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Sep 29, 2008 4:19 PM

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Suggestions & Feedback

If anyone has a suggestion or feedback to make the club better and more fun/enjoyable for everyone then please feel free to suggest it here. Also feel free to suggest forum game ideas here too.

Since I've been trying to revive the club I've been thinking a lot about things we could do around the club and I've come up with a few ideas but I'd appreciate some feedback on the ideas or if there's any interest in them.

A Tournament
I got this idea from @HannahPanda's comment below. I know it's not exactly the same as what @HannahPanda suggested but it's what came to mind while I was re-reading the comment.

Since we're a Beyblade club it'd make sense to have a tournament. I'd like it to be based on battles but in the end I'm sure it'd just end up being a popularity contest.

For now all I have in mind for it is that we'd have a nomination period so that members can nominate the Bladers they'd like to see in the tournament. Then they'd be randomly paired up with each other and members will be able to vote in every round. If I do this idea then members will be able to nominate characters from all the series of Beyblade.
  • Would anyone be interested in this if I started it?
  • How many characters do you think should be in the tournament or how many rounds do you think is a good number of rounds?

Weekly Question
What does everyone think of a weekly question for the club comments section?
Members would be able to suggest questions. It wouldn't be restricted to just Beyblade topics (Even though I'd like it to be) since I think maybe we'd run out of questions then.

Weekly or Daily Picture
A weekly or daily Beyblade picture that members would be able to submit and would go on the main page of the club for everyone to see it. I'd probably make it weekly because I wont have much time every day to change it.
What does everyone think of this idea? Would you like it?

Updated Character of the Month Contest
Do you want to see the Metal Fight Beyblade and Beyblade Burst characters in the Monthly contest or just keep it restricted to Bakuten Shoot Beyblade only?

Forum Games Question
Would members prefer that the forum games all be Beyblade related or not? I would prefer they be Beyblade related but I think that limits us on what forum games we can play, maybe?

Beyblade Release Info
Do any of the members still collect the Beyblade toys? If so, would you be interested in having a place in the club that is kept updated on new release info? We could include Anime and Manga updates for the series in it as well if there's interest.

For my old ideas from when I originally made this thread click the spoiler.
Note: You can still comment on my old ideas if there's any interest in them. I just wanted to seperate them from my new ideas.
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May 10, 2010 1:14 AM

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I like all those ideas! I probably wouldn't do the Banner/sig contests or the AMV contest because I'm not really good at those. :) But I would defiantly vote on them!

I love character contests as well. I also love the contest where people like vote for their favorite in a certain category (ex: Intelligence, Power). Maybe you could do something like that as well.

I really love member cards and I think that if you make member cards first, then invite more people you're likely to get more new members. People are attracted to a club with member cards. Makes them seem more official. :D

I can't really do anything though except maybe invite people or organize ideas so I hope you get some people to help you out on these things. I love Beyblade! ♥ :D

May 10, 2010 2:57 PM

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Thanks for your feedback and ideas! ^-^

I'll consider your idea of the different category thing, I like the sound of the idea.

And inviteing people or organizeing ideas are still very helpful even if you can't help with other stuff in the club. Thankyou.