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Poll: Hourou Musuko Chapter 108 Discussion

May 1, 2012 7:26 PM

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seems like more set-up to something more dramatic

May 3, 2012 3:31 AM

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Every new chapter I like Chiba more and more ! It seem Yoshino want to be a girl ! well I have felling that it well happend ! I have felling at the end Shu and Yoshino don't want to change ! If this well be the end then it well be a bad end =| I still can't image Yoshino as girly oO
May 7, 2012 12:07 PM
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The direction I really want to see this story go in is a journey in which Nitori and Takatsuki undergo transition to become the sex they feel they should be, so naturally I freaked a little when I saw Takatsuki umm-ing and ah-ing about wearing skirts and wanting to be feminine. However, for the previous posters who are wanting her to stay the course, I don't think we should be panicking just yet.

I don't know whether anyone here has been reading Shimura Takako's other current serialization, Aoi Hana, but in that there are numerous different lesbian relationship dynamics portrayed throughout the forty four chapters that have been released. I think what we are seeing here is the mangaka trying to clue readers in on other forms of gender variance. We have seen a young, transitioned transwoman with Yuki, the new character provides an example of middle aged cross dressers and by having the two main characters be a boy and a girl in opposing situations we get a more complete view of the gender balance. What we have not yet seen, however, is an example of someone feeling something other than just male or female gendered - be it someone classifying themselves as genderless, bi gendered or genderqueer. People who identify as one of these categories may or may not choose to transition, depending on their feelings, but it should not be forgotten that there are people who have transitioned to become men who still like to wear skirts and those who have become women but... hard to think of an example... prefer to keep their hair short? In any case, just because Takatsuki is coming to realise she has an interest in feminine things as well it doesn't mean that she is going to disregard the masculinity that was so important to her. Don't forget, not so long ago it was her who lay facedown on her bed and thought to herself 'I want a dick'. This coming to terms with her feminine side may help her put her masculine feelings into context and push that forward too.

Sorry for the wall of text. TL;DR

It's possible to be transgender and consider yourself both/neither/somewhere inbetween and still transition and since there are transmen who like skirts even after transition we shouldn't rush to conclusions about where this character development is headed.