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Poll: Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 13 Discussion

May 8, 2018 10:28 AM

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It was sweet how Urabe talked to Youko (the sister). The Urabe from the beginning of the show would not have done that. She is opening up to other people.

So the Tsubakis have a dad? He is very nice. I like him. Even though he is just as silly as his son. :D

Tsubaki and Urabe have known each other for, what, a year? And he hasn't told her that his mother is dead? DO THEY EVER EVEN TALK? About ANYTHING? I seriously don't understand how their relationship works. Do they just walk together for like 15 minutes each day in near-silence... and that's it? I mean, I can understand that they don't go on dates (because Tsubaki is too scared to ask her out), but why don't they at least talk to each other and try to get to know each other better? Is this kind of relationship normal in Japan?

The ending and the drool exchange was incredibly sweet. This is the first time Tsubaki has touched Urabe's face, right? That is just as good as a kiss. I buy it.

I would have liked the ending scene to be a bit longer, but all in all I think this was a very fitting end to the show. I am glad that there was no nudity and silliness in this episode. They kept the ending very warm and loving.

Especially Urabe is delightful in this episode. She has grown tremendously from the cold, bossy, intimidating girl we first met. She is so much warmer now, and we can clearly see that she loves Tsubaki. I also think we got more smiles from her than ever before. In this episode it was pure joy to watch her. :D

(I don't consider Urabe a waifu. My feelings for her are more platonic. But I do love her very much. :) )

I rate this series 9/10. I wish we had seen more growth from Tsubaki - he is very sweet and kind and well-meaning, but terribly clueless. But Urabe, Oka and Ueno were great. All in all the series was a delight and watching it made me very happy.

Off I go to get hold of the OVA and the manga!

nantuko said:
I wouldn't go as far as calling that real closure. It's a very, very open ended end for a very weird but somehow great story.

RafaelDeJongh said:
Decent final episode, but it's very open ended so...

Why is it particularly open-ended? It is very clear what their intentions are: Urabe and Tsubaki love each other and want to stay together, have sex and be a family. What more do you want? Showing more escalation (kissing, sex, marriage) would not make it less open-ended - couples can still get divorced. The only way to really close the story would be a flash-forward to 75 years later showing the tombstones of Tsubaki Akira and Tsubaki Mikoto. I would not want to see that.

nosloandy said:
If I have only one complaint about the series (manga/anime), it's that Urabe isn't as mysterious as they made it sound like she'd be.

She is mysterious to Tsubaki, because Tsubaki is clueless. :)

SomaHeir said:
I'm glad Tsubaki's sister had one more screen time before ending this series. I actually thought he's gonna do the unthinkable and lick her saliva as well.

I know, right? During the opening sequence I was seriously afraid that Tsubaki was going to lick his sister's drool. We know how poor his willpower is and how stupid he can be at times. I was telling the screen: "Do not lick it. Do NOT lick it, Tsubaki!"

I'm going to miss the moments of "I hope they show Urabe's eyes/face this episode!!!".

Haha. I agree. :)
The smiling Urabe in the commercial break in this episode is super-beautiful. :D
Apr 20, 2:55 PM
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Liked this show but the MC was horrible, for me, after about two episodes. Totally spineless, letting other people tell him what to do all the time, never standing up for himself at all and then has the nerve to not want his 'girlfriend' to run in the athletics team or have a different hairstyle because other people would be able to see her face. Had he had a bit more backbone I would have enjoyed the show a bit more but definitely worth watching.
Apr 22, 4:30 PM

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Honestly other than the drool and scissors gimmick this felt like any other high school romance with the usual relationship dragging to stretch the runtime so no real developments are made. Final episode felt forced as I had a hard time believing anything had advanced to this point, still all blushing, don't touch me, etc etc. Plus why are they still hiding their relationship? Annoyed me by the end, Ukabe had coffee with her boyfriend sister and of course kept quiet. Still embarrassed? Ashamed? Bah.

Watchable show, nothing special. 6/10 for me.
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