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Aug 5, 2012 8:27 AM

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The subtle sound of his guitar managed to temporarily grasp the attention of the few pirates and marines surrounding the immediate area. As the rhythm of the guitar began to pick up some, another gut wrenching sound emerged from seemingly nowhere, completely drowning out Noah's play.

Some of the crowd shielded their ears in agony, while others found the sound much more pleasant and lively than Noah's. Noah himself ceased playing out of futility, or perhaps frustration. He finished playing and focused his ear towards the source of the sound, for you see a musician's ear is sharp and packed his guitar in its case, to leave the scene, having his fill of chaos for the day. On his way into the crowd he took one of the bottles filled with rum, waving goodbye to the chaotic group, and saying "thanks" for the impromptu gift.

As he disappeared into the crowd, back towards the source of the original sound, there was a temporary moment of silence between two individuals, as if the entire world went blank. Noah staring directly towards the short ragged woman whom drowned the sound of his guitar with her own. His bloody visage of a face momentarily staring into the non-nonchalant expression she wore. Although they were several feet away from one another their eyes met, but that would be all as far as interaction between them because Noah would eventually disappear into the crowd.
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Aug 5, 2012 11:41 AM
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Sees the pirates fighting so decides to check there ships to see how much money both of them have she goes after the ones with no guards ornlazy and distracted guards and stealthily moves to there treasure rooms picks the lock then steals 80% of the treasure then secretly gets out and moves to. Look around which ship has best balance of guards and distractions like drunkards or them busy or ship design that allows to easily sneak aboard knowing that only waynto get to treasure is to disorient them and once that happens the other ships will be Alerted
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Aug 5, 2012 12:52 PM
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she picks her ships then wraps something around her face and body to disguise her self quickly jumps board waiting for the guards to look at her for a sec then yells shine shine blinder and her body and a few feet around her glow as bright as the sun blinding everyone on board then she jumps up when there confused to further spread panic she covers the deck in poppers while throwing them at people hopinng to cause temporary hearing loss then goes to the treasure room puts a popper in the lock to break it open then does same if there any in there then grabs anything she can get money for and stuff it in bag then stealthily gets out in the confusion running as fast as possible to get away
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Aug 5, 2012 5:15 PM

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(It is not a simple tranquilizer, you make it sound as if anybody could have one.)

As Levi is flying towards fast legs the Negation Bullet rips into his side, disintegrating and swiftly dissolving spreading the negating agent throughout his bloodstream. The effects of the Halloween Pill being reversed and his body returning to normal as he lays unconscious next to the man he had been trying to maul moments earlier.
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Aug 5, 2012 5:30 PM

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Boomie looks around frantically, his loss of hearing being frightening to him, although he can feel it slowly come back, but during this silence his thoughts came to him.

Destroying the marine base was too easy, they won't let this place go unchecked...

Boomie fiddles around with his pockets, keeping a steady armament haki up out of sheer paranoia, which had been enhanced (his paranoia) with Levi's company.

Boomie was hoping to find one of his 'Special' Boomie Balls laying around somewhere.

"Guys can you hear anything?! Sound seems to have slipped away from me!"
"I come for all who grow, crawl, and walk. I am the perfect hunter. In the end, I am the victor."

Aug 5, 2012 5:55 PM

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Jyou was about to see if she could try to catch another nap, despite the commotion that continued around here, but her eyes caught that of a man carrying a guitar case. Must have been the person she heard paying a moment ago. Not much was shown on his face and the smirk was still drawn upon her lips. Her attitude was almost as rough as her appearance. It was full of impudence, and almost as if she were daring him to do something. 'Want something, prick?' was the silent message her eyes conveyed.

But without another word, the man left. A light chuckle came from her, a little disappointed that that was it. Oh well. Maybe she would walk around and find out just what the hell was going on around here.

The woman stood, holding the guitar on her left shoulder. The neck lay horizontally behind her neck and right shoulder and she pocketed her free hand. Her arms and belly no longer showed the holes which produced the screechingly loud sounds. Nothing but smooth fair skin could be seen.

She casually walked, turning her head left and right. It was hard to get any kind of information out of this lot. Even with her playing halting the majority of the chaos, she wasn't able to pick up much from this lot. Something about marines and pirates? Doesn't exactly help her. Jyou passed a few people, some very strange in appearance. Some she actually dug... like the woman that had just shot someone with a tranq dart (Cassandra). Her style of dress actually looked pretty damn cool.
Aug 6, 2012 1:12 AM

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Ohhh god... Of all people to pick a fight with you choose creepy... he thought to himself as he saw Rain spring into action and kick creepy with an incredible force. It appeared that if he fought creepy as he was then he might be able to win. He then heard Rose ask where Rain had gone he turned his head and replied. "He picked a fight with creepy over there.. Be prepared to jump in if needed." he said with a sigh as he watched the fight develop. It looked like things would go Rains way if they continued this way. Maybe he can win... he thought to himself right before creepy popped a pill into his mouth and manifested into some creature he had never seen before.

What the hell is that?

He wanted to jump in when the creature got onto of his friend Rain but shorty shot something at creepy that appeared to knock him out. It turned him back into ordinary creepy and laid motionless next to Rain.

"Geeze and I thought I was a tad bit reckless.. You realllly shouldn't pick fights with such weirdos Rain.." he said with a sigh as he helped Rain off the ground and put Rains right arm around his shoulders. He then carried him in the direction where Rose was standing.

"I mean I know you wanted revenge on that creep for what happened at the base but there will be a better time forrr.." he stopped abruptly as he just realized he inadvertently made Rain aware that he was the marine base as well. Shit... I really gotta stop blurting things out... Hopefully what I said will go in one ear and out the other. If he probes me I can just play innocent!
Aug 6, 2012 7:09 AM
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As she's walking by the auction houses on her way to the market she sees the fight and says Baka then keeps walking when she gets to the market she sees a girl in punk clothes walking by and decides to avoid her she then goes up to the merchant and says I'd like to sell this stuff
Aug 6, 2012 1:39 PM

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Both rain and "Amy" have gone off somewhere, leaving Rose alone. She continues to walk straight toward the auction house hoping the Heart hasn't started yet. Her left side felt better so she was able to walk normally. Where the hell did those two go, they didn't even say where they were going. She thought to herself.
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Aug 6, 2012 8:58 PM

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Sergio pulled the stranger (Leia) up. Something was a little off with their voice, but Sergio didn’t think too much of it. They didn’t seem too phased by the wet clothes which had now become covered in dirt. Suddenly he heard music from a guitar coming from another part of area 20. He enjoyed this tune, and he wished he could figure out who was producing it. Then another source of music appeared that drowned out the original guitar. It sounded like nothing that Sergio had heard before, though that didn’t mean he thought it was good. The music felt like it attacked his ears. It was neither soothing nor enjoyable for Sergio.

“What on Earth was that racket? How could anyone enjoy that kind of music? They should learn something from that first musician.”

He didn’t have too much time to complain about the music, however, as the stranger had pointed out a new sight heading in their direction. A ghostly type of girl that had this aura which made everyone she walked by step away from her. Sergio didn’t know what to make of it.

“This is the first time I’ve seen that person. As far as I know, she isn’t the cause of anythin’ here. Though, I wouldn’t doubt she could start somethin’ later. That is sure drawin’ some attention.

He focused his attention back to the stranger then.

“Are you goin’ to be alright in those clothes? Stayin’ in wet and dirty clothes is just asking’ to get a cold.”

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Aug 7, 2012 5:42 AM
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Walks in the marketplace buys some sushi with her new money then donates 10%of the money she got from loot to charity like orphanages then goes back to auction house and notices the fights over so jumps on top of a building then watches what's going on while eating her sushi
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Aug 7, 2012 9:43 PM
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“What the fuck!”

Profanity was not something that would slip from Celina frequently, but now was a special occasion. Suddenly out of the silence that Aki had lead her into, with apparently a group of Kuro’s new “friends,” a loud, horribly played, piece of trash guitar sound hit her. It was enough to almost make her enhanced hearing go out on her. Her ears were ringing, and she began to growl deep in her throat. She heard the insult that the man, now strung up in a tree said to her friend.


She stepped in the direction of the boy, (Simple) and lashed out aiming to slap his face. Instead, her hand traveled up and out for his side. She was not in a good mood, and her Conquer’s haki was threatening to break free, and begin to gnaw at everyone’s minds around her. Pure ignorance of her skill’s kept it in check.

“Do. Not. Ever. Call. Aki. A. Faggot! You. Sack. Of. Shit!”

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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Aug 7, 2012 9:45 PM
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Feels a odd angry/sad sensation and kinda feels like a piece of shit for a second. then digs deep inside and uses all her will power to over come those disturbing feelings. then goes back to sitting on roof top eating sushi
Aug 8, 2012 12:20 PM

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Akimoto immediately noticed that Daisuke's wounds reopened. Although he did not know that the trajectory would be successful, his original intention was not to cause Daisuke any injuries. At best, it would be another practical joke of his. After hearing Celina yell and slap Daisuke, who was currently bleeding, Akimoto approached Daisuke and Celina. With one of his arms, Akimoto blocked the two and tried to prevent them from fighting.

"Oi oi, Celina. I understand your good intentions, however, It seems as though my joke did cause some harm. He has a right to be mad at me."

Daisuke's wounds were still bleeding as Akimoto talked.

"Sorry about that. My joke's gotten a bit out of hands."

Akimoto threw a small, convenient med pack that he had with him to Daisuke.

"Use that. When you get better, I'd enjoy fighting you," smiled Akimoto as he stared at Daisuke.

(Note. Akimoto might've given Daisuke the wrong, "gay" impression that he once gave him LOL. Also, he was focusing on Daisuke a lot and didn't really bother with Celina - Which may cause jealousy? Hehe.)
Aug 9, 2012 3:41 PM

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((This is an Extremely Long Post, Even for me, It really has to be this long, as it is a VERY important post for this thread and the rest of the club, know that there will probably never be a post this long again, and take heart that you did not have to write it three times as I had. Since its very long there might be a good deal of typos and places that aren't exactly top notch quality, but still, try to enjoy :).))

You people should calm down..

The ones who had been making a ruckus suddenly found themself englulfed in shadow and addressed by a booming voice looking up they realized that they found themself beneath the gaze of a giant, his eyes glaring down at them with a rather unsatisfied look. He was wearing the pelt of some kind of giant lizard and wielded a club made from some sort of green metal. He was not that tall for a giant though, he could probably be climbed with a really long ladder yet he extruded an aura that blasted away any thought of tempting a fight with this one. Your being watched.. He was not wrong, looking towards the crowds who where not more than a stone throw away they could see a large number of eyes looking in their direction.. The amount of people there made it impossibly for everyone to have heard and seen them, but still a eyeballingly large number of pirates where looking in their direction, and they did not seem very happy.

Find a spot, and sit down..
Or ill make you!

The Giant stepped over them and headed towards a hill that he quickly turned into a bed as he layed down to watch the event. The pirates that had been watching them quickly lost interest as things died down, especially since the increasing suspense was making it all but impossible to look away from the auction house.

As The Sun neared the end of its journey, its fiery eye resting just above the edge of the sea, creating serene rays of light that showered the valley and the old trading house house in rays of golden glory. The Pirates and the Marines were tense, not even the loud mouthed ones or the people considered insane spoke a word, every eye was on wooden scene that had been built in front of buildings main entrance. Several more minute past, some pirates were even starting to think he was not gonna show and was about to make a ruckus when the doors were suddenly opened, a burst of dust marking the arrival of a man dressed in a heavy dark raincoat.

The Man walked without a single error in his step, a perfect gait with clear purpose and design, the sword he carried on his back perfectly aligned with his hooded skull. The Crowd watched in silence as the man walked across the stage until he reached the right end of the recently built construction, some newbies might have taken him for the awaited man, but a few recognising eyes quickly proved them different. Hey..? Ain't that..What is he doing here!? What the hell is going on!? Where is Fork!? Thats, thats, The Crimson Rain! The warlord!?

More Info on the man know as "The Crimson Rain"

Thousands of weapons were leveled towards the swordsman, the paranoid pirates fingering at their triggers, only the fear of being the first one to shoot, for the renown of the man killing skill was such that everyone, despite being in the thousands, feared that the first to shoot would also be the first to die.

Oh, Its sure is lively out here.

Out from the darkness arrived a man dressed in a flamboyant red garment with rims and details of tarnished gold, a black pirate hat with the same golden detail as the rest of his garment rested on his head, flanked by a parrot matching the color of his attire, its black dead beady eyes watching the crowd with fading interest.

Pirates and Freemen, Ladies and Gentlemen of the humble marines that has honored us by joining in from the outskirts..
Welcome to this very special event!

As he reached the stage it became clear to the crowds that beneath the garments there was nothing but bone, the only pieces of flesh to be seen was a couple of red eyes that gazed out towards the crowd. It was not a very unusual sight on the grand line, but to be confronted by such a being when one expected something completelly different was still a big shock and as a result a murmur of confusion started to grow amonst the pirates.

I Am Fork D. Heart.. Though as you can see, I now clearly lack the latter! Fahahahaha!!!

Bone JoOOOooke!

There it was! The Legendary bad humor of those afflicted by one of fruits of the "revive revive no mi" family, the revelation to the orgin of the mans bonefull existence quickly became evident, ending the murmur replacing it with the dread that only a bad joke can bring. Though for those who had doubted him it now became clear that it was indeed the legendary Fork D. Heart that stood before them, for the knowledge of his fruit was a thing of fairy tales, a common known fact, though still the world knew him as a man of flesh, not bone, thus the confusion had initially started, the joke might not have served a good purpose in the eyes of most, but the attention had been very much drawn away from Rain who had now been almost forgotten in the corner where he was standing, solemnly gazing at the crowds.

I know that the patience of the marines is not as famous as our own, so I will go straight to the reason we have gathered here.. Well, for most of you I am sure you've heard the rumor that I am looking for fresh bodies, and I can confirm this, I will be taking in any willing man ready to confront the New World, you will all be welcome, but this is not the reason for why I have called you all here... No, the reason I have gathered you here is to bring you all a Message, and a gift, a gift to the world!

He was clearly an oreator, his skills with his words, his charisma reached out to everyone in the gathering, no matter how cold or twisted or how dumb and happy-go-lucky, everyone seem to hinge at his words, no matter the subject.

As most of you know, I was the chef of the pirate king, but even more importantly I was also his best friend, and the first to join his crew. Together we saw the entire span of Paradise, seeing things we could never have imagined, we conquered this incredible ocean before driving further into the new world, where he finally became known as The Pirate King upon defeating all four Pirate Lords. By this time we had started to age, the signs of fading youth were evident and it was because of this that I went to my friend and asked him to settle down, take a break, maybe even retire. You all know this period of time as "The Calm", a time in which true peace reigned across all six oceans.

Families were settled, time was spent on things that we once considered out of the reach of lawless men, I myself took up sewing, quite an interesting profession don't you think? Well, as time past it seemed that this would become our life and we would slowly drifted away on the serene winds of peace.. Though One day after many years of peace, the Pirate King came to my door, I had not seen him in many years but there he was as if I had never left the ship. These words he said to me that day:"Heart, you've had your break, now I will have One Piece". I could do nothing but comply, together I and the aging pirate king gathered together our old crew and set out once again.

There where whispering from the crowds, most of the Pirate Kings life was common knowledge, stuff that any pirate would know, but this last voyage was something new to them, to everyone else the Pirate King had just suddenly gathered his crew and then vanished out to sea, never to return, well atleast until the news that his Chef had appeared, the whispering quickly vanished as the Chef waited for the pirates to calm down, but once he started again it was as if he had never stopped, utterly entrancing the listeners in his story.

As you all know..
The only way to access Raftel in which the legendary One Piece is said to be located, was destroyed by the prior Pirate King in a great cataclysmic war of his era.. And as such the world has thought One Piece lost forever, to the point where we have stopped telling our children the tales. However my freind never stopped believing, and yet even if the way to Raftel was deemed lost forever.. That man.. found it!You can not imagine the joy of our hearts when we stepped onto the shores of the island that would eventually see us safely on the way to the island of dreams.. Gateway Island! However it is here where my freind came to me once again, this time with a heartbreaking request, this he told me as the sun was starting to fall on the distant sky, very much like the sun today.

Heart, the route to Raftel is dangerous you know? Its felled migthier men than me, and I am old Fork. There is a chance that I won't make it.. And because of that I have to ask you something unforgivable.

I was given a letter and one of the smaller boats in our fleet.. I was forced to say my good byes and take the Journey home, I have never felt a pain greater than when i had to watch my freind and the crew I had come to call family sail towards that legendary Raftel, leaving me behind.

There was a long pause in which the murmur of the crowd rose again, some people started shouting about lies, accusing the chef of making up stories, other called him crazy, while others were slackjawed, not knowing what to belive. One Piece had indeed been all but forgotten, yet it had always been close to people hearts and to bring it up as if there was still hope was painful to anyone who had ever hoped to chase after the legend of legends.

Its been three years since then..
The Era of the peace is long gone; Wars and Conflicts between both free and serving men are spreading like wild fire and The Pirate King has not yet returned! So as I promised on that sad day, I will fulfill his last wish.

The reason one can no longer reach Gateway Island, the island that one need to reach in order to find Raftel, is that the island has had its magnetic pull removed! Something unbelievable happened there that made it lose its effect on navigation poses.. This is why nobody could find it, however.. I found out that during the time when I and the others of our pirate crew had taken our long break, he had been searching the entire world for a legendary item, but not just any other item.. A Map, a legendary map drawn by the navigator of one of the very first pirate kings.

The Map Of The World!

Yes indeed, while many world maps exist.. The only that map shows every island in the new world, and the routes to get there.. Including Raftel! Its the greatest tool any pirate can have at his disposal, and a piece of this map was given to me. The skeleton chef picked up a piece of paper from one of his pockets and held it high into the sky, showing everyone in the crowd a leathery surface in which a detailed route were described.

The letter I was given includes the piece of the map that shows the way from the end of the new world, across the great wide and to the Gateway Island and onwards to Raftel, The Way to One Piece!

At that moment all the previously sealed windows blasted open, and out came swarms of birds, acompanied by a storm of paper and before people could blink the entire valleys sky was covered in falling paper maps, the birds kept going, spreading out to all directions imaginable, intending to send more maps to distant islands. One by one every pirate in the valley got their hands one a copy, their eyes opening wide in shock as they gazed down upon the detailed layed out route to the treasure island of dreams.

The Pirate King has not returned, but it was his dear wish that if he were to fail, that others would still have the chance to see their dream come true, his final wish was to not allow the Legend to die with him!

And as a result..

It had been close to fifty years since the dream of One Piece had been crushed, yet people had kept trying and the legend had been kept alive by those hopeless individiuals. However, eventually the pirate world had become one of harsh realities rather than dreams, the fading myth of One Piece had been on its death-bed, but now that was in the past, it was washed away, and before long the entire valley was roaring like an awakened dragon, cries of determination, declaration of dreams and challenges to the heavens were thrown towards the sky, the passion of everyones hearts, even the most cruel and cold blooded man rose together in a cresendo that caused the surrounding marines to tremble from the sheer intensity, even doberman felt the cold sweat of fear pimple down his brow, an ancient dream was being revived, and it was earth-shattering.

This Cold Era Of Dying Dreams..
Is No More!!!

End of Episode Two

- All Participants have received a 100 SP Reward -

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(Work in progress)
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The New Era
Episode 3
The First Battle of the New Era
The Grand Free-For-All



Soft Posting Rotation

Battle Location


The Pirate King is no more.. The space is vacant.. The Legend of One Piece still glows bright..! Follow me, those who dare!
I don't care if your going to betray me, cheat me, or have goals that differ from mine, sail with me! Ill be the one leading the spearhead towards Raftel!

I will be the one to give light to this New Era!

The Chef was about to turn around to leave towards the entrance when a mighty voice called him out.

Forget it! Your Ambition shall be end here. Forkland D. Heartfield!
This "Era" of yours shall not find root.

Even if they had been expected, when the marines finally showed themselves it was a quite scary sight. On all sides of the valley rows upon rows of soldiers emerged with their rifles aimed towards the pirates hordes, creating a ring of death that intended to choke the life from the pirates, even cannons were pushed out into their positions on the the higher overlooking hills. At the entrance to the valley, from out of a hidden door in the ground appeared Vice Admiral Doberman and a squad of elite marine soldiers.

I Will be using your bones as decorations for my home, Fork!

At this moment hundreds of trapdoors were pushed open as Veteran Marine soldiers rushed out from their hiding spots underground, taking the pirates by surprise. The Figthing started as quickly as it had been announced, swords clashing and guns firing from all direction, causing a picture of hell to enfold in the valley. However this orderly battle fell into chaos as soon as it had begun, the ten thousand pirates quickly started dispering its outer ranks, going after the riflemen in the hills while others clashed with the vets down in the valley itself. However this was far from everything, for the inspirational speech had left many pirates booming with ambition and hunger, this passion was directed into battle and as if nothing had held them back before, old rivalries flared up and battles between pirates started popping up everywhere, indeed it never became a battle where pirates stood against marines, instead it became a giant free-for-all, even the marines sometimes mistaking friend from foe.

Thirteen Thousand Combatants, The worlds grandest free-for-all rumble royal has begun!

Arc Tips and Essentials:

- There is something to fight everywhere, cut loose!
- The time for calling out people for the purpose of quick duels is now.
- If your not in the valley its not the admins problem if your bored.
- This is a giant free for all, pirates are not necessarily your allies.
- This is not a good time to introduce your character to others.
- Trying to escape should be deemed pointless.
- This is your chance to gain some fame!
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Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

(Work in progress)
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Amidst the sea of pirates, Noah sat down on a small open patch of grass, peacefully swigging away at his new found bottle of rum. He even shared a couple of sips with the neighboring pirates, but it’s not like he had much of a choice really. Actually before he knew it, the bottle seemed to disappear from his hands, or the hands of the last mate he passed it on to. However, the time for lament was nay as the legendary cook finally made his grand entrance, and for what? To trigger a shit storm of epic proportions!

Noah was surrounded by three marines, by the looks of which seemed to be seasoned but not quite veteran as of yet. He let out a sigh as the marines cocked their weapons and demanded he put his hands in the air and comply.

“Gentlemen, surely you are mistaken, I am nothing but a showman,” he stated while bowing down in front of the marine standing in front of him.

“Sorry mister show time but everyone here is considered a criminal and shall be treated as su-, Guwaaaaaah!”

Noah stepped up to the marine, smashing his right elbow atop the marines rifle to disarm him, then grabbing the marine’s left arm, he pulled himself over to the marine’s back while holding the marine’s arm, and effectively using the marine as a human shield. The marine standing in front of Noah trembled in pain. Noah’s right arm held the marine by the neck while his left hand controlled the marine’s left hand. The other marine’s were caught off guard by the agility, but could do nothing to free their comrade, that is until two pirates snuck behind them and cracked their heads with bottles, knocking them both out cold. Noah let go of the marine with a shove to the ground and even thanked the pirates for the help.

“I suppose I owe you guys one,” he replied with a smile. “Let me show you my gratitude,” he told them while raising his right leg up to his hip then twisting in so that the ball of his feet faced his right. “Rankyaku!” he shouted while kicking outward across his body. The movement unleashed a sharp compressed air blade that pushed the whole crowd back. He then mockingly saluted the lot, and disappeared into the crowd once more.
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Waking up half-way through the grand speech he was stunned. Where am I and who? He stopped his train of thought as he realized that is was Aimé that he was leaning against.

"What is going....." He paused as he focused in on the figure standing before the enormous crowd. At first he felt like something was wrong with the person but after several moments of straining his ears and logical deduction he realized the figure standing there was the fabled cook. Yet even from a distance Herain could tell there was something wrong with him but Herain's attention was quickly draw away from the cook to the figure standing just behind him. Missing that part of the gossip he studied Rain but as he did something stirred inside himself that he had never felt before. This unknown man radiated power but not just any kind of power. This power was something special, something that even a rookie like himself could see. That power was the kind most people lusted and even killed for though ninty nine percent of them could never fully grasp the power to stand next to one of the best and be considered an equal. It was at that moment in time when Herain realized that nothing short of that type of power would ever satisfy him.

Then as the birds burst forth from the enormous building his attention was draw back towards the cook. As Fork explained what the pieces of paper were for a sudden rush of unease crept into Herain's heart. What is this fool of a cook thinking?! Something this informative shouldn't be released to just anyone!? Especially them! Even though he continued to rant about the idiocy of the cook he reached up and grasped a piece of the paper. That's when he saw his blood stained hand and all at once the pain came swooping back in.

"Urgh!" he gasped as every pain receptor in his body lit up like a Christmas tree. "Dammit it all....... to hell!" he said gasping for breath. The wounds were still bleeding but due to his recent bout his endurance for the pain seemed to have increased tenfold. Well I'll take whatever I can get at the moment. he thought to himself. Then all at once a massive force of marines appeared and everything went to hell. The order to attack was given by some formidable marine that Herain had never seen before and in the blink of an eye the plaza erupted into chaos. Bullets and cannons flew all around them killing any who found themselves unlucky enough to be on the end of the sights, but the battle was furthest thing his mind at the moment. The only thing he cared about was finding out who that man was.

Then out of nowhere he sneezed. What in the hell was that? He asked himself as a sudden chill swept over him. When he looked down through the matted gore that was his body he realized that he wasn’t wearing anything, save for his briefs and his shoes.

“Well this could be a problem.” He murmured to himself. He started to look around and after a few seconds he saw the perfect outfit. “Well Aimé” he said as he stood up on his own two feet. “I’m pretty sure that you won’t ever see me again after tonight so it’s been nice getting to know ya, but this is goodbye.” He smiled and then disappeared from view again leaving Aimé to fend for himself.
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Boomie was silently observing throughout the entirety of the 'presentation,' and he too got his hands on a piece of paper, when the marines attacks. He liked this, and what made him like it much more was that he found 3 of his special boomie balls loose in his pockets as he threw them at one side of the outer walls, all close together.

As the Spec boomie balls hit the walls they detonated with impressive condensed power, destroying the hill's structural integrity, causing a landslide beneath the marines on the edge, which also came down atop the marines and some pirates already fighting near the wall, devastating a portion of the area with soft soil and rubble.

All the while Boomie maintained his haki, deflecting bullets from there far range, and some marines that delivered some week sword attacks which he clobbered with his cannon, and utilising his cannon's jet dial in bursts to slow down or cease the progression of oncoming cannon balls and forcefully push bunches of people out of his way as he works to reconnect with Levi and Cass.
"I come for all who grow, crawl, and walk. I am the perfect hunter. In the end, I am the victor."

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Cassandra became confused. Cassandra hurt random marine #1657 in confusion. A bullet going into his ribcage, felling him.

It was true that she had come here to meet Fork. But there was an absurd amount of people gathered and now that the marines had joined in, she had no clue what was going on. She ignored everything else, focused only on getting Levi back to conciousness.

Cass bent down over Levi, avoiding the crossfire and attentions of nearby fighters. She tried to slap some life back into Levi but she gave up after her hand got sore and there had been no progress. She thought she was angry with him for using the pill so recklessly. The reason why she angry was with herself for shooting him so quickly, not that she would ever admit it or even realise it. A random hostile person having their throat ripped out was a great trade for a concious Levi, someone to hide behind.

"Wake up!"

She kicked Levi in the ribs, hurting her own foot without budging him. His eyes remained shut, his face calm and tranquil, sleeping peacefully in the middle of a battle royal. She wondered if he was dreaming.

"Wake up!"

She gave up the careful approach, stood up and stepped on his face, expecting a result. When there wasn't any she lost her temper. Levi was being so unreliable and unfair. Leaving her alone in the middle of this battle. She forgot any previous inhibitions and began to jump up and down on Levi's torso, yelling.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

After venting her anger she stopped, but not after attracting attention. With her mind calming down she was able to think properly, hitting herself on the forehead with a palm.

"Look Levi, BODY PARTS!"

She screamed it almost directly into his ear. There was an immediate reaction.
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By the time Kuro had caught the piece of map and taken a look at it the crowd erupted into a frenzy with emotions running high the area became a giant free for all zone it wasn’t hard to imagine with Fork restoring probably the peoples biggest dream in history the legend of One Piece was there to be taken once again. Marines and pirates no matter who they were they were aiming for your head with Kuro already having to evade several decent blows as he walked through the crowd his blade dripping blood, it wasn’t his own blood but the blood of those unfortunate to try and attack him however with numbers being so great even Kuro knew he would grow tired and eventually fall if he wasn’t careful.

I will give him this that damn cook certainly knows how to stair up some shit!/

While Kuro was disappearing into the crowd Celina could feel a hand grab hers from behind it was Kuro as he pulled her into the crowd with him the sheer number of people fighting was immense and at the same time exciting, while pulling Celina Kuro cleared a path through some of the weaker people with the stronger ones fighting amongst themselves but Kuro had no time to waste on fighting against these people he wanted to do something else and needed the attention of the masses but there was only one place he could get their attention at now.

“oi! Celina you posses Haki right after all you did use it in the bar before blowing it up right?”

The fact Kuro knew of the Haki and that Celina possessed it probably meant he was far more aware than he had led everybody to believe so far and that he knew a lot more about Haki and other things or at least he knew more than he led on. Kuro had managed to clear a small circle of space around them as he finished asking Celina the question although he didn’t wait for an answer he seemed to know the answer already.

“Clear me a path to the summit with your Haki...the ones that don’t fall will fall by my blade...stay at my side and I will protect you for as long as we live.”
Aug 10, 2012 1:08 PM
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Celina listened carefully to Kuro, as she was dragged forword by him. She had no time to get mad at aki, for completely ignoring her. She was torn between being upset, and angry. Then, Kuro asked her to activate her haki. She froze up, and then a look of puzzlement crossed her face.


She had no idea what he was talking about. Unless he was talking about that thing, that always came out when she was angry, upset, and or desprit.

Someone slammed in to her from the side, causing her to stumble against Kuro, her hand being ripped from his. Her breath began to exit in and out of her body rapidly.
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◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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Raysha watching the presentation enthralled with the mans words constantly on the edge of her seat. then he said it one piece the king of treasures she would be rich if she found it she jumped up and in the excitement dropped her sushi.
She looks down as her sushi falls to the ground and sighs and says"o well" just then she hear him mention the way to get to one piece and immieditly goes back to paying attention To him forgetting all about her lost sushi. she keeps listen then outa no where a flock of birds come bursting out and she falls back words in surprise rubbing her head when a map piece falls on her she realizes this is a map to the treasure and tons of other maps are falling, so she starts throwing her poppers into the air destroying as many map pieces as she can after grabbing a few for her self of course.

When right as she about to let the next batch of poppers out to destroy more falling map pieces a marine puts a gun to her head and says don't move so In her best innocent/cute voice she says "u wouldn't want to hurt me would u". The marine says "don't tempt me", she slowly turns around and the marine gets this pervy look on his face after seeing her body, he goes to touch her just then raysha slaps him yelling "perv" knocking him straight off the building.
she sighs and gets rdy to destroy more map pieces when cannon balls and bullets start wizzing past her she yells "hey watch it" the marines on top yelling "get her" she quickly moves and then yells "shine shine blinder" and her body and 10 feet around her starts to shine as bright as the sun. she smirks and starts running at the disoriented marines, stuffing poppers in there gun barrels and filling the cannons with them.
Blowing the muskets back so hard The fly into the marines face knocking them off while the cannons shoot back words trampling anyone in there path till they fall off the wall and smash. She keeps repeating between blinding the marines shooting at her and stuffing poppers in there muskets and cannons .

at the beginning of this video shows what a small popper does
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Even Jyou, a wandering musician with zero interests in legends and pirates and whatnot knew who Forks was, as well as the legend of the One Piece. Not that she particularly cared. She was not a pirate, so the promise of vast riches did little to spark her enthusiasm. The woman stuck her little finger into an ear and would start turning to find somewhere quiet to get her nap... until an army of marines came and the shit hit the fan.

One pirate turned around and blindingly threw his sword down at the woman. Surprised, she moved out of the way just in time for her to narrowly miss the swing.


Jyou punched theh pirate in the nose, hearing the faint sound of cartilage breaking. It was surprising she could even hear that small noise in the clusterfuck that occurred in front of the auction house. At first, she felt greatly annoyed. Her hangover from the night before was already long gone, but she still wanted more sleep dammit! Another pirate finished his opponent and found Jyou standing there. Another victim... or so he thought.

"Get the hell away from me!"

Her hand gripped the neck of the guitar and as the stupid man approached, she swung and smashed the instrument over his head. The guitar broke into several pieces, sending a shrill of audio feedback echoing through the air. He lay unconscious on the ground, taken off guard by her rash attack. Unfortunately, the audio feedback only attracted more attention to her. Several others went after the woman, wanting a piece of her as well.


She turned heel and ran, pushing her way through the combatants to escape her pursuers. Maybe smashing the guy over the head with this wasn't such a good idea after all. Seemed she was full of bad ideas where little thought went into them. Yet as she ran, she really got a good look at the fighting. Marines against pirates, pirates against marines, and even pirates against pirates and marines against marines. It was truly... chaotic. Jyou found her heart rate starting to pick up, and not from fear of the men that chased after her.


It was truly a muddled disaster. No one knew who they were attacking or why they were attacking. It made her palms sweat.


Heat coursed through her body and she couldn't help the rapid rise in her heartbeats. It was as if the discourse was drawing her in. Like a dream come true. The battlefield was beckoning her. No, this wasn't a simple battlefield. Bullets flew, swords crossed, and bombs blew... everywhere. This was...


Jyou came to a sliding halt. Her left hand gripped what was left of the broken guitar. It should have been useless at this point... but she knew better than that. The instrument... actually regenerated. From the neck, the body reformed itself. The strings pulled across it, finding their rightful place. And no tuning necessary! On her midriff, lower back, forearms, upper arms, and lower legs, those same holes appeared. They all thought the shit had hit the fan before. They ain't seen nothing yet.

She turned to face her pursuers, a smirk pulled across her lips and eyes wide. This was her field. She was the queen of this battle, and she would make sure everyone knew it. The pick somehow found its way back into her fingers and she struck the strings. A sound wave burst from the holes on her body, pushing everyone around her about five feet back and halting those dicks.

Jyou started to play and all hell broke loose. The groups around her were sent flying by the sound waves that emitted from her. Some blood flew along with them, cuts appearing at random intervals. Most of the attacks however were hard hitting bludgeons, like brick walls were being thrown at their faces. Her thrashing was wild, unpredictable, and completely indiscriminatory. Pirates and marines alike were hit with the rapid beatings with each rapid pluck of the strings. They came out as fast as her fingers could move, making it difficult to even attempt to get close to her. The chaos had gotten to her. This was an environment she thrived in, fuel for her own anarchistic pleasure.

Anarchy. It was like sex to her, only a trillion times better.
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Although all of Chibi's previous wake up attempts had been futile she finally got the right idea.

"Look Levi, BODY PARTS!"

Levi bolts upright, his eyes shockingly wide open .


Levi asked before even looking around, a map piece drifting into his lap as he looks at it, failing to recognize anything other than its a map and puts it in his pocket to give to Boomie later. Levi finally gets around to looking at the chaos around him; a giant bar brawl only it was without the bar but if your drinking isn't everywhere a bar?

"Get the rum Chibi, BAR FIGHT!"

Levi leaps straight up off of the ground and onto his feet dusting himself off, finding that Gregory had hidden himself in Levi's satchel, shaking and trembling in the corner from almost being squashed by fast legs kick to Levi's chest earlier.

Levi spreads his arms wide, a look of childish glee covers his face as he takes in all the body parts around him.

"Jack Jack Carnival!"

Many many pumpkins fill the sky and general area within a 30m radius around Levi as he begins to wave his arms like a mad conductor at the front of an orchestra. Pumpkins following his arms movements and pummeling into marine and pirate alike. His 'conducting' falling in with the music (Kyo's) being pumped out somewhere else on the battlefield.
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Doberman pummeled through the crowds, his blade cutting a bloody path through the figthing, he could not belive how lucky he was, he had expected to meet more resistance than this, but fortunantly the stupid pirates had used his attack as a chance for infigthing, it partly annoyed him that they would not feel threatened enough to band together, though that would change the moment he took forks head.

Groah.. Its getting harder to move.

The more he got into the gathering the thicker the figthing, at some points he could barely take a step without running into something, and further in he could see the fighting was so thick that it could be described as a mass of people grinding up against one another, a bloody swamp of figthning pirates. Deciding on what to do he picked up his Den Den Mushi and gave orders to his soldiers on the hills.

All Cannons Fire!!!

The Cannons who had been holding back their fire in fear of hitting freindlies now opened up on the gathering, causing a series of explosions to rock through the crowds, (Some of these are aimed towards players), making Dobermans path alot clearer. He held up his sword arm and roared for his soldiers to charge after him, slicing and dicing as he went along.

Meanwhile on the Stage Rain started moving towards Fork which was standing alone near the entrance watching the figthing with a big grin on his bare boned face. As he approached a pirate suddenly jumped onto the stage, he had a manic expression on his face. "Jiang Si! I've been waiting for you to show your face" Rain seemed to not notice him and kept going, completely ignoring the guy. "You killed my Nakama! And ever since then ive trained so that I could take you down, I am now a man with a 200.000.00 bounty! I am feared all across "Paradise" and now you will-hey you!? Bastard Don't ignore m-huh?"

The Pirate suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, and with it all his strength was drained from his body. Looking down he noticed thin red line across his abdomen. I am cut...? But he never..? All he got was one final look at Rains uncaring back, the man continuing like he had never existed, leaving the man to his fate as his body started gliding apart, leaving him a bloody mess.

At this time snipers had started to enter the fight aswell, Marine sharpshooters started to pick out individuals in the crowds that stood out, and more than one big name found his end at the tip of a bullet.
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Milo wasn't exactly sure when, but when he had stopped to look around as the cook had begun making his speech he had gotten separated from Ringer and Daisuke. He was now standing alone, in the middle of the biggest shitstorm he had ever seen, holding a map in his hand and actively dodging flying bullets, cannonballs, swords, teeth, weird exploding pumpkins, a couple of shoes and what appeared to be a half-full bottle of rum, all while listening to a crazy guitarr-solo coming from somewhere. He managed to shove the map into his satchel while performing his erradic movements to prevent all manner of flying objects to hit him, only pausing slightly in surprise when somebodys nose flew past him.

He figured that finding Ringer and Daisuke had to be priority number 2, very closely following priority number 1 of staying alive. So far no one had engaged him directly, but all good things must come to an end. A relatively big bloke that was holding his hand over his face and had blood dripping from it came swinging a sword in his free hand with his eyes locked on Milo. Milo crouched down in response to the head-severing swing and then did a quick dash forward in between the mans legs and upon reaching the other side, he placed a kick in the mans back to keep him moving forward and to propel Milo himself forward as well. The other half of that plan worked excellently as Milo continued forward, but the man didn't even budge and instead quickly turned around while screaming with rage and tears and revealing that he no longer had a nose attached to his face as he used both hands to swing his sword, but Milo was already well out of range, darting through the battle in search for Ringer and Daisuke.
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Noticing the marine snipers on the building with her more focused. She figures if she goes back to destroying map pieces then she will get to easily noticed again.
So instead she starts pick pocketing the marine snipers up there with her then when they notice her she knocks them off the building. While she doing this she keeps a eye out for anyone pointing a gun at her, every time she sees someone she yells shine shine blinder in a anime fashion and a blinding light as bright as the sun appears and blindes them.
She then continue to pickpocket then knock off the roof and repeats until there are no marine snipers up here with her any more.
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Navigating through the chaotic crowd was difficult, but the task was close to impossible due to the infernal music that rang about loudly in Noah’s ear drums. It was the similar ear splitting sound he heard before, but with a slight variation. Regardless, he could not tolerate the sound any longer, as he emerged from the crowd in the open space created by the sound waves pushing away a row of pirates and marines. He stood in the open plain staring at the woman, as the lone spectator of her performance even though several of the sound waves began to slash away at his clothing, slowly digging into his flesh. Oddly enough, he smiled in admiration due to her incredible feat, but the smile faded away when the song ended, and another combination of pirates and marines dared to launch an assault on one another.

Unfortunately for them, they were met with disastrous fates as a guitar flew from the crowd, crashing into the head of a pirate, a snare was then forced through a marine’s head down to his neck, and yet another pirate was smacked across the face with a bass guitar. The medley provided a sound that resembled a band gearing up for a performance, and that was just what was in store for the crowd as Noah shouted out jubilantly,

“Lutz! Casey! Jambo! You guys made it here!?”

His band mates appeared in the fray, all giving him looks of disappointment due to his impromptu absence. The female Casey walked up to Noah and smacked him atop of the head with one of her drumsticks, as Noah took to the floor rubbing his head like a small child being punished.

“Shut the fuck up and stand,” the man that threw the guitar shouted. “We’ve got another show to perform!”

Noah gave a firm nod in confirmation, and then unpacked his guitar as the other’s followed suit with their respective instruments. Altogether there were two guitarists, a bass player, and drummer. Everything went dark for a split second, and then a limelight that appeared out of god knows where shone on top of the band as the grand performance began.

“Run to the hills!” Noah shouted as Casey began to build up the beat with steady steps from the kick drum until he began to sing aloud the opening lyrics, and Lutz provided the backup rhythm. Finally the song broke out into a frenzied combination between accelerated drumming, fast paced strumming, and heart piercing vocals.

The crowd broke out into an all out barrage. It looked as if they were all under a berserker spell, fighting endlessly with no signs of letting up. The solo bit (2:11 into the song) unleashed by Noah emitted a powerful motivational spark in all of the hearts of the men and women in the immediate area, providing them the fuel to fight on, the will to give it their best, and the determination to make it to the bloodied summit.
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During the whole Speech by Fork alex only seemed half interested. she was hoping that he would have something interesting to talk about. Granted she was utterly surprised and repulsed when he revealed himself however that only seemed natural. However as he started to get to the end of his speech and started to talk about One piece her interest increased.

"one piece. could it be"

At that time the windows flew open and hundreds of maps flooded the area. Despite the number of Maps it seemed hard to grab a hold of one as the many of thousands of pirates were also attempting to get them. however when she did manage to find one it had another pirates hand on it. An elbow to the head soon sorted that as she knocked the man out. she then proceeded to Stick the paper down her Top.

"ok now what."

She had been occupied by the map to notice that marines had started to invade them. as she looked around she noticed Marines fighting Pirates and Pirates fighting anyone in their way. it was a bloodbath. Alex looked around to where the others were located and noticed she had been completely separated from them. however she noticed Kuro moving in the crowd pulling someone along.

Well i dont really know you but i guess i have a better chance with you

Alex quickly made it through the crowd following after Kuro and the mystery person. she watched as he cut through the weaker one's and left the big one's to fight between themselves and she did nothing but follow. she arrived as they had stopped and she heard him mention the summit so she walked up to them.

"For as long as you live is a long time. anyway i'm sticking with you guys"
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Jyou's head rocked up and down to the music she played, feeling the blood in her veins pumping with intensity. Anyone watching... well anyone that was able to stand in the wake of the sound waves would be able to see that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Because the waves were random, some managed to get closer to the woman than others, only to be struck by another brick wall or blade of sound. The bursts of the cannons hitting the crowd wasn't able to pull her out of it.

It took a bullet whizzing past her head to bring her focus back to reality. Snipers had appeared and were taking out more men along with the cannon fire. A part of her said to take some kind of cover and stop bringing so much attention to her, but then she spotted the lone guitarist she briefly met earlier. An eyebrow raised when his bandmates appeared, ready to put on a show. They started playing... and she couldn't help but give a light chuckle.

'Huh, looks like guitar boy's got some good taste after all...

She took note of how their playing had a strong influence on the crowd. Everyone was instilled with a new vigor, and even Jyou could feel herself getting pumped. The bullets, bombs, and clashing of swords were off in the distance for her now. In fact, it seemed a select few people took notice of the band and solo guitarist. Almost like a battle of bands. Except on the surface, it appeared as if the woman was at a disadvantage.

"Guess I should pick up my game... a change in style might be a good idea too."

A bottle came flying past her head before she could start a new song. In retaliation, she picked up the gun of one of the fallen marines beside her and shot it in the direction it came from. Though she really didn't know if the person she shot was the same one that threw the bottle. Oh well. The gun was tossed aside and her pick was at the ready.

"Shred Shred Glam."

Jyou's words echoed, amplified by her own Devil Fruit's powers. Those fingers began their play, this time the song much slower and with a more steady rhythm than the previous ones she's played. It even had a slower pace than the one the man and his mates played.

A foot tapped with the beat, followed by the subtle movements of her body. It was an interesting change of pace, considering her appearance and attitude. Regardless, she played flawlessly. Vocals even started to come from the amps on her body.

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on
Livin' like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be yours man?

Jyou started walking towards the guitarist ahead of her. The woman swayed her hips with the beat of the song in a very seductive way. Her song was now starting to have an effect on people. On nearly everyone that could hear. A great urge came across them, like the urge to continue fighting had. Except this time, they started to not their heads, matching the beat of her guitar and the lyrics. The swaying of their heads kept going until the men and women were full-on headbanging. Many even put their hands up in the air, their pinky and forefingers sticking up to form devil horns.

Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light
Television lover, baby, go all night
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah

Quite a comical sight it was. A decent portion of the once chaotic crowd were rocking out to the music, and they had no control over themselves whatsoever. They tried to resist, tried to keep fighting, but the song was too righteous! Those who were not affected took this opportunity to gun and cut down as many of the fighters as they could. Jyou was now walking around the other musician, looking alluring in the way she moved. The woman spun and lowered her body down in front of him with her back facing the man, then rose back up, never missing a single beat.

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

She winked over her shoulder at him, and walked back to her original spot, enjoying the sight of the morons rocking out to her playing.

Jyou is using her Devil Fruit power Shred Shred Glam. While she's playing, those with within earshot and with a Willpower less than rank 12 will be forced to start headbanging and throw their devil horns up in the air. If your Willpower is at 12, you can resist it, but still feel the urge. If it's greater than 12, it won't have any effect on you at all.
Aug 11, 2012 1:51 PM
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(have 400 points on will power so pretty sure I'm past rank 12)

Raysha hears the music and for a sec feels like nodding her head but quickly over comes and fights those ridiculous impulses. She then continues pick pocketing when she notices some of the marines doing it, she realizes the music is controlling people so she gets a devious smirk on her face.
Grabs her bag of loot and starts robbing the controlled marines blind, taking anything off them that could be sold for decent money and keeps going till all controlled marines hold nothing even semi valuable .
Aug 11, 2012 4:04 PM

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Levi is unable to control himself, not that he minded at all in fact as it was rather good music, and started headbanging and shaking his devil fist in the air. This fist still controlling the pumpkins and sending them crashing into a bunch of marines on a roof, presumably snipers, before exploding in a rather large explosion. (Miku you were caught in the blast, I just blew up the roof of the building your standing on)

As the song continues Levi continues to head-bang, more pumpkins crashing into the battlefield all around him and exploding upon contact, making anywhere within the vicinity of Levi quite the danger zone.
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Gets blown away and lands on a adjacent roof she's laying down thinking what was that. after a few min she gets up and shakes off the pain from the blast and she makes sure her loot is ok.

once she finds out it is she hides half of it in a different bag in a safe spot and then goes back to robbing the affected marine snipers of anything she can sell for money while watching out for those weird bombs.
Aug 11, 2012 4:16 PM

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When Boomie saw the pumpkins arise from the battlefield he knew it had to be Levi, though levi was doing what seemed to be some sort of dance from where he stood, his slight deafness had silenced the attack from the unknown enemy, and funnily enough, it was all because of her last attack.

A cannon ball headed directly towards Boomie and he allowed a full-power jet blast to ensue, returning the cannonball back where it came from. He then switched his dial to his flame dial, and started swaying his canon about as it became a flamethrower.

"Flame Cannon"

Many marines and pirates around him, none that he knew, caught fire, and as they ran in panic from catching alight, they bumped into others long enough for them to catch on fire. Boomie was fine, he still had his haki up protecting him from the blaze, and as long as he stayed away from Levi while he was insanely blowing everything about, he would be fine.

Damn the Levi! Blowing up stuff is my thing! Why don't i have any of my bombs on me damn it!?

Boomie, after setting alight to many, switched his cannon back to his jet dial.

(Miku, even the most enduring human won't be able to shrug of multiple explosion from bombs, especially if you get blown away by it, along with debris, you can't just 'shrug' that sort of thing off, willpower only goes so far when your pushing yourself.)
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As the random battles ensued Herain only had two things on his mind. The first was to find a suitable pair of clothes. The second was to fight his way tooth and nail up to the summit. So knowing that he needed clothes more than anything he began searching the crowd. Looking around he found nothing suitable until a massive cannon barrage light up the night and from the distance a body fell to the ground in front of him. The body was male and roughly his size. Well one poor bastard's misfortune isn't my concern he thought to himself as he lent over and started to stripe the man of his worldly possessions.

After a couple of minutes of getting shoved around he finally managed to get the clothing on.

"Yosh! Now how should I make it to the summit?" he pondered to himself. Sadly his thought process was cut short as the moon's light dimmed out suddenly. Looking around he saw a monster of a man looming over him. His eyes radiated rage as he brought both fist together and one mighty swing he brings both down in what would of been a heavy if not fatal blow in Herain's current condition. Fortuity for Herain's his acceleration ability was made for just such occasions. Not even bothering mentioning his catch phrase he shoots backwards allowing the man's blow to do more than graze his new shirt. "A bit to slow aren't we?" he said cheekily. The man fumed with rage as his balance was thrown off a bit from his momentum and that was all Herain needed. After righting himself the man looked up to see Herain sliding backwards along the grass. Thinking this to his advantage the man stormed forward arching his right arm back in attempts to land a good solid punch. Herain looked behind him only turning to smile as his assailant clumsily ran forward.

From out of no where Herain bends his knees and jumps rotating his body up and over his head until he is parallel to the ground. The man tries to slow down but his massive body won't stop as his momentum takes over.

"Sorry but there is someone I must speak with and right now you're in my way!" Herain shouts as he plants his feet solidly on a random person's back. Then once again he activates his acceleration ability and disappears. The result leaves the poor git who Herain used as a platform to fly forward breaking most of his ribs from the sudden barrage of kicks while the man, who now regrets attacking him, is also sent flying backwards as Herain's combined speed and strength easily over powers his momentum. Breathing heavily from the strain of using his abilities in his current condition he wastes no time in taking a big breath but instead of savoring that breath he does the exact opposite.


Herain roared out across the plaza. Pirates and marines alike paused to turn around and make sure that man wasn't near them. After realizing he wasn't they continued their individual battles. One individual was so perturbed by the sudden outburst that he charged Herain.
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As fun sit on a tower watches everyone killing each other.

Thinks how much good they all taste.

Eats a eye ball from the head I had at my hand on my other post
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Keratani grew bored of the mans speech. It was the same old drivel force fed to everyone since One Piece existed. Nothing that big but suddenly...NINJAS!'s just marines. boring. She immediately draws her spear and stabs someone through the eye. She doesn't care who it was, he was coming at her with a knife. She doesn't like knives...not at all. "No hard feelings. You wanted to get impaled...does my spear feel nice?" She snickers and drives her spear through the mans skull then pulls it back out before impaling his heart. She gets surrounded and swings her spear around, with the man still on it, smacking them all with her new bludgeoning rod and tosses the body at a random cabbage vendor. "My cabbages!" He screams before someone shoots him in his large, poorly drawn and misshapen mouth.

She spins the spear around expertly cutting and stabbing people trying to attack her when someone gets the idea to grab the spear by the handle. "Ha! Not so tough now are ya?"

Keratani doesn't like it when people touch her pole...she leaps into the air and plants both of her feet into his jaw, shattering it as she takes back her spear and drives it so far up his ass that it comes back out of his mouth, skewering the poor man. She suddenly hears metal music playing and wonders what the hell is going on and why she suddenly had the urge to headbang. She shakes the urge out of her head and puts a foot on the poor man to get him off of her spear and then uses the spear to launch herself over two marines who then smash into each other. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots someone pick pocketing. Why hadn't she thought of that? Because she's in the middle of a mosh pit from pirate hell...if there is a pirate hell. For the first time in a long time, she has a goal!

She spins in the air and throws her spear at Raysha while her back is turned. The spear flies through the air, the sound muffled by the fighting and the metal music, until it is driven through the girls chest, piercing her heart. Keratani lands on a marines bum and leaps off of it, using other peoples heads as stepping stones. "'Scuse me. Pardon me!"

She leaps off of one of the heads and lands squarely on the pole of her spear with a wicked grin on her face. She wanted that loot...she NEEDED that loot. How could she sell it all back to the survivors otherwise? The spear is launched through the girls chest and Keratani pushes herself off of her and backflips in the air, landing on a marine and breaking his neck. "I'mma fuck you sideways~" She grins, clearly not knowing that she meant "I'mma fuck you up"

She grabs Raysha's head and smashes her face into the ground three or four times before taking her spear again and impaling her through the back of her head and her mouth, then tosses her into the air like a ragdoll, impaling her in a new location each time as she plays catch with herself. People around her back off as they see this brutality... Finally, she gets bored of playing catch and stomps on her long dead body, smashing it into the ground until it was a mush of censored cafeteria mystery meat and the loot was all Keratani's.
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Anako see the gore going under her and she jumps down and see people scared of some girl and the other girl in the ground bleeding.

Takes off the right arm, left leg, right leg, left arm and head of the bleding girl and throws it at the persons that look at they.

Opens the chest that's full of blood and eats her heart right then and there and grabs the chest and leafes with it.
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The speech had lit a fire under Ringers arse, and inside his heart. He was there for this, for this exact spesific reason, for the sake of adventure and the search for legends. The news that One piece still existed was a thought that burned itself into Ringers mind, and he could hear the proclamation echo throughout his mind like echoes again and again until the Marines made their move.

Minutes into the following battle, Ringer has sustained very few injuries. His height made it easy to look for Milo and Daisuke, but the sheer number of pirates and the amount of chaos made it impossible to look around for more then a few seconds before he was forced to defend himself.

As he disposed of another pirate that had gotten cheeky enough to attack him, a lone Marine landed infront of him. Probably having been sent flying through the crowd by another pirate, he tumbled around on the ground and got to his feet only to charge directly at Ringer without hesitation. Marines, gotta love their sense of duty and their courage..

He swung his giant mace towards Ringer to no use, as the mace found itself in Ringers mighty grip halfway through its swing. "There it is~" Ringer said with a wild grin, and slammed his other fist up under the mace, shattering the weapon like glass. "I cannot be defeated by metal, you sorry excuse for a Marine!" He roared and proceeded with his attack. It was a movement inhumanly fast for someone of Ringers size and build. In the blink of an eye, he had moved almost half a meter closer to the Marine with his left foot skidding across the ground. He was lowered into a stance that made him immovable, and his open palm deep inside the poor soldiers Gut. For a moment, there was no pain in the poor soldiers eyes, only surprise. Surprise that Ringer had somehow stopped his attack before hurting him.

But he was more wrong then he realized..

A split second later, Ringer flared a wild grin and twisted his arm 90 degrees to complete the attack, putting all his weight and might into the last 2cm of the punch. "Tekkai-Kenpo: Wolf-Hammer bullet!! He roared. The force of the attack sent a shockwave through the nearby crowd, causing them to turn their attention towards that area. To those around him, it sounded and felt like a Thunderbolt had struck ground, and all they could see was the helpless marine flying off into the distance while spinning so rapidly one would think all his bones would pop out of their sockets from pure G-force.

One of the Pirates that witnessed the massive attack saw this as a chance to test his own mettle, and charged at ringer from behind. That too, was of no use..
He lowered his sword onto Ringers back with his full might, and saw his precious blade break cleanly off of Ringers shoulder. His expression full of shock, believing this mere blacksmith to be made of steel, he received roughly the same treatment as the first fool to charge blindly at him. Ringers movements were blazingly swift, and his mighty fist came 180 degrees around and hit the pirate square in the face, sending him flying back into the brawl he came from.

With a bestial roar, full of passion and fire that was lit by Forks speech, he pummeled through the crowds in search of his friends. Unstoppable like a runaway train through a field of sticks, breaking bones and crushing steel as he advanced, his search became a sight of comedy where anyone that got in his way was sent flying in all directions.

"Daisuke! Milo!" He shouted, hoping that with a stroke of luck he would end up close to atleast one of them in the course of his wild charge.
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((Kuro is talking to motion ^^))

The sounds of guns firing and cannon balls raining down on top of everybody could be heard all around Kuro and the ones near him with the whizzing sounds of stray bullets passing by their heads, a few of the cannon balls were heading directly for him and the two following behind him but with fighting the pirates and marines around him there wasn’t much that could be done but to simply avoid the cannon balls to the best of their abilities and pray for some good luck which had worked been working for so long. That was until one of the cannon balls had crashed into the ground less than a few feet in front of Kuro he didn’t have time to think he could only react as he grabbed a hold of Celina’s hand and pulled her to the side with him before they were caught up in the destruction, as Kuro quickly changed direction he found himself side stepping an oncoming blade as it skimmed past his cheek causing a treacle of blood to run down his cheek the man through had to deal with a rather serious cut through his stomach as Kuro instinctively defended himself in a deadly manner.

“Isn’t it only normal to defend your friends for as long as you live?”

Despite the situation Kuro spoke in his usual tone well almost his usual tone but he seemed exited and more alive whether this was due to the giant battle that they were caught in or if it was that the grandest dream of them all had returned could be anybody’s guess, bending down Kuro had picked up a fallen sword that lay in the ground and as he stood back up while moving in one fluid motion the sword shot out from his hands like a missile as it skewed through a marines chest as he was about to turn and face them, despite the sound of the battle some music could be heard growing louder and louder with each footstep they took as they neared a band of singers who had set up some sort of stage.

“Celina don’t let go we are about to jump!”

Kuro raised his voice over the music and fighting as he leapt into the air landing on the centre of the stage the sound of the music was almost deafening to Kuro at first and at the same time it felt so amazing that it can’t be described with words, stopping still for a few moments Kuro cast a glance up towards the summit before looking back at the group as he neared them slightly with a sort of innocent and yet mischievous smile almost like a I dare you smile.

“Why would you all be singing down here on this stage...when the biggest stage is up there? D you only want these pirates to hear your music or do you want the whole world to hear your music? If you do then follow me to the summit and let the entire entire world feel and hear your music.”

Kuro smiled as he past the person in the group he was talking to harmlessly by however at the same time Kuro had picked something up from the stage before he disappeared back into the crowd of the marines and pirates he was within touching distance of the summit and yet stayed mixed in with the crowd despite it being dangerous it was safer than being picked off by the snipers at least until they were removed from the picture.
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Milo had done great so far in the brawl by not recieving a single blow. Keep moving was his secret tactic. And that he did, crouched down to keep a low profile while zig-zagging between legs, below blows and generally trying to stay out of everythings way while trying to locate Ringer and Daisuke. Which was easier said than done when you couldn't see past the closest person trying to dismember the second closest person. But Milo kept pushing on until a deafening concert suddenly broke out in the middle of it all which caused him to lose his focus and try to see what was going on instead.

He spotted a band that had set themselves up smack in the middle of the brawl and was playing like there was no tomorrow. But this didn't last too long as a single woman with a guitarr began playing her own song, seemingly trying to contend with the band all by herself. Milo was completely speechless. This was the first time he'd ever seen a live concert. As he was watching the the battle of music, his body suddenly began moving on its own, and he wasn't alone. A large number of the pirates and marines that were close enough to hear the music began waving their arms in the air while banging their heads like crazy. Milo was no exception and he began spasming out like a crazy person, jumping up and down while waving his arms and banging his head, miraculously not getting hit by any stray bullet or cannonball.

What's going on!!?? I can't stop dancing!!!

But his debut to the dancefloor was cut short by a pumpkin that appeared close to him and blew up, sending Milo flying over the crowd and away from the music.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, LOOK OUT BELOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!" Was all he got out before he crashed right into Ringer, which was the equivalent of hitting a brick wall for all Milo cared, and bouncing right back off him, Milo hit the ground where he lay knocked out.
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The high speed delivery of heart pumping metal came to a close when the lead guitar echoed with the final strum of the song. Noah entered a temporary moment of bliss, and even shot a look of confidence towards the woman, signaling his absolute victory, but he was wrong, dreadfully wrong.

“Shred, Shred Glam”

The words rang aloud as her “powers” had activated again, but this time it was a different melody altogether. Noah couldn’t help but become a spectator as everyone surrounding the band became enchanted by the woman’s vocals, hip movements, and concentration while delivering her performance. She put on quite the show, to the point where Noah had to admit,

“She aint half bad at all,” while scratching his chin with his right hand after she winked over her shoulder at him, and that’s all that it took. Like a sucker, Noah fell into the trap of the gesture and smiled in approval of the woman’s flirtatious nature, but there was a problem with this final exchange because Noah was completely speechless, nor could he move a muscle in his body. For you see, a woman’s seductive nature is Noah’s biggest weakness, coupled with the amounts of alcohol he finished drinking moments ago, and you could tell he wanted to get down to “business”. However, that would have to be postponed for the time behind as a man landed in front of Noah with a girl at his side, holding her hand.

“Do you only want these pirates to hear your music or do you want the whole world to hear your music? If you do then follow me to the summit and let the entire entire world feel and hear your music.”

Noah was initially unresponsive, to the man’s plea, but there was something about the delivery that made Noah flinch, as if a chill ran up his spine triggering fear.

“Too bad,” he heard a voice say mockingly. “Too bad, you got band mates like us,” the voice stated again. It belonged to the female band member, whom stood up out of her drum throne and walked towards Noah holding an empty bottle.

With a hard crash atop Noah’s head, the bottle burst into tiny pieces, prompting him to kneel down in pain. Yes he was hurt, but most importantly, he was back. He rose up a few seconds later, dusting off the remaining pieces of glass in his hair and shirt, then faintly smiled at his band mates.

“You guys….I,”

“Will see us again,” the female interrupted as she pulled out a fiddle from her lower back and began to tap her left foot on the ground.

“Alright boys, let’s give him a proper send off, Yo-ho-ho-ho!”

She shouted before breaking off into a frenzied play of the fiddle that would soon be joined by the guitar and bass. Noah chuckled at the gesture, and gave a thumbs up gesture at the man already advancing towards the summit with the girl in hand. The head banging and admiration ceased from the pirates, and the brawl had once again escalated in full force.

“Yo-ho-ho-ho!” Noah shouted jubilantly at the sound of the composition, strapping his guitar to his back in preparation. He turned around to face the female performer, the owner of the Shred Shred ability, and smiled at her once more, offering her a makeshift salute with his left hand atop his forehead before he ran after the man accompanied by the girl.
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The speech was inspiring.

One Piece was a nice treasure for sure, and if it were collected there would be almost no worries for the rest of any man's life, no matter how extravagant, but that wasn't its true allure. The allure was in the adventure, the commotion, the events as so many tried for the same goal, even the marines probably wanting to arrive first to declare their dominance and fund their own agenda of pirate eradication. Daisuke quickly began to dart around and grab pieces of paper, making sure he had extras so rivals would not destroy his only copy and leave him without a destination. That certainly seemed like a possibility with crowds of pirates so vicious and self-serving they couldn't band together to save their collective arses from a huge band of marines in all directions.

Now it was time to freak out.

Sure Daisuke had some damn nice blades, but he was still injured from his last battle as well. This was one of the main events One Piece caused, in fact this free-for-all was one of the biggest of all, but now was not the best time for it. Taking a breath, Daisuke turned just in time to see a huge blade headed for his face and pull out Annabelle, the sheer strength of Doberman's arm still flinging him almost a meter. Turning his head as he almost smacked into a captain upon landing, he pulled his second blade and began to experiment, clashing it with his foe and trying to create an air blade as he continued to wield the legendary sword. Apparently he wasn't quite skilled enough yet, as whatever air blade he made was quickly broken by the marine captain and Annabelle barely saved his arse. Despite one failure, if Grateful Blue's blade could do anything, it was stab, so that is exactly what Daisuke did, stabbing through his opponent's blade, chest, heart, and out the other end, dying the sword red.

Cannons fired from all directions in Daisuke's vicinity and music began to reach his ears, something heavenly he had never experienced before urged him to fight despite his wounds. He tossed the dead marine into the cannon fire and created an air blade to stop another cannonball, jumping through the crowds and rocking his head. (Willpower is ten, plus commotion, plus not wanting to die... yeah I'm not gonna stand still ;P)


Running straight forward in the chaos, music drove his brain to slash anyone in his path and splash his body with a healthy coating of blood. He did not resist the urge. Daisuke grinned happily and held his blades out with the tips ready to cut through any open flesh, his own body being cut a few times as he could feel the cut on his abdomen open wide.... but the pain and adrenaline just made it more fun. Finally someone managed to stop Annabelle's path, but his whole body flipped and the tip of Oshikiri rammed through the skull and brain of his victim. He landed on the dying man's shoulder and brought Annabelle down onto the shoulder of a rampaging man, finding him unable to cut even for the pristine blade. Holy crap!! What was I doing?! Thank goodness that wasn't Oshikiri!

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Jyou placed a hand on her hips once her playing ceased. The headbanging in the crowd finally stopped and those that weren't sliced and gunned down could move their bodies again without any problem. The clashing then one again ensued.

She was amused at what appeared to be the guitar boy being entranced by her flirty and seductive dancing. Jyou had to admit... she was actually having fun. The area around them was going to shit with all the fighting and bombs blowing up, but she hardly noticed that now.

Yet her fun would unfortunately have to be cut short as someone came to whisk him away. Oh well... maybe they would meet again one day and resume their little battle. She smirked back at him, blowing a kiss and flipping him the bird.

"What a shame."

Her thoughts were interrupted as a sword was thrown at her head. Again, Jyou narrowly got out of the way in time before it could lop her head off. That rush of adrenaline started to course through her yet again, being taken back into the reality of the chaos. Everyone was going nuts, and even though she wasn't as good at fighting physically as most of the people here, it made her blood pump with intensity.

The dude that swung at her head would have to go. Jyou held her guitar with both hands and held the instrument back behind her body. The marine that attacked her looked entertained by her actions. Did she really think swinging a guitar at him would do anything? He was a fairly tough looking guy... he would go ahead and let her take the swing. Then maybe show her some mercy if she begged.

However, right before she swung, the edge of the guitar's base grew a sharpened edge. The axe had become an axe! She swung the instrument with all her might and much to the marine's shock, the new blade of the axe was plunged into his neck. Blood shot out and he yelled in pain, stumbling back and trying to cover the wound with his hand. Now was a pretty good opportunity to book it.

Jyou ran through the crowd, swinging the instrument and cutting aside whoever got in her way in a very ungraceful manner. Looking back she realized that many of the guys that she trapped in her Shred Shred Glam were now chasing her.


Oh great. These kinds of things always seem to happen. Can't a girl just manipulate bozos with her rocking and be on her merry way without being chased by an angry/lustful mob of men? Oh how she would love to just turn around and chop them down to pieces, but there was way too many. Fans, they can get so annoying.

"You know what... fuck this!"

Jyou held her guitar at the ready and immediately started to play rapidly. Fingers moved faster than any of the other songs she played before. Those slender digits just moved at ungodly speeds!

"Shred Shred Speed!"

(3:02 - 4:16)

The pace of her running started to pick up until the guitarist was twice as fast as before. She wasn't all that fast to begin with, but she was now fast enough to outrun the gaggle of groupies running after her.

Jyou looked over her shoulder seeing that she was gaining some distance from the surprised mob. There was no way they would catch up to her now! She stuck her tongue out at them in victory. That victory was short lived. With her increased speed and not paying attention to where she was running, Jyou managed to crash into someone's back (Levi). She yelled and cursed as the two tumbled across the ground, knocking over other fighters like bowling pins.
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Seeing the man advancing on him, Herain quickly neutralized the threat with a quick acceleration and knee to the head. Feeling his energy draining, he knew it would be only a short time until he lost consciousness. So he started looking around for a plan and that's when it hit him, literally. A huge explosion somewhere off behind him went off sending a poor soul rocketing through the sky only to clip Herain's left elbow before face planting into the ground with a sickening thud. Herain looked behind him and noticed the pumpkins lining the skies. I wonder......

He looked from the dead body back to the pumpkins then back to the dead body. A smile lit up his face and he ran forward. As he crouched down he examined the body trying to guess it's weight but knowing that time was of the essence he threw caution to the wind. He picked up the body and hoisted it so it draped across his shoulders. Once there he jumped up and began activating his hoist ability which carried him to the skies. After about five minutes he reached a comfortable height to enact his plan. Studying the pumpkins trajectories was rather impossible because of their random appearances and sudden detonations. So instead of trying to predict them he moved for the more direct approach.

He started leaping through the sky towards one of the pumpkins that had suddenly spawn near him but his progress was slow however the closer he got to it the louder two conflicting musics started to break through the explosions and various other loud noises that echoed throughout the plaza.

"What in the bloody hell is going on down there?" he asked himself as he continued to make his way towards the pumpkin that had suddenly started to descend towards the ground. Pushing his body to his utmost limits he landed on the pumpkin just as it started picking up speed. Hearing the wind whistling, and feeling it whip his new clothes around wildly he knew he didn't have much time. So he dropped the body onto the pumpkin and stepped on top of it.

Feeling kind of sickly as he stood on top of the body he reminded himself repeatedly that this poor soul was already dead and there was no reason to fret over using him. So just the the pumpkin was about to hit the ground, Herain slid his foot underneath the belt that was strapped around the bodies waste and crouched down grasping onto it's clothing for dear life as the pumpkin slammed into the ground.

For the second time that day he felt the whole time slowing sensation, and for the second time that day it hadn't been a pleasant one because as soon as the pumpkin switched into explosion mode he felt tremors of energy rip right through his body as if had landed on the bomb itself. Yet he didn't give up. He gritted his teeth and used the rest of his willpower to bear the pain as he sailed forward in a giant arc over the free-for-all. Sadly his air time wasn't as long as he had hoped for and after sailing half-way across the plaza he started to lose altitude. His consciousness fading ever faster with the increased damage of the shock waves of energy takes another dip as he removes his foot from the belt loop and uses acceleration against the body clearing another third of the way towards the stage.

Seeing the stage within his grasp he uses hoist once again to get one last good kick off before blacking out completely. As a result he loses control and slams into the outer rim of the stage and starts sliding across it until he stops about center stage.
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After it was safe enough for Boomie to approach Levi without being hit by an exploding pumpkin, Boomie used his jet dial in a quick burst to get him directly next to him, his quick grounding leaving a gush of wind to go by him as he bypassed marines and pirates alike in his movement, and, at the same time, some snake chick (Jyou- looks snakish in Boomies opinion.) came running into him, as they fell onto Boomie, his weight and stance stopping them from tumbling across the ground.

"Oi, Levi, be'da create a pun'kin, I'm goin' to the' kip ya...whateva ya call it, on a pun'kin if ya don' wan' er ta git hurt." (referring to Jyou)

With this, Boomie activate his jet dial and heads upwards into the air as he reaches his desired height he turns it off, and while he's drifting upwards he sees for the first time the full scale of what was going on around him...explosions...and he is unable to contain his excitement.


Anyone with reasonable hearing below him may have heard what he had said, and at that moment, Boomie's upwards momentum stops before he starts to descend.
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Ringer had a hard time stopping after being hit by Milo, and had to run almost a full circle and double back towards him to meet up. Having almost made it back to where he hit Milo, a familiar sensation slapped across his shoulder, indeed he would never forget the feeling of that steel.
"Daisuke! By the might of Thor, i am in luck to have find you both so quickly. Come on, we gotta defend ourselves!" Ringer said, and pulled daisuke back to his feet and cleared the way the last few meters towards Milo. When they were finally together again, Ringer turned towards the stage after having dodged and broken the blade of another foolish attacker.

"Back to back guys! Its gonna take more then this rabble to take us down here, One piece is out there and its waiting for us! Fight until nobody else is standing!"
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Milo woke up again while Ringer was yelling. His body was aching all over after the little flight he had taken, but seeing Ringer and Daisuke again washed away all the pain like it had never happened. He got to his feet and drew both of his guns and jumped into formation with the other two.

"I almost thought I wouldn't find you guys again." He yelled happily while gunning down two men who were headed for them after they overheard Ringer calling them rabble.
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-NPC for absent bax, gone for 2 weeks-

Kuro began to drag Celina, not even glancing over his shoulder. If the musician was there, then he was there. If the swordswoman from early was there, then she would be there. The only thing he must concentrate on, was reaching the summit with both he and the girl unharmed.

His blade flashed out, repeatedly to each side, striking aside blades left and right, and even lopping off some hands. He gritted his teeth, as he muttered in Celina’s ear.

“Once more, do not let go!”

He leaped up, pulling her up and on to the main stage, the summit of the world…on to the platform where Fork D. Heart had given his speech.

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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