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Jun 5, 2012 2:32 PM

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This last chapter suggests that Tenma, Athena and everyone else reincarnated. So does that mean that Tenma is Seiya?
The ending of the series was very sad. Three best friends risked their lives to save the world.

Can you tell me who is whose reincarnation. Of course I already know Tenma and Athena :P

Sep 30, 2012 7:14 PM
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shun is alone reincarnated

ikki is the reincarnation of kagaho

these along with atena and seiya are the obvious ones....the others im not so sure.
you could make a case that the gold saints in lc all reincarnated in gold saints yet again and that surely makes sense(and i believe to be true) in most cases( sysphos/aioros, saga/aspros kanon/defteros , shaka/asmita ,camus/degel) but with some of them this doesn' add up

let's begin with mu. he can't be shion reincarnation because shion was alive until saga killed him, that happenned when mu was already a gold saint but you could say that mu is hakurei reincarnated so no harm done...i guess

moving to aldebaran...well i only put him here because it would be sad that a awesome guy like hasgard be reincarnated in a weak guy as aldebaran(lost to a marina and a weak ass specter)

now lets talk about manigoldo and albafica. both of hem have oppossite personalities of their suppossed reincarnations deathmask and light and darkness.and the obvious reincarnations have similar personalities

the other gold saints are passable reincarnations im my opinion( aioria/regulus, kardia/milo shura/el cid) so not gonna argue against them

bottom line is: it's almost impossible to say whose is the reincarnation of who exactly. and even if we narrow it down to the 5 mains of the original series it's still hard as hell

I THINK that hyoga is that marina friend of degel. i'm probally wrong
i have no fucking ideia who shiryu supposed to be I THINK that he is sukiyo(the garuda specter) but he only my lastest pick...i previosly thought that he was el cid, regulus dad,hasgard's disciple that appears in the end,dohko's master,the pope and almost all caracthers of LC....really i have no fucking ideia

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