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Apr 24, 2012 3:37 PM

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Kai'eki is the home to the Elves and Dwarves in a peaceful community on the Kirishian Island. This small mystical town is reportedly upstream from Avariol, and its fate is closely tied in with that of the Lost Forest and undiscovered territories of the land. The collecting of gold dust from the river by Sky Falls harms economy of the Elven/Dwarven village, making it off limits to everyone except the people of the town, by order of the King and Oracle. The Oracle of Kai'eki is a Dwarven Elf not allowed to be seen by Humans, and respected by both races. The elves pride themselves in cultural beauty, and the dwarves are generally smiths. Many creaturistic rarities can be found in this village ranging from rare (and giant) butterflies, to giant crowned frogs, to purple leaves. Totoro can also be found in this village, however no where else in Kirish. This land has it's own coin currency, and it accepts the currencies of other places and countries, although prices may vary.

The town of Kai'eki is a small community that prides itself in the worship of the Princess, though recent times may show that the Elves are on the side of the King, they are much too traditional to change their beliefs, and if it comes down to it, they will side with the Princess. The king is not fond of the dwarves, and they have always stuck by their loving Princess.

In the Summer, the Earth Butterflies come out a lot more in the town, causing there to be glitter-like dust floating in the air that comes off the butterflies wings. The people of Kai'eki pride themselves in their difference to the other cultures.


Announcements, Events, and Village Gossip...

There are no Announcements or Events right now~
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Apr 28, 2012 6:32 PM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Dieli Euka
Location : A Dwarven House in Kai'eki

It was another day for Euka. It was able to recharge much of its energy thanks to its little sister
doll that sits on its shoulders. With that as an input, she processed the data and concluded to
supply MIDDE ver.4 its required mana for the day. Gently placing its hand over MIDDE ver.4's
head, MIDDE ver.3 started the application that would initiate the manna transfer.

With a faint glow of a white light, the mana transfer was finished and the little doll immediately
jumpede off Euka's shoulders.

"Good Morning, Elder Sister Euka" the small doll said while it spun around to look at Euka.
"Good Morning, Younger Sister Dee" Euka replied with a smile on its face.

Standing up and then brushing the dust off its clothes, Euka started walking towards some part
of the house that they are currently in.

"Now, Then..." Euka stated as it picked up its sister doll. "...Shall We Get To Cleaning?"
"Aye, Aye, Elder Sister Euka." the little doll replied as it assumed a saluting position.

It then jumped off from Euka's hand and landed at the wooden floor then continued to run
around picking up pieces of what seemed like trash and threw it outside. Euka on the other hand
was dusting the windows and started polishing the doorknobs and tables. The house that the two
dolls are taking care of is the house of their late creator, Mr. Eidelstein, a dwarf whose dream is
to recreate elves.

The two continued to clean and manage the house for the whole day.
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Apr 29, 2012 5:22 AM
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"It should be around here" Aresu thought as he neared the dwarven house of MIDDE.

He was just arrived by impulse, not knowing that he had traveled in inhumane speed. He was just bored and this felt like a treasure hunt to him. As he neared the house he was a rock that was bigger than others. However even if it was large, it was obvious it was a plain rock.

"I wonder if there is something inside" As he thought loudly he started to pound at the rock. Unconsciously he had placed limiters on his body to enjoy the bashing of the rock. Aresu pounded as hard as he can but it barely made a dent. Feeling bit annoyed he looked around the place.

"that will do" Once again he had spoke what is on his mind while applying Blastian flower to the rock. He somehow knew that Blastian flowers has a strong affinity to fire magic and will explode when hit with strong enough fire magic. The explosion would also depend on the degree of magic used but he doesn't care.

"Mantium Argasta Levintium...." he started to chant loudly of a spell he just made up in his mind. Not really understanding the nature of this world yet and not have gotten any education about it, he had somehow able to blow his face off with a loud bang.

"Cough, Cough" He wiped the black tar from his face and stared at the flower. The flower of course had no movement. Annoyed he took out a mechanical device he had with him for a while and lit the flower on fire. The effect was instantaneous. The flower exploded with a bang but it was not enough the damage the rock.


He looked around and decided to go all out. He pulled a tree and started to bash at the rock. Normally just by able to carry a tree would be enough force to destroy a simple rock, but Aresu's unconscious was fighting against him. The effect was the rock barely harmed while the tree was torn to pieces. After hitting it with 12th tree he gave up. And started to walk around, forgetting the very reason why he came here in the first place.
Apr 29, 2012 9:49 PM
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"Ah! I should go to school" Exclaimed Aresu while he was half asleep on the trees. He jumped out of fell on the ground

"Auuu, my body isn't ready for this world yet.... I should exercise more..."
He stood up and looked around. Not knowing exactly where he is, Aresu entered the town. The town was filled with people minding their own business. Then out of nowhere guards blocks his way.

"You shall not pass!" The guard said aggressively.

"This isn't LoTR.... ah nothing" Aresu retorted but decided to stop himself. Not knowing what is going on he took a step back.

"Why can't I pass?" Aresu asked.

"you are not a member of this town, nor do have the permission to enter" The guard on his right answered.

"Tsk" Aresu withdrew then turned back and asked " where is the nearest town?"

After learning how to get there Aresu left for Muse
Apr 29, 2012 11:15 PM

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MIDDE ver.3 aka Dieli Euka

"Did you hear that, sister?" the small doll asked Euka.

Euka nodded its head as a sign of confirmation. Apparently, repetitive loud banging has been taking
place at the neighbors. Of course, it wasn't in Euka's brain to process that information and be curious
about it and therefore ignored the said noise. Dee, MIDDE ver.4, however, wasn't as limited as Euka
and was more receptive of its surroundings.

When the loud sound finally stopped, Dee quickly ran towards the nearest window and took a peek
outside. Dee peered over but saw no one.

"Ne, elder sister, let's go shopping" Dee suggested.

Euka only nodded in response and took a basket from some rack, picked Dee up and placed it on its
shoulders and then went out.
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Apr 30, 2012 8:27 AM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Dieli Euka
Location : Kai'eki Marketplace

The Kai'ekian marketplace was full as ever. Dwarfs sell their merchandises, both that came from the
forge and from the mines. Elves showcase their scrolls of magic and other elven magic-enchanted
accessories. Euka was able to blend in with the crowd as Euka was modeled after elf by its creator.
Dee, MIDDE ver4, was sitting on Euka's right shoulder, waving at the people who managed to take
a glance at it.

When Euka and Dee entered the door of a certain shop, they were both greeted by a stout dwarf
with golden brown beard and roughly around 3 feet tall. He was grunting while he waved his hand
at the little doll atop Euka's shoulder. Picking up the nearest hammer he could get his hand onto, he
jumped up and made a quick horizontal swing which was aimed at Euka's head.

Little Dee jumped up high from Euka's shoulder while Euka ducked its head just enough for the
hammer to graze Euka's hair. Of course, the hair wasn't even damaged the slightest bit and Little Dee
perfectly landed on top of Euka's head.

"Aye, perfect movements as always." the dwarf gave them a compliment.
"It's either that or you've gone old, Mr. Duesselite" Dee sounded sassy but she was actually striking a
lovable smug face.
"Har. Har. I see the baby learned some bad manners." Duesselite, the dwarf, let out a guffaw.

As an apology, Euka bowed her head lower than usual.

"No need to apologize, missy." The dwarf then flicked his finger to Euka's forehead causing Euka to
stumble back, lose its balance and then finally sat on a chair.

"Now, then..." The dwarf walked towards his cupboards as he seemed to be searching for something.
"...what brings you here, MIDDE version 3 and 4?"
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Apr 30, 2012 7:59 PM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Dieli Euka
Location : Duesselite's Hovel in the Kai'ekian Marketplace

"Resources." Euka answered in a clear, well-modulated voice.
"Aye, aye." the dwarf replied while stroking his beard. "I'll be asking for my compensation then."

The dwarf held out two black rocks which Euka picked up with both of its hands. These rocks
are obsidian magicites, rocks which are capable of storing mana that can be used on a later date.
Euka gently nodded in response as mana poured out of its hands which the rocks immediately
absorbed, glowing a faint dark grey glow.

"A beautiful sight, aren't they?" the dwarf let out a question.
"You've asked that for a millionth time already." Dee voiced out her opinion.

Euka, however, simply nodded again in agreement and handed them back to the dwarf. With the
dwarf's payment a done deal, he went towards another cupboard, this time, a much more cleaner
and well-maintained cupboard. Duesselite took out a large bag full of stuff and placed it in front of
Euka and Dee.

"Well, just as I promised that elf-lover, Eidelstein. You girls take care now." Duesselite waved his
hands again. Dee, who somehow waved reflexively, pulled her hand back down while Euka held
the bag and bowed its head to the dwarf. The two dolls then left the shop.

"Now..." a smile crept to the dwarfs face. " make myself some money with mana-enchanted
goods from the forge."
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May 1, 2012 7:44 PM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Dieli Euka
Location : From Kai'ekian Marketplace to the Dolls' home

Dee was loudly talking to Euka for most of the way. Euka would only nod her head every now and then
so as to please Dee. It was when they were by the road side that a lone dwarf blocked their road.

"Hand over any valuables if you value yer lives!!!" The dwarf threatened the two who doesn't seemed
to be the least bit scared. Swinging its large axe, the dwarf tried to look more menacing. Of course, Dee,
who wasn't scared of the axe, continued to blab on about pointless things to Euka. Euka, however, was
looking at the dwarf, preparing a hundred possible counterattacks from any direction of the swing.

The dwarf walked closer to Euka and Dee at a quick pace. He seemed to be hurrying before anyone
might take notice that he was mugging two "girls". When he took hold of the bag that Euka was carrying,
Euka made a roundhouse kick aimed at the dwarf's temple to knock him away. The bag was important if
to the two dolls.

"By the Demon King's beard!!! You pack quite a kick." the dwarf was able to block the attack using the
wooden handle of his axe but that didn't prevent him from getting knocked further away from the two.

"But that wasn't good enough!" Readying his axe, the dwarf started to run towards the two.

"Little Sister. Initiate Overcharge State." Euka made a request. Euka needs Dee's permission if its going
to need more mana. And Euka needs to finish this quick since, well, Euka doesn't want to waste time.
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May 1, 2012 11:09 PM
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Aresu wakes up on the ground, wondering how he got there. He notices that he made a hole on the group suggesting he fell.

"I fell again... I wonder where I am now" Aresu thought to himself. Then he realized he remembered last couple of days perfectly. Thinking that this could mean that he did not fall as far as he originally thought. He stood up and started to walk around just to see the sign "Kai'eki"

"Oh" Exclaimed Aresu now looking much angrier than before." I forgot my treasure hunt. Stupid me" He punches his face so hard that it destroyed the shape and it started to bleed only to recover after a while.

"Well time to find that strange energy source. I wonder if it is unlimited" He grumbles while walking around.

Unknown to Aresu is that he left a piece of artifact in that hole, it carries a tremendous power that can resurrect anyone who binds himself into it. And it was been binded to 3 people including Aresu so far. It was pure luck that he fell exactly there... or was it? Aresu has strange tendency to be attracted to magical objects.
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May 2, 2012 4:08 AM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Dieli Euka
Location : Road that leads to the Dolls' House

"Overcharge State. Activated."

In Overcharge State, Euka unlocks some moves which it is incapable of performing during
its normal mode. The state causes Euka's systems to go overdrive and act based on the
premise that's it is in it's last moments in a fight.

Euka kicked the ground and propelled itself forward. One of the things that Overcharge
State can do is to multiply the strength of Euka several times. Calculations say that its
3 times but it seemed more like cubed. Euka was now at the side of the dwarf, away from
the axe, Euka held the dwarfs bulky arm and spun him around twice before bringing him
back down to the ground head first.

Due to the strength of the impact, the dwarf was able to let go of the large axe which
flew away several meters away. The dwarf's arm as also dislocated and lost a few teeth.
Needless to say, he was already unconscious.

"Overcharge State. Deactivate."

Euka went back a bit to pick up the stuff that they just bought. Dee was gently sitting at
Euka's shoulders, keeping vigilant in case the dwarf might still be conscious and follow them
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May 2, 2012 7:56 AM
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*boom* A clear loud noise can be heard through the air. Aresu right now in half transparent mode follows his instinct and moves toward the noise. He already is using magic subconsciously but then again it is not stable. If he enters combat there is a huge percentage that he would lose. The thought of the risk and thrill brought a smile on Aresu's face. He started to feel blood lust. Holding a large metal rod he found on the road he creeps towards to the noise.

"arggggg" Strange chubby human was on the floor with clear markings that there was a battle. The chubby human had an impact hole and a battle axe that was good few yards away. Aresu started to taste himself in excitement. And started to run towards the source that has been attracting him.

"Why....overcharge state .....?" Voices can be heard from a far. Knowing he got his prey Aresu charges forward. Completely void of human characteristic Aresu was grinning like a demon. His devil wings out and his body covered by dark spikes made Aresu look like a devil.... no he was devil himself.

He jumped in front of two girls with one on top of the others shoulder. His glowing red eyes analyzed them for a second and rushed forward. Leaving trail of dark cloud of essence while moving. He was near fully demonic stance however his body still wasn't adapted to the environment and had trouble focusing himself. It seemed like the very air was trying to reject him. Not caring about the strange resistance he tried to land a blow on the bottom one...
May 4, 2012 1:36 AM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Deili Euka
Location : Road that leads to the Dolls' House

"Danger : Linear Path." Dee alarmed Euka who reflexively jumped away from its spot, effectively
dodging their attacker, and continued to leap further away.

Euka and Dee's first priority is always survival. And with and unknown enemy, the first thing to do is
always to run away. They both don't have the emotion called embarrassment and pride installed in
their system so that's why they can make these kinds of decision without second thought.

"Analysis Will Have To Wait." Euka informed Dee, who was starting to analyze the enemy, while Euka
started running away at top speed away from their home. It was part of their AI to keep themselves
and their home safe. Dee stopped analyzing their aggressor and looked out at what's in front of them.

"Agreed. Let's go back to the town." Dee proposed a plan in which Euka nodded in agreement.
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May 5, 2012 7:44 AM
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"Oh ho!" Aresu said as he stumbled forward. The was also rejecting them causing him to break his arm.

"interesting" Said Aresu with a grin and blasted the ground with his broken arm, causing a huge shockwave to the ground. The land shook and blasted with different colors. Aresu broken one of the horns on his hand, crushed it, then scatted it. This power reacted and creates a giantic dome that is semi-invisable, blocking retreat for the two girls.

" I hunger for POWER" said Aresu running towards them and scattering talisman everywhere. This causes Aresu's movement to be less hesitating and he moves in an amazing speed. He struck with a blast, but the two girls were too fast and moved out of his way.

"Don't worry, this also freezes time. We are only a clone in a different world battling. Once it is over the damage is reduced and reflected to our real body. Since it behaves that way, no one can die from this dome. Come and fight" Aresu screamed as loud as he can in almost incomprehensible way. Each silable met witih a blast, Aresu kept pounding and pounding. He knows that this is nothing comparable when he was in his original world, but in here he is seriously weakened and sealed. This had made him understand that he could die. But he didn't care. He was here for pleasure. He was here for unknown reason that even deep down he didn't know. It feels like he was being controlled, being driven insane. But right now he didn't care and kept pounding and pounding.

"Levastium, Devasta" with that yellow light emerged from his hand and moved toward the girls. Since it isn't like "laser" in his old world it wasn't fast but Aresu knew it would do the job. The beam of light goes closer to the girls....
May 6, 2012 7:24 AM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Deili Euka
Location : Road that leads to the Dolls' House

"Area Magic cast around a huge circumference. Initiating Magic Analysis-Override." Dee then started spouting
out the processes happening inside its processor.

bxcgsdxdghfy uwrcgfj urewufcyur hwrfhcwerufguc hfercgiercfuhcg efhu ugrucfgweurc
erdcgyfbgbe yewgfcyrgyyg geryfyghf reyrgrcuriyjimokh koytjhjomqoikxg jdficvm meu m
furbnuieiw ewuiucn erhcnugi qoem idioi qoieo mqoejeiioe iqoi mrucoiruigurci iwqeruicrcdj
dsucbo osdoiojsfi iifjeirc.... ewircwnfwhdixd.. uiehcnfewercgneji ewricow..weriuhiwgfvg

Euka still continued running and waited for Dee to finish. But, While Euka was running, they somehow bumped
into an invisible wall. Without even batting an eyelash, Euka made a 90 degree turn, extended its hand until it
was able to feel the spell's approximate limit and then started running again all while confirming the limit of the

"Levasium, Devasta"

uyuyui owoekcdko qkewdoqcwmejtic mokqwoskiocwdk jwwej foked qi jfsow mo 84ifj w4
q iomkqwedjewjfiwm wrifhuiwhrifjodsmk mspdosdk mkoaemdiok okerfomw oj jorg mhruf
iwerfckj jkjfjiotrgj ijith highrhifdshsdfih h h fdj jioewfhidfhadhn hedjqwi qedhjoasaji jls
khjdfouehcdsikdf..wejfocjifjjdfdsjk sdofocfmijr.. .refjisfih oifoifhufubdif eid fhjd hjewefj

The guy chasing them seemed to have cast another spell. A beam of light was fired from his hand towards the
two dolls. Euka was able to notice this and turned to face the beam of light. Before they were hit, Dee stood up
and activated Overcharge state.

The beam coming towards them dispersed into the air. Dee was able to formulate the necessary formulas and
solved the computations necessary to dissect and destroy the spell. But, Dee didn't only destroyed the beam
spell, Dee also deactivated the large area spell, effectively dispelling its effects and enables them to run away
again. With those done, Dee shut down. Dee's power source was completely depleted from its previous feat.

Since Euka could now run further away, they did so while Euka slowly recharged Dee back to 100% full.
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May 7, 2012 12:19 AM
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He looks at them with delight. He devoured magic, countered them, blasted them with higher magic, drained them, and even reflected them. But he has not deconstructed them. He sneers and looks at the duo, the one on the top seems to have used all her energy. Knowing that he can repeat again and again would send terror to them. Maybe he would make it 5 layers this time.

"Bleh" He vomited blood. The air has been rejecting him and it has seriously weakened him. It seems like in this form the nature of this island is poisonous to him. He loses consciousness and transforms back into human. He lies there lifeless.
May 7, 2012 6:19 PM

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MIDDE ver.3 a.k.a Euka
Location :Road that leads to the Dolls' House

Leaving the boy who attacked them behind, Euka ran as fast as its legs can go without Overcharge
Mode. Even when their attacker fainted from behind them, Euka continued to run. It was in their AI
to keep themselves safe, and being close to an attacker is never safe.

[Location Changed]
Location : Kai'ekian Marketplace

When Euka arrived at the marketplace, it began to search for a hiding place. Euka found a small
house whose roof seemed to be a good place to hide. With that in its processor, Euka jumped up
to the roof and hid there. All the while charging Dee.
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May 8, 2012 4:02 AM
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Aresu is still on the ground which his consciousness floating around. Thankfully the land does not reject his essence and his real body. Being separate from his body seems natural to him and yet it is the first time this ever happened. The body however seems to be in an awkward position. He had given up trying to move his own body and just let it be.

However because the fight took place in a bit of sheltered area, it looks like no one has found his body yet. Even if the road to the market is right next to it elves and dwarfs are completely oblivious on what has happened. It gave Aresu a funny humor but he didn't laugh.

"I should do something" Aresu thought again and he started to chant recovery magic. However in that floating form limits his usage of power and the spell doesn't activate.

"at least now I know that I can use some magic...." Aresu thought out loud. Staring at the remains of the battle where "he" went easy on the two girls. "Who knew that they could deconstruct the magic? I should have placed spying magic on to them... no he should have done that. What's done is done but still... it's a pity" Being in that state meant that he can say and do anything but the people around him won't notice anything. Then it struck him.

"Am.... Am I dead?"

That thought caused panic, relief, sadness, and happiness for 2 second. Then he realized that if he died and became a ghost, it would still be same thing as living just in a different world.

"I should see how this unfolds..." Aresu whispered to something one or something that isn't really there.
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