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Poll: Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 9, 10:44 AM
Yandere yandere

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EvianBubble said:
I was so confused at how Takuya went back to help Hiroki after they fought in the middle part?! Not to mention how the entire point was that if Sayuri woke up the world would be destroyed by the parallel universe ... AND THEN SHE WOKE UP AND LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENED?!?!?! Also his seat in the plane freaking disappeared?

I feel like I wouldn't call this a BAD show and I could see how someone might possibly enjoy this, but it certainly wasn't any good either. 5/10

Thank you! These are exactly the points I wanted to bring up. Are we missing something? Why didn't the world destruct? Takuya's sudden change of heart with no explanation... 6/10 for me because I enjoyed it enough that my mind only wandered occasionally. Well done to 16 year olds for building a plane by the way.
Sep 11, 4:52 PM

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The art was awesome figuring it was in 2004. The back ground was breath taking. The only problems is that Sayuri didn't get with Hiroki and Takuya didn't get with Maki. The other is that the beginning didn't match with the end, like I thought they would meet again and tell each other their feelings after years, I waited and waited after the credits but all I got was the picture of the factory.

The war? Because it seems like it started because the Americans destroyed the tower. The tower was a bit disappointing at the top, I thought it would be romantic but hey was it plain. They would've made it emotional and romantic if they were on top of it and confessed their feelings. Takuya punching Hiroki didn't make sense and what's up with Sayuri being connected to the tower? I wasn't convinced.

But out of generosity I will give it a 7/10, but I don't think it deserves it.
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