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Poll: Hyouka Episode 7 Discussion

Jun 3, 2012 8:34 AM

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The episode did brilliantly in the expected fan service with decent and very moderate exposures as known of the weakness of the studio in that field yet they show it much more strongly than other studios in perhaps light aspects.

However that is in the first half of the episode. What really catches in the second half are the young girls in the following,

MOE OVER 9000 *dies* ....*is back* Oh that was so much MOE. Both are adorable however one of them looks like Ibara a little. So I think only one looks like Eru's sister? Except she is not and in fact related to Ibara’s side. Seems that they tried to make a mini Ibara/Eru play with the looks of the 2 sisters. But oh my they look adorable.

Coincidentally the end also offered a rather very charged up rich and intriguing art usage in the following,

Notice the LOVELY shades and how that part really enchanted Eru as a dark figure enshrouded with fiery curiosity of perhaps a deeper love developed. Remember she touched Houtarou’s face in a way perhaps and in the setting that was never done before by her. Setting meaning Houtarou in the bed.

About the fan service, the studio was never known much farther than its “B” Grade fan service being very light and never really crossing the border and perhaps only a artistically way. This is exactly what charmed me in this episode. Take example of the Eru’s part in the spoiler
obviously censored and very doubtful anything else will be there in the Bds than perhaps more blank white skin of Eru, however it’s the light luster that enveloped her there adding along of course Houtarou’s eye depiction in the spoiler
of him foreseeing this. It made quite the point that Eru’s light not only develops her charming face but it also radiates from her body.

That being said IMO they fan serviced out more for the girls Houtarou and Satoshi. A total win for them and of course a good thing for there are far too many anime girls exposed and not enough males for its female viewership. As such Houtarou and Satoshi in the spoiler
had far more exposition IMO. Their build is a most favorite ideal one for girl is IMO of course.

About the beginning, a rather nice depiction of Houtarou here starts out for me things. While the episode gives out a nice Houtarou x Eru beginning with their faces and walk in the spoiler
the outside setting is marvelous.

About Houtarou’s collapse, oh dear! ROFL! Where to start OMG I never though Houtarou was so lame like that. Let’s take the parts of the segment in the spoiler
Ibara certainly was shocked but I think it was ME that was WTF O_O Mainly because I don’t think Houtarou can have kids like that. He would KO before he can even see Eru naked. Holy crap! Mass energy drain for Houtarou. THIS IS BAD! Shocking and at least disappointing unless it’s a mass troll to make fun of his character because I can hardly believe that Houtarou is really like that. How the heck can I think of a good family for him if he cannot perform in bed with Eru. I can’t! Oh dear, vision of Houtarou x Eru family getting cloudy here.

About Eru’s visit to Houtarou while he is weak, that certainly would explain the following spoiler
of how Eru herself got a touch on Houtarou in a rather sexy housewife style and how she could have a little look at Houtarou’s chest so to speak. A peak leap for Houtarou x Eru, getting to know each others bodies. Sounds about right.

About Houtarou’s vision, a rather strange and intriguing journey in the spoiler
awaited me. Looks like a grandmother inn keeper that lost her client to a hanging? Interesting haunting mystery to say the least as to why the annex is being done.

The morning meeting and little sister to the rescue! Certainly a nice sight to see of the little girls in the spoiler
other than that it had a engaging talk with comedy around in that latter parts.

One of them being at start with Ibara in the spoiler
with a rather sick feeling that kind of was comedic to me more.

It was rather charming the part where Ibara started to talk of her time with Eru in the bed in the spoiler
along with the reactions she makes, it came as a good part in the segment itself.

Now I have to admit that Eru’s faces were charming in the spoiler
as well as her interaction with Houtarou. Within that part rich faces of Eru/Ibara came up and to say the least Satoshi sleeping while Eru witnesses that.

I find the part with the young girls in the spoiler
charming for there is concern on her part. This could clearly be seen later in that part. Also I find Houtarou’s expressions of Shock to be the best in that part.

Finally within this segment, it was finally good to see Satoshi back in the spoiler
after being absent due to morning waking up problems. While within that part Houtarou’s meaning of cherry can be a double meaning as simply eating or a keen foreshadow he will try to claim out Eru’s innocence, cherry representing that in some cases? Well it was interesting to see it. What came out better was one of the little one in the Yukata later on along with Houtarou’s face at that time.

About the last walk, this last segment for me had a few parts of high artistic value and notion. Such as the spoiler
whom shows clearly a dark atmosphere along with one of the siblings being depressed. Sad and certainly a big Moeru goes to her to console her if it would be possible. Certainly the cloth hanger was a interesting presentation along with this part here.

The second part of this segment in the spoiler
shows of high art I mentioned earlier on but it also showed a nice relief gesture of Houtarou fearing Eru’s curious meter blowing out.

However what really got my MOE OVER 9000 is the siblings with how they made Eru react in the spoiler
those blushes! That face! Mostly that smile and eyes! Dear me, I think that is THE BEST depiction of MOE of Eru so far in the series. Am I wrong?

About the preview, looks like the gang shall see some movie and we have a new female in the spoiler
??? Looks like. Her eyes do have charm in them. Might edit later.
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Jun 3, 2012 9:51 AM
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Ah, the onsen episode. Saw this coming from a mile away from last week's preview. Also lol'd @ the scene in the room, somehow, some way, an image from the Steins;Gate OVA popped up in my head.
Jun 3, 2012 10:48 AM
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Field trip to onsen. The guy got carsick easily.

Short hair girl's sisters. One of the sisters is voiced by Toyosaki-san!! Another is Yui Ogura?

The way to onsen with the girl, who is jealous of having siblings. He got sick in the onsen sensing and imagining about the girl?!

Kaidan by the girl by Toyosaki-san next room, about 7th room. lol @ his friend sleeping next to him so near in the morning. And short hair girl saw something like that kaidan that was mentioned. So the girl saw, too. To the investigation. There's festival, and rain. It was to dry the yukata?? Older one has her names on everything, but not the younger one.

The girl feels sad about siblings not getting along to the extend that borrowing is not allowed.

Watching a film that sempai filmed? next ep.
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Jun 3, 2012 2:27 PM

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You missed the twist, it turned out they do get along.
Jun 3, 2012 3:40 PM

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Ahh...siblings can be fun and troublesome sometimes.

Another mystery solved
Jun 3, 2012 3:41 PM
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Lol Eru looked a little upset that it wasn't a mixed bath
Jun 3, 2012 3:58 PM

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Jun 3, 2012 4:04 PM
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What does TWGOK have to do with this show? Though she looks like the girl almost from the preview for next episode.
Jun 3, 2012 4:10 PM

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Lol at Oreki's reactions to Eru "I'm glad we took this trip" "i wish we hadn't"; they really are opposites, but there is always that saying about opposites :P

Also lol at when Oreki's eyes lost color due to shock after Eru said she went to Morning radio exercises till the second year of middle school
Jun 3, 2012 4:15 PM
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is there some growing feelings there? 0_o
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Jun 3, 2012 4:20 PM

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Obligatory fanservice episode. Does Houtarou not wear underwear or something? Can only imagine the chafing that goes on while going commando in jeans. And Chitanda being ever so.... annoyingly pushy.
Jun 3, 2012 4:21 PM

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Haha, Chitanda wanted to go in a shared onsen with Oreki, she is one hell of a girlfriend. XD
Pretty interesting mystery and not as much fan service as I thought there would be. At least there was still a decent amount of smile service from Chitanda. ^^
Jun 3, 2012 4:29 PM

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finally the next arc :D !! but it was a very enjoyable episode ^^!
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Jun 3, 2012 4:34 PM

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lol houtarou's really got the hots for chitanda. blushing left and right around her, and then passing out at the thought of her bathing in the onsen x]
can't wait til those two start getting serious <3

once again, houtarou never ceases to amaze me when it comes to single-handedly destroying these mysteries. really love the way houtarou busted this "ghost" story

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Jun 3, 2012 4:48 PM

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At most a look alike, however what would Hyouka gain from a fusion with that reference?

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Jun 3, 2012 5:00 PM

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Oreeekiiiiii! He's way too adorable! ^-^

I'm rooting for Oreki X Chitanda now! They are so cute together!

Nice episode! It was fun to watch! :D And yes, it's not that amazing good to have a sibling. XD
Jun 3, 2012 5:01 PM

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Can't get enough of Chitanda's curiosity.
Dang. I didn't figure it out this time. I am losing my edge to these mysteries.

But nice episode. Oreki passing out, LOL, and his morning bedhead.
He is developing feelings for Chitanda. He can't help but not reject her request!
I am rooting for you Oreki.
Jun 3, 2012 5:12 PM

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Lol, poor Oreki, he couldn't enjoy the ride..
Good episode overall.

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Jun 3, 2012 5:36 PM
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Oreki totally digs Chitanda hahaha

Oreki is so cuuute >___<
Jun 3, 2012 5:38 PM

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Shit, I ship Chitanda x Oreki like mad now.
Jun 3, 2012 5:38 PM

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Well, I can't blame Houtarou for passing out after having "those" thoughts about Eru naked at the onsen. She's got lovely skin and the water enhanced that. And those eyes...

Jun 3, 2012 5:42 PM
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Fantastic episode.

The BGM really added to the atmosphere this time around. Mix that up with some subtle symbolism and the relatively tragic story and it was a really nice watch.
Also, dem character facial features.

I was not disappointed.
Jun 3, 2012 5:44 PM

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Oh, hell. I was so busy laughing at Oreki and his "problem" that I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the mystery.
Jun 3, 2012 6:34 PM

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great episode. definitely better than the last
I don't know, but I find Hyouka is becoming more enjoyable episode by episode
Jun 3, 2012 6:47 PM

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NIce episode the Mystery was small but had a twist at the end but i was to busy enjoying Oreki X Eru for it to matter to much

And has no one mentioned Yui's VA cameo?! not that it was a surprise that she would be in it seeing as Ritsu's VA is already doing Eru wonder if the rest will show up!.
Jun 3, 2012 6:53 PM
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I found this mystery considerably more interesting than the usual (which is kinda boring). I think there's still hope on that account after all.
KingCez said:
is there some growing feelings there? 0_o
Well, something definitely "grew" when Eru touched Houtarou's cheek XD. I really laughed at his obvious attempt at hiding his reaction by bending and turning his back to her.

... And with Eru being apparently all right with joining Houtarou in a mixed bath... Damn, they only need to work on their communication and they would be all set.

Of course, I don't expect anything more than just getting teased all the season, that's how this stuff almost always go...
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Jun 3, 2012 8:08 PM

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Gotta love the interactions between the characters, Oreki and Chitanda were great.

YUUIIIII, god, did I miss her voice.
Jun 3, 2012 8:18 PM

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Cratex said:
Oh, hell. I was so busy laughing at Oreki and his "problem" that I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the mystery.


Totally funny reaction. As for the mystery... oh well nobody watch this series for the mystery anyway so it doesn't matter.

The obligatory onsen episode.
bla bla bla
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Jun 3, 2012 8:21 PM

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Droplet said:
Shit, I ship Chitanda x Oreki like mad now.

Never doubted i would ship anything else myself. I really liked this episode; it was obvious it was the sisters but i thought they were trying to test him because of what mayaka had said. Not really close XD
Jun 3, 2012 8:40 PM

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Most of my ships are not the main protagonists. I guess it applies to Hyouka too. I want some Satoshi and Mayaka.

Good episode. The interactions of Oreki and Chitanda had more impact to me than the mystery this episode. Listening to Yuuichi Nakamura ranting is pleasant to the ears~

Also, nice BGM. I'm sure I heard Bach's Air on the G String towards the end.
Jun 3, 2012 8:43 PM
La Completionist

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Oreki!! Holy crap you're getting more adorable by the episode. Especially that blushing!! That totally killed me!! <333333

I'm so jealous of Chitanda. ;A;
Jun 3, 2012 8:44 PM
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I realize the slow pace of this series isn't for everyone, but WOW the art is phenomenal! For a weekly TV series, this is quite impressive!

Chi looked great in this ep too!
Jun 3, 2012 8:59 PM

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Its very bold of Chitanda to want a mixed bath, and Oreki getting dizzy at this own thoughts was funny : )

I love seeing those two together, hopefully there's more development btw them in the future...

And Chitanda, that's just how siblings are..not always perfect, but still love them..
I am a sucker for romance!!!!

Jun 3, 2012 9:22 PM

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This was an excellent episode. As always, I am extremely impressed with the quality of the animation, especially lighting. (Chitanda looks so much better with her hair tied up, I wonder why the studio shows that so sparsely.) The music was also great. But more than that, it was great to see Houtarou getting turned on by Chitanda, his passing out in the hot spring was priceless. The mystery part was good too, it's always fun to try to figure things out before Houtarou does.

The best episode yet IMO, by far.
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Jun 3, 2012 9:37 PM

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This episode was so much better than all the others in my opinion. I really enjoyed watching it.

And wow I ship Oreki and Chitanda so hard holy shit
It's kind of obvious that Oreki's starting to like her a lot.
Jun 3, 2012 9:44 PM

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I wanted some more Chitanda fanservice.
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Jun 3, 2012 9:54 PM

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Kayo and Rie are so cute. They are so close as sisters but they do have their sibling rivalry! :D
Jun 3, 2012 9:55 PM

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Lol'ed at Oreki passing out from imagining Chitanda naked. Actually, they would be cute together. This episode's mystery was actually quite intriguing. And is it just me, but I really don't like Mayaka's character. She seems really dull and there's no depth in her character. Same with Satoshi, kinda.
Jun 3, 2012 10:26 PM

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Houtarou, Oh man. You need to pull some manly things.
Jun 3, 2012 10:32 PM

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This anime is bad for my heart. Too much HNGHHHHHH.
Jun 3, 2012 10:37 PM

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Oh, Chitanda why must you be so cute and innocent and put a smile on my face.

XD Oreki passing out in the hot spring.

siblings trouble and awesome at the same time

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Jun 3, 2012 10:49 PM

Joined: May 2010
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Oreki x Chitanda supporter here!!!!

And really this is a pretty good episode. I really can't stop watching this show, it's amazing :)

Jun 3, 2012 11:00 PM

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Chitanda is more daring than I thought. She so wanted that mixed bath.
Jun 3, 2012 11:30 PM

Joined: Jan 2012
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So, mystery of a hanged ghost. Well, it was pretty amusing. Oreki passing out lol. Well anyway, looking forward to next mystery.

Jun 3, 2012 11:30 PM

Joined: Nov 2008
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I was hoping for something supernatural but the conclusion was just as satisfying without it. And I'm glad to see that those two do get along.

Can't wait for next week!
Jun 4, 2012 1:08 AM
Joined: Jun 2012
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I have just started to see this movie !
It is awesome and marvelous, the acting looks stunning and the production is good !
I hope you will also like it !
I will continue to update new comments about this movie further !
Thanks ! :)
Jun 4, 2012 1:28 AM
Joined: Nov 2011
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I would definitely kill for romance in this anime. Oreki and Chitanda seem to be so cute together as a couple, this episode was just EPIC and BRILLIANT!! and those adjectives were understatements, balanced story, fan service and some fluffy strongly romance bet. characters, so great. best episode to date.
Jun 4, 2012 1:31 AM

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He obviously jerked to the side to hide his growing erection. Oh Houhou
Jun 4, 2012 3:15 AM

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Eru x Oreki. omg Gogogogo!

That shining blushing face of Eru! Too cute!

I wonder who will be the seiyuu of the new girl next episode.

Wishing for more development of Eru x Houtaro!
Jun 4, 2012 3:24 AM

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Loved it! I always like out-of-school trip episodes and this was no exception. Interesting mystery and a lot of adorable moments. Oreki's undoubtedly starting to fall for Chitanda very quick. I wonder if there will actually be a romance aspect to this series some time. So far I don't really think it would fit the series, but I hope so.
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