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Mar 18, 2012 12:28 PM

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Version numbers are SVN revisions. It may take up to 24 hours for changes to reflect on your MALgraph profile (cache dies after 24 hours). Refresh the page to reload javascript, css and images - otherwise your browser will use their cached versions.

Changes 0.177 -> 0.191:
- Added themes for image export. You can choose a few we've prepared or make your own one by playing with color parameters (format: AARRGGBB - alpha, red, green, blue, all in hexadecimal). Remember that the image refreshes once per 24 hours, so you have one chance per day to check the changes. We'll probably make it simpler in the future.
- Fixed the way MALgraph calculates total time spent watching (bug report by LazYSlackeR). Should be closer to MAL's calculations now. By the way, MAL's code fails at basic math, so I wouldn't be surprised if our calculations were closer to truth than MAL's are... just look at the totals below my anime list: "Mean Score: 20.7, Score Dev.: -10.62".
- Fixed sorting of suggestions list (reported by NavyCherub)
- Modified: random friends shows 7 users now (previously 5)
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Mar 21, 2012 12:28 PM

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Changes 0.191 -> 0.192:
- Fixed text color parameters. All themes should work flawlessly now.
Mar 21, 2012 12:29 PM

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Changes 0.192 -> 0.195:
- Fixed minor URL access issues
- Changed "studios" to "producers" (as suggested by kajia)
- Added id attributes to suggestions (easy hiding for power users)
Mar 28, 2012 2:44 PM

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Changes 0.195 -> 0.206:
- Added achievements module. They are anime-only as of now; we'll add manga achievements when we got any ideas what categories they could include (head to suggestions thread and post your ideas!)
- Added "favorite" manga authors (equivalent of anime producers)
- Added link to the changelog in the footer
- Changed "E" to "export"
- Changed "delta_s" to "standard deviation"
- Fixed shadow in the top-right logo

As usual, wait up to 24 hours to see the changes. Remember to refresh the page in case something not looking right (your browser might have cached CSS and JavaScript).
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Apr 1, 2012 3:51 PM

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Changes 0.206 -> 0.221:
  • Modified the formula for calculating genres and producers. This took a lot of time, testing and thinking; now the results are somewhat similar to the "old" ones, but should be closer to your expectations. Thanks to kFYatek for inspiration.
  • The genres and producers modules use a simpler formula when you rated less than 10% of titles on your list. This means that even if you haven't rated anything, you see more stats than before.
  • Modified achievement images - some of them have backgrounds now. We'll keep updating them.
  • Modified achievement list: fixed grammar (thanks, NavyCherub!), added a few mecha titles (suggested by KnightmareX13) and ~50 GAR titles (thresholds for GAR were increased too).
  • Modified anime producers list: we can specify ignored producer IDs to narrow it down to studios. We'll be working on filling this list - it's almost empty now (maybe you could help us with that?)
  • Added "title" attribute to links in genres and producers. Hovering over a link will show you title count, mean score and evaluated value for given genre/producer.
Apr 2, 2012 2:18 PM

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Changes 0.221 -> 0.226:
  • Fixed rare timeline bug that froze the page due to data overload (reported by Sorarin)
  • Fixed bug in timeline (popups displayed double finish date instead of 'start date - finish date')
  • Fixed another bug in timeline that rendered periods incorrectly, if they spanned only one year
  • Filled the excluded producers list. "Favorite studios" ignores licensors and broadcasters now
  • Demographics (shounen/seinen/shoujo/josei) are ignored on "favorite genres" list
  • Added a bunch of titles to achievement list (mostly slice-of-life posted NavyCherub)
Apr 11, 2012 12:00 PM

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Changes 0.226 -> 0.233:
  • Modified the formula (again...) in fav-genres and fav-studios modules (suggestion by MikeP)
  • Fixed calculating the average score in said modules (results were a tiny bit off)
  • Fixed incorrect description in timeline popup (reported by InfiniteRyvius)
  • Added fourth level to exisiting anime achievements and changed SOL 3 to feature Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
  • Added 35 mahou shoujo, 17 mecha and 4 SOL titles to achievements list. Thanks to Sae, Roxus13, glitchhunter and Smoku for suggesting them.
  • Added two producers to the blacklist (thanks, kajia!)
  • Added background to remaining badges (except for Mecha 1 and Chinese cartoons)
  • Changed "chinese" to "Chinese" (reported by cyruz) and modified descriptions of some other achievements

Regarding manga achievements: I noted down the ideas and will start working on them... later. "Soon" is such an evil word.
Apr 23, 2012 5:43 AM

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Changes 0.233 -> 0.235:
  • Added "average length" to length-dist module (suggestion by Sae)
  • Added Capcom and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation to studios blacklist (suggestion by Smoku)
  • Added Kowarekake no Orgel (+ special) to SOL (thanks, Protopred!) and 12 MS anime
  • Changed anime threshold in length-dist (52 episodes instead of 50), as suggested by Sae
  • Maintenance: removed manga entries listed as merged in this thread (from page 63 onwards) => no more links to non-existent entries in list of overlooked manga.

Not much of an update... I'll add mecha anime suggested by KnightmareX13 in the next version. Still no sight of manga achievements.

Thank you all for your continuous support and suggestions!
Feb 22, 2013 2:46 AM

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Almost a year after releasing Mg2, we present you with the new version of MALgraph. Instead of showing you a cluster of data and unreadable formulas, all your stats are now split into categories. Moreover, graphs and lists became interactive, so you can - for example - view all your manga published in 2009, check anime rated with 3/10, or compare your lists with a friend and sort them to see shared titles. Global stats are back, there's better privacy support and easier image export. Read the full changelog below.

Changelog Mg2 → Mg3:
  • rewritten absolutely everything from scratch
  • added compare mode for viewing two users' stats side-by-side
  • added responsive layout, which means better support for mobile devices
  • added interactive graphs and lists. click on bars/points/titles/etc. to see the magic
  • added full-fledged recommendations engine for both anime and manga (is there any other manga recs site?)
  • added time of last data update ("X hours ago" in profile)
  • added short summary of your anime and manga stats
  • added franchise counter. a group is considered a franchise if it consists of at least two related titles
  • added warning when your episode/chapter count doesn't match with the real ep count for given completed title
  • added type distribution (tv, movie, ova, ... / manga, one-shot, novel, ...)
  • added complete list of user's clubs
  • added displaying user's full anime/manga list
  • added daily history for last 21 days
  • added complete list of omitted titles in monthly timeline (look for an orange dot)
  • added single years to favorite decades graph (feature requested multiple times)
  • added already completed series to "missing titles" module
  • added random cache expiration time. database updates itself every now and then, one title at a time
  • added "mean score" for expandable lists where it made sense (based on idea by InfiniteRyvius)
  • added new anime and (separate) manga achievements. 41 new level badges, 60 total
  • added progress bars to achievements
  • added global stats that cleverly update in real time
  • added google ads (with just a click you can feed hungry developers)
  • added simpler way for us to maintain the database
  • added an option to block your Mg profile completely (message fri for that)
  • added unfunny messages that show up below the glider every few seconds
  • added about and privacy policy pages. not much changed since Mg2, except the global stats part
  • added anonymizing profiles to allow linking to user's Mg profile without disclosing their identity
  • added censoring private lists
  • added Facebook and Twitter share buttons
  • added custom theme option with color picker in image export. just as we promised... a year ago
  • modified the page is not all-ajax now, so part of the content works even if javascript is disabled
  • modified exported image is refreshed instantly on each view (but rating data are refreshed daily as before)
  • modified the complete list of friends is shown (instead of seven as it was in Mg2)
  • modified default behavior of friends list - links point to compare mode with current user
  • modified mean time per day uses different starting date - either earliest activity or MAL join date
  • modified monthly timeline is scrollable horizontally
  • modified the way favorite producers/genres are calculated (no more guessing and long formulas)
  • modified anime episode length dist now ignores movies, which would account for most one-ep titles
  • modified tooltips are short and don't contain geeky formulas anymore
  • modified most achievement title lists are now autogenerated. your levels in Mg3 will probably be higher than in Mg2
  • modified half of existing achievements' images or descriptions
  • modified titles in most expandable lists are sorted alphabetically instead of by ID
  • modified logo here and there
  • aaand it's open source under the MIT license.

Shorter version:
  • everything is five hundred percent more clickable
  • you can compare two users side by side
  • added things other people wanted
  • added things we wanted
  • a real recommendations engine
  • three times more achievement images
  • anonymous profiles >MAL >>>/soc/
  • instant exported image color changes
  • global stats
  • oh god you two destroyed everything, i quit and never come back
  • geez there are ads now, you expect me to click on them? for a free service?
  • joke's on you, i have adblock

We believe we've made the interface fairly intuitive - you should be able to navigate on your own, with no explanations.
Anyway, if you want to make sure you won't miss anything, read the image guides below.


Expanding lists:

Sorting tables:

Compare mode:

Anonymous profiles:

Image export:

If something doesn't display correctly, try updating your browser - new versions appear every few weeks nowadays.
Mg3 was tested and proven to work on the following browsers:
  • Chrome 24
  • Firefox 18.0.2
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Opera 12.14
  • Opera Mobile 12.10 on Android
  • Safari 5.1.7 (the last version available for Windows)
  • stock Android 4.0.3 browser, called "Browser"

Thank you for your continued feedback! We hope you like the new version, and if you don't, tell us what you'd like to see changed or added in the Feature requests thread. Yes, we DO read it, and some of the better ideas made it to Mg3. Bug reports are welcome in the cleverly named Bug reports thread.
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Apr 7, 2013 1:50 PM

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Changes in 2013-03-02:
  • [Fixed] Subtype distribution AJAX length in profile not matching with table data.
  • [Fixed] Subtype distribution has correct header (now: Nonplanned, then: Completed).
  • [Fixed] Bands in fav decades (example: user watched shows from 1970s and 1990s, but none from 1980s. "1980s" wasn't shown nor did it have any background when it should).
  • [Fixed] Text style for MAL links in anonymized profiles.
  • [Changed] To speed up things, MG3 doesn't download all friends and clubs anymore. Instead, it downloads random 30 friends and 15 clubs it can find on your profile page along with friend/club count, and if it finds that there are more to show, it links to MAL.
  • [Changed] All links to MAL open in new tabs.
  • [Changed] Shortened table headers in /favs.
  • [Changed] Profile swapper is now placed near avatars (think colour swapper in Photoshop)
  • [Added] Filtering to /list tab due to user request.
  • [Added] "Weighted score" to /favs due to few user requests. This is feature from MG2; it tries to merge mean score and number of watched/read entries into cool value that can be sorted.

Changes in 2013-03-03:
  • [Fixed] Fixed sorting by time in /favs
  • [Changed] Globals do not use any files anymore and are now stored in DB only, due to race condition related problems that kept happening even after introducing file system-independent locking algorithms. Hopefully this is going to be last bugfix/change regarding globals.

Changes in 2013-03-04:
  • [Fixed] Year in monthly activity was not sanitized which could result in blank charts (thanks, scorpedo)

Changes in 2013-03-08:
  • [Fixed] Global data corruption
  • [Added] Episode pie chart in /favs
  • [Changed] Improved error messages (added information about e-mail subject and request to include MG nickname)
  • [Changed] Text from length distribution in /rati got replaced, old text went to aforementioned pie chart
  • [Fixed] Blacklisted demographics manga genres from /favs now work as intended
Happy Women's Day!

Changes in 2013-03-12:
  • [Changed] updated list of friends and clubs to go with recent MAL layout changes
  • [Fixed] incorrect tooltip text in list comparison (bug report by IssacandAsimov - thanks!)
  • [Fixed] Manga /favs length distribution chart tooltip doesn't show info about movies anymore

Changes in 2013-04-07:
  • [Fixed] Custom themes in exported images work again

If you see titles "Unknown entry #xxxx", please report them in shoutbox or in bug reports thread - we usually fix them within a few minutes.
Modified by rr-, Apr 7, 2013 1:54 PM
Jun 17, 2013 6:01 AM

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Changes in 2013-04-11:
  • [Changed] Clicking on avatar or swapper shows the glider the same way other menu links do
  • [Changed] Updated achievement list with all descriptions (available here - can it be considered a spoiler?)

I'll add suggested achievement titles soon. Thanks for suggestions.

Changes in 2013-04-12:
  • [Fixed] User name isn't case sensitive anymore
  • [Changed] In compare mode, clicking on avatar points to single user's profile

Changes in 2013-04-15:
  • [Fixed] Anonymized profiles work properly now (thanks to 2thuriel for bug report)

Changes in 2013-04-24:
  • [Fixed] Profiles stuck at "update in progress" indefinitely
  • [Changed] Updated links section in About, added Facebook page

Changes in 2013-06-17:
  • [Fixed] Globals showing 255-score data
  • [Removed] The export function is unavailable now. We're testing how it affects the recent server load problems. Exported images will return a placeholder logo until we're sure what to do from now on. Images are back.
Modified by fri, Jun 18, 2013 8:27 AM
Aug 29, 2013 12:20 PM

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MALgraph 4 is out!

For the full changelog, head here:
We decided to keep the changelog on GitHub from now on - it's cleaner and gives us more control as to which version posts are linked to. Read it, check the new version and tell us what you think in the club's shoutbox!