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Poll: Blood-C: The Last Dark Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 9, 2014 2:41 AM

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lenaleelolita said:
Alright everyone! I have your answers, for those who are confused. The first is that, this whole time Fumito was doing everything he did for the benefit of Saya, no matter how misguided it was. What he was doing was originally keeping her from remembering her pact to never kill a human and to only kill a certain amount of elderbarens before she too has to stop but the number is dependent on how many elderbaren is still alive, meaning a decline in elderbaren means she is allowed to eat less and less until finally there are none left. He was hoping to harness her blood and start rebirthing the declining elderbaren through human vessels, so she can continue to eat, technically it was breaking the convenent that had she been in her right mind in the series would never have broken, it seems she is bound to not break it by nature if she were in her right mind which meant that she would have been doomed to death when she eats all of the elderbaren. Fumito didn't want this to happen so he kept her in a state of amnesia with false memories as he continued his experiments, never intending to let her regain her memories. When Kanako interfered and forced her memories back is when Fumito had to think of a new plan to keep her alive. Saya obviously unaware of his plans and intentions, only sees him as a cruel captor who made her live a lie and made her kill someone she deeply cared about which was her adoptive elderbaren/human father, and so she sought revenge on him. Fumito never gave her more than she could handle, even though it seemed cruel with the attacks it was never intended nor expected that she would die from any of it, he also loved to see her in action and enraged, but also enraged her for the sake of her possibly doing the "impossible" which would be to kill a human along the way of her wanting desperately for revenge. In the movie when he says after she killed the elderbaren he created out of himself and his cousin, that he wished he was human so that her curse would be lifted is meaning that he became an elderbaren and her killing him wouldn't do what he wanted which was to get her to feed on humans for survival, since there is a lot more humans. His punishment was to die knowing that he failed to prolong her life any further and without being able to finally break the curse of her species and being denied the ability to be with her while Saya wins by getting her revenge. This whole time it was about Saya and ensuring her survival and making her happy but in the process he had made her an enemy, a sacrifice he was willing to make to keep her alive. It's twisted but in his own weird, tough love kind of way, he really truly loved her and was willing to do anything for her.

I think you are spot on with this explanation. Also at the end, he says "You were supposed to avoid me". He was expecting Saya to move away from his kiss, but she didn't so she turned his punishment into a reward in the end. His punishment was failing to prolong her life and die, but he was able to hold her and kiss her before he died.

Saya states she's alone because the person she was seeking all this time is gone. She feels empty now, without purpose. I don't think she'd feel right for returning to the others, pretending to be human again like in Blood-C, so disappearing was her only choice.
Sep 23, 2014 3:28 AM

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Main thought after the movie: Is that all?

Good visuals but I prefer TV.
Oct 19, 2014 5:23 PM

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That was good! Loved the opening action sequence on the train. Final battle could have been a bit better though.

I was glued to the screen the entire movie.

Why oh why couldn't they have made the TV series even slightly like this? I don't think it's necessary to watch the TV series first. Actually, I'd recommend watching this first, and if you want the back-story go watch the awful series.

Edit 2014-12-31
Totally worth rewatching for the epic opening sequence. When Saya comes to the rescue and the music kicks in... yea, that's the spot.
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Jan 30, 2015 7:52 AM

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Wow, I was blown away again with the movie. Except, this time it wasn't because of how utter crap it was, but rather how it was literally worlds apart from the series in every aspect. Characters, plot, animation quality, art style, choice of objects and environments, even physics, it was just miles beyond. I have truly never seen this big a difference between a corresponding series and movie. It made me think whether they hadn't just released the series as some poor concept trailer. I gave the series a 4 and the movie an 8.

Now, on the actual movie. Art and animation were truly amazing. Even the CGI came out OK, though I still dislike it. I also somewhat disliked the ending, not necessarily plot wise, but more the way it was executed. They could have left out mega mutated Fumito, especially considering how little more he was than a regular elder. The plot and characters, and more importantly their development during the course of the movie were solid and well paced (in contrast, the series had the worst pacing ever). Most of the questions from the series were answered, but plenty of new holes were opened. Some of them were clearly supposed to remain that way, as the movie clearly had an open ending by choice, but some other holes are still just holes.

LadyHepatica said:
lenaleelolita said:
Alright everyone! I have your answers, for those who are confused.

I think you are spot on with this explanation.

This helped me a lot too, though I got some points:

1. I don't think Fumito was born like Saya, I think he made himself that way to be with her, inadvertently undermining his own scheme as his death could no longer lift Saya's curse.

2. Considering Saya can hurt humans (just not kill them), and the implication that the curse would have been lifted if Fumito was human, whom she still would have been able to kill out of hatred, does that in turn not imply that Saya's promise is really nothing more than a promise, rather than an actual curse that physically prevents her from killing humans?

3. Throughout the movie, we never see Saya eating elders or drinking their blood. She also seems perfectly able to digest human foods. Does this not imply that she actually does NOT need elder blood for nourishment, but rather that it's 'merely' her raison d'être, though precisely because of that maybe also causing psychosomatic withdrawal symptoms if she goes without?

4. Saya seems to recognise the basement below the Mogari house. Was she perhaps the one signing/agreeing on the convenant on the elders side, and is that perhaps also her promise?

5. If so, did she made her promise to Fumito?

6. If not Fumito, who then wreaked havoc in the Mogari basement, and if it was Fumito, why?

7. Where does the real shrovetide come into play?

8. Why would the elders agree to the convenant to begin with, what did they have to gain from it?

9. What purpose did the curfew serve?

10. What payment is due and when, for the blade she received?

I will probably come up with more, and will post them if I do. Meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas about the above, please share them.
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Jan 30, 2015 7:57 AM

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Feb 27, 2015 3:29 AM

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Taken from the xxxHolic Rou thread:

Laionidas said:

    1.How did Watanuki get the pipe fox to that kawaii intermediate size?

    2.How was Hiiragi Mana able to enter the shop, or rather with what did she pay?

    3.Did anyone else notice that Kisaragi Saya sounds just like Yuuko-san?

    4.Did anyone else notice that Kisaragi Saya has the EXACT SAME haircut as Himawari-chan?

    5.Is this a new ship, and if not, WTF is it?
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Mar 26, 2015 6:02 PM
Worst One

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Good movie sequel, I didnt expect it to be bad or anything though, I feel like Mogari turning out to be a villain was pretty random though he was such a meh character anyway when it turned out he was against Saya I was just like "uhh okay then", Fumito is a very fucked up character experimenting and causing humans so much pain just to try to help her.
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May 31, 2015 12:48 PM

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Laionidas said:
Taken from the xxxHolic Rou thread:

Laionidas said:

    1.How did Watanuki get the pipe fox to that kawaii intermediate size?

    2.How was Hiiragi Mana able to enter the shop, or rather with what did she pay?

    3.Did anyone else notice that Kisaragi Saya sounds just like Yuuko-san?

    4.Did anyone else notice that Kisaragi Saya has the EXACT SAME haircut as Himawari-chan?

    5.Is this a new ship, and if not, WTF is it?

not his pipe fox, its a dog looks like a fox its almost like, his summon just to observe Saya

remember Yuuko said in xxxholic anyone can enter her shop as long as you have a desire for a wish/need or you have special ability/powers able to see her shop basically her Father location

nope just Nana Mizuki used different voice to portray vengeful Saya

its CLAMP get over with it
Aug 24, 2015 7:59 AM
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hmmm so fumito loved saya so he continued making the blah blah monster's so saya can live since saya has to kill them in order to live and saya likes fumito but also she is angry sooo fumito did all this so saya can live and he can be with her
tskkkkkk weirdest anime I've ever watch
Oct 13, 2015 12:18 PM
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This>TV series
Also I love this because :

I feel sorry for viewers who can't appreciate this .
If Death Note was told as if Light was not the main character it would give a similar feeling to this .
Dec 8, 2015 1:15 PM
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I enjoyed the movie, but the ending was ugghhh... so much rage-inducing.
Saya saying she's alone when she actually got some real friends, for the first time, made me really mad.
Dec 12, 2015 10:57 PM
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I didn't like Saya in the movie. I liked her in the TV series, but not the movie. I liked the way she was sweet and dorky in the series, but also badass. In the movie, Saya was way too bitchy, even towards people trying to help her, and I just couldn't muster any sympathy for her. I also liked the Eldar Bairnes designs from the series better, too. Overall, the movie wasn't as interesting.
Feb 13, 2016 11:10 AM

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That was good. Saya has changed so much since after the tv series. She has a whole different personality.
Oct 1, 2018 6:50 AM

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I'm so upset the series for a 6.7 on here, and this movie got a low 7. rating.

The series, along with this movie (which just feels like an extended finale) are amazing.

The animation in this movie, the fighting, the sounds, the music. Absolutely 10/10. Bravo.
Dec 23, 2018 9:50 AM
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symbv said:
^ So how does the movie link to the TV series I wonder?

Well, they made a few connections to the movie and the TV series.:

-Itsuki (the class rep from the TV series) is actually a spy working for Kuroto (the wheelchair guy and boss of SIRRUT) which is why SIRRUT knew about the Elder Bairns and Saya
-The covenant thing that Kanako-sensei mentioned is addressed here.
-Oh, and Saya has a very crazy dream about Tadayoshi and the rest of the cast from the TV series. It's sort of like that she's in LSD or something.
to tell you the truth, I honestly did not call many of the points of the movie but, what bothered me was how Nanahara Fumito killed himself, he disappears into pieces and stays there anyway, and after a year goes by and Saya does not say anything .... .. some lokas questions.
Rexky said:

Another great Clamp story, shame so many viewers can't follow a plot without it being spoon fed to them.
Jan 22, 10:30 PM

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The ending felt very meh to me. Borderline pointless even. But the visuals were top of the line. Overall I still ended up liking it. 6/10
Mar 17, 4:05 PM

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I must say I loved Saya's dark personality. The last scene with Fumito was badly done though, but I hope to see some sort of sequel In future.

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