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Jul 15, 2012 6:43 PM
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Male Dorms

This location is the sleeping quarters for all male students wishing to live at Shibusen. It is the place, when at night after classes or even before, they can retreat to relax. No female students are permitted to enter; though, if they wish they can break this rule to their own peril.
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◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
Emiya Shiro (Fate/stay Night)
Jul 23, 2012 4:42 AM
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"Jesus Christ". Alexander took in 3 large breaths finally after wondering around the school for about an hour or so he finally found the boys dormitories. " we'll I should find my room ....let's see romm 23, room 24, room 25, so I guess this is where I'll be spending my time sleeping eh." Alexander than looks around to find 2 beds In the room. "hmm guess there's someone els that lives in this room but I didnt see any luggage, oh well guess if there are more students then I'll have a roommate, at least there might be someone to talk to.

alexander then unpacks his bag consisting of 5 pairs of shorts and t-shirts, feeling fatigued of putting in the effort to fin this room alexander takes a light nap for 2 hours.
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