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Poll: Boys on the Run Chapter 116 Discussion

Jul 26, 2012 10:35 PM

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Me thinks Tanishi and Aoyama incident will be repeated by their 'kouhai' haha. Anyway, a bit disappointing with the ending, because the 5 years time skip and sending MC to jail was such a bitchslap. They should also give more details that leaving the readers hanging with that 'last panel'. This manga is good, although it deviates from traditional shounen growing/maturing up, it has it own mix of charm. ' Life sucks' had to be one of the theme. Good thing for MC was he found his own calling and manage to defend them with his abilities. Beating his love rival and protecting the kid. Speaking of the kid, he certainly became a strong professional boxer and he's even taller than him!

And oh wow, Chiharu still hold a grudge against him. She has fallen so much she can't pick herself up anymore. Oh, and sucks for Aoyama.
Apr 14, 2013 12:47 PM
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I've only seen the raw and couldn't figure out - Hana raised the kid, and isn't romantically involved, is she?? (That would be truly worldshattering for Tanishi)
Apr 14, 2013 8:16 PM

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I doubt so, that wasn't any indication either.

Tanishi had sex with Hana before he went to prison and the kid grew up strong, became a boxing champion and wanted Tanishi to be his manager. It's probably because the kid was guilty and want to compensate the gratitude he owe to Tanishi.

It's a happy ending in my eyes but the journey to this ending has so much bumps on the road.
Dec 10, 2015 10:40 PM
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I gotta start by asking... did Tanishi and Hana have sex!? When was that? I have to know - that was way too long in the making.


I looked through the raw of volume 10, since that still (2015...) hasn't been translated yet. And oh man. Whaaaat the heck.

I can't believe a mangaka would do this to the readers. Why in the world would they send Tanishi to prison? And for FIVE WHOLE YEARS!? So many parts of Boys on the Run have felt like actual slaps over the face (everything involving Chiharu, for example, holy hell I hate her), and then the author pulls something like that on us? That's not a slap. That's a metal bat swung by a professional batter to the throat. Not even the ending to the entire story is allowed to give a bit of satisfaction; no happy ending for Tanishi. Just five years of prison for something that comes out of the blue in volume 10.

Is this part of "netorare" or something? Is that what this manga is, really? Like, how - in which way - are you supposed to enjoy this?

There have been so many parts of Boys on the Run that have been funny, nice, and heartwarming, but... I can't help but feel they pale in comparison to all the Aoyama betrays Tanishi and the Chiharu betrays Tanishi and goes to Aoyama and the Chiharu gets an abortion with Tanishi's help but still roots for Aoyama and the Hana almost gets raped and the Gen comes back and is absurdly horrible and the Chiharu seduces Tanishi to take Hana away from him and the 5 years prison and the and the and the...

I can't take it. I just can't take it. I was so happy for a great many parts of the manga, but it just kept crushing that happiness. Every. Single. Time.

Edit: I am, however, happy Tanishi and Hana finally ended up and stayed together. I probably couldn't have lived with anything else. In this case, though, all isn't well that ends well - somehow, the constant emotional beatings paired with the 5-year coup de grâce weigh heavier.
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Jun 30, 2016 1:43 AM
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Have you read the author's other work, Ressentiment? Bit of a SPOILER but both end with a "minor victory" with the child having hope and promise, but the adults not faring particularly well.

IMO, With Boys, the mc made *MANY* mistakes in the "don't bring up a woman's past" department. It's more than "life sucks". It's that other people (women) aren't perfect, so don't make them be "pure".

I'd also add that it's the mc's fault that his first love and the playboy get together in the first place. Really, if someone you're attracted to drops a hint that they'd like to spend time with you, DO NOT invite another person!
Apr 12, 8:17 AM
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I've loved this manga, really. But damn, 5 years in prison... !? out of nowhere!
Jul 11, 1:19 AM

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Crap ending. I should stop reading this author's stuff hahahah.