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Poll: Another Episode 12 Discussion

Nov 28, 2017 6:53 AM
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lol'd at the guy escaping the chandelier only to get crushed by a pillar.. which is kinda messed up to laugh about isnt it?

Found this show kinda weak personally, nobody was likable and the mystery pace was weak with a twist that felt a little too out of bounds of the story in a way. but the deaths made the show worth going through in a weird way, they're stupid and over the top and i don't quite get why i enjoy them, but wondering how some student was gonna die next episode was what kept me watching, can't say this show had any other particular draw. the serious levels of violence the last two episodes was fun for sure though
Jan 9, 2018 3:04 AM

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So yeah, I liked it and enjoyed it. Another was a good series for me but I had some doubts, namely:

1. If Mei Misaki can see the colour of death and knew about the Another, why didn't she tell anyone. Why did she wait for so many death to occur?

2. This may sound stupid (or ingenious;) but why didn't the school simply shut down the 9-3 classroom. They could easily have prevented so many deaths. Even sitting down the school isn't a big deal to prevent deaths.

3. Also, it seems wierd that so many deaths are occurring in the same classroom and there is no investigation on part of the school authorities or especially the police.
Didn't parents ever think why their kids in 9-3 keep dying all the time.

Well, these are all the doubts I can remember now. But seriously the anime was tight otherwise, and had enough plot twists to keep my hooked.

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Feb 20, 2018 4:05 PM

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Yeah... When I finished watching Another I thought the same about the police... Maybe the curse influenced the minds of police, like it happens on people connected to 9-3 classroom. But shut down the cursed classroom could be the solution after all (Another in a nutshell? XD

There's something that I started to think more about when finished to watch it for the second time, it's about Teshigawara the humor maker... I'm the only one who felt so sad for him? Like he always tried to be optimistic and funny in someway, even seeing the death of his classmates (that probably are friends with) and in the last episode
and his last scene he was crying and screaming...

Anyway, that's what I wanted to share about Another... Even if it's in my top favs.
Mar 22, 2018 11:58 AM

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The only character I cared about was Akazawa, cuz she's a cute anime girl. Other than that, this anime was just a trainwreck. 4/10 entertaining but I was losing brain cells from the deaths.
Apr 16, 2018 4:34 PM
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This anime is amazing! Very good animation, sound, story, and so on...
I kinda knew what to expect from it since I saw two other anime that are somewhat similar (that might have been inspired by Another since they aired after it). They are Corpse Party (2013) and Ousama Game The Animation (2017), I recommend them for anyone who likes this type of anime.

I LOVE Another and I regret not having seen it before...
10/10 no doubts
Apr 17, 2018 11:37 PM

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I am sad Akasawa had to die. Overall, I will give this series a 6. Why? Well, you mean to tell me Mei knew all along, during that fucking bloodbath yet did absolutely nothing? She could not tell anyone? I'm sorry, but I hate when these kind of things happen in anime whereby characters know something but refuse to say it till the end when all the damage is done. It's a lousy way to move the plot forward.
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Apr 18, 2018 11:03 AM

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The only time I laughed so hard in this loser series(1/10).

I bet he is a girl.

Oh, and Izuki is dead, I was crying so hard, I couldn't go on any longer. :(
Just kidding, this was like even the show writers couldn't handle each character.

I would have rated this a 5 if there was a yaoi moment in the series. That's how shitty this show was. And the end. No explanation of the deaths, no resolution, repeat the shit next year.

And the Mei x Suckakibara. So cute right? Fuck off both of you. Die in hell for all I care.

Now if you excuse me, I am gonna fap off to this.

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May 20, 2018 12:49 PM

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1^trashiest post i have ever saw

8/10 it would have been a 9 if i got a good reason on why she didn't say who was the another before so much people died
Maybe they did but i missed it if that was the case please tell me
Oct 11, 2018 6:35 AM

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Had some moments but overall just lacking in real polish
Oct 28, 2018 11:12 AM
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OK what the heck was that ending- like why were people being stabbed left and right? For me I enjoyed the first 6 or so episodes, I liked how they built up for the ending and I was really expecting something gruesome but not in a mindless fashion where there are explosions every other minute, there's a murderer, the characters are just basically going insane, and out of nowhere Misaki just decides to tell Sakakibara that she knew all along.

Like many other people above has said, this show went from something I took seriously to just purely comical - I was laughing at the show more than I was watching in fear, and that mood change left this anime as one that didn't really know what tone it was going for, which is never good.

8/10- First half great, second half wtf?

And if you're still reading this, please take a moment to appreciate this gif. Like this is one of the moments that just made me burst out laughing, like why did they even include this :P

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Jan 3, 2:45 AM
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i do not watch this when this release cuz that year i'm a scared kid but now i'm not scared anymore and than what get? nothing ther is no a scene that make me want to close my eyes, from ep. 1 to 12 every episode make me want to mastubrate what is this no horror flirt all the time urgh
Jan 3, 8:10 PM

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damn my theory was right, it was a teacher. but there were way bigger hints that i didnt pick up on, grandpa gave the biggest one of all. didnt even noticed it could've meant she actually died, thought it meant she's been through too much turmoil.
i loved the plot and what was going on, but i also found too many holes in it and wrongs. i mean, if everyone knows about it, why did no one try to actually stop it or have news coverage on it? or why not shut down that class, or the entire school? did no parent or family of the kids wonder why there were only kids in that specific class dying? no one could've not noticed that for literally 26 years. im probably being harsh on it, but frankly, my gut goes with a 6/10.

Mar 2, 5:32 PM
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Yeah the beginning made it a really good show with a lot of potential but the last couple of episodes weren't so great, and Akazawa's death was too much for me.
May 9, 6:14 PM

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Tons of revelation being transmitted in this episode.

The curse sided with Kouichi it seems to kill Izumi before she kills him. And lol I thought she died from the fall in the flashback.

Aha, now I see why they try to hide from us viewer the 4th rule. That means, all the time their effort to ignore Kouichi is pointless because Mikami/Reiko is not ignoring him. Then again the curse started before Kouichi enter the school. Thus, the right way to nullify the curse is bring the DEAD back to DEATH. What I find weird though is Kouichi is not sad or mad at all in the previous eps when Reiko was stabbed by a student. And they should have examined Mikami's body by a scientist to see if there's anything unusual in her body.

The one who killed Reiko looks like Kouichi lol, but he's not wearing that uniform at that time. The bird and the gramps give us a pretty good hint back there. What comes from insignificant character becomes significant. Well played, well played.

It sure as hell lifted up the curse, but heavy prices cost this. If Misaki tell them from the start this couldn't have been happened. Well if you just let the curse going on the death would be much fewer I guess, since only 1 death per month I guess?

I thought this was a not-so-good ending because they just lift the curse from that year. The next same class as them will suffer the same curse. I was hoping they nullify the curse forever.

If by any chance Misaki's or Kouichi's family study at that school in the next year, welp you're finished.

I demand Another sequel.

rma2002 said:
OK what the heck was that ending- like
And if you're still reading this, please take a moment to appreciate this gif. Like this is one of the moments that just made me burst out laughing, like why did they even include this :P

The curse offed him real quick. Most memorable death what this series has to offer.
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May 29, 6:37 PM

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Enjoyed this anime, 8/10 from me!
May 30, 10:00 PM

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yahzee said:
lobkestar said:
Can someone give me a big explanation of the whole episode? I want to know if I understood everything.

What happened: People still killing each other, Misaki knows that it's Reiko, who by the way, is the same as Ms. Mikami. This correlation was never explained until the flashbacks shown in the episode with the grandparents, reiko herself, and the parrot saying it. Reiko died a year and a half ago in the anime by an unknown assailant, and for the funeral, Sakakibara came over during the time for the funeral, and happened to run into Akazawa, who was grieving over the loss of her cousin at the time. But since Reiko became "Another," Sakakibara lost his memories of his time being there since he attended the funeral, Akazawa, however, did not attend the funeral thus why she remembers meeting Sakakibara. And everyone was happy.

THANK YOU. now i understand everything much better.
Sep 1, 2:09 PM
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Sakakibara and Misaki are terrible characters. So many deaths could have prevented if people just open their mouths and communicated. 6/10 and that's being generous.
Sep 17, 7:45 PM

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This was really good anime and one that I couldn't predict the ending. I was gonna give it 7 at start then in the 4-7 ep It went up to 8, but hte last episodes were really good so I give it 9. I disliked OP/ED but at least OP had this horror set up.

I don't yet understand about this goodbye mother thing as she was his aunt, but its late and I am sleepy so I think about it tomorrow ;]
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