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Poll: Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 10 Discussion

Nov 10, 2012 2:15 PM
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Thought that Sen was going to jump...

That scene with Karou and Ritsuko was so cute! Karou looks adorable without his glasses.

This needs another season.
Sep 15, 2013 7:31 PM

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Yay finally some results, the awkward scene with Kaoru and Ritsuko was filled with aww moments.
Oct 18, 2013 6:45 PM

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Terrific episode. That bath scene was...awkward, and Ri and Kaoru both admitted they like each other. Onward to episode 11!
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Apr 7, 2014 4:53 AM

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Eh? It's already summer? I thought my player skipped and fast-forwarded or something haha. Yay for Kaoru and Ri-chan ^^

Where's Sen going? :(
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May 8, 2014 3:34 PM

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Ah no kiss, nonetheless good episode.
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May 17, 2014 2:58 PM

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Oh wow that second confession was great, pretty bold guy though to do it when he's like totally sick! But well that ending didn't felt too good, I wonder what's up with that!

Let's see what will happen next!
Jul 14, 2014 9:36 PM

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Yay, finally together!

But that ending........WHATS HAPPENING
Aug 5, 2014 6:55 AM

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bakuramariks said:
Finally. A girl entering the bath while the boy is inside xD.
FestinaLente said:
dltd said:
Damn. I love this anime so much.
Dec 29, 2014 8:12 PM

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dat bath scene.
Mar 16, 2015 1:21 AM

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This overplayed, seriously mis-paced romance shit is getting on my nerves. Not only that, it's like, the plot demands that the characters not play music in this show. Fucking hell. Every time they try, something gets in the way. What's the fucking problem?
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Mar 28, 2015 9:36 PM

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That end is beyond concerning. >_> Sentarou is easily the best character in this series.

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Nov 22, 2015 7:26 AM

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Phew. Finally Ritsuko and Kaoru get together.

It's all quite unfortunate regarding Sen though, who's leaving.. I guess he thinks he will be a burden to his family financially and since the father coming home doesn't really like him, it's not unexpected.
Dec 26, 2015 6:03 AM

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He finally said it !! ...
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Jan 18, 2016 4:03 AM

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is sen running away? i thought he would stick around to at least protect his siblings.

kaoru's 2nd confession was hilarious.
Feb 12, 2016 11:58 PM
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what the fuck. what the fuck sentaro.
Feb 26, 2016 5:57 PM

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Attaboy Richie, looks like you finally got your girl.
Aug 3, 2016 8:17 PM
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A lot of story progression in this episode. It's really pushing towards the climax it seems. I'm looking forward to it!
Oct 29, 2016 8:00 AM

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ok unexpected development.... Where did the big guy go
Nov 23, 2016 2:22 PM

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That is one of the most awkward ways to confess someone's love ever…
Apr 2, 2017 8:29 AM

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That was a nice confession scene, shame nothing came from it ... yet.
Sentarou is going to run away huh ... not strange knowing his background but I wish he'd think of who he's leaving behind, not just Kaoru but his family aswell.
May 24, 2017 4:49 PM

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Kaoru and Ritsuko are a couple, after all the struggle!
Damn, is Sentarou going to run away because his father is coming back?
What about his siblings, is he abandoning them?
Jul 31, 2017 3:18 AM
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HawthorneKitty said:
Dawwwwwwww Chi'ko was so adorable, smiling after wetting herself. <3

Haha, that was the funniest part of the episode.
Kaoru seems to be better with Ri'ko. Only Sentarou is left alone for now. Hope nobody dies in this anime. I also hope there is no romance in the next two episodes.
Kaoru is dating Ri'ko and Yurika went to Tokyo with Jun. I think that's enough romance.
Aug 31, 2017 6:00 PM

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Sentaro gets all the shit ;_;
May 16, 2018 1:42 PM

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Was Kaoru coming down with Ebola for him to be so weak, wth?

The ending was soooo powerful, I am really concerned, for me it looked like Sen is thinking about jumping, but everybody in the comments says "leaving". Hmmm
Sep 9, 2018 5:44 AM

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This episode was so fun. Untill before the last couple of minutes.
Oct 31, 2018 6:12 AM

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It was a surprise, Sen said good bye3!!!! :/

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