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Apr 14, 2012 8:43 AM

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Claim A Mobile Suit
01. You need a Membership card and or badge to start requesting. If you don't have one yet go to the Navigation thread and find the appropriate topic.
02. Every character/item can be claimed ONCE every month. The Claimed List will be reset at the beginning of each month, which will make the character/item available again. However, once a character/item is claimed for that month (ex: November, 2010), you have to wait until the List is resetted in December.
03. Please be patient in receiving your banner.
04. Providing pictures is required.
05. Announcements on when the List is reset will be in every Claiming Thread.
06. You may only use tarots for perm claims.
07. Staff can make perm claims.
08. Members can claim 2 a month Staff 4.

Mobile Suit's name:
Anime/Manga they're from:
Banner?: [Yes, if you want us to make it for you. No, if you'd rather make it]

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