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Poll: Hitoriga Counseling Episode 4 Discussion

Apr 3, 2012 12:30 PM

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Apr 21, 2016 6:36 AM
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Induced urination through anal stimulation. Very nice humiliation play d(*´ч ` *)

Rape of short cut leader girl was pretty good as well. Her breast and body rub along with tongue usage was pretty lewd (๑´ڡ`๑) Loved the way her body was jerked against the wall from behind by the guy.

Rape of her friend was not bad. Her body was good as well with the sizable breasts.

In the end, the two girls getting it was just MC's genjutsu surprisingly. So no harm done I guess XD

And happy end in the end I guess, with her final genjutsu of her body growing out very nicely with milk production and loving sex with Sensei. Although she would have had him in the real life anyway... Jiggled quite well in her larger form (*˘︶˘*)
Dec 10, 2016 4:58 PM

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I liked the scene with that other girl in the train, that was hot.
May 12, 12:52 PM
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Another story with a mother **** scumbag who doesn't have the gal to actually court the girl and use underhanded tactics to get to her...

And worst, there was no justice, which I really hate... I hate when scumbags win and innocent gets enslaved... which was the case of these girls...

Is another flick that shows power abuse and inferiority complex to get an innocent and ruin her reputation, was it worth it?

Another guy who uses hypnosis to sexually abuse and rape a school girl. She is been enslaved and gangbanged and used for prostitution and she wasn't aware of it in a sense as she was being mind controlled....

and once he got tired of her, he just erased her memory of the act and incidents. At least he let her go... for now...
and perhaps went for another victim...

But what about her reputation? her honor? And worst is that she is not aware how she was trashed.
Do you think this is fair?
The problem is that, besides hypnosis, real women in japan are tricket and enslaved like this and worst they can not call fo relp because no even the police cares!
And most preffer just to shut up and let themselves be raped than face public humiliation for the act...
and they end up with 3 options:
1) Commit suicide to escape the post traumatic distress
2) Become a whore because they have no other option and they feel worthless and also most become nymphos.
3) Become a sex slave, for most that end up sex addicts and mind broken; and mostly are slave to the perpetrator and end up being cum-dumpsters to anyone the master wishes.

Hentai is fantasy yes... and it should stay that way. But there are some people who sees this and think on crossing the line... and some actually crosses the line and get away with it.

We in the west we have laws and are severe on it... but other countries are not so lucky... Japan being one of them.