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Jun 9, 2012 5:24 AM
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Am I the only freak who composed an entire storyline based on Tachibana and his sister's past with Tokugawa? I'm sure I'm not...

Anyway, my theory is that he and Tokugawa were lovers (Iemitsu, in reality, had a male lover until they had a fight and he murdered him) and they had a falling out, and, being the highly-strung bitch he is, Tokugawa tried to get revenge on him by stealing his and Sugi's oni, as well as kidnapping Sugi.
So Tachibana wanted to get them back, and ended up joining the Urashichiken. Some of the earlier members (such as Date) feel as if he is still sort of on Iemitsu's side (at one point he claims he wonders why Hidetsugu let him in).

And there you have it.
I just REALLY had to get that off my chest...

If anyone else has any other opinions, theories, comments, etc, please reply. I'm dying to know other peoples' opinions!