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Poll: Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion

Aug 5, 2012 8:11 AM

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Exploring spaceships sure is fun but trouble seems to be brewing inside not only physically but also emotionally as Madoka and Yurikano gets into an argument..but

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Aug 5, 2012 8:39 AM

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Madoka was right and Yurikano seems to think she stopped all the fighting by locking herself in the Rinne but it hasn't stopped anything yet. It should be interesting to see what Yurikano experiences in Madoka's body.
Aug 5, 2012 11:18 AM

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Yurikano is making things gradually worse by sealing herself in Rinne, she needs to snap out of it before the fighting becomes too bad.

It's always the tomboyish girl that looks best in a dress and Madoka is not an exception and Muginami looking into Lan's childhood photos was nice, Yurikano looks cute when she was younger.

Aug 5, 2012 12:13 PM
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awesome epi
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Aug 5, 2012 12:39 PM

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Oh my! Yurikano and Madoka switched bodies!

Funny, how they are somewhat alike. They're both tomboys.

I thought Lan was betraying Mugi-chan but it turns out to they're plan. Lan's public speech was hilarious. I burst out laughing when she said Tweet, tweet, tweet, BWH Pizza, and a dream that her left and right nostrils switch places. Oh Lan, you're so cute and funny. The girls are messing with her embarassing poems and telling embarassing stories about her to Dizel.

The combination of comedy and seriousness are well balance.

I was hoping that at some point, both Yurikano and Madoka will become one.
Aug 5, 2012 1:41 PM

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How many times does it have to happen before word gets around. Don't screw with Madoka. You don't want to make her mad.
Aug 5, 2012 4:00 PM

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Such a great episode. It was pretty much a set-up episode, but it was exciting nonetheless. Can't wait for next week.
Aug 5, 2012 9:06 PM

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What a great way to hype up the ep towards the end and end it with a suspenseful cliffhanger. >:|
Aug 6, 2012 2:22 AM

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This was surprisingly exciting. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Aug 6, 2012 2:36 AM

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All right! Finally, we get some serious revelation.

I wonder we will get to see Madoka headbutt Yurikano.
Aug 6, 2012 3:07 AM

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I'm looking forward to this arc.
Aug 6, 2012 3:29 AM
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IMHO the first episode this season deserving two thumbs up. Maybe this is worth watching all the way after all.
Aug 6, 2012 5:43 AM

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Oh damn did Madoka really get switched with Yurikano ?! I hope this is temporary I don't want her to be lost forever !!

Aug 6, 2012 7:54 AM

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Well, that escalated quickly. So Yurikano is now in Madoka's body and vice versa? What is Lan's brother planning?
Aug 6, 2012 8:08 AM

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Yurikano's suicide failed to stop those two from fighting and now, she just gives up. She deserved being slap by Madoka.

I would so love to see a girl fight between. Watching them while eating a bag of popcorn.
Aug 6, 2012 8:24 AM

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Great episode, stuff just got really serious.
I can't wait for the next episode, I hope it'll be on the same level as this one.
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Aug 6, 2012 9:59 AM

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A body switch between Madoka and Yurikano really that's so nice just the sound of that trills me i really want to see the next episode now.
It's a shame the cat fight between Madoka and Yurikano got interrupted would have liked to see how it ended.
And Madoka giving a slap was a bit surprising as well i thought she was the type that would only resort to violence if provoked which wasn't the case here.

Lan giving that speech to distract her people and buy time for Muginami was pretty funny especially the poet part.
Aug 6, 2012 10:05 AM
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I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!! Is it too late to save Madoka?!
Aug 6, 2012 10:19 AM

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I don't get one thing. Yurikano seems to know about current situation so why is she still opposing Madoka? If she doesn't make any moves then Le Galite and De Metrio will end up fighting to complete destrcution. But it seems like she'll be coming back now... in Madoka's body. I'm betting that the process can be reversed with Yurikano's actual personality coming back to her body, and then thsy should be able to do something to stop tragedy.
I'm still not exactly sure how destroying Militia Zodia was supposed to make Le Galite and De Metrio stop fighting though.
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Aug 6, 2012 12:26 PM

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Aversa said:
And Madoka giving a slap was a bit surprising as well i thought she was the type that would only resort to violence if provoked which wasn't the case here.

That's something not usually acknowledge in this time we're living, of thin skins and absolutely no toughness and suing people because they looked at you wrong... but sometimes a small amount of violence is a great way to snap people out of many mental/emotional states, such as hysteria, denial, and complacency. It's just the shock value of it, the raw neural feedback of the (especially when unexpected) pain.
Aug 6, 2012 2:07 PM
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OrochiPL said:

I'm still not exactly sure how destroying Militia Zodia was supposed to make Le Galite and De Metrio stop fighting though.

This is my theory: that was supposed to be just a Vox particle experiment, but Yurikano (secretely, I guess) decided to sacrifice herself and seal the Rinne from the inside, somehow, preventing Dizelmine from using it. Maybe now she's just stubborn and doesn't want to listen any reason.
Aug 6, 2012 2:08 PM

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I really liked that catfight even though it was short. Not even Angewomon vs. LadyDevimon (Digimon) could top that. XD Very good episode story wise. We learned what happened to Yurikano, that Dizelmine is a jerk, that Yurikano holds very strong feelings for both Dizel and Gullio and that Madoka can be really badass.

Aside from that, the episode was rather predictable (ignoring that I predicted the lost part of consciousness before). Lan and Muginami's plotting would be more surprising if she didn't stop Lan from leaving before they came out. Though, even then it's rather predictable. I mean, if Lan truly wanted to betray them she had tons of MUCH better chances.

I wonder if the serious!Yurikano is in Madoka's body. It didn't sound like childish!Yurikano when she spoke. Also, Yurikano... YURIkano... the show has yuri hints... :-D ok, I'm not funny... >_> at least I tried... let's move on. Maybe the fact that they brought serious!Yurikano from Rinne had that effect on the ship. Everytime we see serious!Yurikano pretty much the same thing happens (those red stuff start popping out). I still think it's connected to her with her colour being red and it somewhat reacts to her mental state. I might be wrong, though.

OrochiPL said:
I don't get one thing. Yurikano seems to know about current situation so why is she still opposing Madoka?

She considers herself dangerous. She even hinted that she blames herself for Dizel's idea to destroy De Metrio (or whatever it is called). She said blaming him was easy and that it was her fault for having too much power. Her plan was to seal herself in Rinne and thus Dizel wouldn't be able to use her for his plans. Most likely he had a way to control her because this seems like a last resort action that doesn't really solve anything. It is possible, that he still has some sort of control over her, that's why she doesn't want to come back or maybe she has too much control over the Vox unlike Madoka and he rest and is scared someone would abuse it.

OrochiPL said:
I'm still not exactly sure how destroying Militia Zodia was supposed to make Le Galite and De Metrio stop fighting though.

To hide herself in Rinne so that no one could use her power. Then, they both would have to find another way to solve their problem (since the only issue they have is colliding planets). Maybe destroying Militia Zodia was an accident when getting on the other side of Rinne released a lot of power and Militia Zodia got in the way. Or maybe she needed to destroy something huge to get to Rinne or she simply did it during a test, where her job was to destroy it, if she couldn't enter her Vox anytime that might have been the only chance for her to do it. Dizel seems to like doing tests and if he was controlling her, he would do his best not to let her to her Vox any time she wants, so it makes sense.
Aug 6, 2012 3:28 PM

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Lan's Big Brother's assistant is someone i never like from the get go, Scumbag and her big brother, all this is children mix up an a adult war.......

So Madoka lost the fight?

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Aug 6, 2012 5:31 PM

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Very good episode! We're going to see some body switching next episode looks like and the Vox's are launching on there own?

Lans brother, and assistant are both dicks I hope they die.
Aug 6, 2012 7:56 PM

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This episode got me RAGING hard at Lan’s brother. Just when you give him a second chance to change his personality. Just when you have all hopes he might have changed and all. NO WAY! FUCKER IS BACK! FUCK FACE! RAGE! With the following,

It’s obvious Madoka is gone forever! Madoka will never have her body! Madoka will be Yurikano forever and there is no fucking way of doing shit about ti since Moid said it. Of course Miracle maker is around but who knows. Don’t trust that at all. So the series is essentially finished. Madoka will never be herself nor anytime soon and all will get solved somehow. Right.

Quite fascinating the past of Yurikano in the spoiler
according to it she isolated herself in spite of going against Dizel, which really failed ultimately and destroyed a whole planet. Moreover the whole slapping feast in the spoiler
truly showed nicely both girl’s determination but felt silly IMO. Yurikano sure is a selfish girl. She does not realize her shit did fuck all and created more destruction IMO. Dizel SHOULD BE DEAD LONG AGO! He is just causing shit around with his thinking. His thinking SMELLS BAD! It’s shit that disregards your entire race if it comes to saving his own. Well FUCK HIM! We don’t need this type of shit head in the Universe.

About the fan service, it was very nice and moderate. List says more.
  • Lovely bath time in the spoiler
    not sure if they are going to expose blanks on the Bds but chances are good for the water to reveal more naked bodies blanked. IMO it’s a good part.

  • Nice underwear/bra in the spoiler
    of Madoka/Muginami. That was nice to see and Muginami has a nice match of colors.

  • Nice revealing of Muginami’s ass in the spoiler
    very teasing and tasteful since it shows at the minimum, which maximizes teasing.

  • Finally nice innocence in the spoiler
    Aquarion Evolution style kind of. Well I liked it and it showed quite a nice art display of this part.
So all in all fan service up and modest.

I really did rage at first at Lan for what she did but realized she did the right thing and was just hiding it well enough. I was well fooled TBH.

Finally to keep it short the start with dressed was nice. Obviously Muginami is the best in the following,

With the nice colors she shows, it was obvious that my #1 girl of this show would look splendid. However Madoka in the spoiler
showed a nice part too with her dresses also color fitting for her. While Lan comes out last. Not the best she can wear. I did ROFL at her shy sides in the spoiler
considering Lan was telling her brother her perverted she looked by having her body exposed due to her not wearing any bra for example.

In thee end in the spoiler
all havoc breaks loose and well all in shit cause the Voxes are out to join their masters. Madoka is not herself anymore and I DESPAIR at there being no solution and SERIES IS OVER! NO S3! No Madoka after all or at least not in her body. I shall leave it at that with sheer RAGE at Lan’s brother once again and Yurikano’s stupidity. GIRL IS STUPID! Plain and simple. Her thinking is not right in other senses such as selfishness while trying to bring out the best. Right as that ever worked.

BTW End Art in the spoiler
is of Lan and one can see her panties along with being wet whom reveals skin from her. Well it has to do most likely for what Muginami was saying.

Image Stitches with Image Dump in the BLOG:
Nice parts with Madoka/Muginami.

GIFs are done in the Club:
The slapping was hilarious to do.

PS: Terms :
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Aug 7, 2012 3:23 AM

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This episode was actually quite good, I'm glad things are starting to get interesting! haha

who are you to change this world? silly boy.
Aug 7, 2012 8:16 AM
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My god, I thought that Lan betray Muginami & send her to a cell but it was apparently a set-up to save madoka but it was too late...

And I thought that Moid guy was supposed to be a bad guy himself instead of Prince Dizelmine?!
Aug 7, 2012 10:00 AM

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JeffreyZin said:
And I thought that Moid guy was supposed to be a bad guy himself instead of Prince Dizelmine?!
Why can't Moid also be a Bad Guy?

Actually, I'm still trying to figure him out. I'm not sure if he's just riding the prince's coattails or he has his own agenda. Maybe both. One thing I do know for sure, I've never trusted him.
Aug 7, 2012 10:55 PM

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Madoka lost? thats madness ( Sorry i'm in a very "Z warriors reacting to Goku losing" state of disbelief) I'm sure Madoka's cousiousness is not lost and she is just trapped whether willingly or by force within that dimension. With Yurikano now the dominant personality its sure a interesting turn of events. One thing i hope for is that the anime delves deeper into Vila's motives. So far he's being portrayed as the good guy in the conflict but i hope it is just a facade and he has his own hidden agenda.
Aug 8, 2012 4:39 AM

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Madoka looked lovely in that outfit, and she was awesome when she slapped Yurikano. Digging up Lan's childhood stuff was funny, not to mention her actually reciting the poem. Good episode 4/5.

I wonder if Dizelmine will stay as the big bad or if Moid will betray him sometimes.
Aug 9, 2012 5:44 AM

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wow cliffhanger! :)
Aug 11, 2012 3:21 PM

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Oh snap, they switched bodies and looks like the Rinne opened up again.

I didn't understand what Yurikano was saying right before she sacrificed herself, the technical terms, you know.

Dizel is going bananas, look at his face, he is so excited.
Aug 12, 2012 12:24 PM

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best part about Rinne no Lagrange is Muginami and Madoka teasing Lan because she's the serious character type. Best part of this episode is that we find out Lan writes poetry lol. That's cute.
Aug 12, 2012 8:01 PM
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This episode shows Dizelmine's bad side. Also, got an idea of the ending.
Aug 15, 2012 8:19 AM
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Cratex said:

Actually, I'm still trying to figure him out. I'm not sure if he's just riding the prince's coattails or he has his own agenda. Maybe both. One thing I do know for sure, I've never trusted him.

Mogami-kun said:
I wonder if Dizelmine will stay as the big bad or if Moid will betray him sometimes.

My god, why am I having such an uncomfortable feelings for what's gonna happen next.... (I think I'm started being over-obsessed on this one)

I'll be damned IF that guy turned out to be a villain-sue Troll thingy...

Acxelion said:
This episode shows Dizelmine's bad side.

You don't wanna know. We'll see how it happens when next episode air. I don't think Dizelmine would be the one..
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Dec 29, 2012 2:03 PM

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Dizelmine is really planning something. He is the antagonist.

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Sep 22, 2013 12:10 AM

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Madoka was so cute in this episode.

I have to say, this season is way more interesting than the first. Lan's distraction was awesome!
Jun 17, 2014 8:33 PM

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Slap fest! I didn't think Madoka would do that haha.

They should leave Dizelmine and Moid in a desolate planet then fire a vox particle beam or something to destroy it. They'll really appreciate it since they'll be seeing the power they covet so much first hand.
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May 29, 2015 12:27 AM

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Well Yurikano, time to wake up.
Jun 22, 2015 9:47 AM

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Great episode!
Cant wait to see how this arc ends :)
Mar 30, 2019 6:10 PM
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Nailed it!

I never doubted Lan, not for one minute.
Neither did Muginami.
Such excellent acting!

And Yurikano, got that right as well.
She deliberately stranded herself on the other side of the portal.
But, I don't think much of her reasoning or plan.
Running away didn't change anything.
She's not unique, just rare.
Dizydizy just sought someone else with the same ability.
You didn't actually do anything to change his thinking.

Now to see if Madoka succeeded in dragging her back.
Time to sit down and see what they can work out, once everyone has a better grasp of what can actually be accomplished.