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A town located inside of the walls of Avariol. This town is a fortified city with much history. It was the capital of the land and it is the oldest city in Kirish. Coronet is rich in culture, is shrouded in mystery, and has many types of artwork traded and sold in the market. Coronet is the busiest city due to it's nearby fishing grounds and sky ports.

Inside of Coronet is Artists Alley. It is a favorite area for shops of all kinds to be set up. Although you may not see a shop for your basic needs here you will fine original and unique items, rare creatures conjured up by the deepest depths of magic, or even a grocery that sells the most rare and creative foods known to man.


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Aresu looks around to make sure no one is watching. Once he finished that he sat and breathed out. He got lost again but for some reason he doesn't want anyone to see him. He saw a city and started to walk towards it. "Coronet....." Aresu stared at the sign and decided to enter. He sees the street filled with people and decided to walk back."It's best if I stay in woods nearby..." Aresu said with a sign and climbed the nearest tree. He lays back and stares at the ceiling. He slowly falls asleep.
Apr 29, 2012 5:10 AM
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When he woke up he was surrounded by strange monsters. Feeling like he is inside a game he decided to cut them up. However not being used to the nature of this new world he gets injured badly. After tough time battling he decided it was unnecessary movement and started to walk some where else. He then noticed a slight amount of mana lingering in the air.

"I would get something out of this..."

He started to walk towards this energy, not knowing what to do and following it because he had nothing else to do. Although he was bleeding badly just a moment ago, he had completely healed when he started to walk. Without knowing he had moved toward Kai'eki