashion for such a usually chaste girl--she had on a pastel green tanktop, draped over nothing more than a pair of blue cotton panties. "What's up...?"

Her jaw gaping and her arm shaking, she pointed at the poster, "W-where....where did y-you.....get something like that....??"

The poster was a blownup photograph of the twins and the other members of their family at the beach, one Kagami remembered being taken last summer. Kagami blushed at the sight of it--it was back in that little phase she was having where she'd hoped she might attract the attention of the boys if she wore a skimpy bikini rather than her usual swimsuit. It hadn't worked, and all she had to show for it were these embarassing photographs, which Konata had absolutely grilled her over.

"Huh?" Tsukasa glanced back at her, the slightly younger girl's rump twitching as she craned her neck, "Dad blew up some of those photos from the trip, you know that. He was gonna use them as cutouts for mom's birthday this year--she loves pictures of us. A gag, y'know?"

"Th-then..." Kagami shuddered as she looked into her own eyes there on the wall, watching that stupid grin on her own face, "then what is that one doing plastered all over a wall in your bedroom?"

"I like it. It was a fond memory." Tsukasa put her fists on her hips and admired her handiwork.

Kagami glanced at the scissors on Tsukasa's nightstand, "B-bull! I-if it was such a fond memory, why did you cut everybody out of the picture except for me?" It was true. Aside from some random bystanders way off in the distance, the only other person in the picture was Tsukasa--her face, however, was bisected completely by the edge of the poster-photo, leaving her only half in the scene.

Tsukasa let out a breath and batted her eyes once, blushing slightly. She slid off the bed in a fluid motion, getting to her feet--the effect of her tanktop draping over the line of her panties made it appear as though she wasn't wearing any bottoms at all. She took a few steps across the room in Kagami's direction.

This....this isn't right.... Kagami thought, shivering a bit as her sister began to close with her, she....I-I'm the confident one! I'm the outgoing one! S-she...she's my innocent little sister, that I'm always looking out for...when did she start acting like--? Kagami swallowed hard as Tsukasa stepped within arm's length. What was her sister going to go? Kiss her? Grab her somewhere like in the shower? Kagami shut her eyes tightly, waiting for something to happen....


Kagami's eyes popped open, as the latch on the door behind her clicked shut. Tsukasa was standing next to her, her hand on the knob. The look on her face was bright, cheery, and oblivious, "Sis?" She glanced at Kagami, "What? You know everybody gets upset when you start yelling. It's better if we talk in private."

Kagami let out a breath, "G-geez...I thought you were going to--erk..." Sh-shut up, Kagami! The pigtailed girl screamed at herself in her own mind, D-don't give her any... "EEK!!"

When Kagami felt the little pinch on her backside, she reacted without thinking. Before she even realized it, her palm landed hard on her sister's cheek, slapping her like she might do to a lecherous old man on a crowded train.

Tsukasa's rump came in contact with the floor. She let out a yelp and winced, rubbing her backside. When she finally decided to look up again, her eyes were a little slick with moisture, "S-sister..." she began, "...what's the matter? W-we...we always take baths together. I..." Tsukasa glanced over at the poster, "...I admire you. Don't people have posters of people they admire in their bedrooms?"

Kagami was shocked, and she stared at her own quivering palm for a moment. "I...I didn't just..." tears welling up in her eyes, she knelt down before Tsukasa and threw her arms around the girl's slight frame, resting her chin on her sister's shoulder, "Tsukasa, I...I'm so sorry...I didn't mean...I mean, I didn't...why in the world would I do something like that to you....I..."

Kagami began to sob softly. In response to this, Tsukasa only smiled and patted her big sister's head, rubbing the small of her back with her other hand, "Shhh...c'mon, I forgive you..."


"Of course, after all, I love you, y'know."

Kagami pulled herself away, her eyebrow twitching a bit, "L-like a sister though, right?"

Tsukasa only smiled, giggling, "Mmmm....sure. Like a sister."

It didn't take a genius to realize Tsukasa's voice was oozing with sarcasm. She had gone as far as to hang that poster, and she just grabbed her own twin sister's backside a moment ago. 'Like a sister' indeed. Kagami sighed, and forced herself to smile.

Rising to her feet and offering Tsukasa a hand, Kagami gazed between the poster and the red welt on her sister's cheek. She felt horrible for what she'd done, despite Tsukasa's smiling, accepting face. She should be upset with me...she should be crying...what's going on in her head...?

Tsukasa only grinned in response, rocking on her heels a bit. Kagami was at a loss for what to do next, fearing that Konata might only make it worse.
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After a brief moment the older sister let out a sigh. Tomorrow..I'll have Konota fix her tomorrow She walked to the door, grabbing a hold of the door handle, when her sister's hand held her other one. "You don't have to go so soon." She said softly, smiling at her. Kagami's eyes didn't look at the smile, but the wilt she left on the side of her face, making her feel guilty.

"I don't know, nee-chan. I'm really tired." tsukasa just tugged on her hand, pulling her away from the door. She pulled her to the bed, which Kagami unwillingly sat down on and looked down at her feet. "You know..we have school should" She started to blush, getting a weird sensation building up inside of her.

"We can sleep together.." Tsukasa offered.

Kagami shook her head. It was something they use to do, and sometimes when Tsukasa was scared, but after all this she couldn't go through with it. She stood back up. "No..I..I 'm afraid we can't."

"Why not?" She tilted her head.

"I..I..I tend to kick in my sleep..yeah..and I don't want to spend all night kicking you." She laughed a little.

Tsukasa wrapped her arms loosely around her sister's neck. "I don't mind." She whispered.

Kagami's face was burning red, when the smaller girl pressed her body against her sister and gently put her lips against hers. That's it She grabbed Tsukasa hand. "We're going to Konata.. NOW "
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"Onee-chan... Why do you want to go over to her place..?" Tsukasa's tone had changed again, it had a thorn in it -- that of jealousy. Kagami bit her lip, knowing she couldn't push Tsukasa around since she changed around so much.

"Erm.. well, remember how we promised her to sleep over at her place again? I figured we could go today.." Kagami muttered, averting her gaze from Tsukasa. She's never held pride in lying, but still she hoped Tsukasa bought it.
"Why?" Tsukasa positioned herself to stand straight in Kagami's view, gazing deep in the her pig-tailed twin's purple eyes. She didn't bother hide to jealous or an intention to hold Kagami to herself.
Kagami gulped, Isn't she just getting worse every second..? She becomes more daring and.. how far is she planning to take this..?

Kagami pushed Tsukasa away. "Nevermind, if you don't want to go that bad then I can't do anything about it, I'll go another time."
"I'm happy you think that way," Tsukasa giggled satisfied.
"But we won't be sleeping together, Tsukasa. We'll sleep separated just as we always do." Kagami added. Tsukasa as if realizing she shouldn't push her elder sister further, stepped back and nodded silently.
I'll visit her on my own -- I don't think I'll be able to sleep like this... I know that, I don't really mind when Konata does it... but.." Kagami sighed and started heading to her window, she pulled off her ribbons and let her long purple hair flow freely as it fluttered by the wind outside from her open window. After staring outside for awhile she picked up her cellphone and called up Konata once again.

"Ah, Kagamin, did something happen?" Konata asked almost apologetic.
"Konata..? ... No, nothing happened. Is it okay if I come around midnight and alone?"
Hearing Kagami's suggestion Konata gasped, but seemed to regain her composure, "That's fine, I'll be waiting outside to pick you up around that time then. It might be a little troublesome to get into the house without waking anyone else up."
"...Thanks." She said before flipping her phone down and ending her call with her blue haired friend. In case Tsukasa was overhearing, she kept her voice down to a bare minimum. Kagami looked at her pajamas and sighed, "I guess I'll be going out in this.."

Kagami grabbed a light novel to read and sat down while waiting for the clock to hit the time to leave, she shifted her window open further and climbed outside and started heading to her destination: The one that caused it to begin and the only one that can cure it -- Kagami's best friend. Konata.
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"Eleven fifty-eight. Right on schedule."

Kagami checked the clock on her cellphone and slipped it back into the pocket of her bathrobe. She was only a few paces away from Konata's back porch. Provided her lazy friend hadn't decided to go to sleep, she should be right on time. She pulled her robe tighter over her shoulders and cursed silently for deciding it was a good idea to leave the house in pajamas--the wind was picking up, and she was starting to get cold.

Perfect. Kagami sighed, glancing up at Konata's bedroom window. The light was off, and so was every other one in the house, that she could tell. This is a game to her, isn't it? Fine. I'll play. With a grin, Kagami grabbed up a small handful of stones from a nearby flowerbed and cocked back her arm, readying herself to start launching them at Konata's window. Surely, if this didn't work, then she'd just have to bring out the bigger guns. Chuckling a bit, she took a step and wrenched her throwing arm forward--she wasn't the best pitcher in her gym softball classes for nothing!

"Kagamin? Ne, ne, what'cha doin'? C'n I play?!"

"ACK!" Caught completely off-guard by Konata's sudden words, Kagami's attempt to step into her pitch resulted in a stumble. She hit the grass, flat on her face, and the small stone merely flipped behind her and landed right back in the flowerbed from whence it came. She was back on her feet again in a half second, fists at her sides and eyebrow twitching.

"Dammit! Don't do that!!"

"Do what?" Konata giggled, tightening the sash on a cyan blue bathrobe that was too big for her. "It's not very ladylike to throw rocks around, and stand with your legs so far apart like that. The outfield would all have nosebleeds if you were in your bloomers, you know."

Kagami blushed with annoyance, and was all the more frustrated when she realized that though she had instinctively smoothed her hands over her 'skirt' in response Konata's comment, she wasn't wearing a skirt at all--she was in nice, safe, opaque pajama bottoms. "Sh-shut up. G-god you're a pervert."

Konata escorted Kagami up to her bedroom before responding to the accusation that had just been leveled at her. Once they were safely inside, she turned on her heels and grinned at the taller girl, "Takes a pervert to know one. So has the twin sister love started yet? Does she need a recharge or something?"

"I-I'll....I'll kill you, you twisted little blue monkey!!" Kagami, feeling the sudden urge to apply a nice, baseball-sized lump to Konata's temple, nabbed the first thing off the first shelf she could reach and raised it above her head, planning to soundly thrash Konata with it.

"A-ah! Kagamin! You don't want to do that!"

Kagami, panting with rage, grinned, pleased to finally see Konata looking a little fearful, "Oh? Why not? You'll be dead, and I'll be happy. Maybe you'll fall in love with the first ghost you see!"

Kagami raised up on her tiptoes, but her expression wavered once she realized Konata didn't look afraid at all--she was completely calm, and just pointing absently at whatever was in Kagami's grasp. She looked up.

There in her hands was a DvD copy of "Grave of the Fireflies."

"Oh," Kagami brought the item down, patted it gently, and sat it politely back on the shelf, speaking completely to it, "Sorry."

"That's gotta be like, twenty years bad luck, or some kind of curse or something, if you bean somebody with that."

Kagami nodded, her momentary burst of anger completely quelled. Placing a hand over her heart and letting out a breath to calm herself, she glanced around the room. The bathtowel and the circle of candles were still in place, and again, they were the only light source in the room apart from the flashing of Konata's router.

"Does this mean you've found a cure for what you did to Tsukasa?"

Konata chuckled, waving dismissively, "Didn't I tell you not to doubt the great Konata-allkhazam? Sure, I can fix your problems, no sweat!"

Kagami sighed with relief, "Oh thank god. Look, I know you were just messing around, harm done, right? We'll get this fixed and then that's the end of it, right?"

"Sure, sure," Konata grinned, "C'mere." Konata began walking across the center of the room. Kagami followed her, dodging piles on manga and god knows what else laying strewn about the floor in the darkness. Konata stopped at the edge of her bed and took up the magic book, thumbing through it and mumbling to herself.

Kagami waited. Three minutes. Five minutes.....ten minutes. Images of Tsukasa came into her mind as she stood there. How she'd been before this all happened, and how she was now. She hated to admit it to herself, but in matters of romance, Tsukasa always seemed a little more sure of herself than she did. Her mind began to wander. What....what if I hadn't ran out of the bathroom? Would....would she have....I mean....that's not so bad, really--right? With people our age, they call it experimenting....right...?

Kagami shook her head sharply, blushing and trying to dismiss her own, taudry thoughts. "H-how long is this gonna take? Just wave a wand around and get it over with!"

"Tsk, tsk, don't rush me." Konata was reading only one page more thoroughly now--apparently, she had come across whatever she was looking for. "Like I know how this book works. I only got the thing a few days ago, and most of it isn't even in Japanese."

Kagami sighed. Of course, Konata would be playing with something she doesn't understand. She folded her arms and began to tap her foot impatiently, "So, go ahead it says." Konata began to giggle, and Kagami shot an accusatory glance at her, "I know you're picturing Tsukasa and I...g-geez! Just stop thinking, and think of something to fix it!"

Kagami didn't have time to think about how her last words didn't make any sense before she was blinded by a flash of pure white light, coming from Konata's outstretched palm. Everything around her suddenly felt like it was moving in slow motion, with light trails coming off of it. She glanced down and gasped...inadvertantly, she had followed Konata right into the center of the circle of candles.

"Aaaaalaaaaaakhhhaaaaaa....." Konata's voice sounded like a record replayed at a tenth its normal speed, "khaaaaaaaazhaaaaaaaaaaammmmm!!"

The next thing Kagami knew, she was on her knees in the middle of the circle, her eyes shut tight, rubbing her forehead. "Oww...dammit..." she had a splitting headache, like one a person might get from eating ice cream too quickly. Remembering what had happened, her eyes popped open and she started to look around. The room looked the same, but she had to rub her eyes a few times to make anything out...the light had overloaded her a bit, and not everything had come back into focus yet.

"There," Konata chuckled from somewhere behind her, "Problem solved!"

Kagami staggered to her feet and squinted hard, still not able to make anything out, "Th-that was it? A-aren't you supposed to like, go cast a 'dispel' on Tsukasa or something? What did shoving annoying bright lights in my face accomplish?"

Konata's voice seemed completely calm, "Dispel? What are you talking about? I dunno if that's even possible....I told you I can't read much of this book. You wanted your problem fixed, so I fixed it. Now you can go home and be with your sister, and it shouldn't bother you anymore."

Kagami's eyes went wide as realization began to flood her mind, "What....oh god...what the hell did you do....?"

Konata's hand came around from behind her, offering Kagami a weird looking pair of sunglasses that looked like something they'd wear in the matrix. "Here, just don't take 'em off before you get to Tsukasa's room. You don't wanna do anything weird like fall in love with the mailman or something."

Kagami quelled with rage, "H-how is this helping me!? You and your damn twin sister ecchi love manga!!" She whirrled around just as her eyes were coming into focus, and sputtered, covering said eyes with her sleeve. She could hear Konata laughing, and with an embarassed blush, she took the offered sunglasses and slipped them on.

"Mister Anderson," Konata did her best Agent Smith impression from the Matrix, "how nice to finally meet you!"

Kagami glanced at Konata, holding her breath. She didn't believe that a simple pair of sunglasses were going to keep the spell from working, but she had to know, all the same. She sighed, letting out a breath of relief, "I'm....I'm not in love with you...thank god...."

"In love with me," Konata teased, "is that what you think about in the shower at night?"

Kagami began to sniffle a bit. She was completely lost at this point, so far so, that she didn't have the energy to beat the snot out of her best friend. She hung her head and began to walk out of the circle, sighing, "I...I can't go to school with goth raybands on my face...they'll make me take them off the moment I hit the front gates...I...h-how many days off can I take before I'm in danger of failing...?"

"Shhhh...." Konata cooed, placing her hands on Kagami's shoulders and slowly, quietly, guiding her down the stairs and out to the porch, "Shush now. Trust me. This is better for the both of you. I told you that you were gonna thank me. Hey, who knows, right? Maybe if you kiss the object of your affection, the spell will break? Of course, maybe you have to do more than kiss for that to happen...I mean, hell, maybe you have to molest a few frogs and turn them into princes, or--"

Kagami swatted Konata's hand away, cutting her off. Throughly defeated, she began to wander home at an aimless pace. Something was happening to her. She scanned her mind for thoughts of her friends and family, and was relieved to find that she wasn't feeling an inordinate amount of romantic love for any of them--so far, at least. All the same, her heart ached, and she just couldn't bring herself to yell at Konata, or even hit her. She had just...accepted the cooing 'shushes' she was fed and walked away, like a good little girl. She grasped the fabric of her pajama top in her fist, just over her heart, and squeezed it a bit.

Is the spell making me docile until I look at somebody? Will it...will it make me as suddenly overbearing as Tsukasa got if I finally do look at somebody? O-or...or is it making me less outgoing on purpose? Am I turning into her? Is she turning into me...? Wh-what'll I do at school tomorrow? M-maybe I can pretend these shades are medicinal? What if it never wears off? Sh-should....should I just look at Tsukasa? If Konata's right, maybe...doing...that will make it go away? She...she's under the same spell--I know I can trust her never to tell anybody...b-but...but she's my sister...isn't that...supposed to be wrong...?

Kagami stifled a yawn. Without sleep, she would only be that much worse for wear. The inevitable was on its way.
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Kagami kept walking to nowhere in general. Her mind was racing around with all her thought of what Konata could have done to her. It wasn't like there was no cure, all it was is Konata's perverted nature trying to get what it wants. Her eyes widened as she thought about school the next day. "If I don't do something tonight..Tsukasa will be all over me tomorrow, and make the others question about us being just sisters. I can't go through with that." Her face started turning red. "But if it's true, then I have to do...That. I don't want to do that with her."

She shook her head in utter confusion and hopelessness. She looked up to see her feet had remembered the pattern to get back to her house. she stared up at the darkened windows, hoping no one had noticed her sneaking out and that her sister was asleep so that she could think it out some more. Letting out a heavy sigh she turned the handle to door slowly and walked inside her house quietly. She slipped off her shoes and crept to her room. Her body jumped with creak the floors made, every little sound made her heart race, figuring it could be her parents or her sister. She shook her head trying to lose the fears that plagued her.

She made it through all the obstructions of her house and made it to her room. She opened the door silently and froze completely when she saw her sister laying on her bed. She could feel her heart try to beat it's way out of her chest as her mind raced once again. She forced her legs to move forward. This needs to be gone by tonight, I can't have her hanging off me like she did today.

She stopped beside her bed and watched Tsukasa's small chest move up and down as she breath. Kagami gulped as her face went red as she knew what she had to do. "Tsukasa." she said softly, gently pushing on her younger sister.

Tsukasa's eyes started opening. "Onee-chan. You're back.." She sat up. Kagami nodded, sitting down on the bed. Tsukasa looked at her cellphone finding the time. "You stayed there awful late." The hint of jealousy in her voice.

"She said she helped my problem." She said softly.

Tsukasa looked down. "So you found a cure."

"I'm about to find out." She gently touched Tsukasa's cheek and gently guided it to her lips, kissing her softly. Her face was beet red, as Tsukasa grew to a light pink. They held their lips against each others for a moment and then Kagami pulled away. They stared at each other, Kagami with a hopeful look, as tsukasa had a loving one. "Tsukasa.." Kagami broke the silence. Tsukasa gently laid her arms around the sister's shoulders and kissed her again, this time deeper and with more passion. Dammit! it didn't work. There is She felt her sister's hand on her skin, but she pushed her away quickly. I'm not ready for that..there has to be another way "Don't do that." She said quickly. "We're sisters."

"But you just kissed me."

"I know..but..I'm not ready for that.." because there has to be another way "Why don't you go to bed and I'll see you tomorrow."

Tsukasa looked at her. " the morning right."

"O..of course.." Tsukasa nodded and stole another quick kiss and left the room. Kagami laid back. My life has become hell She reach up without thinking and gently touched her lips, remembering her sister's soft lips against hers.
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My first kiss... Kagami continued to rub her fingers across her soft lips, the sensation of the Tsukasa's lips stayed with her. Kagami turned herself around and put her face flat into her pillow.

"That's not how I wanted it to be..." Kagami mumbled. Despite not showing an interest into it, she knew that she was the most interested in romantic events between herself, Konata and Tsukasa. "How was that romantic.." she scoffed and closed her eyes. This whole situation made her feel odd, a feeling she hadn't felt before.
Konata... why did you do this me..?

Kagami let out a frustrated sigh. I wonder what she's doing now, probably gaming or watching anime as usual... right? Her mind continued to span over the events that'd happened today until she fell into a deep slumber.


It was now early morning and supposed to be just another school day but.. the pig-tailed girl realized this would be a hell of a day because as soon as she woke up she found her younger sister cuddled up beside her -- and wearing unbuttoned pajamas.

Bear with it... bear with it... Kagami kept telling herself as she bit her lip. She silently got out of bed and began to walk to the door. She rubbed her fingers across her lips again as glanced at her younger sister that was still sleeping soundly. Soon Kagami averted her gaze and went to shower.

"It's still early but.. for some reason, I don't really wanna leave at the same time as her... I guess I'll go on ahead..." Kagami muttered in her shower. "This is a first time that I'm happy that she sleeps so long..." As if luck sided with her today, Tsukasa hadn't changed in this aspect and the elder twin quickly made her way out of the house.

It was still very early in the morning and there were hardly any people at school, but to her surprise there was one person she would have never expected to see this early.

"Aren't you a little early..?" Kagami didn't hide her surprise for her blue haired friend, whose long blue hair was fluttering as it was a windy morning.
"Good morning, Kagamin." Konata's voice sounded somewhat depressed.
"Morning," she smiled. Why am I smiling..? I was so annoyed with her earlier yet... "What's wrong?"

Konata looked at her friend and smiled faintly. "No, nothing," she crawled behind her friend and put her head against the back of Kagami. "So, how's things going between you and Tsukasa?" Konata tried her best to keep her teasing tone inside her voice.
Maybe that was the switch Kagami needed as she managed to shout at her friend again, Kagami's cheeks burned red as she recalled the events inside her head.

"Why did you do something like this to us?! I even ended up kissing her yesterday but instead she only wanted to go further! If anything, I would so much prefer kissing you than my younger sister of all people like that! You made me lose my first kiss because of a stupid joke like this..!"

The sudden shouting of Kagami shocked Konata, she knew she had to be prepared for something like this but for some reason, it was different from her normal scolding. Konata kept up her faint smile and bowed her head slightly.
"Aah... I'm sorry... I didn't think you would dislike it this much.."

The two girls just stared each other down in silence not being capable of thinking of the words to continue this conversation just yet.
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Author's Note: The "recent dream" Kagami is referring to in this passage with regards to Misao is the one she had in the first episode of the Lucky Star OVA, where Konata was a witch and Misao was an (apparently male) prince.

Konata frowned. The two of them had been standing there staring at each other in the hallway for several minutes. When this all began, she wasn't really sure if it would even work at all--really, it was just meant to be a little joke; something to get Tsukasa to blush over. The fact that the spell appeared to take hold was as much as surprise to her as anybody else. In truth, she had been asking herself some of the same questions Kagami had last night--things like whether or not the spell could be reversed, or when and if it would expire on its own.

"Yo, Kagamin! Whassap?" Both girls jumped with surprise as a hand landed hard on Kagami's back. It was Misao Kusakabe, Kagami's boisterous classmate, closely followed by her friend/keeper, Ayano Minegishi.

"Oh, uh...h-hey!" Kagami whirled around, forcing herself to smile. She had no choice but to keep up pretenses, especially since the morning hallways were getting crowded with students. "Y-yo! What's happening?"

Misao made a frowny face, placing her fists on her hips, and leaned forward, staring uncomfortably at Kagami. "What's with the cool shades? You gonna offer me the red pill or the blue pill, Morpheus?"

Kagami chuckled nervously at yet another Matrix joke. With how distracted her emotions had been lately, she completely neglected to realize that she had somehow made it into the school without having a member of the faculty order the sunglasses off her face. Come to think of it, she thought, why hasn't anyone forced me to take them off yet? Aren't these things against the dress code?

Kagami shifted nervously, remembering that she had been too busy last night to come up with a good lie of explanation. Tsukasa hadn't asked about the sunglasses at all. That was odd, but then, Kagami had kissed her sister last night in an failed attempt to break the spell. She blushed a bit as she realized that if it were her in love with somebody, that first kiss might have caused her to not really care much about a detail like glasses, either. She stared at Misao, and her heart skipped a beat, causing her to worry.

In the few seconds she had before she would be forced to respond, Kagami glanced at Ayano. She was just standing there, smiling. There were a number of other students she knew in the hallways--every single person she looked at caused Kagami's poor, teenaged heart to skip a beat, even when she saw people she didn't like very much.

Oh my god, Kagami thought, her mind gasping with terror, this is how it's going to be? I-is it it that until I look at somebody, my heart is going to race with affection for everyone I look at!? Kagami sighed, trying to console herself with the thought that at least these 'miniature' romantic impulses welling up inside her weren't causing her to loose control and kiss somebody at random. At least...that hadn't happened, yet. God knows, she could very easily make a mistake, being forced to wear her heart on her sleeve like this.

Kagami gazed back at Misao. Of course, she couldn't help but entertain thoughts about giving her classmate a tender hug or a passionate kiss, but the sunglasses were helping to keep those thoughts from becoming reality. That recent dream Kagami had about 'Prince Misao', was enough to shock her back into the present, at any rate.

"Hey? What's the matter? You a morning zombie or something?" Misao waved her hand in front of Kagami's face.

"Eh? O-oh, oh no, no...uh, y'see..." Kagami shuddered a bit, placing her thumb and index finger on the glasses to indciate them, "...these...these are..."

"They're medicinal. The doctor thinks she's getting headaches from too much light. He told her to wear sunglasses during the day for awhile." Kagami, shocked, glanced over at Konata--who continued to speak, her finger thoughtfully in the air, "He said any old sunglasses would do, so of course, Kagamin picked something sexy. She wants the boys to notice her, naturally."

A vein on Kagami's forehead pulsed. She would have been happy to pick up one of the smaller students walking by and thrash Konata with the poor kid for that comment about the boys noticing her, but instead, she let out a breath and calmed herself. Better to just go along with it than risk Misao pulling them off her face to try them on--Kagami was pretty certain Misao would try something like that, if she didn't have a good reason not to.

"Oh. Cool." Misao stood back. The ruse appeared to have worked. All the same, she grinned and slapped Kagami on the back again, "So you're like, a vampire now or something? Cool! I want goth raybands I can wear to school, too!"

Kagami waved weakly and pretended to laugh as Misao and Ayano walked down the hall towards class. The moment they were out of earshot, Kagami balled her hand in a fist, nabbed Konata by the shirt, and growled, "What the hell do you mean, 'wants the boys to notice her'?? I'm just lucky I haven't been seen by any adults yet! The moment I walk in my classroom, I'd better choose a lover, because I'm doomed!!"

Konata waved her hands dismissively, "Tch, you'll never get a boyfriend with that temper. Everybody knows you wear all that extra makeup and perfume because you want a beau, Kagamin. There's no use hiding it." She grinned, "relax! I've got all that covered! Nobody's gonna take the shades off you!"

At this, Kagami let Konata go and dropped her arms to her sides, completely letting the 'beau' comment slip by her, "Wh-what...? Really? What did you do, cast a 'stupid' spell on everybody or something?"

"As if. That would be pretty cool, though," Konata giggled, "I'll have to see if that's in the book somewhere. I brought a note in from the doctor for you this morning, so everybody believes you now."

"B-but....I didn't ever go to a..." Kagami sputtered, suddenly lowering her voice to a whisper, "Konata, that's called forgery! I'm already in enough trouble if anybody finds out what's going on and decides they want to steal these shades and mess with me!"

Without skipping a beat, Konata only laughed, slyly grinning, "I promised Kuroi-sensei I'd spend the next couple weekends helping her to power-level on World of Warcraft. She'd do anything if it meant her 61st level paladin might acquire the 'Phial of Blessed Salad Dressing'."

"Ph-file....salad dressing? What the hell is--" Kagami stopped herself. Konata was smiling broadly, and of course, her heart skipped another beat when she looked at the little blue haired girl. Konata hadn't done anything to change her appearance, but she hadn't ever looked so attractive to Kagami before. The fact that she was covering for her gave Kagami the urge to plant a wet one straight on the other girl's lips, but she forced those thoughts away and began to slowly walk to class, "Th-thank you, Konata."

The morning passed without incident. First period after lunch, however, was gym, and as Kagami was changing in the locker room, she mouthed a silent prayer of thanks that Tsusaka and Konata were in a different class. It was pretty annoying trying to get her shirt up over her head without removing the glasses, but she was determined to keep them welded to her face.

Girls from her gym class were mingling about everywhere in various stages of undress, coming and going from the lockers and the showers. Kagami was forcing herself to just stare at the locker before her--god knows, her feelings might increase if she saw any of her friends naked. For a moment, she wondered if this is how the boys feel when they watch the girl's gym class, but her reverie was broken by a sudden, unpleasant smell wafting across her nostrils.

It was her gym shirt. Oh...oh Kagami practically pouted at the shirt, pleading for it to not smell like sweat. She was a teenage girl, after all--she wouldn't be caught dead going back to afternoon classes smelling like a sweaty locker room. Blushing, she lifted her arms, sniffed a bit, and cringed. Yep, it was either take a shower, or be ridiculed in ways she didn't want to imagine. Steeling herself and furrowing her brow, Kagami quickly undressed, pulled out her hair ribbons, wrapped a towel around herself, and stormed off in the direction of the shower, her bare feet slapping against the concrete as she went. Doubtless the glasses would fog up the moment she got into the room, but she was praying there would be nobody in there just long enough for her to wet down and run for it.

No such luck. As she hung her towel on a peg by the entrance, she saw at least a half dozen of her classmates chatting or standing in front of various showerheads, going about their business. Misao and Ayano were there, too--it seemed as though Ayano was complaining at Misao's having just playfully snapped her in the behind with a towel. They were all completely naked, and Kagami was momentarily spellbound by things she had never noticed before. Her classmates all had very smooth, supple curves, and the way the water beaded up on ther shoulders and rolled down to their backsides was enough to get Kagami thinking extremely impure thoughts.

She shook her head violently, enough to force the amorous thoughts into the back of her mind. This...this has got to be how a boy feels. Geez, it's so...distracting! Sighing, she quickly sprinted over to an empty showerhead and pulled the chain to activate it, reasoning that she could just stare at the tile wall the entire time, if she had to. Times like these caused her to curse the fact that the school had been designed so that the showers were just one big room rather than seperate stalls. Apparently, the designers felt modesty among members of the same gender wasn't nearly as important as making it easy for the custodians to clean the place. Kagami began to wet herself down quickly, strands of matted, wet hair falling in her face. She'd get cleaned off, spritz herself with too much perfume to mask the rest of it, and take a proper bath when she got home.

"Hey! It's Vlad!" Kagami cringed as Misao spoke up from behind her, her voice getting closer, "You really blew three right past me on the ballfield today, Neo! I guess that getup is working for ya, ne?"

Kagami hugged her slipperly body and swallowed, praying Ayano would make a comment about vulgarity and thus pull Misao away from this conversation. The comment never came, and Misao placed her hand on Kagami's shoulder, who had no choice but to turn around.

"W-what's with you," Kagami forced herself to sound annoyed, though she was more turned on than anything else, "just grabbing a girl who's taking a shower like that? How would you like it if I poked at you while you were cleaning up?"

Misao didn't have a towel on. Her chestnut flesh and budding curves made Kagami pray that the anime gag about getting nosebleed when you're embarassed wasn't really true.

"Like you'd know," Misao grinned. "C'mon, I get that you need those things, but taking a shower in them is just...weird, Kagamin. Can you even see?"

The glasses had indeed fogged up, but not enough to spare Kagami the sight of Misao's bare body.

"O-of course I can. The lights are bright in here. I'm just following the doctor's orders."

Then, the one thing Kagami feared the most happened. Before she could do anything about it, Misao popped the glasses right off her face and grinned at her, skipping a few paces away. Misao's urge to be playful had finally gotten the better of her.

"Come get 'em back then, pitcher! See you blow three by me without your little ace in the hole, here!"

Of course, Misao was just playing--Kagami knew that all she wanted was for her to chase the tan girl around the room and complain for a few moments, but even that was just too great a risk. Kagami instinctively shut her eyes tightly, fell to her knees under the stream of the showerhead, and placed her hands on her head, panicking, "G-give those back! P-PLEASE!!! Oh holy crap, GIVE THEM BACK!!"

Kagami was shuddering and quivering, and the sight of her poor, pathetic naked body, kneeling under a running showerhead, screaming like a baby, was enough to put all eyes in the room on her. Even Misao stopped, her arms dropping to her sides and the smile fading from her face.

"Huh? What the....K-kagamin, I'm just playing. C'mon, here..." Misao was still several paces away, but she held out the glasses anyway, "...geez, just take them if it bothers you that much."

Kagami refused to stand up--there was too much of a risk she might see somebody, even walking a few steps. "B-bring th-them....h-here....p-please...." Her voice was soft and shaky, and she was absolutely forcing herself not to cry.

"Misao," Ayano spoke up, wrapping a towel around herself and offering the dark-skinned girl one, "Just give them back to her. She's upset...stop teasing her."

Misao took the offered towel and tied it on, making slapping noises of flesh on tile as she walked over to Kagami and placed the glassed on her forehead, "Yeah, sorry, Kagamin. I didn't know it was that important to you."

The instant Kagami felt the glasses touch her forehead, she pulled them down over her eyes, took a deep breath, and forced herself to calm down. Something was changing her personality, but she made herself understand that she was still Kagami--still the strong girl that could take anything in stride. She stood up, turned the shower off, and brushed past Misao on her way to where she left her towel, offering the girl a reassuring smile, "N-no worries, eh heh...sorry for the overreaction. They're just cool shades, right?"

Misao and Ayano looked at one another, stupefied and clueless, as Kagami wrapped her towel back in place and walked out.

Kagami continued to dress herself. She couldn't deny the fact that Misao was way cuter today than the last time she'd seen the girl, despite nothing having changed. So was Konata. And Tsukasa. And Ayano. She sighed. It must be easy for Tsukasa, she's already been made to choose. I bet she doesn't even realize there's anything wrong with her. She's...I think she's having an easier time with this than me. Either I get this over with and just....just....pick somebody, or I'm scared that...the spell is gonna choose for me. Maybe....maybe somebody who I could....t-trust...

Up to this point, Kagami had been fighting against her and her sister's condition. her mind, however, had now begun to offer her reasons to accept her fate.
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Kagami let out a sigh. Thankfully gym was her last class, but she still had to go through homeroom until she got to go home. She held her head. I don't want to go home, Tsukasa will be there and try to get me undressed or something. She shook her head. "What am I going to do?" She asked her self as she opened the door to her homeroom.

She navigated her way to her seat, the sunglasses obscuring some of her path. She sat down and looked towards the window, just wanting the day to be over with, without this curse making up it's own mind on who she gets. This is where a guy friend would come in handy, instead of having feelings for all these how..cute they are.. Her eye wandered to where Misao was sitting. Kagami's eyes inspected every curve she could see through the clothes, remember her figure from the shower. She started blushing, as she turned her head away. I can't wait to get out of here

Once the bell rang, Kagami was up and half way out of the class before anyone had to chance to really move. She started down the hall, looking for the blue haired runt, when she felt a slap on the back. "Hey Kagamin, you left before I could catch you."

"Ah..ah..Mi...Misao. What did you want?" She asked nervously, her face getting hot as she began to blush.

"Well my practice is canceled today. So I was just going to hang out with you today." she grinned.

Kagami's face turned bright red. "ah..ah.well..umm..actually..I was going to hang out with Konata today..just the two of us you know."

"Oh." She looked off to the side. "Maybe some other time then." She waved and ran off, catching up with Ayano.

Kagami held her hand to her chest. That was close She could feel her heart pounding. This..this..can't it? Kagami continued walking down the hall, but still couldn't find Konata.

"Kagami." A small voice called out to her. She turned to see who it was. She froze when she saw Konata's cousin Yutaka. Yutaka gave a warm cheerful smile. "You going to Onee-chan's today?" Kagami just give a nod.

"Well..I was looking for her actually." she answered softly, once she found the words.

"Oh..I just saw her walking down the hall with Miyuki." Kagami gulped. I guess I'll just wait for her at her house. She has to come home sometime.
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Kagami held her hand to her heart as she bit softly on her lip, it was frightening; to love anyone she'd set her sights upon.
What if it never changes..? T-then.. I-I might end up loving an unrequited love for all my life.. Kagami gulped.

Konata..! why did you have to go with Miyuki today of all days? she shouted in her mind, she quickly avoided all the people that looked oddly at her as she headed down to Konata's home. I can't believe... I'm thinking so deeply about everyone's bodies, Tsukasa sure has it easy...N-no! I can't think like that, I wouldn't want to... Geez! Konata get home soon.. please..
It was then that her phone began to rang, reaching down into her skirt's pocket she checked who the caller was.

"Tsukasa..? I rather not pick up but if I don't do that.." Kagami sighed to herself. Even if dad always calls us both, if Tsukasa starts acting weird in front of him.. Kagami flipped her cellphone open and accepted the call.

"Onee-chan? Hey, where are you? Why are you acting so weird? Why are you avoiding me?" Kagami bent her head, thinking deeply about her answer.
It hasn't even been a day since I've started avoiding her.. "Ahaha~ Avoiding you? I'm not avoiding you.."
"Liar. You left me in bed this morning and didn't even say a word to me at school and you left without a word too. Ne.. why are you doing this to me..?"
Kagami kept silent and took a deep breath.
"That's what I've been saying, I left early because I had to return something to the library and I've been busy for the rest of the day, I'm sorry that it seemed like that.."

"Then why are you in front of Konata's house now..?"
Kagami gasped. What is with Tsukasa..? She's.. threatening me... Is she, jealous?
"I knew it.. you were secretly meeting with Konata, weren't you!" In loss for words, Kagami quickly closed her phone and to her surprise her blue haired friend had appeared before her.

"Konata..." Kagami muttered under her breath.
"I'm sorry, Kagamin~" the blue haired friend crawled behind Kagami and started petting her. Normally she would throw her off, but.. this time only a blush appeared on Kagami's cheeks, feeling awkward in this situation Konata stopped her physical assault and began walking to the door. "Let's go inside... I have something to tell you.."

"Mm.." Kagami nodded weakly. Something to tell me...? It couldn't be.. Kagami gulped as she prepared herself for whatever Konata might tell her.
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Kagami wandered into Konata's home, sighing. By now, she'd gotten used to how the spell was making her feel--she completely expected Konata's gentle petting to send pleasant shivers down her spine, which it did.

Kagami felt...utterly defeated. That was the best word to use to describe it, she reasoned. She was sure about everything in her life except for one variable she could never figure out--love. Now, love was taunting her, enveloping her--the effect was destroying the person she had become in the years she spent growing up. Love had turned her from a free-thinking, proud, sprited young woman; into a meek, uncertain, tiny little girl, with her eyes always politely averted to the floor. She thought back to eariler in the day, and the thought that crossed her mind about wishing she had a male friend. At least then...

"C'mon, nix the long face," Konata grinned as the two walked up the stairs and headed for her room, "Miyuki will save us. She's a genius, and she has a fantastic rack! How can you go wrong with a combination like that? Ooo, what I'd do with those..."

As Konata began to make little breast-grabbing motions with her hands in mid-air, Kagami looked around the bedroom she'd seen far too much of, lately. Sure enough, there was Miyuki Takara, sitting there on the floor in the middle of the circle of candles. They weren't lit, and the curtains were drawn, actually letting a decent amount of afternoon light into the room for once. Miyuki was perhaps the only person Kagami knew that could make the traditional seiza position of sitting for a tea ceremony look comfortable. Just looking at her legs, sharply tucked under the skirt of her school uniform, was enough to make Kagami's kneecaps throb with pain.

"Oh, hello, Kagami." Miyuki's voice rang with praticed feminine poise as she adjusted her glasses and looked up from the magic book, which was sitting open on her lap, "what...what's Konata doing?"

Kagami didn't even bother looking behind her, "Pretty much the usual--she's groping you in effigy, Miyuki. I swear, she doesn't even need a love spell. She probably thinks being a girl is awesome because she gets to hang out with as many naked women as she wants in the public baths."

"O-oh..." Miyuki blushed and went back to studying the book, subconsciously clutching both her breasts in one arm, protectively.

"Tsk, Kagamin," Konata came up behind Kagami and placed her hands behind her back, rocking on her heels and grinning, "Why would I go to the public baths? I have gym classes too, you know!"

" troll..." Kagami mumbled under her breath.

Miyuki chimed in, breaking up the little verbal joust, "Well, I must say Konata, if the spells in this book are real, I'm completely fascinated. I'm afraid I can only read so much of it myself. It looks like it might be written in Latin....or possibly Aramaic.

"I wouldn't believe it either, Miyuki, except..." Kagami trailed off, making a show out of adjusting her suglasses on her face.

Miyuki stood and took a few steps over to Kagami, reaching out to touch the frame of the Matrix-styled sunglasses, with the book in her other hand, "Oh my, but they're quite becoming on you!" Kagami swallowed hard as Miyuki began to wiggle the glasses between her thumb and forefinger, inspecting them, "Really, something like this is completely unprecidented! All you have to do is remove this simple pair of sunglasses, and you'd just instantly fall in love with--"

Kagami cut Miyuki's sentence off by placing her hand on the other girl's, and politely (yet firmly) taking Miyuki's arm away from her face. "You're a wonderful friend, Miyuki, but I won't be held responsible for what's going to happen to the next person who wants to play with these sunglasses." It was an empty threat, but Kagami figured she could hide behind her reputation and still make it stick.

Miyuki waved it off with a smile and flipped open the book, studying it as she sat on the edge of Konata's bed, "I'm afraid to say that I can't understand enough of the writing to know whether or not there's a way to remove any of the enchantments cast on a person--you may need an experienced archaeologist or ancient linguist for that." Kagami sighed as Miyuki continued, making mental note of the fact that such people didn't exactly just grow on trees in Japan. "There are a multitude of fantastic spells in here, though. Apart from the 'love' enchantment that you're under, Kagami, there's one for making people forget simple things, making people obey short, simple commands--there's even one for paralyzing a person for a short time.

"They're all personality altering enchantments?" Kagami wandered over to glance at the book over Miyuki's shoulder, for all the good it would too. It was written in complete gibberish, for all Kagami was concerned.

"Mostly, but the love one seems to be the only one I've found that has an indeterminate duration. Many of the rest of them only last for either a short span of time, or until the command is obeyed or the target forgets whatever the caster wanted them to forget. At least, as far as I can tell." Miyuki looked up at Kagami and rubbed her chin in thought, "Tell me, what are you feeling when you look at me?"

"W-well....I...." Kagami coughed softly, caught off guard by the sudden question.

Konata wandered over, "Kagamin...c'mon, she's trying to help, ne?" Kagami wondered if Konata was secretly eager for Kagami to talk about this, but the look on Miyuki's face did seem to be one of genuine concern.

"W-well, I...." Kagami slumped her shoulders, "all of my friends look more attractive to me than they used to. I went into the showers after gym today, and I was noticing little things like the way people's backsides were shaped, the color of their skin, the way water beaded up on them, and where all their birthmarks and stuff were, if they had any." She swallowed, uneasily continuing, " have really beautiful hair, Miyuki. And your glasses are really cute." Kagami poked her index fingers together and looked down at them with embarassment.

"Hmmm," Miyuki was in full 'sleuth' mode, and didn't blush at the compliments, "then it's just as I thought. Unless I'm reading it wrong--which is possible, mind you--your feelings of romantic love are going to get stronger and stronger until you complete the enchantment and look at somebody without the glasses."

"B-but," Kagami pouted, "there's got to be another way! Are you telling me I'm either going to have to fall in love with one person, or I'm doomed to just become so overcome with random lust that I'll eventually just loose it and tackle somebody?"

"Well, you're half right." Miyuki cleared her throat and continued, "If you don't let the spell run its course, you probably will 'loose it' eventually, and your mind will force you to complete the enchantment. What I think I'm reading though, is that once you do fall in love with somebody, there is actually a way to make the spell, I said, 'run its course', so to speak."

"S-so," Kagami looked hopeful, "there is actually a way out?"

Konata was about to pipe up, but Miyuki suddenly closed the ancient tome, and flashed the two of them a grave enough looking glance to keep them quiet. "It's not so easy, but I think it is the better of your two options. If you continue to deny the magic, I get the feeling that you will eventually just pull the glasses off your face by yourself and stare at somebody completely at random, when your mind finally decides it can't take it anymore. If you complete the spell before that least you'd have the freedom to decide when, where, and most importantly, with who."

"What....what about Tsukasa?" Kagami began to whisper, fearfully.

"She's already completed the spell, but as I said earlier, I can't tell if there's a 'duration' to it or not. I fear that if she doesn't take advantage of that 'way out' we've been talking about, she may never recover. Furthermore, once the spell is completed, if she doesn't do something to stop it, she may start to become jealous of the object of her affection, which could become..." Miyuki looked away, a little scared, "....possibly violent or dangerous."

"S-so," Kagami tried to put it altogether in her mind, "Spell is cast on person, then person has to choose a lover, or the spell will do it for them. Once the choice is made, person has to, uhm...whatever you were saying, that 'way out' thing--or person will start to get really jealous?"

"Right. You're catching on."

Kagami swallowed hard, hugging herself with her own arms. Finally, she got up the courage to ask the next question, "M-miyuki...what...what exactly is the 'way out'?" Even Konata was silent now, and all eyes were on Miyuki, who took an inordinate amount of time to clear her throat and otherwise stall before she spoke.

"You have to do...what lovers do, with the person you love. Once your...uhm..urges are satisfied, the effects of the spell should fade away."

Kagami sprinted out of the room, pumping her athletic legs as hard as she could. In an instant, she had locked herself in the bathroom. Nobody came knocking--it seems they'd decided to give her a little bit of breathing room after all that came to light. She tore the sunglasses off her face and stared at her reflection in the mirror, sniffling hard as tears began to slowly slip down her cheeks.

What will Tsukasa do if I don't let her...well...will she hate me? Will she hurt me? Will she hurt herself or somebody else? Kagami just stood there and stared at herself for awhile, trying to calm her rapid breathing. What about me? I have to let this happen, or if I don't, I could end up forcing myself to look at some lecherous old man on the street somewhere? M-maybe...maybe it would just be better get it over with and make it all go away, then...

Kagami stared at herself, examining her own features. Except for the long hair and the slant of her eyes, she was the spitting image of Tsukasa. She began to blush faintly, thinking about her twin, and wondering if maybe it would just be better for everybody if she just marched home, took the glasses off, locked herself in a room with her sister, and just made it their little secret. When Tsukasa came back to herself afterwards, it's not like she'd be bold enough to tell anybody about it. It might be days before Kagami would crack--it might be weeks. However long it was, she had to make a decision, and she knew she'd have to make it soon.

With tears in her eyes and furiously blushing, Kagami leaned over the sink and pressed her soft lips to her own reflection in the mirror. The glass tasted cold and hard, but to Kagami, even the release of kissing a mirror image of her own body was enough to send another, contented shiver down her spine.
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She pulled away from mirror, tears running down her cheek as she saw herself blush. I was just trying to kiss myself, in a mirror. "Oh god, what has she done to me?" She went to the ground, pulling her hands over head, crying softly. "i can't take this anymore, it's just so horrible. I could do...that with anyone if I don't choose." She sat against the tub, crying into her knees. "I hate this.."

Konata knocked on the door. "Kagamin, there's a twenty minute time limit you can be in there." She joked. Miyuki had stayed in the room, reading over the book to see if she could find anything else out.

"Shut up." Kagami yelled through her tears, and wiped at them.

Konata looked down, hearing the tears in her voice. "I'm sorry Kagami." She said softly . Kagami's head perked up hearing her apologetic voice. She called me Kagami . Konata put her head against the door. "I didn't mean to make you cry, it was just a little prank."

Kagami shook her head. "You shouldn't be messing with that stuff anyways, without knowing what it can do."

Konata's voice got a bit more cheerful. "But I do know what it can do, just not all of it."

Kagami opened the door, she could see very well with her teared up eyes and the tint of the sunglasses. "And look what you done to me and Tsukasa."

"I just wanted to see some twin action, like from the mangas." She had a smile on her face.

"I can't believe you." She turned to go back into back into the bathroom, but Konata grabbed her hand.

"I got you into" She lost her characteristic cheerfulness and pulled her back into her. Kagami's face started growing red. Konata, don't..I..I..I can't hold this back much longer... Konata turned her around, touching the sunglasses. "I can help get you out of it." She started lifting the glasses, but stopped once she felt Kagami's hand on hers.

"Thank you, but I'd rather not right now." She could feel her body burning with a passion that was dying to lash out at the blue haired girl. She wanted to take her in her arms and give her a hot passionate kiss and lay her on the ground, making sweet love to her. It was hard for her to hold it all back. " If it comes down to it, and I have to do...that. I'd rather kill two birds with one stone."

Konata smiled, but kept a hold of her. "That would be horrible Kagamin, killing two birds." Kagami smiled lightly and shook her head at her friend's stupid joke. It was like her trying to break the tension with a joke.

"Thank you, Konata." She said softly, breaking away. "I should be getting home, though."
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Kagami turned out and slowly began walking toward the entrance door. Facing the door she let out a deep sigh. If only .. N-no, I can't think like that! I'm not like that! Kagami's struggle with herself continued.

"Kagamin.." The pigtailed teen would've never expected the events that were about to happen, she was tugged by her sleeve; hard enough to make the her turn around. Konata stood on her toes and pressed her lips on Kagami's.
N-no.. Kagami's hands reached out to push away Konata, however instead they slowly embraced her. Don't.. I can't..! But no matter how much Kagami's mind differed from her body, her body had taken over her. Her needs had taken over her.

"Don't go.." Konata whispered seductively into Kagami's ear. Just the mere whisper, the feeling of Konata's lips so close to another part of her body excited her. Kagami became paralyzed in her dilemma. She didn't want to let go of her friend right now, but she knew she had to go home.

Konata while holding Kagami pushed her gently against a wall and kissed her passionately again. I shouldn't be doing this... I haven't even taken off my glasses yet... why am I the one that gets into trouble every time because of you... Konata... "I'm taking them off, Kagamin..." Konata started to reaching out for Kagami's sunglasses but was stopped immediately.

"No.. don't.. not just yet.." Kagami muttered under her breath. As if understanding her position, Konata lowered her hands and just stared at Kagami and then rested her head against Kagami's chest. "Kagami.. really I.."
"Don't say anything more... not like this..." Kagami managed to put her finger on Konata's lips. Konata turned her head up to look at Kagami again and the two kissed again.

"We're home, onee-chan!" Yutaka shouted as she opened the door. Beside her two people, the taller green haired girl, Iwasaki Minami and the brunette with glasses and doujin artist, Tamura, Hiyori.

As if not noticing the shout of Yutaka, the two best friends were still passionately kissing in front of the entrance door...
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The silence that ensued in the next full minute was deafening. It seemed as though the only person in the room not bearing an exasperated expression was Minami, but that was most likely because her constantly stoic look was so permanent, it could have been chiseled on her face out of solid marble.

"" Yutaka was trying to speak, and failing miserably.

"Oh, uh oh...." Miyuki stopped in mid-stride on the stairwell, resting her hand on the bannister. She, at least, knew what was going on, but that didn't spare her cheeks from flushing bright red.

Kagami pulled away from the kiss, but was still backed up against a wall, "This...this isn't what you think....i-it..." all the while as she sputtered, she was trying to take her hands off Konata, but something in the back of her mind kept her arms from responding. It was really quite a ridiculous sight--the muscles of Kagami's arms were visibly tensing and flexing, but her hands were firmly attached to Konata's back, as if they were glued in place. "R-really, it's just...K-Konata! Stop it! Let me go!"

By this point, Konata wasn't even holding onto Kagami--she was only standing there with her arms at her sides, looking innocent, squinting as usual. "Kagamin," she stated calmly, "You're holding me."

Kagami shut her eyes and forced herself to think about her math homework until she managed to calm down long enough to extract herself from Konata.

Yutaka was pushing her index fingers together, staring at them, blushing furiously, "Onee-chan, I never knew you were a--"

"She's not," Kagami interjected, "And neither am I! She was,, my bra came undone. She was helping me fix it. Yeah."

Of course, the looks on everyone's faces practically shouted at her that nobody believed a story like that. Kagami's eyes fell on Hiyori, and she shuddered.

"What? Do I have a bug on me or something?"

Hiyori didn't say a word. She couldn't say a word. There were stars in her eyes and her mouth was wide and gaping--she'd probably end up drooling if she stood like that much longer. Who could blame her? She finally caught two people she knew, acting out a scene she'd only dreamed about in her most exciting artwork.

"Hey," Minami nabbed Hiyori by the sleeve and tugged at her a bit, "hey. Wake up. They're not making out anymore." The green haired girl had a flare for bluntness, and anybody who wasn't already blushing before that comment, certainly was now.

"W-we, we weren't...! I just told you we weren't...!" Kagami sputtered.

"Kagamin is my lover. What, you didn't know?"


Miyuki looked down on the foyer of the Izumi house from her perch on the stairs, observing as everyone began to degenerate into a chatty, girly mess. By now, Hiyori had her hands clasped in front of her and was gleefully approaching Konata and Kagami. The former seemed unconcered, but the latter was backing away, rattling off insults and any other type of deflection she could think of. Yutaka was trotting around aimlessly, a confused look on her face. She appeared to be talking to herself, trying to wrap her mind around the thought that her elder cousin might just be a lesbian. Only Minami remained exactly where she had been standing, with the same, blank expression she always sported. It was any wonder what she was thinking about.

"Excuse me?" Miyuki began to descend the stairs. When she was ignored, she raised her voice a bit, "Excuse me! I believe I can shed some light on all this. Perhaps we could all have a nice cup of tea in the living room?"

Author's Note: Gonna skip ahead a little, and assume everyone present is being 'filled in' without describing it all again--since the readers already know what's going on.

Konata and Kagami were sitting together on one couch, while everyone else, save for Miyuki, were together on an identical sofa, one kotatsu's length away. The pink haired girl with the largest bustline was on her feet, holding the book open in one hand, while she held her opposite index finger in the air and proceeded to lecture the room on the situation so far.

"Dude," Hiyori spoke up, "this can't be for real! Just think of all the glorious, fabulous, over-the-top ecchi madness! It's a dream come true!!" She had been like this since the moment they all walked in the door--excited to the point that she might end up exploding.

Kagami folded her arms and blew a strand of hair out her face, "Ecchi madness, sure. Don't look at me for too long, or my docile little sister might murder you with an axe or something. That's what's really going on here, and it is not 'glorious', or 'fabulous'." As she spoke, Kagami wondered in the back of her mind just where Tsukasa was or what she was doing right now. She fully expected her phone to have at least rung one more time since she'd been hanging out at Konata's, but no call came. What's Tsukasa up to...? She's not....doing something weird in front of that poster, I wonder...?

Nobody was listening to her--Miyuki was bending over the couch behind the other girls, pointing out various 'interesting' topics in the book, while Hiyori looked as though just being able to hold it was some kind of blessing from God. Kagami was at a loss as she watched them. A moment ago, they were off the walls with excitement and emotion, but just a few calm words from Miyuki, and now they were all huddled around the book, giggling and carrying on, as if they were sitting on the older girl's knee having T'was the Night Before Christmas read to them. She'd have continued to marvel at the sudden change of mood, if not for the sudden, warm sensation on her thigh. She looked down.

"Kagamin," Konata was softly rubbing her palm over Kagami's thigh, grinning softly at her, "you kissed back, Kagamin. I always knew if I ever tried it, that you'd kiss back."

Kagami made a face, "I'm under a spell you hexed me with, Konata. Your magic was kissing you, not me." Deep inside, Kagami knew she was lying, but she wasn't about to clue Konata in on that.

"Shhhh..." To Kagami's amazement, Konata was actually being so bold as to 'shush' her. If it had been a few days ago, she'd have whacked her upside the head with that lamp on the table over there, but as things were, all she could do was bow her head, blush, and do as she was told. "Good girl," Konata giggled, stroking Kagami's hair with her other hand.

Kagami swallowed hard as Konata continued, whispering so as not to clue the other girls in, "You know, Kagamin, I kinda like you like this. You're so...complacent. We could really have a lot of fun, if you'd just let your hair down for once. Don't dare try to tell me you haven't at least thought about it once or twice, ne?" Konata brushed a strand of Kagami's lavender bangs out of her face, "You can go get Tsukasa, come back later tonight, and by the end of the evening, you'll both be free of the spell. You know I like to tease you, but if it's really that hard for you, I'll keep my trap shut afterwards. Promise."

Kagami sputtered. "I....Konata, e-even saying something like that is....I that really how you've felt all this time?"

Konata suddenly made a stern face, and her voice became eerily serious, "Believe it. And you know you have, too. Now admit to me that you've considered the possibility in the past."

Kagami shivered as Konata absently ran a hand down her spine. Perhaps the hardest part about all this, was that the random feelings of romance were making Kagami feel extremely....obedient. She had to wonder if this was a side of her that she'd been denying all this time, but was actually a real part of her personality. Closing her eyes, she gave in, and favored Konata with a few stiff nods.

"Good girl," Konata encouraged her again. "I'll leave the back door open. Be a good girl and bring your sister, and keep your glasses on until then."

Kagami nodded again, swallowing hard and not looking at Konata. She couldn't believe what was happening. Konata knew exactly what she was doing, however--she was inserting her own will under Kagami's weakened defenses and prying them away, layer by layer, easily slipping past them and dancing into Kagami's heart. She couldn't say for sure what she'd really do once Konata let her out of the house, but in the heat of the moment, she didn't think she'd be able to stop herself from obeying out of the pure need to release and be done with all this. Maybe....maybe Konata planned all this from the start? It's just....just kids experimenting....right?

Konata was stroking her cheek, now, slowly...she didn't have to have her eyes open to picture how the two of them must look right now. It was a mixed blessing when a shout from the other side of the room broke the mood.

"She...she didn't!!"

"Mmmehh? What's going on?" Kagami gently pushed Konata away in hopes nobody saw what they had been doing, but Konata grinned, making a mental note of the fact that Kagami had chosen to take her hand and hold it between her own in her lap, rather than just batting it away.

"Hiyori," Yutaka looked downright terrified, "she ran off with the book when we were busy chatting!"

Kagami would have lost it on the younger girls for being so irresponsible around the perverted, loose cannon that was Hiyori, but the sudden gentle stroking of Konata's hand on her back, out of the other girls' view, was enough to calm the stress right out of her body. She thought about the coming evening, and wondered if she and Tsukasa really would be okay with what Konata had suggested. The next step was to go talk to her sister. Hiyori plus that book equalled extreme danger, but from what Miyuki said, the book wasn't necessary to end the spell. They could cross the bridge of Hiyori when they came to it.

Yutaka was shivering on the far couch, with Minami gently holding her hand in attempts to calm her. Doubtless, she wasn't so naieve as to not know who Hiyori would most likely target first.
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Kagami stood up. "I don't think you don't have to worry for now, I mean it takes a while to figure out right, Konata."

"Nope." She smiled. "I only got it a couple of days ago." Yutaka clung to Minami, in fear of what could happen to them. "It's better they know, than lying." Kagami shook her head.

"Can't you see she's scared enough." She let out a sigh and lowered her head. "There's a ritual though, just make sure you don't get caught in the middle of a circle candles." She reached to pat Yutaka, but stopped; afraid to touch the small weak girl, because even though she kissed Konata it done nothing to help, only increased the need to get rid of the hex. She looked over at Minami, who gave her a nod.

She walked to the door. Konata walked with her and took her hand. "i'll see you tonight?" Konata asked seductively, whispering in her ear. Her face went red, as her body could feel her want for Konata touching her, fingering her, anything to get rid of this, welling up inside her.

"Yeah...I'll be here tonight. With or without Tsukasa, though I'd rather get rid of it for both of us." Konata smiled and turned her around, gently putting her against the door and kissed her passionately. Kagami wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close to her, not wanting this feeling to fade or grow stronger. Kagami's hand started pushng up Konata's shirt, without realizing it. Konata pulled her hands away, putting her shirt back down.
"Tsk tsk, not right now, Kagamin." She grinned. Kagami's face went red.
"I..I..I didn't even know I was doing it."

Konata's grin grew. "We can go to my room now, if you can't wait any longer." She whispered to her. Kagami's eyes widen behind the glasses , staying against the door.
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Kagami bit her lip, the temptation was great. Almost overwhelming her, she knew that if she left now she was gonna regret it. But if she fell into the seduction; into a succubus's temptation of lust; then she would regret it.

Kagami slowly shook her head, she grit her teeth and forcefully said; "I don't want our first time to be like this.." A fierce red blush appeared on Kagami's face as she averted her gaze from Konata. Konata, although shocked and amazed by Kagami's resistance, was even more shocked by what her best friend just said. Konata stared at the pig-tailed girl for a short while.

"Kagamin..." Konata put her hand on Kagami's, their eyes set sight upon one another once again. Deeply, intensely into each other's eyes. Once more, Konata brought her taller lover's head closer to hers and kissed her passionately. Leaving each others lips a hair away from their touch; still gazing deeply into her lovers eyes she whispered; "I love you, Kagami."

Kagami's body shook as Konata whispered into her ear, it made her feel weird. Different than to anyone else before, not a feeling of lust after the female body she set her sights upon. She saw her; her small blue haired friend and recalled her feelings to her. It's as if she didn't want anyone else no longer; those words she never imagined her otaku-friend to say to anyone at all. They sent her into the clouds; making her heart race crazily.

S-stop.. joking.. It was only a wishful thought. Kagami knew Konata was being honest with her just then. ..I want to be sure.. She didn't want it to be a lie; the way they usually spent their time together, she didn't want to lose it. And the time now, even if Kagami was under influence of the spell; she never wanted to forget it...

I love you... the words she sincerely longed for; words that no guy would tell her; words she didn't take seriously when it came from girls. But this time it was different, this time it was for real, her best friend loved her in that way. "I.. Konata..." Kagami muttered under her breath. The blue haired girl didn't move an inch as she continued to stare at the one she loved.

Konata then closed her green eyes and softly put her finger on Kagami's lips. A grin, although different from usual appeared on her lips as she shushed the elder twin. "Get Tsukasa here and ''answer'' me, okay?"
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That one word, reverberating over and over again in Kagami's mind, pretty much summed up her entire thought process on the way home. She glanced at the sky--late afternoon. It would be dusk before long, and she knew she was running out of stubborn resistance. She placed a hand over her heart as she watched a bird gently soaring towards a nest, high in a nearby tree, with a worm in its mouth.

"She...she told me she loved me," Kagami informed the bird, "a-and that tone she took...she has to have done all this on purpose." As she watched the mother feed its young, her thoughts briefly turned to wondering if birds felt any real feelings for their loved ones, other than just survival instinct. Shuddering, she shut her eyes tightly and began to walk quickly the rest of the way to the Hiiragi residence. Her mind was completely overwhelmed by thoughts of romance by now, and she knew it.

Dinner passed without incident, and Kagami was grateful. Apart from a few jokes from her parents and older sisters regarding her new choice in fashion, everybody was in a lighthearted enough mood not to notice her somber demeanor; nor did they order her to remove the sunglasses, in deference to the evening's meal. She was convinced that it was by sheer luck alone that she made it through the social interaction at all in this way--she could only tempt fate so many more times, before she would be forced to look at somebody she'd regret feeling romantic love for in the morning.

Kagami finished in the bath for the evening, and was at his point wandering down the upstairs hallway barefoot, wearing a set of yellow pajamas and with a towel tied around her head. The plush carpeting felt good on the soles of her feet, but the smile it stirred up in her only lasted until she wandered past her sister's closed bedroom door. Tsukasa had acted relatively normal this evening at dinner, leaving Kagami to wonder if her twin had suddenly become cunning enough not to let on. She knew she wouldn't be able to resist going back to Konata's tonight--if she tried, her feet would most likely carry her there anyway. Even now they wouldn't respond to her commands, and she found herself gently rapping on Tsukasa's door with the back of her knuckles, rather than just walking away, as she had tried to command her body to do.

She...she said for me to bring Tsukasa along... Kagami had to sigh again, and she placed a hand over her heart, listening to it flutter in her brain. Am I really this far gone? Everything Konata's asked me to do today I've just...done. No real complaints, no smacking her upside the head...nothing. Just because she told me to do this, I'm doing it. What have I become? If I wait any longer, will I end up a complete slave to a pretty face? She furrowed her brow, N-not that she has a pretty face or anything, what with those beady eyes and that silly mole, and the unkempt hair, and...a-and... Even as she was trying to talk some sense into herself, the image of Konata in her mind caused her to blush. She was only able to bring herself out of the recollection once she realized that Tsukasa wasn't answering her door.

Kagami knocked again--nothing. She tried the knob, and the door latch clicked open.

"Tsukasa? I'm coming in..."

Kagami wasn't sure whether to be exasperated, disgusted, flattered, or excited when she gazed upon the scene before her. Tsukasa was lying on her bed on her back, upside down, wearing nothing but a sheer pink slip that was riding up on her to the point that it just barely covered her adolescent girlhood. She was panting slowly, drawing in deep breaths and giggling slightly whenever she felt her lungs deflate, as though that simple act were somehow tickling her. She looked completely exhausted, and one of her arms was hanging limply over the side of the bed. The poster of her elder twin was still in place above the headboard, and Kagami was neither fool enough, nor sheltered enough, not to be able to assume what had transpired.

"T-tsu....Tsukasa...." Kagami whispered, quietly clicking the door closed behind her and softly stepping into the room, "Y-you didn't....just...." She made it all the way over to the bedside, staring down at her sister's sweaty forehead and overheated expression, " did, didn't you?"

"Oh, oneechan..." Tsukasa cracked her eyelids open. Her gaze was distant, as though she wasn't really 'seeing' Kagami, despite looking straight at her.

Kagami caught a whiff of a scent she was familiar with, but one that up until now, she had only ever detected before in the privacy of her own bedroom. Gently, she unwrapped the towel from her head and began to caress Tsukasa's bare legs, arms, and neck with it, trying to dab up the perspiration. "I guess...I guess I really am an idiot," she spoke idly while she worked, "to not think my little sister...did these kind of things. We're pretty much the same age."

She couldn't tell if Tsukasa was listening, but as she worked, the smaller girl squrimed a bit every now and then, sighing or giggling as though she were being molested. Kagami had to glance at her own hand, just to make sure all she was doing was cleaning Tsukasa's damp skin, as opposed to god knows what else her body probably wanted to do by now. For a time, she worked in silence, periodically glancing up at the poster of herself on the wall. many times has she done this? A-and...t-to...a poster of m-me....?

"Oneeee...." Tsukasa broke the silence by softly whining, and Kagami noticed her distraction had caused her to rub a spot on Tsukasa's inner thigh a bit longer than was necessary. Her sister grabbed her wrist, but Kagami was able to wrench it away anyway, just as their eyes met.

"Why did you stop...?"

" know there's something wrong with you, right? Y-you know that...that you're sick right now, right? We..." Kagami smiled weakly, gently running her fingers through Tsukasa's hair, "...we have to do something about all this, before it's too late."

Tsukasa smiled dreamily, and reached up to caress her sister's cheek. The gentle touch was more than enough to cause Kagami to sigh softly, as Tsukasa guided her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and came up behind her, wrapping her arms around her elder twin's shoulders. 'Nothing's wrong with me," Tsukasa whispered in Kagami's ear, "why don't you just sleep here tonight, hmm? C'mon, oneechan..." Tsukasa began to caress Kagami's tummy with the softness of her fingertips, "I'm an airhead, but I'm not stupid. I heard about the glasses already. What you're going through must be terribly painful."

With a look of genuine concern on her face, Tsukasa repositioned Kagami so that they were both looking into a full length, freestanding mirror that was nearby. Tsukasa pressed a soft kiss to her sister's cheek, who was by now deeply flushed and pretending that staring at her own lap was the most captivating thing in the world.

"All you have to do, onee-chan, is slip them off for me." Tsukasa cooed the words out, dipping them in the sweet nectar of romance, "You know I won't tell a soul, right? I can't believe you've never thought about it before..."

"Eh?" Kagami looked up, into the reflection of Tsukasa's predatory face. This was far beyond 'odd' behavior for the normally docile girl--if Kagami didn't know any better, she'd think she was being hit on by a thirty year old woman. Something was wrong, and Kagami began to search Tsukasa's eyes for any sign of the girl she knew, even as Tsukasa had taken to drawing her tongue up and down the yeilding flesh of the nape of Kagami's neck.

'Never thought about it before?' Kagami echoed the words in her mind, shivering as she received her sister's touch, "T-tsu....h-hey...." Kagami began to sputter softly, "...K-konata said the same thing. Wh-what's going on, here? What...what did she really do to--"

With a yelp, Kagami was completely cutoff, and found herself flat on her back on Tsukasa's bed, with her sister gazing down into her eyes, pinning her arms and legs down with her own.


"Uh-uh," Tsukasa grinned, "You were at her house almost all day after school today, weren't you? You're my sister. She's just trying to steal you away from me." Tsukasa leaned down and forced Kagami into a kiss, pressing her lips hard against the slightly older girl's.

Kagami felt a tear roll down her cheeks as Tsukasa kissed her. N-no...Tsukasa's still in there, I'm sure of it. They said...they said the longer this went on, the more likely she might turn to jealousy, a-and...that has to be why she's acting this way. I refuse to believe my sister isn't still in there. Kagami wrenched her arms free and placed her hands on Tsukasa's cheeks, pushing her back a few inches.

"I...I love you, Tsukasa..."

"Mmmmm, that's what I was hoping to hear..."

"N-no, that's not what I mean..." Tears began to cloud Kagami's vision, but she continued, "'ve got to understand that having a twin sister is the best thing that ever happened to me. So many people never get to experience a blessing like that. I love you, and I want the best for you. Th-there's a way out of this, Tsukasa. I-if you let me up...I....I..." Kagami swallowed hard, knowing that she'd never be able to go back on her next words, and still be able to look her sister in the face, ever again. "I promise, we're going over to Konata's tonight, and I will make this better. For both of us. I can't even study right now, my mind's so clouded, and yours seems even worse. I will make us both happy again, no matter what...o-or who...I have to do."

Tsukasa sighed, and sat up. Kagami immediately did the same, making use of the opportunity to slide off the bed and gaze back at her sister. Poor Tsukasa... "I..." Kagami reached out and tenderly touched Tsukasa's clammy hand, smiling genuinely, "I'll make you happy, little sister. I will. I'm flattered by all of this, I really am. Please...just trust me, okay?"

Tsukasa nodded, "I trust you, onee-chan. After all," She smiled, looking back up at Kagami, "you promised me, right? Y-you''re mine though, onee-chan. Don't forget that. I've been waiting too long. Way longer than anybody else."

It was then that Kagami noticed a photo album, lying open on the floor on the other side of Tsukasa's bed. Pictures of their last school field trip. Only one image made any difference to Kagami, and it was enough to cause her to swallow hard.

In a group photo of all of their friends, Tsukasa had driven an opened safety-pin, straight through Konata's forehead.

She patted Tsukasa on the shoulders and receeded, slowly backing out of the room. "M-midnight, Tsukasa. I'll come for you. You'll stay here....r-right?"

Tsukasa only nodded in response, and began to draw her fingers up her own thigh, posing as she smiled. Tsukasa softly shut the door, and then made haste back to her room, barging in and preparing to get dressed to leave the house in a few hours. Oh god, the only way my own sister is going to stay put in that room is if she goes back to...w-what she was doing before I got there. This is out of control! W-what if she gets bored in the next couple of hours? What if she knocks? What....what if she tries to hurt herself? S-should I go back out there and keep an eye on her? Should I stay here?"

Kagami swallowed hard, looking down at her open palms, which now smelled strongly of her sister, "What...what was the meaning of that photo album? I-if I don't end this now...what will she do...?"
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Kagami looked at the clock. It was close for them to go and try to fix this godawful hex. I hope this works. She closed her eyes tightly. She didn't really want to do this, she didn't want to have to do this with her sister, but if it was the only way, then why not. It could be thrown off as experimenting and she only has to do it once and never talk about it again.

Her mind wondered to Konata. I love you That's what she said, with a sincere voice. I wish I could take her seriously. "She's always joking around and I can never tell when she's serious. Though..she seemed like she meant it." Her face started going red from a mental picture of the short blue haired girl. Her eyes widen at a new thought that entered her mind. If she does love me, how long has she loved me? Did all her teasing meant she loved me

"I guess we better get going." She got off her bed and wondered in a daze to her sister's room. She gently rapped on it. There was a rustle on the side, letting Kagami know she wasn't ready. Kagami smiled lightly. "I'm coming in.." She opened the door, only to be met by her sister's lips.

"Ready." She smiled. She took her sister's hand, caressing it softly.

"Come on." She pulled her sister along, who went with her willingly. She let go of her hand, only to take Kagami's arm, putting her almost flat chest against it. Kagami start blushing feeling her chest against her arm.

They walked out of the house unnoticed. "You know, I know it must be hard what your going through." She smiled. "Every touch sets you off, every pretty face, makes you want to grab and kiss them." Tsukasa put her hand on the inside of Kagami's thigh, rubbing it softly. Kagami's body froze, her whole body felt like it was on fire. The only cool thing that could put out the fire, was Tsukasa's hand. She could feel the hand push up her skirt. Kagami's hand shook as she tried to put up some resistance. She could feel Tsukasa play with the edge of her panties, and started pulling on them. Kagaim pushed Tsukasa away. " we...get to Konata's.."
"No!" She glared into Kagami's eyes. "I'm tired of you running to her." She held onto her. "Why can't you just stay with me like I know you want to." She rested her head against Kagami's chest as tears formed in her eyes. "Am I that horrible?"
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"N-no.. it's not that.."

Tsukasa looked up to her pig-tailed twin with puppy-dog; hopeful eyes. Hope that her sister changed her mind or would do so after seeing her like this.

"Why can't you just say with me... love me like I know you want to!" Love... huh... "I love you... Get Tsukasa here and answer me, okay?" Konata and Tsukasa's words kept repeating itself through her mind as she looked down into Tsukasa's eyes.

Determining herself, Kagami pushed Tsukasa away from her. "Tsukasa." The younger twin showed her shock and seemed to become paralyzed as she looked at her 'onee-chan'. "If it's fabricated love like how I feel right now. Like how you feel right now. What's the truth in that? -- I don't want that! Not now, not ever. If it's to cure us then... maybe... but we only know that when we get to Konata's... I-if.. you really want me to love you then... come with me and we'll... we'll..."

Tsukasa closed her eyes and nodded her head. If she even tried to push her sister even more, she would lose her. She would just have to be obedient, as much as she disliked it. Tsukasa walked toward her sister and clasped their hands together. Kagami showed a soft smile as Tsukasa did so; little did Tsukasa know, Kagami was resisting her urges, her lust with everything she had. The kind, obedient and shy Tsukasa was just that much cuter to her. Just that more delicious. But every time she looked at her, she reminded herself of the words that got told to her.

The road to Konata's house was never the less a long one, Tsukasa had clung herself to Kagami's arm in "fear" of robbers or scary old men, occasionally rubbing her body purposely to make sure Kagami was sure to feel it: her lust. But the enchanting voice of Konata remained within her and she managed to get there; although exhausted.

"Konata, we're here!" she shouted.
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Kagami and Tsukasa found themselves creeping silently up the staircase that so many of their mutual friends had occupied only hours earlier. Kagami recalled all the chatter and banter from the late afternoon--the way she felt right now, with her heart leaping into her throat, made the current silence seem much louder.

Konata hadn't met them at the door. Rather, Kagami had looked up to notice a light, flashing in the blue-haired girl's bedroom window. The pattern was morse code for "SOS". Of course, Kagami immediately knew there was no emergency--this was a tactic Konata had derived from watching too many old war movies with her father. It was the only morse code any of the girls knew, so the message served to denote any number of things they might have wanted to communicate silently in the past. This time, it simply had to mean that the coast was clear. If it hadn't been, Konata would have signaled them by not leaving the back door unlocked. When they reached Konata's doorknob, Kagami glanced into her sister's dreamy face.

"'re really sure you want to do this?"

Tsukasa only beamed back at her. That was enough for Kagami to swallow hard and turn the knob, stepping into the room proper.

A full moon spilled past the drawn curtains of Konata's bedroom. Of course, she'd left no other lights on--allowing the moonlight to silently kiss everything in the room, giving all if it a romantic sheen. Kagami reasoned that it couldn't have been more perfect if it were the set for a mushy 'chick flick', but then, she probably felt that way because of the continued effects the magic was having on her. She felt her heart skip a beat, this...this really is going to end tonight. I-if she pushes me...if either of them push me, I know I'm not going to be able to hold out, anymore...

Konata was standing in the corner of the room, with her back to her guests. Kagami's eyebrow twitched.

"Aren't you even going to greet us? What are you doing, any--"

Kagami's voice was cut off by the opening theme to the anime To Heart, which had begun to blare from Konata's CD player. Konata didn't turn around, but Kagami could practically feel the girl's signature grin, plastered all over her face.

"Hm? Why, mood music, of course!"

"Oh hell no, you perverted little monkey!" Kagami clenched her fist, and Tsukasa couldn't help but balk a bit, loosening her grip on her sister's arm, "Off, Konata. NOW."

Konata sighed, "Awww, Kagamin's never any fun. I mean, three high school girls in the throes of romance? Isn't that just like a big ol' shoujo/yuri party? The thought of not having a theme song for the occasion..."

"This is not the climax of your favorite yuri show, Konata, and I am not making love to you with that playing in the backg--" Kagami cut herself off and began to blush furiously, twiddling her thumbs, "I-I mean, I'm not j-just gonna hang around here while you d-do more....s-stupid....s-stuff..."

Konata fiddled with the CD player and halved the volume, until just a gentle hint of Vivaldi was humming softly from the device. She smirked audibly, "Heh, I think I'll let you off without a tease this time for that comment, Kagamin. I seem to have become quite a softie in the past few hours."

Kagami glanced back up, curiousity causing her to focus on her tiny friend through the sunglasses. It wasn't like her to just give up on such a perfect opening for sexual innuendo, "W-wait, what? What are you talking--"

Kagami and Tsukasa both gasped in unison as Konata, barefoot and dressed only in a fuzzy, sea-green bathrobe, turned around. She had a pair of sunglasses on her face, exactly the same style as the ones she had given Kagami the other day.

"Y-you don't have the book anymore," Kagami started blurting out, not waiting for an explanation, "s-stop mocking me! S-stop...stop playing with my heart like this, Konata...! D-dammit...." the thought that her best friend would make this light of her feelings was just about enough to send Kagami storming out of the room, but before she could even turn around, Konata shrugged, grinning sheepishly.

"Ah, eh heh...I wish I could say that's all I was doing, Kagamin, but I'm afraid she got me." Konata waved her arm at the circle of candles on the floor. They were all extinguished, and some of them were laying on their sides. "Little witch, she must be having a field day with my book." Konata clenched her fist, "Oh, the things I'd do to her when I get my hands on that book, again. I mean, she climbed the tree outside my window and waited for me to start cleaning up the circle! Little sniper, fragging me with my own magic! It was all I could do to go on damage control and grab my spare shades before I accidentally looked at her! I'm not even into kids!"

Pssh, Kagami couldn't help thinking, look at you, you are still just a kid.

Konata placed her thumb and index finger on the frame of her sunglasses, slowly beginning to lift them, "But, since I did manage to save myself for you, heh...I guess it's about time we got start--"


Both Kagami and Konata gaped in shock at Tsukasa's sudden scream. In a fraction of a second, she was between the two of them, her hand firmly on top of Konata's, blocking her from taking off the glasses.

"N-no..." Tsukasa's face was a mess of warm blush and tears, "K-kona-chan, w-why are you doing this?" Tsukasa's voice was small and meek--even Konata couldn't maintain her usual grin at the sound of that voice. "I-I'm in love with onee-chan...y-you don't have the right to her. Sh-she and I have been together since we were born! P-please..." Tsukasa began to sob, "D-don't....don't take her away from me. I won't know what to do without her..."

"Tsukasa..." Kagami took a step forward and placed her hand comfortingly on her sister's quivering shoulder. She couldn't help but smile. That was the Tsukasa Kagami had grown up with. That, right there, was the innocent, sweet, confused girl that Kagami had always stood up for. It seems she was indeed still in there, somewhere, despite all the sexual innuendo of late.

"I...uh..." Konata was at a loss, much to both her own and Kagami's disbelief, "T-tsukasa...I wasn't gonna, y'know, like...steal her away from you forever or anything like that, y'know?" Konata began to chuckle dryly, trying in vain to raise the morale in the room. "I kinda figured you guys would already have, y'know...done your thing, by now," she glanced at Kagami, "Right?"

Kagami looked away. That was enough of a cue that Tsukasa, much as Konata had erroneously assumed, wasn't over the spell that had been cast on her yet, after all.

Kagami stroked Tsukasa's back, tenderly, "Shhh, hey now. I'm not going to leave you, I promise. Sisters forever, right?" She was overjoyed to see that her fears about the photo album on Tsukasa's bedroom floor appeared to be unfounded, as she watched her little sister bury her face in Konata's bathrobe, tightly gripping the fabric in both hands.

"Y-yeah, hey," Konata chuckled, petting Tsukasa's hair, "N-no more games, right? I'm not gonna do anything else to mess with anybody."

"You're right, Konata. You're NOT."

The next few seconds flashed by so fast, nobody involved would later have been able to describe exactly what had happened. Kagami was at her breaking point, and there was only one way she could let this happen without somebody in the trio hating themselves in the morning. Easily being the most athletic among them, Kagami had little trouble shoving her little sister straight off her feet and out of the way, onto Konata's bed. Konata had no time to even think about closing her eyes before Kagami grabbed her, twisted her into a classic sleeper hold, tore the glasses off her face, and forced her head in Tsukasa's direction.

"You're not gonna mess with us anymore, because now, you're in love with my little sister!! And I..." Kagami was past the point of hesitation, and adrenaline had taken complete control of her. She ripped her own glasses off and forced herself to gaze at the back of Konata's little blue head, staring at the part in her hair, just below her antennae. "And I'm in love....with you. N-now we're all...s-stuck in a circle...u-until...until we..."

Kagami couldn't finish her sentence. She wasn't a fool--she know what was happening to her. As the moments passed, everything about Konata was rapidly becoming far more alluring than anyone she'd been around earlier in the day. Konata's scent filled Kagami's nostrils, and she drank deeply of it. She sensed the smell as it changed from the typical, familar scent of her friend, into a wonderful, strawberry sweet, natural perfume.

Suddenly, Konata's hair wasn't an 'unkempt mess' anymore. It was a thick, flowing blue waterfall before Kagami's eyes, cascading perfectly down Konata's shoulders and her own arms, as she held her in place. Her skin was expertly crafted porceline, and Kagami was compelled to loosen her grip, for fear of damaging it.

"Konata, I..." Kagami shuddered, burying her face in the back of Konata's head and taking another deep, entrancing breath, "...did you change your...your shampoo, or something...?"

Konata, however, was already slipping out of Kagami's weakened grasp. She crawled along the bed on all fours until she was directly on top of Tsukasa, and cupped the exasperated girl's cheek gently in one hand, "I...I never noticed," Konata smiled down at Tsukasa, more genuinely than usual, "how that ribbon you always have in your hair just...frames your face, so perfectly." Konata felt a gentle sensation against her cheek, only to find Kagami there, on her knees beside her on the bed, brushing her lips softly against her little friend's cheek.

Tsukasa reached up and stroked Kagami's face the same way Konata was stroking hers, and all three of them looked into one another's eyes, all at the same time. It was a moebius loop of sensuality. Each girl, all at the same time, felt desperate love for the person to the left of her, and a strong desire to be kind to the person to the right of her; if only to please the one on the left. Tsukasa sat up, and the three of them found themselves all on Konata's bed on their knees, gazing into one another's eyes.

"N-now, all we have to do..." Kagami choked off her own words by filling her mouth with Konata's lips, folding her hands together and blushing as she indulged in her desire to taste her dear friend turned lover.

Konata giggled, pushing back just a bit, "Heh, all seems pretty simple now, huh?" She glanced at Tsukasa, "I just....I never thought it would" Following suit, Konata drew Tsukasa's face close, and deeply kissed her, letting out a tense breath of air as she let her body melt into Kagami's little sister.

It was Tsukasa's turn to draw back a little bit. There was genuine affection for Konata in her eyes, and she let her stare linger for a moment before turning her attention to Kagami.

"Sister...let's all...let's all just let go now, huh?" Tsukasa drew her tongue along Kagami's cheek, who shivered, wrapping her arms around her in an embrace. "N-nobody will ever know, except...for the three of us."

Tsukasa began to slip the blushing Kagami's shirt up over her head, even as Konata bent over, and began to kiss Tsukasa tenderly along the inner thigh.


Yutaka yawned as she wandered sleepily from the upstairs bathroom, on her way back to bed. It had been such a busy, exciting day, and her heart had given her quite an exhaustive scare when she'd heard about the magic book falling, as it were, into 'enemy hands'. She drew her robe tightly around herself, and would have wandered all the way back to her room, had her ear not caught a soft sound on the wind that resembled moaning.

"Huh...?" Yutaka glanced at her elder cousin, Konata's door. There were definately noises coming from the other side of it, "...two in the morning? What's she up to...?"

Yutaka gasped as she glanced through the keyhole into Konata's bedroom. As much as she knew it was wrong to do so, she couldn't tear her voyeuristic eyes away from the scene before her. Her older cousin and her two friends--her sempai at school, they were....they were...

Somebody, other than the three of them, now knew.
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The three laid naked, holding one another. Tuskasa laid between the two, her head laid between Kagami's small chest, her hand gently resting on one of her breast. Kagami gently laid her hand on Konata's cheek smiling at her. Konata kept an arm wrapped around Tsukasa's waist, holding her close to her own naked body. The room smelled strongly of their mixed scents and sweat.

"Th...tha...that..was...interesting.." Kagami commented, breathing heavily. Konata let go of Tsukasa and laid on her back, looking at the blank ceiling. Her grin grew onto her face.

" That was fun, we should do it more often."

Kagami's face went red. "Sh..Shut up..idiot.." She sat up, Tsukasa moved her grip to around her waist. "We only did this to break this hex that you got us into."

"So why did you choose me to fall in love with?" Kagami turned her head, her face went redder from embarrassment. "Come on Kagamin." Konata ran a finger gently down Kagami's bare back, making her jump.

"It was the only way it would come out equal..that's all." She stood up putting her clothes back on, Tsukasa doing the same. "But remember, this stays between us." She looked at Tsukasa who nodded and than back Konata, who blew her a kiss, making the taller girl blush. "We'll see you tomorrow."

"You're not going to spend the night?" She laid back on the bed. "We can have another go around."

Kagami shook her head, as Tsukasa blushed deeply. "It's so late already. Besides, we have to get a change of clothes and everything." She took Tsukasa's hand, making her blush even more. "We'll see you tomorrow." She repeated and walked out.

The next morning Konata woke up, to someone pushing on her. "Not..yet.." She mumbled turning away from the source.

"'" Her smaller cousin urged. She sounded distant, but it was enough to make Konata get up and looked around. Yukata quickly got out, her face going red as the older girl got up.

"I wonder what's gotten into her?" She yawned and got up,shuffling down to the kitchen.
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Kagami took in a deep breath and smiled. The air all around her no longer had the delicious flavor of human pheremones. As she glanced around the train that took them all to school every morning, she realized all she was seeing were random commuters. All she could smell was the cheap perfume of the old lady that was sleeping beside her, and all she could hear were the normal sounds of the everyday morning rush.


The banter she exchanged with Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki on the way to school was completely normal, boorish chatter. It might have been more, but none of the three of them, with the possible exception of Konata, were excited by the prospect of bringing up to their pink-haired friend just what they'd been up to last night. Kagami glanced at Konata as the four of them walked the halls outside class, taking note of the blue haired girl's typical, smug grin. She couldn't help but wonder if Konata felt like a teenage boy who'd finally talked his girlfriend into sleeping with him.

It doesn't matter, Kagami mused, looking away, it's over, now. No more raybands, no more ridicule, no more more lust... She placed a hand over her heart and allowed her mind to chance back to the highlights of the previous evening. She wouldn't allow herself to admit it, but now that it was all over, something just seemed to be...missing, in her heart.

"Yo, four eyes! How ya doi--eh? No shades?" Kagami blinked back to the present, jarred by Misao's voice and a hard slap on the back, "Awww, geez! I haven't run out of Shadowrun jokes yet!"

"Tch," Kagami snerked, proud of the fact that she could look Misao straight in the eye again, "I'll Shadowrun you out on the softball diamond next time, smartass. it was a....temporary prescription. Turns out my eyes aren't as sensitive as the doctor thought."

Misao shrugged, dissmissing all of Kagami's woes throughout the past few days with nothing more than a simple gesture, "Meh, oh well, whatever. That's cool, I guess. Congratz, ne?"

Kagami chuckled, genuinely pleased to be able to interact with her friends again, without the fear of accidentally grabbing one of them by the cheeks and planting a messy, wet on on them. She casually waved goodbye to the three stooges (Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki), and walked along to her own classroom with Misao and Ayano. Again, the subject of the banter was as nothing to her--she was merely content with the fact that she felt like a part of the group, after several days of mixed fear and confused, romantic emotions.

"Stand! Bow!"

The clock chimed noon. Time for lunch.

Kagami's morning had been as it always used to be, and she was glad to be once again catching up on her studies. There had been no room in her heart or mind for the past few days for anything but romance, and she had to wonder just what effect all of this really would have had on her grades, had it lasted any longer.

On her way to the lunchroom, Kagami came upon a male and female student, pressed up against some lockers, openly necking. Geez, she thought, as she quickly trotted by them, blushing, you guys ever heard of PDA? I mean, get a room or something. Oh well, at least they aren't both girl...girl...oh...oh my god...

Kagami's train of thought was completely derailed by the scene before her. The cafeteria was as full as anyone would expect from this time of day, but here before her were scores--no, hundreds of students, openly making out with one another! Boys had other boys pinned to the ground; girls had other girls bent over the benches. Kagami knew in an instand that whatever was going on, it had to be the result of a 'drive by magic-ing'. As with any high school, the respective genders usually sat apart from each other, and that could easily explain why less than half the couplings were heterosexual.

Hearing a familiar voice over the noisy din of lovemaking, Kagami whirled around to lay her eyes on the culprit. Hiyori was wearing the same ridiculous pointy-hat getup Konata had on days ago, and she was just putting the finishing touches on perhaps her hundreth cast of that infamous spell this afternoon. Poor, helpless Yutaka stood staring at her classmate, like a deer caught in the headlights. She must have been accosted the moment she stepped into the room.

"HEY!" Kagami screamed loud enough to distract Hiyori's attention momentarily, "Just what the HELL do you think you're doing!?"

"Oh ho!" Hiyori wrapped her silly looking black cloak around herself, striking a classic 'bad guy' pose, "And what's this? Could it be that you finally consumated incestuous acts with your sister? Or maybe it was Konata?" Laughing, Hiyori reached out and plastered a pair of the by now all too familiar goth raybands over Yutaka's eyes, "Here you go, dear. Now you keep those on until I introduce you to a certain...somebody."

Kagami rolled up her sleeve, storming towards Hiyori, "I don't care if you are an underclassman, manga-girl! Where the hell do you get off doing this to everybody! You just bought yourself the bitchslapping of a lifetime, for causing this....this..." Kagami faltered a bit as she glanced out over the throng of bodies, cavorting all around her, looking for a term to describe it all.

"An Apocalyptic zombie love-plague?? Sweet!"

Both Kagami and Hiyori turned to watch Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki enter the room. Konata furrowed her brow, continuing with her comment, "Granted, I can't say I wouldn't have done something like this myself, but YOU--" Konata leveled an accusatory finger on Hiyori, "YOU dare to love-snipe the Great Konata-Allakhazam with her own magic!? Turn over my book, heathen, or face the wrath of the Hiiragi beatdown machine that's bearing down on you, over there!"

Geez, Kagami sighed to herself, The blue troll is actually enjoying this! Look at that grin! It was true, Konata had a wide grin on her face, and she struck a pose that one might find quite similar to something out of Charlie's Angels. Konata began to circle Hiyori, trying to sandwich the girl between the two of them.

All the while, Tsukasa and Miyuki were glancing around the room, blushing at the scene before their eyes. Even Tsukasa wasn't naive enough to not realize how this all must have happened. Miyuki gently placed her hands on Yutaka's shoulders and guided the poor, stunned girl back to a safe spot, standing between her two sempai.

"Kagamin! Get her!"

Before Kagami even had a chance to react, a flash of white light was already heading in her direction. Instinctively she turned away, shutting her eyes tightly until the luminescence passed, "H-how the hell did you learn to cast that spell so fast! A-and for that matter, how is it even working at all, without the magic circle??"

"Practice makes perfect," Hiyori giggled, singing her words. She began to shift her gaze between Kagami and Konata, trying to keep her eyes on both of them at once. "Did you not notice the big circle of candles all around the campus this morning? Why--why no! I guess you didn't!" Hiyori began to cackle, "I guess that must be because I hid them all! After all, I can't have my nefarious plans ruined before they reach their apex! I WILL sketch naked Yuri love pictures of Yutaka-chan and Minami-chan! I WILL! They're made for each other, they just haven't realized it yet! And none of you can stop me!! AH HAA HAAAAA!"

"Th-that...that's what this is all about?" Kagami sighed, rubbing her temples, "Oh, for the love of.....geezus!" Scowling, Kagami threw up her hands and stormed away, back towards Tsukasa and Miyuki.

"Onee-chan? What about the war?"

"There is no 'war', Tsukasa. There's nothing but a pair of perverted old men, trapped in the bodies of high school girls. Better to just let them cancel each other out. All these people are probably completing the spell right now, so all of this will eventually go away on its own."

"Ohhh..." Tsukasa wasn't paying attention, as usual. Rather, with a deep blush on her cheeks, she was intently watching Misao and Ayano, as the two kissed passionately nearby. Misao had her hand up Ayano's shirt, and was clearly copping a feel of the other girl.

"S-stop that!" Kagami interposed herself between Tsukasa and the source of her distraction, "Geez! Let's just get out of here, and at least give these people their privacy!" She didn't even have time to finish her thought before she caught a glimpse of another flash of white light out of the corner of her eye. Terrified, she threw herself on the floor and covered her head with her arms, "Incoming! Get down!"


When she was content the light had faded, Kagami was obliged to look up, after hearing such a scream emit from little Konata. Shakespeare she wasn't, but all the same, Konata had since nabbed a foldable yardstick from the bag of a random student, unfolded it, and was swinging it wildly at Hiyori.

"Is that all you've got?" Hiyori grinned, and while dodging and deflecting blows with the back of a cafeteria tray, she was again trying to snipe poor Konata with the love spell. Konata had thought ahead, and though she was being blasted in the face with white light, she had already donned a pair of the protective sunglasses. Kagami made a mental note that it seemed those shades were good for more than just delaying an already successfully cast spell.

"H-hey guys," Kagami stood up and nudged Tsukasa's shoulder, "I think we might want to get the hell out of here, before we end up as collateral damage. Guys?" Kagami glanced over at Tsukasa and Miyuki, only to find the two of them with their hands pressed together in a bridge, deeply kissing one another, right overtop of Yutaka's dazed and bewildered head.

"Tch. Fragged. Should have saw that coming." Kagami just shrugged and gently guided Yutaka's body out from between and under the two underclassmen. "You okay?"

"I...uh..." Yutaka adjusted her sunglasses a bit, "This...this is what was the matter with you the other day, right?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry, Yutaka-chan," Kagami sighed, "we'll fix you up, I promise."

Yutaka folded her hands before her and began to blush, her eyes half lidding, "Oh, sempai...that's very kind of you. You smell awfully nice, too..."

"Y-yeah, yeah...I know." Kagami gently placed one palm over Yutaka's forehead, stopping her from 'accidentally' drawing any closer, as she had begun to do for the last few seconds. She didn't want to hit the girl--she knew what the poor thing must be going through, right now.

"ACK! *gasp*....*choke*....n-no...*coughcough* fair..."

Kagami turned at the sound of Hiyori's suddenly labored voice, to see Konata standing over her. Hiyori was still holding the book, but she was also holding her crotch, and a tear of pain was in her eye.

"Wow, do you have nads?" Konata, smug and smirking, folded her arms and stood over Hiyori, "I guess that's your little secret, huh?"

"Konata!" Kagami growled, holding herself back due to not wanting to leave Yutaka alone, "D-did you just kick her in the--that's a low blow! That can hurt a girl, too! Didn't you ever take a softball to the groin, or something!?"

Konata only shrugged, "That hurts girls, too? I don't play softball." She glanced back at Hiyori, grabbing one end of the book, "Meh, whatever. Now, little girl--give me back my spellbook, and maybe I'll point you towards somebody you actually like, before you take your own medicine!"

Kagami sighed, We could just end all this, but noooo....the monkey just has to have her revenge...

"I...I may..." Hiyori gasped and choked, but kept a firm hold on the book, "...I may or may not be able to have children anymore, witch, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be denied my wildest Yuri fantasies!" With that, she suddenly sprung to her feet and jerked the book away. Both girls pulled hard, until the ancient binding could no longer handle the strain.


Stupefied, Konata stared down at the remaining half of the tome of magic in her hands.

Hiyori was already disappearing into the crowd of lovers, making for the opposite exit. She quickly paged through her half of the book, only to grin, even as random boys and girls began to caress her thighs and kiss her cheeks, "I still have the lovespell! There's hope!" Seeming to enjoy the random attention from the horde of young lovers, she turned to flee, "Once I find Minami-chan, my genius will be complete! Oedipus Rex!!"

Kagami and Konata tried to give chase, but it was no use--Kagami didn't want to be groped by hundreds of random students while trying to make her way to the other side of the room, and Konata was already distracted, bemusedly watching Tsukasa and Miyuki helplessly make out, right there before her eyes.

Kagami held Yutaka tightly to her, protecting her, as she took in the scene. "My sister is making out with Miyuki, hundreds of underage students are shamelessly geting it on before my eyes, my perverted best friend is having wayyy too much fun with this, and miss evil genius just escaped with the cause of all the whole thing." She glanced at Konata, "I'm not letting Yutaka-chan out of my sight. So help me, Konata, if you want that book, you better get your hands on her before I do--cause I'm burning the damn thing if I ever see the rest of it again."

Konata was already leafing through the pages in her possession, "Aw, calm down, Kagamin. With all the teenage angst in the world, I'd bet money that once this is all over, our school is gonna be a less uptight, and more funloving place. Now, as soon as Miyuki is..." she glanced again at the pair of lovers, "...err, done, with that, let's see about getting her to translate some of this. There's gotta be a cool weapon in here we can use to save the day! Meanwhile..." Konata began to wander around Tsukasa and Miuyki in circles, merrily grinning, "I mean, damn, isn't that hot? C'mon, even you gotta admit, this is hot!"

The blind leading the blind... Kagami sighed. It was going to be a long rest of the day--assuming Hiyori hadn't already left the campus battleground, planning for a later strike.

If only we knew where the candles were...
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Kagami walked out of the caffeteria, Yutaka in tow. they walked down the hall in silence, Kagami slowly growing annoyed with Yutaka following her. after a while she whirled on Yutaka, a look of frustration on her face."why are you following me?" she asked finally.
Yutaka stopped and, looking down at the ground, replied "after what i saw you guys doing last night..." she paused, clasping her hands together in front of her."... i would rather be with you if something happened than with konata." kagami was taken aback. she had seen last nights happenings. Kagamis face burned with embarassment... but she understood Yutaka's feelings. "fine, whatever just dont... just dont take the shades off." Kagami sputtered.

they round a corner and kagami is blinded by a flash of light. disoriented, she falls back and hits her head on the floor, her vison swimming. she closes her eyes to see stars dancing on the backs of her eyelids.
"are you alright?". kagami opens her eyes to see Yutaka kneeling next to her, concern plain on her face. Am i alright?... kagami certainly felt alright but Yutaka looked... oh damn very alluring. kagami sat up and promptly grabbed yutaka. yutaka's cry of alarm was abruptly cut off by Kagami's lips capturing her own. Yutaka had not been expecting the kiss and Kagami gained a strange pleasure at Yutaka's surprise. she is so innocent she is simply adorable, Kagami thought. she set her mouth on Yutaka's neck licking from ear to collorbone, drawing a sensuous gasp from yutaka. Yutaka's body shivered, not from fear but anticipation. all these sensations were new to her and each came as a shock to her system. jolts of pleasure shot up and down her spine as Kagami's hands roamed at will, her own gently exploring Kagami's body in turn dispite her minds command to resist. Kagami's hand moved up her thigh to... Yutaka's moan is stifled as Kagami kisses her passionately. the sunglasses are drawn off her face and Yutaka melts into the kiss as the power of the sensations is suddenly magnified by the activation of the spell.

Konata rounds the corner to find kagami and her cousin on the floor, both in a state of undress. Her attention is captured by a flurry of movement. farther down the hall, Hiyori pushes herself off the wall she was leaning on while watching and upon seeing konata's expression bursts out laughing. Konata bellows a cry of rage and charges at Hiyori. hiyori charges as well issuing her own battle cry weilding a chalkboard eraser. Kagami and yutaka, slaves to their shared passion, are only dimly aware of the battle raging on behind them. konata manages to tackle hiyori but hiyori throws her off. Konata gets up slowly, recovering sluggishly after being thrown against a wall. hiyori, on her feet, makes a few quick gestures with her hands and mumbles something under her breath.

Konata sees a flash of blue light. she makes to attack hiyori again but her body refuses. she cannot move. she tries to talk, to roar some threat at Hiyori but her mouth wont move.
she is paralysed.

hiyori starts laughing and walks toward Konata. she grabs Konata by the shoulders and turns her body toward the two cavorting half-clad bodies on the floor."i owe you for earlier Konata." she places her head next to Konatas and aims konata's head toward Yutaka. oh no. no. no. no. no. she slowly drags the sunglasses off Konatas face. "watch them, Konata. look how they enjoy eachother." frozen in place, Konata is forced to look on as yutaka enjoys the pleasures of Kagami's body. she feels a twinge of jealousy regarding kagami. jealosy and betrayal. and need. need rapidly building inside her as she watched them. "yes you should be feeling it soon. if not, it is no matter. you wont be able to move for the next hour." she placed herself so her eyes are level with Konata's..."enjoy yourself while im gone." with that she walks around and behind konata, her laughter receding into the distance.

im gonna go insane...was konata's only rational though as both need and jealousy grew inside her by the second. one hour. her sanity wasnt going to last that long.
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Her eyes burning with both desire and rage, she could only watch helplessly the scene before her. Thinking of Hiyori, her outrage flared. Despite having been the initial cause of all of this, Konata couldn't stand being the victim. She was overcome with emotions and could do nothing about it.

She could only wait there watching Kagami and Yutaka wrapped around one another. Her eyes were burning for what seemed to her to be an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. Konata began to go into despair as she felt her sanity slipping away. The objects of her desire stood before her, yet she lacked the capability to do anything more than watch. It was utter torture.

Suddenly behind her she heard chanting and then felt water being poured over her head. She quickly came to her senses.

"Hey, what was that for!?" Konata was surprised to see herself standing and shouting. She could move! Looking up she saw that it was Miyuki who had said the inantations. Tsukasa stood beside her holding the bucket that had been used to pour water on Konata.

"Miyuki, Tsukasa, how did you dispel the paralysis spell?"

"Back when we were trying to find a cure for the love spell I looked through the book, remember? I was able to make out one passage that described a cure for physical ailments. Of course that wouldn't help with the love spell, but I thought it might be useful to commit the spell to memory." Miyuki responded.

Tsukasa had been blushing and averting her eyes from Miyuki the entire time. Miyuki hadn't so much as glanced at Tsukasa either. The two had suffered the same fate as countless other students at the school after all.

Overcoming her shock at being freed from her paralysis, Konata's feelings of desired resurged. She turned around to face Kagami and Yutaka whose hands were roaming over each other. Tsukasa, upon seeing her sister, blushed and looked away. Konata, unable to control her feelings any more, rushed over to the scene, leaving behind her half of the magic book.

Miyuki picked up the book and, casting a sympathetic glance towards her friends, walked off the scene, unable to watch any further. Tsukasa likewise followed Miyuki out.

Now that the book was in her possession, Miyuki was determined to carry on the battle against Hiyori for the sake of her friends and school. She began leafing through the book as she walked. Surely there must be something that can stop Hiyori...
"Cicadas, even though their lives last only a few weeks, fall in love and disappear"

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Miyuki sat in the school library, pouring over the remaining half of the ancient tome of magic as best she could. Thankfully, it appeared that none of the cavorting student body was studious enough to have been in this room at the time Hiyori went on her love rampage.

Blush was hot on Miyuki's cheeks, and sweat was forming on her brow. The latter was from her depth of concentration--granted, she was a smart girl, but translating ancient Aramaic was something really best left to professionals. She was lucky if she could understand a tenth of what she was reading, but it still put her farther ahead than anyone else in the school.

The blush was from the multitude of copulation scenes the pink-haired girl had witnessed on the way to this part of the school. Apparently, Hiyori hadn't stopped with the cafeteria. Miyuki glanced down at her shirt and gave a light sigh, wondering how much of her youthful innocence had been destroyed this day.

"D-does it say anything about the candles?" Tsukasa had been sitting so patiently beside her for the past hour, that Miyuki had nearly forgotten the softer of the two Hiiragis was there at all, "like, maybe they have to be positioned in certain places? Maybe we could find them..."

Miyuki was impressed--she wasn't expecting Tsukasa to come up with something so...logical. Apparently, her desire to put this queer little chapter of their lives to an end was such that her normally flacid mental faculties were being forced to stand up and be counted.

"I....I don't think it's that easy, Tsukasa-chan," Miyuki sighed. "If what I'm reading is correct, then once the magic circle is complete, its effects won't end until all the candles are extinguished. It doesn't say how large the circle can be, and it says the shape doesn't have to be perfectly round, so long as it's at least somewhat so. Even if we found one of the candles--we don't know how many she used, and we won't be able to extrapolate exactly where the other ones are just through simple geometry."

Tsukasa wore a blank, clueless expression.

"A-ano," Miyuki faltered, "I meant to say that I don't think that's our best option. It would take to long."

" what do we do? I-I'm....I'm s-sore, don't you know...?"

Both of the girls blushed deeply, and Miyuki did her best to dismiss that particular complaint. She snapped the book closed and rose from her chair then, closing her eyes and grinning a bit.

"It's fight or flight, I guess," Miyuki blew a strand of her bangs out of her eye, suddenly adopting a cool look that would have been excellently complimented by rain, a trench coat, and a cigarette, had she any of those.

"We can't just leave--we know what she's going to do with Minami-chan, if and when she finds her. W-we....we need to find her first. Or..." Miyuki swallowed, "...we need to find Hiyori first."

Tsukasa clenched her fist, forcing herself to adopt a determined look as she followed Miyuki out of the room. She was shaking like a leaf on the inside, but even she knew that these two, these intrepid two, might be the only thing protecting the virtue of the remaining students in their Alma Mater.


Kagami sat in the hallway, her back propped up against a few lockers. She was in a bit of a daze since the effects of the latest spell she was put under came to an end. She felt around her own body weakly--her bow was untied, but other than that, the rest of her modesty appeared to be intact, though she couldn't remember how she'd managed to return it to that state.

"So, was it good for you, too?"

Konata was standing above her, leaning coyly against the same lockers. She had a stick of almond crush pocky in her mouth, and she was puffing on it as if it were a cigarette. It was one of the few times Kagami had ever seen the girl with a crisper looking uniform than she herself had on.

"Y-you damned, blue troll," Kagami gritted her teeth and rose to her feet, " did that on purpose. Don't even try to tell me she fragged you with the love spell."

"That makes two times, in...hmmm..." Konata checked her wrist, despite the fact that she wasn't wearing a watch, and took another 'puff' of the pocky stick, " many days? Keep that up, Kagamin, and 'love magic' is going to start becoming a poor excuse."

Kagami blushed furiously, looking away. There wasn't anything she could say in response to that, so she preferred to say nothing at all. She glanced at Yutaka, who was standing nearby--her uniform intact and the glasses no longer on her face.

"You alright?"

"I....I guess so...." Yutaka let the words come off her lips with a lion's share of embarassed hesitation, as she clenched one fist over her chest. Kagami felt as though she had somehow violated the underclassman, despite the fact that the magic had left her with no choice.

When this is all over...will our groups of friends change? Who will be spending time with....who...? Yutaka...she kinda reminds me of Tsukasa, the way she acts when she--

Kagami shook her head, trying to dismiss the thought. Narrowing her eyes, she turned back to Konata, forcing herself to get down to business.

"Anybody know where either half of the book went?"

Konata and Yutaka shook their heads in unison.

"Anybody know how long we spent in...uhmm...coitus?"

Again, mutual head shaking, though while Konata grinned, Yutaka blushed.

"Right, fine then." Kagami clenched her fist, "We need to get the hell out of here and regroup. Maybe we can figure out where the candles are, at least, if we do that. Objections?"

"Lead the way, Kapitan," while Yutaka was too busy trying to look invisible to say anything, Konata merely shrugged and grinned. "That witch owes me the six hundred yen I spent on that book, for ruining it. I could have bought two more packs of Haruhi cards with that money! I still don't have the whole set! Nobody starts a zombie love apocalypse in my town...except for me!!"

"S-six hundred....?" Kagami sputtered, "....that's it? From a bargain bin? Perhaps the greatest find in human archaeology to ever exist, and an otaku girl buys it from the bargain bin at Gamers for six hundred yen? Where did they print these things? A two thousand year old Quickie Mart in Aramathea?" Kagami sighed, waving her hand dismissively, "L-look, forget about that. Let's just get someplace where we can be relatively sure we're safe, and work out our plans."

The trio wandered the empty halls for a time, making their way towards the main entrance. Oddly, there wasn't a sound at all copulating students, no resting students....only the patient hum of the occasional flourescent bulb overhead that was in need of replacement.

Kagami shuddered a bit--the silence was much more unnerving, even than the scene in the cafeteria had been. She felt like she was in the middle of a survival horror game, and was half expecting some twisted, mutated creatue to come salivating out of the next classroom they passed to make lunch out of the three of them. Around the next bend was the main entrance though, and the realization that they would be soon free of this place was enough to make her breathe a sigh of relief.

"Ho ho!! Four-eyes no more! Fancy meeting you here!"

Kagami froze in place as she rounded the bend, to the point that Yutaka and Konata nearly ran into her. Misao was standing between them and the main entrance. The girl had on her softball uniform, straight down to the cleats, and was carrying an aluminum bat in her hands that could only have come from the gymnasium supply room.

"Misao? H-hey, good to see you," Kagami chuckled as she began to approach the dark-skinned girl, "...what's hangin', eh? You okay and all?"

Misao leveled the bat in Kagami's direction. "Sorry, Kagamin. Can't let you leave."

The three girls still in their normal school uniforms exchanged confused glances. It was only then that Kagami and Konata mutually noticed that Misao's flesh (what little was showing from under her clothes) was covered in red, tatoo-like sigils. The marks were similar to kanji, but they were constructed of wavier lines, such that they looked as though they had some kind of Arabic descent, as well.

"Uh, look, Misao," Kagami chuckled again, "seriously, you know I want to blow a few more by you out on the pitcher's mound later, but really--right now I need to get outside. I'm sure you've been at school today long enough to get the idea that something's...screwy around here, right?"

Konata stifled a chuckle at Kagami's choice of words, causing the pigtailed girl to blush.

"See, about that," Misao rested the bat on her shoulder and her opposite hand on her hip, smirking, "not gonna work for me. Nobody goes outside until we find Minami, savvy? Plus," Misao gestured at Yutaka, "You've got the other one with you, right there. Nope, 'fraid you're gonna have to hand her over."

"M-misao, this isn't funny--"

Kagami's words were cut off by a sudden swing from Misao's bat. It wasn't close enough to make contact, but the gesture made the athletic, playful girl's intentions deadly serious. Misao adopted a batter's box pose, as if she planned to knock one out of the park.

"C'mon. You want to leave? Come get some of this, Morpheus!"

"Kagamin," Konata suddenly stepped out in front of Kagami and held her arms akimbo, blocking the two of them from getting any closer. Her chest was puffed up with excitement, causing Kagami to sigh again as she realized Konata was once again enjoying this. "Get my cousin out of here. This has to be a spell. I started I need to finish it."

Kagami glanced between the two of them. Misao was stronger, faster, more athletic--and not to mentioned armed. Konata didn't have the magic book, and from what Kagami could tell, lacked any other tricks up her sleeve, as well. Her blue-haired friend was as good as ground beef, up against opposition like this. Despite a yelping protest to the contrary, Kagami shoved Konata out of the way, stepping in front of her.

"Alright then, so be it, tomboy!" Kagami grinned, bending over at the waist into a classic pitcher's stance, "Your opponent is me. I know you have a sense of fair play in there, so I look at it this way--I blow three by you, and you get out of the way. You get one solid hit off me, as in not a foul tip, and you get the redhead. That 'savvy' enough for you?"

Yutaka opened her mouth as if to protest being used as a bargaining chip, but Konata quickly put a finger over her mouth, grinning at her and beckoning her to keep quiet for the moment.

"Shhhhhh," Konata whispered softly, "...Kagamin's the best pitcher the softball team has."

Misao cackled, test swinging the bat a few times, "Bring it on, sister! Oh, but what's this?" Misao's cackle melted into a chuckle, " don't seem to have the balls, kid, if you know what I mean!"

Kagami's grin didn't flinch in the slightest. Still bent over far enough to be giving her comrades a gratuitous pantyshot, she reached her hand behind her and waved her fingers at Konata and Yutaka. "Cellphones," she ordered.

"W-what??" Konata was taken aback, "My lifeline to the internet when away from my computer? My Hare Hare Yukai ringtone? My Kyon cellphone strap? Take my cousin, please! H-hey!!"

Yutaka had already slipped Konata's gaudy cellphone out of her blouse while she was on her tirade. Planting a kiss on her own phone, she planted both of them in Kagami's waiting grasp. "We don't have anything else to use, though. Godspeed, little cellphones." Yutaka tapped each of the small devices once before she closed Kagami's fingers around them, as if she were offering them each a blessing."

"No worries," Kagami grinned, slipping out her own phone, "what she doesn't hit, she can't damage. And Konata," she began to whisper, "stay the hell away from my butt, if you ever want to hear your precious Hare Hare Yukai ringtone again." Despite the warning, Kagami had to wonder if Konata really would be able to keep her grubby hands off of the backside she was exposing to her out of necessity.

"Three up, three down!" Kagami yelled in challenge to Misao, who was also grinning, "Batter up!"

As Misao took one last test swing and readied her stance, Kagami spat non-existant chewing tobacco out of her mouth, and ran her fingers along her forehead, as if she were adjusting the brim of a ballcap that wasn't there.


"There's only one logical place remaining..."

Miyuki and Tsukasa, sighing with exhaustion, had spent the last several minutes sprinting up the stairs towards the roof. Every exit was being defended by students from any number of grades, all of their bodies covered in weird red sigils. Miyuki and Tsukasa were no match for them physically, but at least the search had funneled them to the most likely remaining locale for Hiyori.

Flipping the book open, Miyuki placed her hand on the entrance door to the roof, ready to depress the bar. She flashed Tsukasa a determined glance through her panting. "I don't know what exactly this one does, but I think it's either designed to put the target to sleep, or make them cry profusely. That would be enough of a distraction, either way. You ready, Tsukasa-chan?"

Tsukasa bravely nodded, and Miyuki thrust open the door and charged out on the roof, book in hand, hoping to take 'the target' by surprise.

A sudden flash of red light caught Miyuki square in the face the moment she stepped out on the roof, and she yelped as she was temporarily blinded by it. Thankfully for Tsukasa, the door hadn't been opened far enough for her, yet, and she was able to look away in the nick of time.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise! The bustiest girl in school!"

Hiyori was standing several yards away, her cape and hat flapping in the wind; her half of the book lying open in one hand.

"Not exactly who I was looking for, but you'll do!" Hiyori noticed the other half of the book in Miyuki's grasp, "Oh, you brought the rest of my toy for me, too. Gee, I appreciate that! You weren't expecting me to just be sitting up here waiting to be assaulted or something, were you? Tch, that's pretty amateur, really. Come here a bit so I can see you better, kay?"

Miyuki's eyes opened wide when she tried to take a step back, realizing she couldn't. Without her consent, her arms dropped to her sides and she took several steps out onto the roof proper. Nothing below her neck was responding to her commands, leaving her able to do nothing other than gasp as she glanced down at herself. Wherever there was exposed flesh, little swathes of light were appearing and fading, each leaving a red sigil on her skin in its wake.

"Th-the paralysis spell from before...?" Miyuki stared at Hiyori, mentally cursing herself for being so foolish as to just charge up here, with no plan and no sunglasses, to boot.

"That old thing?" Hiyori laughed, "that one was pretty boring, if you ask me. This one is much more fun!" The dark-haired manga artist gestured at Miyuki with her free hand, beckoning the girl to come closer, "Now, be a dear and give me the rest of the book, kay?"

"Miyuki-chan!? What are you--" Tsukasa's protests came too late. As if it were nothing at all, Miyuki merely walked over to Hiyori and calmly presented her with the other half of the magic book.

"This...this doesn't make any sense," Miyuki grimaced, uselessly trying to fight her own muscles from responding to Hiyori's commands. "If this is w-what this spell why isn't it taking over my mind, as well? What about all the other students with sigils all over them?"

Hiyori only shrugged as she absently plucked the book out of Miyuki's open palms, "Don't ask me, I don't speak Arameic. Besides, it's fun to figure it out as I go." She had to chuckle as she lazily wandered around Miyuki, doing perverted things like lifting her skirt and slapping her rump. "Far as I can tell, this one doesn't have any effect on anything above the neck."

Miyuku blushed furiously, being unable to stop her underclassman from fondling her as she pleased, while Hiyori continued. "You know, you guys really bother me. What are you, some kind of free-love, resistance splinter cell? Didn't you ever consider the fact that in one day, I completely removed all the childish, high schooler inhibitions from this school? Do you have any idea how free all of these people feel now? People who had crushes on other people can now freely admit it. People who had no idea they even liked each other, and might otherwise have never hooked up, now get to enjoy that companionship. I'm doing them all a favor, here!"

"Y-you," Miyuki gritted her teeth as Hiyori's wandering hand began to fondle one of her breasts, "...what about tomorrow? What about the next day? Did you consider that some people might be forced into relationships they don't want? Did you think about the fact that some people might have just 'hooked up' with someone other than the object of their affections? What about teenage pregnancy? Did you consider that?"

Hiyori scowled at that last remark, "Stop making this out to be a thing of evil. I'm being careful about stuff like that--I'm not an ogre, you know. This spell has nothing to do with their minds. They'd be defending the exits I told them to defend either way, but you know from the experience of encountering them, that most of them are on my side now, anyway. The others will come around." Hiyori grinned, "For your punishment, why don't you go ahead and show me the most ample chest in all the school?"

Tsukasa gaped in disbelief, cowering there in the doorway. Again, as if it were nothing, Miyuki began to strip herself, right there in the cool breeze on top of the roof. In a few seconds, she was standing before Hiyori with nothing on her body but her glasses and her black, thigh high stockings. Neatly folded, her uniform and her underwear rested in her arms. Miyuki's cheeks blushed a hot crimson, as she glanced down and realized the cold she was feeling was being aptly reflected by the state of her body.

"Good girl!" Hiyori shamelessly groped Miyuki once, smiling, "these are just fantastic, really! I'm gonna have a lot of fun sketching these, later. After I get hold of Minami and Yutaka again, of course." She waved dismissively at Miyuki's clothes, "Get rid of those for me, will ya?"

Sighing deeply, Miyuki watched herself as her cold, shoeless feet merely plodded over to the edge of the roof and dropped all of her clothes over the side. She watched as her modestly went fluttering away on the breeze.

Hiyori was already trying to cast the spell on Tsukasa this time, but the remaining Hiiragi sister wasn't going to be taken so easily. It turned out she actually did have a pair of the sunglasses on her person, and she stood her ground, defiantly shouting some noble words Miyuki couldn't hear on the wind from her vantage. To Miyuki's amazement, her body began to move again.

W-wait...did she...? She must have ordered me to do something just now. I guess I don't actually have to hear it, to...

"Hiiragi girl! You really think you can handle me?" Hiyori was in full combat mode as she continued to blast ineffective spells at Tsukasa. They were useless, but at least they were keeping the girl from closing the distance quickly.

"I-I....y-you're upsetting my sister! I-I...I can't let you do that!" Tsukasa narrowed her eyes and forced herself to stand her ground. It almost brought a tear to Miyuki's eye, as she marvelled at the fact that of all the things Tsukasa could have said, she chose that.

Giggling a bit, Hiyori suddenly stopped her assault, and held out the two halves of the book to Tsukasa. "Wow, that's pretty bold. You want this? Here then, come and take it."

"W-wha...?" Tsukasa was taken aback, but shrugging, she began to walk closer to her quarry, "...uhh, okay, s-sure....?"

Sighing again, Miyuki finally realized what Hiyori's intentions really were. Coming up behind her partner, Miyuki grabbed Tsukasa around the waist with one arm, pinning her arms to her sides and pressing her breasts against the shorter girl's back. With a yelp from poor Tsukasa, Miyuki set about tearing the sunglasses off of her face. Tsukasa shut her eyes tightly.

"Hah! Now all I need is Kagami-sempai, and I can sketch twincest!" Hiyori gestured at Miyuki, who held Tsukasa firmly in place, "Can you fix that for me, please?"

Miyuki reached around with her free arm and pried one of Tsukasa's eyes open with her fingers, forcing her face to point in Hiyori's direction.

"M-miyuki-chan..." a tear came to Tsukasa's eye, "...p-please..."

"I-I'm....I'm so sorry, Tsukasa-chan....p-please...please believe me..." Miyuki whispered into Tsukasa's ear, cooing, trying her best to comfort her friend.

Miyuki realized what Hiyori had been saying all this time. The young manga artist really did believe in what she was doing. Would she stop when she found Minami and Yutaka? Several students had already flocked to her banner, god only knew how many.

Kagami, Tsukasa, and Konata...did they...? Come to think of it, why weren't either of the sisters wearing the sunglasses this morning? When it comes right down to it, will they....whose side will they all end up on?
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Kagami stood across from Misao, cellphone in hand. Despite all the madness occurring around her, her only focus now was this pitch. Her world was now secluded to herself and Misao. These 3 pitches could very well decide the fate of the entire school.

As Misao took her last practice swing, Kagami noticed Misao's arm brush against the wall. Part of the red markings was brushed off and colored part of the wall. Misao just looked back at Kagami with the same look of confidence.

"The markings are most likely what is controlling Misao's mind. If, perhaps, I can remove the markings, then we would be able to pass by freely. The markings can be easily removed, so maybe if I use enough force and aim for one of the central marks..." Kagami thought to herself.

Kagami continued to look forward at Misao while using her fingers to count down behind her back. Konata noticed the signal, and on 0 Konata through the cell phone as hard as she could at Misao's chest. Both Kagami and Konata then rushed at Misao before she had time to recover.

Misao was tackled by Kagami and Konata, and then the two brushed the markings off of her skin. The shock of the spell's effect dissipating caused her to gasp for air and then faint in shock.

"She'll probably be alright if we just leave her here, right?" Kagami asked.

"Ehh, probably" Kagami responded.

Just as they exited the building, they heard a stampede of footsteps resounding behind them. A group of marked students were rushing towards them. They drew closer to their target, Yutaka, who was still in the building.

"Hurry Yutaka!" Kagami shouted, but to no avail. The poor girl was paralyzed with fear.

"I'm going in after her!" Konata shouted as she charged in towards the dazed Yutaka. Kagami opened her mouth to say something, but then stopped and dashed in after Konata and Yutaka.

The horde of enthralled students had finally closed in on Yutaka. The members in the front began to grab for Yutaka's arms and legs to drag her away. Before this could happen, Konata jumped in and did an aerial kick knocking the students backwards. She shouted for Yutaka to run as she tried to repel the horde of students.

Kagami had finally reached the point of conflict. The students had now grabbed Konata and dragged her into their midst. Some students once again made a move to capture Yutaka, but Konata reached forward and pulled them back. "Take Yutaka and run!"

Kagami was surprised by Konata's selfless words. There was nothing that could be done to save Konata, so Kagami took Yutaka's hand and ran out. Konata did her best to slow down the students before she was finally pinned by the horde. Yutaka was crying for her sister's sacrifice. Kagami shed a tear for her friend, but did not look back. There was nothing to do now, but continue moving.

The two continued to run from their pursuers. The exit to the school grounds was blocked, and they couldn't go back the way they came. They could only continue running in hopes of finding safety. As she rounded a corner, Kagami was grabbed by a cloaked stranger. She gasped and struggled to break free.

"Shh. We are not your enemies. We can talk, but first we must escape your pursuers."

Kagami had no choice but to follow the figure. She and Yutaka were lead by the one who had spoken and the rear was brought up by two more cloaked figures. They passed along outside the building for a while until they came to another entrance into the school. They deftly made their way through the corridors avoiding any marked students.

This school feels eerily silent, Kagami thought to herself as they marched. That stampede that had arrived earlier seemed to have been alerted to their presence somehow. Perhaps they noticed that Misao's markings had been removed?

The group rounded another corner and came before classroom 2-B. The cloaked figure in the lead stood before the door and knocked four times, paused, and then knocked twice more. The door opened and they entered the room.

"Well, now that we're safe here, allow us to introduce ourselves."

Kagami recognized the voice. This voice was.... Kuroi Sensei's!

Nanoko Kuroi unveiled her hood and smiled at Kagami. Kagami then looked at the other two figures who revealed themselves to be Patricia Martin and Minami. There were also several other students and teachers in the room.

"Welcome to the resistance!" Kuroi-sensei continued, "we are the survivors of the curse that has befouled our school. We are working to fight off the infection and restore peace to this academy!"

"That being said, we have no idea where to start" Patricia interrupted.

"We've been biding our time and recruiting allies!" Nanoko defended with an annoyed look on her face.

Kagami sighed to herself. "So, what's with the cloaks?"

"We've attributed the source of this disaster to Hiyori's magical attacks. If we cover our bodies and our faces, we can't be affected by her assault" Nanoko said triumphantly.

"And they look cool!" Patricia added.

"Now then, let's get these two some cloaks"

Minami went and brought the two a pair of dark black cloaks with hoods. Kagami sighed and put one on. Yutaka followed suit.

"Now we need to devise a plan of action" Nanoko pointed out. "Do you two still have your cellphones for communication purposes?"

Kagami groaned inwardly for having thrown her cellphone at Misao. It was broken.

"... You don't have yours?" Kuroi-sensei must have noticed the look on Kagami's face.

"I still have mine" Yutaka piped up.

"Well at least one of you still has one." Kagami looked down dejectedly. This day just keep getting crazier and crazier.
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