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Mar 16, 2012 5:18 PM

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I am of course going to need help to keep this club active! :D

Card Maker - can be as many that wants to do it

Just participanting in making LE/RE/SE etc. Please post some samples :)

Card Delivery
Need someone to deliver cards, if the card maker doesn't have enough time to deliver them ^^

Layout Maker
Make new layouts for the club whenever you can ^^, you can pick your theme and etc.

Banner Maker

Claim Maker - as many people that wishes to do it
As you can see this is a job were you make claims. Meaning you can open up a claim topic once accepted for Manga, Anime, Tv shows, Married couple, Crack pairing etc. Make whatever topic you wish and let people claim what they want to

Badge Maker - as many people that wish to do it
People who can make club badges for members and admins alike so they can display it with proud that they are apart of this wonderful group

Newsletter Delivery - need 1 people to help with this
We're starting to get a lot more members, so the newsletter deliver should have enough time to send out newsletter maybe about every week or so. Just informing ppl about card dates, and events. Must be extremely active!!

Game Maker - as many that wish to do it
Someone active and loves games :) You should at least make one new game every month or so, and keep the games active as much as possible.

Someone to go out and ask other clubs to affilate with us :)

Since its a new club, I need some ppl to help out by inviting new members, but please don't spam anyone.

Homepage Layout Maker- however many want to
This is for anyone who gets bored and wants to make people that request a layout for their homepage

Display Picture Maker- as many that want to
This is for people that want to edit a picture for other's that make a request about their profile picture

Position/s you want:
Work for displayed job if needed: (graphics only for this one)
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May 23, 2016 7:36 AM

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Name: eNzeye
Position/s you want: card/badge maker