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Poll: Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 8 Discussion

Jul 22, 2015 3:17 PM

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I liked it. I liked this anime very much and somehow I could relate to it to some degree. I especially liked the design of the girls in the other world.
Aug 9, 2015 10:31 AM
Worst One

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Final episode everything finally clicked for me, satisfying conclusion and I feel a lot better about this show now.
Feb 10, 2016 8:24 AM
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good ol happy ending
Jul 19, 2016 8:58 PM

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To use a tired old idiom, this show was nothing short of a masterpiece. To convey such a complex story filled with character development, emotions, a vivid tapestry of meaning behind each color, character, and emotion; telling a coming of age story that was brutal, beautiful, sad, heartwarming, tragic, and life affirming all at the same time, and to do this all in 8 episodes is an achievement I haven't seen in an anime in a long time. This was refreshing. This is what other anime should strive to be. To be artistic, and a cut above the rest; to make something that some people might not get, but for those who do, it will be considered one of the greats. Because it is an art form, and some people might have forgotten that.

This my friends.....this reminded me of why I love anime so very much. Bravo

Jul 31, 2016 10:10 AM

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Rewatching: The ending was so good. Hopefully Yu will be okay, going back to her own world. I loved seeing Kagari smile and be friends with the others at the end.
Anyway, having rewatched it, I'm glad that I still loved it as much as I did watching it for the first time. Presentation-wise it gets a 10/10 from me. The art, artstyle, animation and especially the soundtrack is amazing. It's just a shame it got only 8 episodes to do what it wants to do, and so, unfortunately, it feels rushed in places. Had it gotten 12 episodes to work with, giving it the chance to space things out a bit more and flesh out some more of the details, it could have been even better. Still gets a solid 8/10 final score from me.

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Nov 17, 2016 7:44 AM

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I disliked this episode because of the forced drama and I dont feel pity at all. Everything is meh. I dont feel anything at all but disappointment.


Overall: 6/10
Apr 21, 2017 10:31 PM

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I loved almost everything about the concept of Black Rock Shooter. The brutality of the battles, the sound design, the artistic design (world, weapons, etc), the soundtrack, the story of the first two episodes (hit incredibly personal for me and the troubles of making friends within my childhood) were all beautifully done.

While I loved the concept, unfortunately the execution didn't quite live up to the feelings above. I think the story would have been much stronger had the creators stuck with the friendship triangle of the first few episodes as the main driving force of the show. With only 8 episodes, they really tried to cram in too much story and too many characters (without much needed development). What we got was a cast of supporting characters in starring roles, and a host of story lines without a satisfying finish.

Personally, I would have loved it if the creators kept the alternate world completely abstract. The first two episodes were perfection in my opinion. The story line could have continued as it did just with a modified ending, with the battle world being completely internal, and still have finished strong, if not stronger than it did.

That said, I absolutely loved what this anime put on display. I rarely rewatch episodes/series, but this is definitely one I'm drawn to revisiting.
Aug 17, 2017 12:21 AM

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10/10 eh, it's enjoyable for me.

The battle scene of this anime is really good, i didn't really mind the CG even from the start of the show. The OP is a huge plus since i am a fan of Vocaloid and the ED is great, overall the show is enjoyable for me and that's what matters.

As for the last episode, i get the feeling that IBRS will not be able to beat Yuu if it's a "last man standing" kind of battle or if STR didn't sacrifice herself, also speaking of STR, as much as i like BRS and how cool she is, i am gonna give the title of best character to STR, STR has a lot more impact to me as a character than BRS or any other character of the show. Really good show and i would love to see more of it.
Oct 13, 2017 4:24 AM

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This series disappointed me, i expected to see lots of action, but it turned out to be a bad slice of life. aaah man i wasted my precious time with this one, i thought it was about black rock shooter and that very interesting world. If they focused on that world it would have turned out great. 5/10.
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Jan 26, 9:10 AM
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Ok lets see how many layers there are to this anime. I will share my interpretation of the character designs, all of this is my personal view.

First I'll talk about the colors each character represents and the associated emotion as well as how it is reflected in the story.

BRS is blue, supposedly representing all the grief that Kuroi not only ignores, but actively tries to eradicate constantly. This lack of sadness in Kuroi's real world is inversely represented in BRS's strength, pushing the idea that all grief has to go somewhere.

BGS is red, perhaps suggesting passion. Saya not only undertakes the duty of a counsellor by teaching the students to cope through placing their burdens on the BRS girls (an example is Kohata being raised by BGS (the act of Saya's counselling) and then killed by BRS, subsequently "releasing" her grief and forgetting about her crush), but also believes it to be her duty to protect the BRS world.

DM is green, representing the envy that Takanashi feels when she becomes free from Karagi's possession and thus loses her sense of purpose. She feels envious towards Kuroi's friendship with Yuu and Kagari's popularity.

CHR is orange which might represent comfort, relating to Kagari's reluctance to change the way of life she leads, and her dependence on Takanashi for her own comfort.

STR is a bit weird, orange eyes but black and white otherwise, this could represent Yuu's fixation on anger and revenge from her upbringing, as well as the fire that burned down her house; flame and ash perhaps.

Lets go further.
As previously mentioned, BGS leads a group of what look like vagrants. I think these are representative of the students she counsels, each being given the same advice.

DM has a theme pretty heavy on chains, which may represent Takanashi's trapped lifestyle and slavery by Karagi.

CHR has a theme that looks like a fever dream, representing Karagi's delusional lifestyle.

STR's fight takes place on a rubiks cube kinda thing, mahbe representing the complex emotional burdens she carries and the seemingly impossible task of solving it altogether.

BRS has a theme representing how hot she is :p

And my general ideas about the shows concepts. The moral is that grief is important in life to grow and connect with others, the main characters are all tied together through their grievences and troubles, hence why they forget about each other when their associated BRS girl is defeated, when their grief is removed so do their emotions and memories associated with them.
The idea behind Kuroi i think is that she is so good hearted she tries to take other people pain and take it upon herself, which only strengthens BRS and puts others' BRS girls in greater danger.

Oh yeah, there are 5 main characters, 5 points on a star?

And to explain each characters' grievences because I think some people just don't seem to get it.

Karagi's trouble was being either shocked or in recovery from the accident, and latching onto Takanashi too firmly to comfort herself. Understandable as she was already clearly very attached to her beforehand too. This went unchecked and developed into the unhealthy relationship shown in the first few episodes.
Saya didnt so much have a trouble as she did a sense of duty. She wanted to help Yuu, and I think this impacted her decision to become a counsellor, she wanted to share people's pain (with their BRS girl). This is not the same thing Kuroi aims for, she instead looks to eliminate pain.
Takanashi's pain was being no longer needed after years of (forced) devotion to Karagi. This sudden "freedom" left her lonely without a sense of purpose which turned out to leave her worse off than before.
Yuu, well... her pain is obvious.
Kuroi's pain is actually the lack of it, because as previously mentioned, the show implies that all grief has to go somehwere. I think that Kuroi was very good at ignoring it and eliminating it around her, essentially forcing it all upon BRS.

Well that's just my 2 cents
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Jan 26, 9:26 AM
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My personal opinion on this anime is a good one! I really like just about everything about it. There was plenty of action, it wasn't at all pretentious in its story telling, and it was pretty well paced. I love the artstyles and the characters were entertaining and interesting. The underlying concepts tied in pretty wrll and nothing felt too forced. 10/10 episode, every plottwist feels fresh!
Aug 31, 12:57 AM
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Ahhh,i'm late,well, too enjoy the show and the story,you need too understand what is happening,i'm understand mostly what is happening (even i'm still a little bit confused with the ending)but yeah, understanding the anime is a must,or you can only enjoy watch the fight scenes.the only reason many people rate it low because of the confusing story line and the poorly explained thing,but if you understand the story and what happening,for me it's 8.5/10,just if this anime give us more explanation of what is happening,i will give this anime a solid 9/10 but unfortunately,it's not

Good anime for me
Worth it or not? It's depends on you,if you like to understanding the story of complicated anime it's worth it,but if you only watch want to watch a simple anime,this anime is far from worth it
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