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Poll: Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Episode 21 Discussion

May 14, 2012 10:29 PM

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NwAurion said:

I wouldn't mind a third season, whether it's about Claus and Lavie, Famn and Giselle or something else, like, with an older Alvis. They should stay closer to how the first season got things done though.

And maybe not throw in characters from the previous season that are more or less irrelevant for the story and just there to cheer up the fans.
Poor Alvis. Being hunted all the time, but then being not really important for anything :(
Jun 5, 2012 7:27 PM
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Was i the only one who preferred this one over the original? simply out of the fact that it was far more fun to watch, and we dont have to worry about a sucky headstrong then brooding main character as bad as Claus

For the entirety of the end of the series, i waited with baited breath for Al to activate her Exile, and for the Silvanna to completely wreck shit (to be fair, i thought Silvius was Silvanna). I was also hoping for a complete combination of the two series, and a huge and amazing finale! Instead, i saw the series end with very little interaction between the two separate casts. Hell, poor Gale and crew only got one frame! at least there were cameos though! so thats something to be thankful for.

I also concur with soem of the above posts that her relationship to that general was pointless, and never fully explored. who was his daughter/fam's mother, and what led to the crash that killed her and left Fam with the pirates? Also, how did Dio, Tatiana, Alister, and the old engine room guy transfer ships, since apparently the Silvius is not the same as the Silvanna, and what of Tatiana's unwavering love of Claus? what is with all the other exiles, and which is the last one? I wanted more detail into how they were built, and why they were so strong. what caused people to forget about these ancient crafts? why were the Guild Starfish so weak? couldnt Dio have used his Maestro powers to summon some from Prestor? why do all the Anatoray people rule the Anatoray-Disith alliance? where is Nestor Messina in all of this? and how were they able to get back to Earth if Prestor is so far away? How did Dio get his memory back/get his salvation? also, where exactly do guild members get their powers?

Also, thank you Dyan for the WORST russian i have ever heard in my life LOL. talk about the butcher shop!

lastly, WHY THE FUCK WAS AL IN THE ANIME IN THE FIRST PLACE?? if she is there, the audience can expect her to become a major plot point later in the show. why did that not happen? I like her new character design though! and like the changes that Claus and Lavie have gone through. still wondering about the wheel chair though. guess ill read the manga and find out.

Over all, i thought it was a very fun anime to watch, and Fam was a simple, yet enjoyable main character to follow. still, Gonzo managing to insert her into a story where she served no purpose, and obviously didnt belong, and making the whole thing work was very admirable. I also really liked Gisey. she was far and away a superior navi to Lavie (who we never get to find out whether or not she really became good, since Gonzo kinda tossed her to the side halfway throgh S1) and the character development on Millia. Overall, after all the bad reviews ive been hearing, i was very surprised to find how well done this series was. sure, i have a million unanswered questions, but this in no way means it was a bad use of my time

final verdict: 9/10
Jun 20, 2012 9:07 AM

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actually both this and the old last exile confuse me, but this last eps feels very rush and many things were not explained, hence makes it worse

however, i did enjoyed watching both of them and i guess that means it is not so bad overall :)
Jun 24, 2012 5:26 AM

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callmetheBigD said:
Was i the only one who preferred this one over the original?

I guess? :D Just kidding.

callmetheBigD said:

lastly, WHY THE FUCK WAS AL IN THE ANIME IN THE FIRST PLACE?? if she is there, the audience can expect her to become a major plot point later in the show. why did that not happen?

Maybe it was just too predictable and they wanted to introduce new characters, so the "old" ones wouldn't steal the show?
Jul 1, 2012 11:33 AM

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It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

And my prognosis:

The next season will be more like 30's, and there'll be young Civil society fighting rudiments of Guild.
Sep 8, 2012 4:27 AM

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This was okay, but something doesn't feel right with the characters. I think there is some lost potential here.
Mar 2, 2013 1:20 PM

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Pales in comparison to Last Exile! I know I really shouldn't compare the two, because it seems that Fam, the Silver Wing is more of a spin-off than a second season.

The only reason I watched it is because I was hoping to see Claus and Lavie again. Unfortunately, when I did finally get to see them again, it was all too brief and Claus is inexplicably in a wheelchair. Damn!
Mar 3, 2013 1:09 PM

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1st season more better than this & it would better if Fam is a boy :s
any news about a new season ???
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Apr 3, 2013 1:36 PM

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They had good material, the idea was there... they followed in Hollywood's step, by that I mean they screwed everything :-/ I'd like to say that FAM isn't a sequel, it's merely a stand-alone sequel which have nothing in common with the original. You may be fooled by the fact that a bunch of supporting character from the original are there BUT they are only there to fill the emptiness of this shabby show.
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Apr 11, 2013 7:30 AM

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Nice visuals through out and sometimes getting old vibes from the first series, but it felt like Mini Star Wars as it progressed with Lolipower added
I seriously think Fam was female so she could blend in that Onsen Scene with every other Glaciel Hotties

It was nice to see the old cast appearing and most of them as cameo, but they actually didn't add that much
At the end it seems to be all pointless aside from the awesome battles/strategies
Jul 25, 2013 11:53 PM

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Magebane said:
And it's over...

Aside from basically ruining the Last Exile franchise, even as an individual series it had so many shortcomings. The script was a mess, or perhaps the bad pacing and directing failed to present things as they should have. The plot was full of convenience and implausibility, specially in the battles, which were bordering on surreal at times.

Much of this was caused by the producers wanting Fam and Silvana to be super awesome. Thus we see Fam sticking her nose everywhere and got utterly insane plot twists just so she could shine. Same applies to Silvanas unreal battle performance which made me roll my eyes time and time again.

The main trio was really weak and side characters were left undeveloped. The little character growth Fams attained was plastered on the last second and she still did not truly change from her childish ways. Gisey remained a Fam-fangirl from the beginning to the end and failed to bring absolutely anything of worth to the series. Only Millia had proper growth and it was interesting to see how she coped with all the tragedy and changes in the world around her.

To be frank, just by dropping Fam and Gisey from the show and all the stupidities they brought with them would have made everything much better. Add some tweaking of the plot and better direction and this could have been pretty good.

Still, with all it's flaws, the show had the wonderful Last Exile setting and feel. Visually it was very nice and it was nostalgic when they showed characters from the first series. (Then again, they could have used those characters properly, like Dio, instead of just teasing).

All in all, if this was a standalone original series it wouldn't be so terribly bad. Well, it wouldn't be that good either. But this is a sequel to Last Exile. They had all the possible keys for an awesome series: rich background and setting, interesting characters and not-too-cliche concepts. They even had some good new ideas they tried to implement. Yet all they managed to produce was this? It is impossible not to feel incredibly disappointed with all the potential wasted.

Summed up all my thoughts on this anime. I just didn't feel attached to Fam and her sidekick, and my impression about her worsened when she got herself involved with everything. IMO, we can drop those two and replace them with any character and the plot (though filled with plotholes) would still be intact. I was hoping Dio, Alvis, Sophia/the entire kingdom of Anatoray, and the old crew would heavily contribute to the series considering they have quite a huge force out there and it would be easy to form alliance with them, but for some reason everyone just became essential in the last few episodes and all the attention always ended to the moe MCs.

But to be fair, I enjoyed the warship battles and skyfish hunting.

Overall, 6/10...

Monad said:

Okay 7/10 just for this.
Jul 28, 2013 3:45 PM

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Very nice, there were certainly moments of silly, but still at the level of the first season. And I am very pleased that showed Claus and Lavie at the end, and Fam very sorry.
Nov 19, 2013 10:36 PM

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What a bunch of god damned nonsense.

Nov 22, 2013 3:16 AM

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Lacked in comparison to the first Last Exile, but I did enjoy the battles a lot more in this one. Much more enjoyable. The up in animation over the past w/e years helped w/ that, so.. <3.

If Fam was thrown from the series, I think it could of been a much better series.

Dec 8, 2013 4:51 PM

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Quite lovely ending to be honest and for the few seconds I do loved to see Claus and Lavi in it! And well while I did prefer the first season a way more than this season this still had quite a lovely story in general and a quite proper ending in general!
Dec 11, 2013 12:13 PM

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Okay .. well - I wasnt sure whether I should watch 2nd season because of things I heard about it, but after checking characters and seeing some from season 1 there, I decided to go for it.

Entire show, I was waiting like idiot for Claus to appear .. after 2nd recap where they shown him at the end and where Dio said to Al "I keep you safe because I said Immelman I would", I really thought he is gonna appear anytime soon .. and I stayed in that idiocy till last ep -.- When he finally appeared, he didn't do sh... and was actually disabled for no reason whatsoever (if anyone know the reason could u PM it to me ?? ^^' feels weird not knowing)

About the wheelchair didnt see it in any comment before - in last minute of second recap (ep16,5) we can see Clause sleeping in Vanship and Lavie pushing a wheelchair to it (at first I thought it was food table -.- xD)

On the other hand - Alvis was there for idk, half of the show ?? .. but there was no point in her being there, from what they shown she only caused trouble because of assasins targetting her ..
Also for some reason I didn't really like Fam .. and the ending felt kinda like they were trying to copy Code Geass ... but that one had logic and explanations done, while last exile didnt ...

Even though there are far too many points for which I'd give second season a "-", there were also moments I enjoyed and Im currently deciding between 7 or 8.
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I've got a bad habit of clicking spoilers too fast, then regret it ..

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Feb 3, 2014 3:12 AM

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This. All of this lol.

At first I tried to remain unbiased and try to watch it without comparing it to LE. But as I continued to watched, it became more apparent that this is nothing like the first one. The characters aren't as likable, the feel isn't quite the same and the story is just a mess with a lot of cringe-worthy scenes. I enjoyed it but this can't hold a candle to the first one.
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Feb 23, 2014 4:23 PM

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Why is that bitch dyan still alive I wish she was dead
I dislike lelouch vi Britannia.

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Jun 2, 2014 11:16 AM

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Wow what a travesty. I am embarrassed that this series is considered Last Exile, because it does not live up to the established expectations of the original show. If you make a sequel, it needs to match the original tone and setting. Overall, I never got invested in nearly anyone in this show except for Dio, who was basically there to make us feel better about watching a sequel. Alvis's presence showed no purpose. Sophia and Vincent's appearance was pure fanservice.

Fam and Giselle are the most boring protagonists ever. Millia, I will admit, experienced some growth, but it's a little unbelievable she would become an expert at captaining a ship right on the fly. And what was with Dyan getting out of assassinating Lilliana?! Absolutely unfucking believable and totally implausible. So she gets to escape her responsibilities but Luscinia doesn't?

Luscinia, by the way, is one of the most vapid "villains" I've seen in an anime. Normally, I would except the antagonist to be at least touched with some depth, but he shows no signs. I might have been more accepting of his motivations for "taking on the world's hate" if 1) I hadn't seen Lelouch do it in Code Geass, and 2) we hadn't had that scene where he's laughing manically at finding Grand Exile. I get that we are supposed to see Luscinia's "sacrifice" as misunderstood and noble, but it just came off as lazy and ill-prepared. I could say the same about Lilliana's pointless assassination, which was just as unremarkable as Alauda's.

It was truly a struggle to watch this to the end and I hope I never have to hear the phrase "Grand Race" ever again.

Aug 12, 2014 1:08 AM

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I enjoyed this series purely because I love the aesthetic of the Last Exile universe. I love the steampunk look and the action. The soundtrack while borrowing alot from the original was also again superb.

Fam's story was okay but her lack of true character development was frustrating. She essentially was the same throughout. The revelation of her heritage should have been a much bigger part of the series. Her grandfather dying a completely needless death was pointless. He finally finds her and then practically kills himself anyway. What a dick lol

The most frustrating part of this series was it's desire to shoehorn in elements of the original while not explaining any of it. I spent half the series thinking why is Dio with the sky pirates, then why is the silvias there.

Then the latter half thinking Anotoray? Where the hell is it on this planet. We never see it.

Then finally the elephant in the room, Why bother even putting Claus and Lavie in the series if all your going to provide are cameos for them.

I spent the early episodes thinking that perhaps Fam was their daughter or something and being bummed that that meant they would have died.

It seemed stupid to have alot of the old cast in the show but not have a mention at all of Claus and Lavie. Why couldn't they have been involved as major side characters? The cameos just felt like teases. Seeing them in HD was awesome.

Speaking of Cameos we saw a 1 second frame of the silvias mechanics from the original series at the end. Like where were they the rest of the series!?

Overall again I liked this series because it still had the stuff that makes it a Last Exile series, the soundtrack, Character design, Action, athestics all round basically. But I could have done with this series standing on its own rather than the inclusion of choice characters from the original. It just made it confusing alot of the time. If they wanted the original characters included while telling the story of a new character like Fam then I would have been down with that. But it was handled badly alot of the time.
Sep 15, 2014 1:31 PM

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This was certainly no masterpiece, still enjoyable for the most part though.

Dec 31, 2014 8:38 AM

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Episode that leaves little bitter taste, because the atmosphere narrated are so melancholic and well made, then counting the return of those who have made great Last Exile, or Clau and Lavie than sorry and not much.
Then counting the realization really good drawings and animations, there is very little to be sorry.
Maybe the TV series did not express well their potential, but I hope there is a season to examine all the other outstanding issues.
My vote is 8/10!
Oct 15, 2015 7:25 AM

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This series was not as and as others would claim it to be....while i would agree that this is not as good as the first last the same time it is not that either.

The problem was the lack of more character background and the lack of significant details that left some loose ends....this should have been at least 25 to 26 instead of 21 to give more background info but i guess they just ran out of time.

It would also have helped if they animated the manga story-line that was in between seasons///it would give more explanation as to what happened with the original characters as well as how they fit into this new series.

The battle scenes and animation were just as good as the original and even the soundtrack while a bit different still was good. the real problem i had with this is that the plot and character motivation where not as well established as they could have was good just not good enough to compare with the first..but if u ignore the first series and see this as a stand alone story it holds into it's own.

I am not even sure this series was even going to be made if it was not for Gonzo's finacial crisis at the time..u can tell this was most likely made to try to cash in on a franchise that sold well to win back there finances...but at the same time cause of the troubles those financial issues is what lead to this sequel falling short compared to the original.

Bottom line 7.5/10 ....While not as good as the original if u look past that it is still a good story..not the best but certainly not the worst...since i can't rank 7.5 on mal i gave it an score here should be a bit better than it is now...but it is definitely lower than the first series was.

For Last Exile fans i still recommend u watch it...also for anyone who is interested in a series involving warfare and aerial exploration i still would give this a try. however it is clear that this will not be a series for everyone.
Jun 28, 2016 11:07 PM

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I don't know why people are bitching about Dian escaping responsibility for killing Lilliana. If you don't remember correctly, Lusciana and Lilliana ruined 2 nations with exiles and then walked around freely without punishment after the peace conference. I'm pretty sure no one cared that she shot a mass murderer besides, Fam and Millia. I mean Lilliana got what she deserved, lets be honest they were gonna let Lilliana and Lusciana escape with punishment under this "Why can't we all be friends mentality" after they just destroyed 2 nations for no reason whatsoever except it was for peace -_-. If anything more props to Dian for killing that bitch and getting away with it :P, as I said before she got what she desvered. You can't expect her to destroy 2 nations then suddenly be put back on the throne with 0 consequence just because she was the queen.
Feb 27, 2017 9:09 AM
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I have forgotten about this series years ago..
I just finished watching it. Overall it's pretty good.
Honestly I only remembered a bit about the first series, only after watching the recap that I somehow remembered the first series' story.

I agree that Alvis is useless. I was waiting for her to use Exile but there's nothing. Sylvius, Teddy, and the crews were also somewhat been cast aside after half the show.
The story about Fam's parents are not explained, why they're on vanship and why they crash landed.

I don't know why no one wondered about this. The most thing I want to know is about Vasant's death. Luscinia just chopped her neck and looking at her reaction I thought she was just unconscious. After that they found her body already covered blanket with blood splattered around her thighs. Is it possible that the female servant who was at the scene killed her?

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Apr 15, 2017 2:31 PM

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The first series was nearly a masterpiece in my eyes. This isn't even coming close. Too many plot holes and so much irrational behavior made this fall well short. I was hoping that at some point they would explain exactly why Dio is alive in the first place. Nothing makes sense.
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