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Poll: Strategy guides?

Aug 9, 2012 4:59 PM

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Is it necessary for a strategy guide for a game you just bought? (or had a while ago)

thoughts, opinions? please share. (please no flaming, its just a question...)
or answer on the poll.
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Aug 9, 2012 7:23 PM
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I only use them when I'm stuck on a boss or I'm doing extra things. Or after I've beaten the game to see if there is anything I missed... I try not to spoil myself, but sometimes I can't resist >_< I usually get them because I'm a collector.
Aug 9, 2012 7:43 PM

Joined: Feb 2012
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thats true...
I forgot about that, for collecting reasons. thats quite nice, you must have a large collection of guides huh? not that its anything bad, but I would like to see it. haha
Aug 10, 2012 3:09 AM
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Oh yes, I have so many that I'm actually running out of space in the containers I keep them in! ^^
Aug 10, 2012 7:30 AM

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It's more fun figuring the game out for yourself. Sure, Guides and Walkthroughs help speed things along, but knowone wants to rush thru a good game.

BTW I tweaked the thread title to help get more replies to your poll question. I hope you don't mind.
Aug 10, 2012 6:31 PM

Joined: Feb 2012
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no I dont mind at all. thanks for making it clearer now! appreciate it! haha
Aug 13, 2012 9:00 PM

Joined: Jan 2012
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not on my 1st playthru unless i get stuck >.< but ya usually i will make use of a wiki/walkthru for when i go trophy hunting
Aug 15, 2012 5:28 AM

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man, i guess it all depends on what game i get. if its a long game, i'm getting a guide most definitely. but if its a game i can look up on gamefaqs, simple, just look it up on there.
Aug 18, 2012 5:18 PM

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I use it if its my last resort and if im stuck. But I do tend to use them to just find all the extra bosses and all the loot in the game so I can complete it 100%.
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Aug 19, 2012 6:20 PM

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The only time I use a guide is if two conditions are met;
1. I beat the game already on my own
2. I'm going for a 100% or all trophies run

The only exception being if I'm just entirely stumped and stuck to the point I simply can't progress at all and have no other choice aside dropping the game or looking up how to get past whatever it is I'm stuck at.
Oct 2, 2012 11:38 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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Yes unfortunately lol Its usually not something Im proud out but since I didnt start out gaming that way but more recently its become a habit. I try to do things myself every now and then but usually end up using a guide and sometimes even video walkthroughs on youtube *HidesFaceInShame* because I dont want to miss anything during my 1st playthrough. My 1st playthrough is my last so I always want to complete and collect everything during that time and "finish" the game before setting it down.
Oct 5, 2012 9:17 PM

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TallonKarrde23 said:
The only time I use a guide is if two conditions are met;
The only exception being if I'm just entirely stumped and stuck to the point I simply can't progress at all and have no other choice aside dropping the game or looking up how to get past whatever it is I'm stuck at.

This. And even then I'll try not to use a guide, just because it ruins the fun for me .-.
But if I beat the game once or twice, then I'll go ahead and use a guide to see what I missed and what I can get, so there's that
Oct 19, 2012 6:21 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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are you talking about actually buying strategy guides? lol i dint think anyone buys those why waste the money but yeah i usually search for the guide if im stuck for a while never bought or planning to buy one though.

I don't wanna brag or anything but I'm also i G-rank monster hunter.
Oct 20, 2012 3:13 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
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I think walkthrough's can help alot ezpecially when your in a pinch when your playing a game, does it ruin the experience and the fun of the game? yes but thats the risk you take when doing it.
personally I have two walkthroughs im currently using which is FF13-1 and Harvest Moon, I also had one for ZOE1 too
Nov 11, 2012 6:10 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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I don't follow walkthroughs unless I am stuck permanently..
Dec 24, 2012 11:25 AM

Joined: Apr 2012
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Well I only use when I really need it when I get stuck somewhere in the game.
Dec 25, 2012 3:21 PM

Joined: Aug 2012
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I normally do if one of the 3 reasons:

A. I am trying to platinum it and there may be missible trophies.
b. If I am stuck some where and I can't figure it out after various attempts.
c. when I actually need help(Like in demon souls)

I couldn't figure out the beginning.
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Feb 24, 2014 5:15 PM

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Well i often use them on RPG or for a special trophy i can get or a hidden one.
Feb 24, 2014 8:05 PM

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I bought a hardcover guide for Bayonetta for no good reason.

...Well, I guess I bought it because I was really into the game when it came out. But I haven't really opened it since.

Still, I mainly use online guides (mainly gameFAQs and the Wiki site for said game) for RPGs when I want to know about certain weapons, equipment, spells and stuff like that.
Feb 25, 2014 7:24 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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I have a hardcover guide for Final Fantasy XIII but totally forgot about it until reading FacelessVixen's post about a hardcover guide for Bayonetta. lol ^^;

Apparently, I bought mine FFXIII guide a few years ago for $10. I have yet to use it but now that I remember about it. I will be using it while playing FFXIII. Thanks FacelessVixen!

Before I use it, I got to find it. I am currently clueless as to where I put it. :(
Jun 4, 2014 2:17 PM
Joined: May 2012
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I usually won't consult a walkthrough until I've tried everything I can and grumble, "What the hell am I doing wrong!?"

The solutions are always some easiest tasks.
Jun 12, 2014 3:14 PM

Joined: Mar 2012
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For VNs, I always use a walkthrough to avoid ending up with a woman I don't like especially when I only like 1-2 females out of several. I also used a walkthrough for JRPGs. It isn't possible to get perfect social links in Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 without a walkthrough unless you have 1000% luck or foresight. To get all social links in one playthrough, you need a walkthrough!

There are games I don't use walkthroughs. Sometimes, I want to experience the story first handed. I want to be the protagonist and so, the decisions I make have to be my own as opposed to choosing what is best. This is what I did in Growlanser: Heritage of War and I managed to obtain 100% completion but I never became the "legendary hero". Instead, I was a powerful warrior. That has no effect on the story but it does affect your skills and stats. I still won all the battles so it hurt much except the feeling itself. It does feel good to be a hero instead of just some powerful warrior.
Jun 12, 2014 5:09 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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I always use a walkthrough (even when it isn't a game with trophies:P) Just because i mostly play games for the story rather than gameplay. Especially when it comes to games where walkthroughs are made for. I just want to play the game for the story and using a walkthroughs helps to get through the tedious "where the hell am i supposed to go now?"
Nov 1, 2014 3:25 AM

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For me it is never a necessity, but I admit that they can be very convenient to have around. Not always looking for a solution from/in them, it is just that they can lend a whole new perspective - especially when they are written from other gamers: Just take a look at all those splendid ones regarding the Persona-franchise.
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Dec 9, 2014 11:34 PM

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I used to collect physical strategy guides, until I realized how many games were out there compared to how much I could spend.

Now I just read free online walkthroughs if I come across any trouble in a game.
Feb 8, 2015 8:35 PM

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I use guides if i want to get a platinum but that comes after i beat the game without one.
Jun 4, 2015 3:08 AM

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I use guides when I plan on getting everything, like, for most JRPGs or whatever. They take a long time and I usually don't have the patience to run them again, so I'll try to get everything on my first playthrough. And most guides have really good tips on how to get through this and that faster, better, whatever.
Also, I'm talking about online guides, not physical copies? Though I own one for Pokémon, because I like the artwork.
Aug 25, 2015 9:25 AM

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I prefer to go through games without any walkthroughs on my first time playing. If it happens to be a game in a series I'm familiar with though (e.g. God of War and Uncharted), and it's possible to get all or most of the trophies in a single playthrough, I'll use a guide while playing through the game.

But the vast majority of the time, I want the game to feel "fresh" on my first playthrough without any guides/walkthroughs holding my hand along the way (too many modern games seem to do this on their own anyway).

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Dec 10, 2015 10:25 AM

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Only for reference on subsequent playtroughs and challenges.
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Sep 14, 2016 2:33 PM

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I use them if I get stuck on a difficult puzzle like in Zero Escape or Danganronpa. Also to get things like 100% of a collection or a true ending.
Oct 17, 2016 2:50 PM

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I always play through a game once without anything so I can experience it fresh, then it just depends on the game. I'll use anything if I need something to help with the trophies. Every so often I can platinum a game without a guide though, which always feels great.

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Dec 7, 2016 9:41 AM

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uhh i mostly only watch walkthroughs 4 fun