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Apr 2, 2012 10:12 AM

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Kaori did not bat an eyelid as Kerushii defended against her hellfire dragon. She may not be smart or good with tactics but she had good, solid instincts from a lifetime of fighting and after having fought Kerushii before she was not even mildly surprised by her actions. Before the dragon, joined by Henrietta's own wind dragon, had melted through the block of ice Kaori was already weaving together her next move with hand signs. The ice block was hit with the full force of both dragons, each feeding the others power to create a firestorm on impact that ravaged the frozen barrier. The block of ice melting under the assault, but not before taking the full force of both dragons with it. All that was left of the clash now lay in a pool of super-heated water and steam clouds around Kerushii. The attack did not appear to have had any effect on her herself but the evaporating sea of almost molten waters made it difficult to control the temperature of anything but her own body.

Kerushii was granted no respite, as soon as the first attack was over the second had begun. A large fireball in the shape of a dragon's head exploding out from the ground underneath her. It was joined almost instantly by five more, rising up to form a pentagon around Kerushii's position. A wall of fire rose with them, intertwined between each dragon's head to form the shape of a pentagram in which Kerushii was placed at the center. The entire attack was executed in a split second from the time the first fireball burst forth. A tribute to and result of the mastery Kaori held over Ninjutsu and her ability to use combine ordinary jutsu into something incredibly potent.

As the dragon fire balls rose fully out of the ground and the wall of fire leaped to its full height the inside of the pentagram created was ignited and a pillar of fire rose upwards from the ground high above the village, a beacon of destruction. The air being singed and shimmering with heat hundreds of meters away from the blast. One nearby building was almost completely destroyed while several others were roasted with a charred black ash. It was lucky that the village hidden in the stone was true to it's name or there would be nothing left but cinders.

~In the Sky~

Kaori took no notice of the dragons above, it was not clear if she did not know they were there or simply did not care. However, she was finally prompted into action when she saw Henrietta make her move, now there was no question of her knowing they were there. Kaori lazily ordered the hydra to deal with the problem for her. Eight of the nine heads moved in an efficient and organised manner, snaking out above to intercept the dragons. The heads split into pairs with each pair closing in around and encircling one dragon, the heads moving up past the dragons as they came down and spiraling around to wrap and pincer the dragons with their fiery necks. The ice quickly begins to melt under the pressure of the choking grip and soon loses shape to break apart into the water that formed it. One head from each pair losing it's flame to the frigid ice and tracking back to the core to split in two and regrow. The water in the sky was released to a cloud of steam as four of the hellfire hydra's remaining heads clashed with it in the air.
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~In the Sky~

*As sister used her tails of fire to melt the ice a large amount of water began to fall. We moved quickly; winds howling all around the area, a storm being brewed (Howling Winds) as dark clouds begin to cover the sky. The fires of the hydra being fueled by the constant refreshment of oxygen but that what not be enough to stop the water. Without any hesitation two large hands (Violent Gale Palm) were formed out of air, the compacted air moving so tightly within the form of hands that they were as if the wind was solid. These hands shot upwards, 'punching' the water before it spilled out of its original shape, the force of the wind palms blowing the water back upwards and crashing it into the above above resulting in an 'explosion' of water. The water spreading out all around so as to fall in a rain rather than a column, any droplets getting near the hydra being turned to steam.*

~On the Ground~

*We leave the ground to sister for our and focus protecting the sky however the dragon heads and walls of flame on the ground begin the flare with life as they are fueled from the swirling winds (Howling Winds from above paragraph), fresh sources of oxygen being continually pushed into the flames*

(Howling winds is like a 'terrain' jutsu. It does not harm anyone however dark clouds cover the sky as gale force winds blow through the area. Any wind or fire techniques used while the wind is blowing are stronger.)

(OwtW upkeep - 1cp
Howling Winds - 15cp
Gale Palm (x2) - 10cp
Remaining cp = 204cp)
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"Hey I recognize you... Could it be? Ohhh my god it is... You are Amane the Jinchuriki from Kirigakure. I must say it is rather random running into you here." he said cheerfully as he was not intimidated by Amane at all in fact the thought of possibly fighting a Jinchuriki excited him as it would give him a chance to see how his gates would fair.

"The fact that you guys think you could beat me sooo easily hurts my ego a bit but then again I have just barely started making a name for myself so it is understandable that you would think I'd be a typical drab shinobi, Well anyway let me introduce myself, I am Yukio Shizuoka and I am the youngest of the lords of the underground. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." he said with a smile as he offered Amane his hands.

"You want those rocks? I have a preposition for you but you would have to do something for me as well. I mean I could get you into the village and you wouldn't have to sneak in." he said calmly as he awaited Amanes response.
Apr 3, 2012 6:46 AM

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He was slightly startled by the fact that the young nin immediately recognized him. His eyes opened slightly then he became visibly upset for having to interject between Yukio and Nekki. His identity had been compromised, which did not help the mission at all. From here on out, the outcome came down to two decisions. One, dispose of the nin right here and proceed, or two, cooperate and hope that he is telling the truth. Nekki also fell into alarm quietly whispering into his ear,

"Amane, this is bad.....,"

"But killing him here would surely prove disastrous. He is part of an elite group, they'll come looking for him eventually," he responded.

Amane hesitated to shake Yukio's hand, because of his years of experience and dealings Iwagakure. Instead, he cross his arms in front of his chest, awaiting to hear this proposal.

"We don't shake hands until we've accepted the offered. So then, let's hear it."
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Apr 3, 2012 6:20 PM

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There was no doubt in anyone's mind now...the village was under attack. The alarm went off, thousands of shinobi took their battle stations and the kage would be taken to a shelter undergr-...wait...where did she go?
Apr 3, 2012 8:25 PM

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He sighed and retracted his wrapped hand. He wasn't surprised by Amanes reaction at all as he was an Iwagakure ninja and thanks to the old regime a lot of shinobi still hold them with such disdain. He had hoped the younger generation that had nothing to do with the various acts of aggression would be looked at differently. He was dead wrong but was optimistic to show through his actions that there are still honorable shinobi left in Iwagakure.

"Well I know for a fact that an attack on Iwagakure is imminent.. I witnessed the Kazakage destroy Konagakure with the Kuromachis.. The fact of the matter is the old regime left us in a bit of a mess as we lost quite a few shinobi fighting this pointless wars with Kirigakure, Sunagakure, and Kumogakure. I personally only fought in the conflict in Sunagakure... But that was about it.. I would hope that you wouldn't blame me for the sins of the shinobi that came before me.. The fact of the matter is my village needs as much help as it can get.. If I help you get you into the village and get that rock you need, would you help me defend my village? I will also help you in whatever future endeavors you might have as I know my request is a big one and a couple rocks can't simply be enough. " he said eloquently as he offered his wrapped right hand to Amane.
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"That's a bold move you made just now young man," Amane stated in a cautious tone. He sighed again, taking a moment to look back towards Nekki who shrugged at the offer. He knew however, that to her, this opportunity was too good to pass up on. So he proceeded to answer the nin.

"Those attacks weren't pointless, for if they were, then they would not have taken place. The world is filled with those whom wish to carry out their intentions in a brute manner, which often results in pointless bloodshed. I will not blame you for what happened to my village, nor claim revenge for it, because that would make me look as fickle as those whom caused us harm."

After a quick nod towards Nekki, Amane gripped Yukio's hand firmly as a sign of acceptance.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend or so they say. Let us end the cycle of hatred tonight, and carve a new path for the future generations to follow!"

At the brief moment when the two hands met each other, a simultaneous string of explosions rang off in the distance towards Iwagakure. A vibrant display of jutsu filled the air as a signal that the invasion had already begun.
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Apr 3, 2012 11:41 PM

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"Well said old man... I look forward to bringing this blood shed to an end and to protect those dear to me." he said with a smile. He then let go of Amane's hand and began to walk toward his condor Terry motioning them to follow him.

"We should take Terry, he will get us to the village faster. Also your little girlfriends taijutsu form is a bit weak... You might want to train her on that as that punch looked like it was coming at me from slow motion, basic sunagakure form of taijutsu by the looks of it." he teased as he jumped onto Terry.

During the attack

Deiji and Daisuke rushed through the streets headed for the eastern gate to see what there orders were. Everything was a mess and the village was in panic. Many villagers trying to escape through the villages eastern gate. Deiji and Dasiuke had never really been apart of the main conflict and most of there missions had been mild at best. They were a bit lost without there brother as he tended to know what to do in these kind of situations. They continued until they ran into a familiar face as Deiji accidentally ran into the back of Sayu accept it did nothing but sway Sayu a little forward, while Deiji bounced off her landing a on and landed on her bottom.

"Sayu!!! What the hell is going on? Me and Daisuke where at home sleeping when we heard a loud explosion go off... Can you tell us what is going on." she said a little frantically as she popped back up to her feet.

Daisuke just remained silent as he awaited Sayus response.
Apr 4, 2012 6:08 AM

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[During the attack: Shadow/ender]

Securing the bike in a safe location outside of the village, Amane and Nekki decided to take to the skies, as part of the coalition to help Iwagakure. Just as they formed their treaty, so did the chaos. Amane would be the first to be set down in the war zone, when he immediately spotted two warriors with an all too familiar chakra.

Two consequent slashes tore through pillar of fire rose that upwards from the ground high above the village. From the side of the pillar closest to the village, two figures lunged out as the flames floating just above their skin until the fires completely extinguished.

One was the kunoichi Kerushii, held by the belly, wrapped around another shinobi's arm. The other, the white haired nin, sporting a long red scarf around his neck, and an enormous sword? No it couldn't be described as that, not with the horrifying appearance the weapon resembled. A blade is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull, and located at the tip of the blade, was its mouth. This was Samehada, one of the legendary blades of Kirigakure.

The blade continued to feast upon the flames of the previous attack while Amane set Kerushii down onto her feet. Amane was visibly taller than Kerushii yet the two were nearly equal in strength. Kerushii however, was particularly excited to see Amane, nor was he, nevertheless, the two were former comrades, and Amane was not the type to leave one to die.

"Senpai, you've lost your touch," he stated to her as the large blade of Samehada rested on his right shoulder. After the blade finished its meal, a loud shriek emitted from its mouth, lusting for the desire of another snack.

"I'll be back for you when this is over," he would go on to say as he began walking past her, towards the center of the village.
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Apr 4, 2012 6:33 AM

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(I was hoping you would still control it, kinda shadow me and stay hidden ready to extract me should i fail)

Once more, cloaked beneath the shadow of chaos, Kensei made his way through the streets pursuing his goal. Wrath, and ruin seemed to follow him wherever he set foot, as a number of prominent shinobi now used Iwagakure as their battleground. It was perfect~

A few minutes of sneaking, keen observation and plan-recital, Kensei and the cloaked Shinobi stood before the Kage manor. The tsuchikage's office clearly visible high on the building. He had noticed the heightened level of security now protecting the village-borders, but that wouldnt be a problem until later. After all, he was already within their walls when the chaos erupted thanks to the cloaked figures barrier.

"Stay hidden, and observe the full extent of my art. We will now proceed to remove Iwagakures mantle of leadership, ku kuu~ Be ready to extract me should the show become too vibrant and risky, my survival is worth more then the completion of this feeble task~ Do not fail me." He said in a strange tone, as if he was trying to make a threatening point but was too excited to stay calm enough. A wild grin was on his face, and his eyes locked on the windows above. He curled his fingers, and the two puppets grabbed Kensei and the cloaked figure.
"Lets raise the curtains~"

With a snap of both his index fingers, the puppets sent the shinobi-duo hurdling into the air. As he approached the wall beside the furthermost window, he grabbed two kunai and lodged them into the wall as he hit it. Having aquired safe footing on the side of the building, he attached himself to the two kunai with a wire extending from his belt, allowing him to turn around away from the wall and use both hands to send the Puppet-twins flying towards them. It took only a moment for the puppets to catch up with the duo. Hovering in the air before them, they joined hands and hugged for a moment before crashing through the wall as a single wrecking-ball. Kensei lept inside in the cover of the dustcloud, and proceeded with the true goal of his mission.

"Prepare yourself, Tsuchikage! Today you will become a part of my eternal show, behold my performance and be.." He shouted dramaticly, until he froze. He had made a mistake, a catastrophic mistake, something only one so inexperienced could make. Out of all his calculations and plans regarding this mission, he did not account for this possibility..

"He's... not here.." He said coldly, clearly angry and dissappointed in himself. No, it was more like he still had not accepted that he made a mistake, and tried desperately to think of a way to rationalize that. His two puppets kneeled in defeat, and Kensei did not move an inch from where he stood, alone in the Tsuchikages Office..
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Apr 4, 2012 8:18 AM

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The force of the puppets smashing through the wall was enormous. So huge in fact that the vibrations alone caused a series of unfortunate events to begin. A marble fell onto a track from on high, magnetized just enough to keep it from falling off it followed the track at great speed, soon it smacked a domino, which fell onto another domino, which fell a third domino. The domino trail wasn't long and the final domino hit a rigged the lighter. The lighter burned through a wire keeping a hammer from smacking a 7 ball which rolled into a button rigged to a fan. The fan blew at a wooden car with a sail and caused it to move and smack a coo-coo clock, which had a knife on it. The knife cut through a rope and caused a brick to fall from a net. This brick fell onto a banana and squished it forcefully onto a pane of glass which brought attention to what was attached to the glass: an automated wiper with a string attached. The wiper starts up and pulls a bucket inch by inch off of a scale.

The bucket wasn't of much importance or so it seemed. The bucket fell off of the scale with enough force to send a marble flying into a fan on the ceiling which smacked it into...wait, what was that?

It was a mass of paper bombs. The contraption was a distraction and the real goal was to hit a paper bomb and cause it to explode, causing a chain reaction of these bombs that would destroy the office, a good portion of the manor, and anyone inside of it. And just that is what occurs but not before the person or persons inside could see a message written on the wall with these bombs: Have a nice day! A brilliant and massive explosion rocks Iwagakure as half of the kage manor is taken out in one fell swoop. It was a brilliant show to say the least...
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The journey through the village had been a rather easy one this was good for their task but the figure couldn’t help but a bit disappointed surely despite the distraction even if it was on a grand scale somebody would have put up some resistance or actually been on guard and patrols yet the village seemed like it was run by a bunch of fools that knew nothing. Just as the figure was becoming bored Kensei began to talk to him he was barking orders not that figure minded he had been told by Tenshi to listen to Kensei while at the same time to observe him in case he was to do anything stupid and even more importantly to the figure Kensei represented the most fun and interesting think in the village.

“Relax boy and go wild...should you fail or start to fail then I will step in.”

The figure smiled slightly things were about to finally get interesting and the boys target must be the Kage of Iwa this in itself was highly amusing for the simple fact that Tenshi had sent another shinobi a new shinobi to the group to take out such a high ranking person, even if it was some sort of trial it was crazy but that only made it all the more fun and exciting. As Kensei exploded out of the barrier with his puppets something happened a person had managed to actually walk into the barrier by accident. The girl had sealed her fate as soon as she stepped inside the barrier but even more so after she had attempted to shout for reinforcements it had sort of forced the figures hand not that it had taken much forcing but that was beside the point.

“Earth release: Binding coffin”

With the girl attempting to move or flee from the figure she found herself trapped and frozen to the spot but it was not from fear but something of a physical nature as she looked down towards the ground she could see her feet being ground in the earth itself and slowly it had begun to move up her body providing her the sense that she was sinking into the earth itself. Eventually the earth had covered the girls body as the figure licked his lips death was certain to follow now but it wasn’t going to be quick the figure was bored and now the girl represented a form of entertainment and he was safe to do as he pleased inside the barrier. First the earth around the girls legs squeezed in tight compacting together and in doing so crushed the girls legs completely blood had begun to run along the floor from her legs her screams sending chills of pleasure through the figures very core and this torture continued. From every small part of the girls body that was crushed by itself a louder and more painful scream bellowed from deep inside her body until she had stopped screaming altogether and it was at this time that the figure crushed her body completely leaving her face and head intact as it become the only recognisable part of her body, the earth that had covered her body slowly leaving her as it returned back to the ground it had came from the blood from her body quickly rushing out like a small river running around the figures feet as he chuckled to himself.

“hoho so much blood for such a small girl...shame she died so early though!”

Yet the figure had no time to bask in scene of his work something more pressing was happening well nothing was happening that was the main concern. Even if Kensei had taken out the Kage silently he would have expected to hear some from the way Kensei entered the office it could not have been a silent kill meaning something must have gone wrong or the Kage was no longer here. The Kage hiding somewhere wasn’t that surprising from the information Tenshi provided the Kage was a sly bitch and a coward. The sound of explosion soon followed perhaps a fight had started between the both or maybe it was a trap setup by the Kage. The way Kensei had entered the office was that of a young and stupid shinobi but yet still amusing to say the least however fighting like that he would not last long against the Kage. The rocks that fell from the building were met with a dome of hardened earth brushing them to the side of the figure and as the rocks stopped the dome reverted back to the ground like it was never there but now the question was where was the Kage hiding.

“Part one complete...”

The tone of the figures voice changed drastically it was more sinister than ever before and as he spoke the words the pulsing seal outside the village expanded rapidly with a deep red barrier exploding outwards until it covered the entire village everything in the village and surrounding area had been sealed inside even underground tunnels that could not be seen had been sealed inside the barrier. The people in the village had become trapped like rats in a cage with the figure laughing like a mad man the fun was only starting to begin and the hunt was now on. The barrier itself had some sort of ancient texts engraved onto it the text constantly moving around on the barrier it was clear for all that a barrier had been erected trapping everything inside it. What was less clear was the seals that had begun to slowly cover the ground that was inside the barrier the seals slowly flowing from inside the pulsing seal that the figure had earlier planted with nobody really noticing the seals on the floor as the barrier emitted a soft pulsing noise a sort of Genjutsu masking the seals on the ground. If one knew to look for the seals then they would clearly become visible however others would just ignore them like they never existed by now the seals had covered about quarter of the village itself.
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So, that is our current situation, Enji..
You alright with your role?

Enji nodded in approval, his hands shaking slightly with anticipation.
He and the kuromachi maiden lord, Ichirin had been discussing the plan for a good while now, though truthfully they had spent a good deal of time discussing the past, it was not easy to converse properly within the madness that was Meikaikas Soul, so the opportunity to share thoughts and worries was almost irresistible here out in the material world.

Enji: I died a martyrs death. If our success relies on it, I will do so again.
Ichirin: Don't exert yourself.. There is no need for you to go that far!

Ichirin and Enjis relationship was that of a little sister and a big brother, Enji had always been the one other Kuromachi that had truly accepted her as a fellow lord, and like Kuragari, he treated her like a sister, though in a much more brawny direct way than Kuragaris smoothness.

Enji:Ive already seen the gates of hell Ichirin..
Ichirin: Even so, there is no need for you to get hurt again!
Enji: Ichi! Calm yourself, don't forget what you are!
Ichirin:...Your right, I am sorry cousin.
Enji: Its sorry "Brother", ok?

Enji placed one of his large bear hands on what comparably was a fairly frail shoulder, like Kuragari had done earlier that day.

Enji: Don't worry about me, I am strong you know?
Ichirin:...I know.. En.. But still I-
Enji: This is not about me is it..?
Ichirin:..No, I-
Enji:Are you still blaming yourself for what happened?
Ichirin:..No, I-
Enji: Its been close to a millennia Ichi.. How long are you going to hate yourself?
Ichirin: No, you are wrong! Thats not it!
Enji: Steel yourself, Ichirin!

Suddenly clasping his other hand down on her remaining free shoulder, he brought his burly face down to her eye level.

Enji:Your task is equally as important as mine, you need to focus! Stop worrying about the past, it will drag you behind!
You must focus on whats ahead of you!
Ichirin: I know but-
Enji: There is no buts, just what you can do! Settle your mind, and focus on your job, like I will focus on mine..
Ichirin: Its not that easy!
Enji: Of course its not easy! Who do you think you are talking to!?

Ichirins eyes widened as he realized her mistake, she attempted to apologize but Enji stopped her, his finger hushing her as he released his hold on her.

Enji: Hating myself won't bring my daughters back, nor will it save my wife.. Aim forward Ichirin, even in this damned state, there is still hope for redemption!

Ichirin closed her eyes as she brushed herself off, the dust from Enjis more rough outfit that had gotten into her fine dark silk robes.

Ichirin: I wish I had your strenght.. Brother.
Enji: You do, do not doubt yourself sister, remember why you attained your noble rank!
Ichirin: ..Your right.. It helps, Thank you. I will try.
Enji: Trust in yourself little sister..

As Enji spoke those last words a dark gate appeared behind him, slowly consuming his form.

For peace of mind! Roared Enji at her as he finally dissappeared into the void of his own soul.
And for redemption.. Replied Ichirin, but the nothiness she adressed gave her no reply.

Turning around, she faced the destruction of Iwagakure that had been going on for a while now, she knew she had held it up for too long, but the timing had to be right aswell, she felt the wind blow between her hair, the strands of her tied ponytail separating slightly before falling back into form, dragging her hood down to mask her identity, clutching the handles of her twin swords Hakkyou and Shouki, she headed into battle.
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Mariko fell to the ground as the technique ended, in a bloody, mutilated mess. She had managed to keep her head and most of her chest from being crushed and that had kept her alive. But the rest of her body was destroyed so completely beyond repair, that she did not even hope she would survive.

Mariko knew she was already dead. All that was left was to suffer through her last breaths, painful gasps that racked her body with pain, until it became too much and everything was numb.

Her mind did not replay her life, or impart great insight in the face of imminent death. It did not change its way of thinking, or feeling or doing. Her mind became calm. For the first time in her life she began to think clearly, without the burden of living to keep her chained down.

Mariko's mind flew away from it's earthly cage and all the knowledge in the world no longer mattered. Still struggling to breathe, a solitary tear was triggered and ran it's way from the corner of her eye onto the dirt.

The feather she kept inside her obi, the one Miki had given her, began to glow and she felt a strange tug at her heart as she remembered the little girl she had raised and trained and thought of as her own daughter. A second tear from her other eye ran down across her face to join the first.

That little girl appeared in front of her now, not as she remembered her, but as a woman. She did not need to feel Miki's mind meld into her own to know who she was. Regardless of how she looked, Miki was Miki and Mariko would always be able to tell, no matter how much she changed.

For a brief moment the essence of Miki's mind brushed against Mariko and for a split second everything about the other was known. Mariko felt something she had not sense before inside Miki, fear.

When Miki finally withdrew she had now fallen to her knees next to Mariko with tears streaming down her face like a waterfall. The look in her eyes, of her pain, made Mariko's heart break.

"P-please... Don't leave me.... Mariko..."

Mariko strained to form a smile, resulting in a resigned grimace as the pain began to seep into her body once more.

A third and final tear was shed by Mariko.

She opened her mouth to speak,


But it fell shut again and then she was silent.
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Kerushii was astonished, and more then a bit irritated. The flames had begun to press in upon her from all sides. She had tried thinking of a way out, but was coming up with nothing. She could only think of a few ways to escape the sure death that awaited her, and...Really, they were rather despite. She had closed her eyes only to be wrenched up and out threw the heat so fast that it had hardly affected her. As she hit the ground, a familiar voice hit her.

As amane finished speaking his first words, set her down and began to walk away, she glared at his back. He had saved her yes, but had not really helped at all. It was not his duty however...In this, Kiri ninja would more then likely be against the destruction...against all that Mei and Tenshi represented...But what on earth was amane doing in Iwa? Why wasn't he in kumo with all other kiri ninja…?

She was confused, but she called out.

"Amane, thank you! Someday, I will repay you for my life..."

She turned, gazing up at the two, still air born figures. In order to defeat the menaces, she would need to think. How could she do this? She had one idea, but only one... it was not a definite idea but possibly...

She flipped several hand signs with one hand, wile flipping a different set with her other. She called out, her voice amplified and carried to Henrietta, and Kayori's ears by the jutsu.

"Kayori, dearest friend...will you not play a game with me? A game, of hide and go tag! The loser’s life is for-fit!"

Before kayori could answer, kerushii was using all of her incredible speed to run. She new that if her plan failed, kayori would rake the land where she had stood blowing it to pieces, vaporizing everything around in the area. She also new that if she did agree, it would be best to be moving... because, after all...Kayori would jump in to the game with vigor. She weaved in and out of the buildings, waiting, ever waiting to use the second prepared jutsu.
“Ah, my boy…Reverting to such an explosive entrance, quite unusual…”

The figure stood just behind where the boy had shot up from, a good five feet behind the slave of tenshi. He watched as the puppets crashed in to the building, and awaited some sort of results. He expected screaming from above; possibly a smashing sound…but nothing, nothing, and more nothing met his ears. He frowned slightly, confused. He licked his canines, gazing up in hunger. His eyes gleamed, and then he growled coming to a realization, that only came with experience.

“It’s a fucking trap…shit…Boy, get out of there wile you still ca…”

The explosion went off, throwing bricks in to the sky. They rained down, falling at an insane rate. He looked on in startled meant, waiting to see if the boy made it out alive. He was quick, and could hear the whistling of the bricks as they fell, side stepping them as they came to his level.

“You better be alive you runt…or someone is going to be rather pissed with me…”

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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In the skies above Iwagakure.

"Hmm he was rather quick to go join the fray now were exactly is the rock you wan-." he was cut of mid sentence by the loud explosion that took place at the Tuschikages manor. Shit this is bad.. they are already at the Tsuchikages manor.. I must get over there to assist her... This rock can wait.

"Hey Ms...err Amanes girlfriend we are going to be making a little pit-stop at the Tsichikages manor.. I want to see if the Tsuchikages is alright. After that I will take you to wherever you need to go. "he said calmly as he prodded Terry to go the direction of the Tsuchikages manor. Within in two minutes they were above what was left of the manor.
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Nekki K.

The chaotic scene was but a distant memory of her past, for the fate of Iwagakure was much like that of Sunagakure. She remained silent for most of the ride, and didn't give in to much thought as why Amane left in such a hurry. He seemed like a man of his word, and if he wasn't, it would come out of his paycheck.

"You have other matters to focus on, not on Amane's intentions. He will aide you, just on his own terms."

When Yukio addressed Nekki informally, she slowly grew upset with him, responding in the following manner.

"First, I have a name, and I would prefer if you addressed me by it. Second, mind you're place, not only am I shinobi, but also older than you. Do whatever you like, just remember you have a promise to keep."
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~~~ Kaori ~~~
The gale force winds that Henrietta had conjured, fanned the fire of the hydra, allowing for the four lost heads to regenerate almost instantaneously, now leaving the hydra with a total of thirteen.

Kaori wrinkled her nose at a familiar smell as Amane came to the rescue of Kerushii. She did not seem angry that her attack had failed, but rather impatient that the fight was still going. Kaori heard Kerushii call out for a game of tag, like when they had last fought and the corner of her mouth curled up in a half-hearted smile. She wanted to play tag? Oh, sure, she could play tag.

She moved her hands into a seal and no sooner than Kerushii had started to run, Kaori had already disappeared with a flash of fiery brimstone in her wake. She appeared again, along with the full body of her hydra in the path of Kerushii. The hydra's heads curled forward to lance into the ground around and behind her, creating a cage of fiery bars around the two. The space in between was then filled with fire as Kaori completed the prison. A solid ball of hellfire now stood between Kerushii and the outside village. The heat was hellish and rising as the air became heated by the flames. The gale winds buffeting the village flared the prison, swelling the walls to several times their original thickness, destroying a large part of the street in the process.

Kaori knew how Kerushii fought. Temperature control, that required cooling the area around her, or more commonly freezing water, but with the prison keeping all of Kerushii's available resources in check it would be next to impossible to use her full powers now. A swell of fire began to form behind Kaori, from the core of the hydra, she raised her hand and extended it forwards towards Kerushii. A dragon's head was formed to the left of Kaori, opening it's mouth to let loose a fiery roar of scalding air.

"Tag. You're it."

The dragon behind her seemed to react to her words, throwing itself out of the prison and towards Kerushii. A wave of fire pulsing from the outside of the cage inwards to propel it's movement and deal with any ideas of Kerushii trying to save herself.

~~~ Miki ~~~

When Mariko fell silent, Miki froze. Darkness swirled around her, conjured from an unseen void. She cried out, releasing all her pain, torment and fury into the village. It was the sound of a heart breaking.

The void that covered Miki swirled ominously as she rose and then vanished back to the unseen dimension from whence it came. Miki's entire appearance had changed, even her hair colour was different from when she had arrived. Miki's mind surged with a sudden influx of power as she released the safety limits normally imposed.

The air around her began to feel heavy and small area's of the air appeared the crack and break off to float like debris around her.

She located those responsible, ten minds in total, and brought down the crushing weight of her mind down on all simultaneously. Half a dozen, the weaker ones, lost consciousness immediately, what remained of their minds retreating to a dark, unused recess to try and escape the onslaught. The rest fell to their knees screaming and clutching their heads between their hands as the pain tore through their minds and threatened to split their skulls apart.

With only four left who posed any slight resistance she maintain the crushing weight on their minds, enough to keep the incapacitated in pure agony as she finished the rest. Going from mind to mind of the six weakest, taking them apart from the inside out she unloaded the fury of her mind into theirs and shattered what little remained of their existence. Their bodies still remained and looked un-touched, but there was no longer anything to be called human about them. They were now just hollow shells.

Miki turned her attention back to the four strongest. The earth began to rumble as Miki neglected to restrain her technique, tremors shook the village, giving the appearance of a minor earthquake. The four remaining nin were lifted by their neck, still screaming and dragged into the air until their feet no longer touched the ground. She found the one who had killed Mariko and at that point had no more reason to let the others live any longer.

She relieved the pressure on the one mind she wanted to keep alive, just enough so he could witness her next actions. The screams of the other three suddenly got worse as Miki increased the pain, turning into something beyond a human voice, a primal terror. Deciding that they had suffered enough she released them into death. Their heads were crushed and imploded, the sudden forces sending a shower of cranial fragments and grey matter into the air. Tufts of hair and teeth and cartilage littered the ground, several eyes remaining in tact though no longer a part of a head.

The last remaining nin was forced by Miki to watch the death of his comrades. She relaxed all traces of pain on him for now causing a swell of relief to roll over him as she blinked out of existence and directly in front of him. She calmly put a hand around his neck as she froze his body in place with her mind. Miki parted her lips, teeth gritted close and hissed at the man,

"Feel her pain"

She began to re-create Mariko's death. Starting with his legs and slowly crushing them, she held his mouth and tongue, not giving him the relief in screaming but she could hear his screams inside her mind. She worked meticulously, each movement being drawn from Mariko's own memories of the pain as she imparted retribution. Miki had once been told by Mariko, when she was young that an eye for an eye only left the world blind. She had agreed with her then, despite not knowing what it truly meant. Now as she tore the man in front of her apart, piece, by piece she decided that she would gladly blind herself to avenge Mariko.

She ended the ritual by crushing his entire body as on, and though at that point he was already long dead she brought a crushing force to his head as well, destroying his face so that nobody would ever recognise the mutilated pile of flesh and bone at her feet as him.

When her last enemy was dead and there was no more vengeance to be sought the fury inside Miki abated and she suddenly felt a deathly sickness creep into her stomach. She did not regret what she had done, but she knew immediately that what she had done had cost her far more than she may ever understand.
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"If you can't accept the worst - what else will you accept?"

"People like to tell me darkness is the absence of light, so i tell them - darkness can only be found in the presence of light" - Amane Chiyo
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Yukio Shizuoka

Yukio was caught a bit off guard by her response and was confused as to why reffering to her as Amane's girlfriend upset her. He had nothing else to go off of as she didn't talk much during the flight and never introduced herself. He just thought of her as Amane's gal pal. Maybe that was the wrong way of going about things... Well I can rectify things now.

"I'm sorry but I really don't know what to call you as you never really introduced yourself but then again I never asked for your name. I mean if referring to you as his girlfriend bothers you then I will stop, but first what is your name so I can avoid this kind of mix up. Also you may be older then me but I am stronger then you soooo I really don't see you that high on the chain of command." he said in playful joking way to lighten the tension between the two.

He then stood up took off his shirt revealing his various tattoos on his back as readied to jump down and join the fray. Some where decorative while others were there in a vain attempt to hide some his scars. The most prominent one was his clans symbol which looked like a lightning bird.

(It's design would look like an aztec tattoo but since were in the Naruto world it looks like a very old symbol.)
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Nekki K.

She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable around the shinobi she met just moments ago. In addition, Amane was undetectable to her. For all she knew, he was lost in battle, sacrificing his life for what? A favor? She couldn't help but feel responsible for involving him in this affair, but what has to be done, has to be done. There was somewhat of an awkward moment mid-flight, as the two approached the Tsuchikage's manor. Specifically in the way Yukio followed-up her response, which prompted her to smile gently.

In a manner of seconds however, she then began to stare blankly at the shinobi until she broke out in a small stint of laughter.

"Ka ka....," she continued to giggle.

"You made an assumption, no.....I'm wrong, you've been making assumptions from the very beginning. Referring to me as someone's girlfriend implies that I belong to someone, when that is simply incorrect. Not only is it rude to assume, but it shows flaws in your character, and yes, continue to inflate your masculinity and assertion that you are strong by taking off your shirt in front of me will showing off that magnificent display artwork all over your body," she responded sarcastically to him.

"Nekki Kousoku....of the burning sands, should you chose to address me properly. Now let's go save you're precious little leader before you throw another hissy fit."
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Yukio Shizuoka

"I'm glad you think it is magnificent, I just thought of it as avaunt-garde at best and a nice way to cover up my scars. I dear say I'm flattered Ms. Nekki that you find me attractive but I dear say you are dead wrong about me doing this to show off my body. To be honest I have always fought like this as it is most comfortable for me. Now I dear say you are the one making rude assumptions Ms. Nekki." he retorted in a playfully sarcastic tone as he turned to face her. It wasn't cold like hers but it was enough to cause a tad bit of annoyance to her.

He had a smile on his face that faded in a couple of seconds and his demeanor began to become more serious. This would come as a surprise to her as the you shinobi hadn't been serious this whole time. The fact of the matter was he was putting up a facade.. It was his defense mechanism when something greatly stressed him. The thought of if his family survived weighed heavily on his mind but he tried his best to hide.

"Well Ms. Nekki just know this... I am a man of my word and I promise that I will get you whatever you need. See you on the ground." with that he gave her a slight smile and saluted her in a joking way with index and middle finger together. He put his arms out like a cross and leaned back off the edge of Terry sending him hurtling towards the ground. Yukio had done such things before and would land safely. This would most likely startle Nekki a little sudden. Within a few seconds he landed softly on the ground as he released wind chakra in the soles of his feet to lessen the tree fall and allow him to land safely. He looked up at Terry and motioned for Nekki to jump next.
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The other shinobis lined at the gates preventing anything else from coming through to the village. The confirmation of the village being attacked was in the minds of everyone present so far with the enemy’s position unknown. She had a strong feeling the attack at the gates was more of a divergent than to proceed with another one. But they didn’t have much intell to go on. Who were the perpetrators, what are their motives? After a few minutes of careful reasoning, she halted near the gates and decided to take matters in her own hands. Any direction from the kage right now was not of importance as the timing of reaching anyone of the shinobis in the village was just going to give way for the enemies to trespass further.

Just as she was going to make her next move, flashes of fire from a distance lit up the night sky. A fight had already erupted which definitely confirmed that right now the village was unsafe. She immediately instructed the other shinobis to gather all the villagers to safety in the underground tunnels that led to the outside of the village. There were definitely tons of tunnels to hide from any attack but only some were capable of leading them elsewhere in the outskirts of the village. And seeing the aftermath of each attack from the faraway fight, it alerted her the other tunnels wasn’t going to do any good. The enemies were too strong probably already scheming a way for everyone to not be able to escape the fate they set in on them.

The shinobis set out rushing families out of their homes and quickly guiding them to the specific underground tunnels. By this time, it was more chaotic than Sayu had expected. Many were reluctant to leave, as they didn’t see the village being in any immediate danger. And with lack of information from the kage, it only reinforced the villagers to not comply. There was simply not enough time to explain to everyone as well that the village was under attack. But no matter what the circumstances were, all the shinobis had to make sure they evacuated everyone.

Once everyone accounted for was inside the tunnel, leading the way out was quite troubling. The narrow pass way made it difficult to move about. And with no light leading the way, it only slowed the process. The only thing Sayu was able to do now was encourage the villagers to move at a faster pace, letting them know that they can finally rest assure once they made it safely to the other side of town. It worried her so much unsure of all the uncertainties that lied ahead. Whatever that was happening in the village itself now was unknown to her as she was busy dealing with the villagers escape. After this was done, she planned on finding out the hell is going on.

Halfway into the tunnels, things were finally settling down and most was cooperating. Sayu talked with one of the shinobis telling him to continued on with the rest and make sure no one was hurt. A lot of the other shinobis already made it out and is watching over the villagers. Their conversation was cut short as a sudden red barrier came in between them from the ground locking Sayu on the side that led back into the village. It startled everyone who was able to see it that made them increase their pace.

“Don’t worry about me.” Sayu commanded. “Just make sure that the rest are safe. I’m heading back into the village to figure out what is going on.” As they both waved their goodbyes, the notion of never seeing each again came to them. Whoever had created the barrier had that intention in mind hoping they trapped all those in the village for good. As Sayu ran back to the opening of the tunnel, she couldn’t help but smiled in relief that all the villagers were now going to be safe. Whatever happens now was purely up to the rest who was trapped inside.

As she reached the outside, everywhere was silence. It already looked like a dead place with people’s belongings scattered everywhere as a result of them not letting anyone bring anything. And the barrier, she knew it well that it had covered the whole place up too when it appeared in the tunnel. Only now, she was able to see it clearly and the sight of it already making her lose hope that anything good will come out of it. Once she gathered her strength, she decided to head towards the kage manor. The shinobis that was sent there to protect the kage never came back and it was the best starting place to starting understanding why all this had to happen.
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“Did you bring the things we asked for?”

A cold sharp tone rang across the room until it met the ears of several elders that sat around the table the table itself was fairly normal for what one would expect to find in the room that the elders resided in. With it being old and well built with detailed engravings of various beautiful images running along the sides of the legs all the way up to the sides of the table itself with the centre being the most eye catching in that it was a detailed drawing of the entire village although the current village had gone through changes since the table was made indicating that the painting on the table was one from generations ago. The room itself was mostly dark with a soft faint glow radiating throughout it yet there were no lights on instead the glow was radiating from the girl who had just spoken to the elders, the elders that were sitting around the table had a fiery glare no it was more a glare filled with anger and hatred it represented the feelings that the elder generation felt for one another perfectly but maybe they had good reason for that hatred this time. The closest elder to the girl that was speaking clenched her fists in such disgust at how the girl spoke down to them her anger causing the elder to momentarily lose control as she brought her hand crashing down on the table causing an echo to ring through the room the table itself vibrating for several second such was the force behind the elders hand, such force had caused her fragile body to ache in pain with her face trying best to mask as much pain as possible it was all to evident though.

“You dare say you left us no choice but to give into your fucking commands child!”

The elderly woman’s voice roared across the room so loud in fact that it would normally have caused the guards to come rushing through the doors, the problem with that being that the guards had already made the mistake of coming into the room their bodies laying beside the girl as she glared back towards the elder clearly annoyed at something maybe it was the tone in the woman’s voice or the child remark. Whatever it was it had certainly pushed one of the girls buttons the light radiating from her growing in intensity the more her temper flared the stronger the light radiated by now the room was almost blinding like but slowly the light faded as the girls emotions were brought back under control instead she sought to remind the elders who had the upper hand in the current situation and what better way than to send one of them to their death. One of the elders men’s head hit flat against the table that they had gathered around his body gasping for air before he became void of all life and soon the woman seized speaking all together the room had become silent once more.

“And I take it you brought her as well?”

By now the girl was walking around the room her hand running across the cold stone walls as her black cloak dragged along the floor her hood was down revealing her soft gentle features, her hair was a soft golden color and flowed down to the tip of her back while her eyes were a sky like blue that stood out against her soft pale skin it was hard to imagine such a beautiful girl being part of the attack. As she stopped walking her hand ran across the top of another girls head the one that she had ordered them to bring it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how easy it was to kill the girl yet her hand left the girls head without inflicting any harm instead she smiled gently towards the girl before looking back at the elders as she clicked her fingers a giant cage of light surrounding them all trapping them inside not that they put up much resistance, they knew if they resisted then their deaths would soon follow and that would not help the village at all instead it would cause even more chaos.


“What is the matter Kallen?”

Tenshi spoke while walking from the large double doors that had been swung open his long black cloak finely decorated like something a rich noble would wear reaching all the way down his body stopping just above his feet the girl that he spoke to having a very similar cloak to that of his own. The building he had just left being some sort of temple with the symbol of Iwa proudly plastered for all to see. With one simple look anybody would be able to tell that the temple was really the manner of the feudal lord of Iwa inside was nothing short of a blood massacre. Blood covered the walls on the inside while bodies of guards littered the outside of the manner bodies of the people that Tenshi had slaughtered during the initial attack on the village itself. Despite being in a graveyard of corpses Tenshi still held the calm soft tone as he spoke to the girl yet she had a rather painful look on her face something had bothered her.

“My brother died...”

Kallen looked up towards Tenshi while kneeing down on one knee it was a position of respect something that she had adopted towards Tenshi a long time ago but her face still held the anger she felt coursing throughout her veins something that Tenshi took note of before looking off into the distance. His eyes being on the large barrier that had erected over Iwa it was clear for all in the country to see and it had brought a smile to the face of Tenshi, the barrier represented part one of the plan complete and the loss of Kallens brother was nothing significant. After admiring the barrier around the village Tenshi looked back down at Kallen while motioning for her to stand as she stood Tenshi spoke with a tone that was beyond calm as it bordered on the line of coldness lacking any emotion at all.

“You want revenge for him?”

Clenching her hands tight enough for her nails to draw blood from her own hands while biting down hard on her lower lip her anger was whirling around inside her as she nodded while looking over towards Tenshi her wish was clear she wanted the village to be swept aside. It was the response Tenshi had been waiting for up until now Kallen had been holding back despite serving Tenshi. It was more subconscious but now she was exactly what Tenshi wanted she was free from the self imposed restrictions that she had placed on herself.

“He was a failure...but still he was my brother. The village promise me it will no longer stand after this...”

Tenshi smiled and nodded at the request the promise had been made as they both passed through the red colored barrier Kallen clicked her fingers causing the barrier itself to glow a bright fiery red consuming everything inside it with a torrent of deep red flames the lack of emotion in the eyes of Tenshi being the complete opposite of the fiery rage filled eyes of Kallen. By the time the barrier faded away the flames had reduced everything inside to nothing more than mere ashes, everything from the manner was destroyed and their sighs firmly set on Iwa as their next target with both of them vanishing through a rift in the air before appearing just outside the village as Tenshi rested his hand on top of her head*

“Let’s begin phase two.”

Before Tenshi could even finish speaking Kallen had planted both her hands onto the earth below her feet her glowing hands sending pulses through the earth itself the barrier reacting to the pulses as it began to change once more. The barrier itself altering its shape on the outside as giant domes surrounded the villagers that had mood it through the tunnels trapping them inside the domes like rats in a cage they were safe from harm with the barrier acting as a shield, on the inside of the village the barrier had darkened significantly as it slowly turned to a black color with the markings engraved into the barrier glowing a bright white like color. In other places inside the village several voids had begun to open up with 4 shinobi emerging from each void this was no longer a small tactical attack on the village but more of an invasion. Within moments of the shinobi appearing out of the voids explosions and flames began to engulf the village the first target that when up in a fiery explosion was the hospital with the academy soon following each one being reduced to rubble the people caught in the blast being blown to pieces some killed with many suffering severe injuries. Various other places were hit hard most of the places being significant each attack was on a place that would cause the most damage to the village the attacks had been well planned and calculated by somebody ruthless and yet at the same time by somebody that enjoyed games the people were pawns with the village being the chess board.
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Ichirins tied hair flowed with the wind as she appeared within the domed city of Iwagakure, the stone cold beauty gazed out at the furious chaos that had envolped the city, her weapons shaking every so slightly from the weak tremors in her hands.

Then, an explosion light up her face with a warm orange sheen, her gaze fell at the source, a hospital rendered to rubble before her very eyes.

Civilian targets..
How undignifi-

Her head snapped to the right, her eyes locking with the ninja academy, her cold expression turning to anger before she vanished, leaving nothing behind to prove that she had been there, not even a mirage.

Ichirin reappeared inside the academy just as the explosion started to expand from its orgin point and outward, threatening to consume the lives of everyone within. She turned mid-air as she threw her hands outwards at the expanding explosion which seemed to be moving in slow motion compared to the girls own movement.

Hiden No Jutsu: Kyuujin!

Ignorant students unaware of what was happening did not even recognise the sudden apperence before a swirling vortex appeared between Ichirins hands, the vortex sucked and pulled and soon the explosion stopped expanding and instead started to swirl towards her, funnelling into the sucking vortex like a fiery reverse tornado.

Further down the hall she had appeared in, stood a lone Shinobi who had yet to even recognise that his Jutsu had been failed, his eyes just then slowly widening in realization, unable to fathom why his explosion had simply vanished. Though, he did realize a few things, the one who had stopped his jutsu must have been the black clothed woman who had just landed on the floor ahead of him, the second thing he realized was that the sudden red glow from beneath the girls hood might not be a good thing, then he realized something else, something pretty profound... His head was no longer connected with his body.


He somehow miraculously managed to utter as his shocked expression started to soar across the hallway, his body slowly falling to the ground before the cloaked woman, The twin swords dripping red with his lifeblood.

Burn in hell, scum.

Whispered Ichirin as she slowly composed herself, her swords lovingly moved into their holders on her back. The Students surrounding her were awestruck, or shocked with fear, all the same they were almost mute until a single brave student spoke up.

What.. What is going o-

His sentence was cut short as his expression suddenly turned pale with fear from the sight of the woman who were suddenly twisting around to face him, a vortex swirling within her gathered palms. The entire hallway was torn clean of students before she again vanished, reappearing in another room where she repeated the process, and then again and again until not a single living thing besides herself existed within the academy grounds.

Don't worry.

She said with a warm tone while holding her right hand over her chest.

This way you will all be safe.

- - - - - - - - - -

Looking back up, she stared into the face of a horrified Suna ninja, his life fading from his bloodied eyeballs as she withdrew her blades from his abdomen, the Shinobi who had blown up the hospital fell lifeless to the ground, the burning rubble causing her face to yet again be light up by its warm light.

Her hands were shaking from the strain, she had killed around seven Suna nin since she had left the academy about two minutes ago, she had pushed her speed in order to catch as many as possible before they could get away.. In the process she had stopped two more explosions and taken in more than two hundred people. The downside of being so fast was obvious by looking at her current state, her body was lightly shaking, she was short of breath and for a moment she had to bend over and cough violently, a sliver of blood trickling down her chin.

She looked exhausted, her silken armored robes were dirty with dust and stains of blood, her hair heavy with ash from the burning buildings, yet she still looked strangely beautiful amongst the hell-scape.

It had only been a few minutes since she had decided to take a moment away from her main objective but she was starting to regret it, she had already brought herself far and she knew she would have to push herself further to complete her objectives. She brought her swords down into their holders before she started to look about the battlefield, taking in the situation before making her next move.

((If someone wants to interject her, it has to be done now before she moves on))
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"I was being sarcastic," she whispered to herself once Yukio landed safely to the ground. She then scanned the immediate area because unlike Yukio, she was not skilled in leaping from great distances. Instead, she opted for chakra control, and once she found a suitable building, she jumped off Terry's back, focusing her chakra to the soles of her feet as she slid down the side of a dilapidated building until she reached the ground. There was panic and terror surrounding the two of them. Painful screams filled the air, accompanied by the chiming of weapons clashing into one another. It was then that she suddenly sounded more human so to say, becoming sympathetic to Yukio's situation. Despite his mannerisms, he was doing what any shinobi would do, protect his/her own village. That alone was worthy of admiration.

"Then you have my word as well Yukio, let's begin," she stated before crashing her left fist into the palm of her right hand.

(I'll leave it to you to create the battle scenarios, because managing Amane and Nekki is gonna be a tad bit of a pain for meh :P)



How long had it been since he last saw Kerushii? He could not recall at the moment, but was somewhat pleased to find her alive and well, despite her engaging in the same antics, working as a sword for hire. However, it was an argument he could not refute because he was presently doing the same. Yet the bittersweet reunion had to be cut short due to the current situation.

His advancement into the heart of the village was impeded when his path was cut off by several Iwa nin, whom immediately took him for an intruder.
"I'm here as a representative for Yukio Shizuoka, I have no malintent with your people. On the contrary, I am here to lend you a helping hand," he told the group.
The group of three shinobi were surprised, even baffled at the fact that this mysterious man was so willing to help them in their time of desperation. They appeared to be young in age, perhaps of Chunin rank even, which worked well for Amane. Unfortunately their conversation was literally cut short, when they were ambushed by Sunagakure shinobi. The Suna shinobi struck from behind, grabbing each Iwa shinobi by the neck as they each dug their kunai across the throats of the Iwa nin. Blood gushed out, as the bodies trembled in overwhelming pain and fear.

Next one up was Amane, whom weilded a freakishly big sword on his back, but did not choose to use it for this battle. No, this required far more nimbleness, which prompted him to use another thinner sword that appeared more like a big needle than an actual sword. One by one, each of the shinobi's kunai clashed against the steel of Amane's blade. Each time the weapon's met, Amane retaliated with a direct hit, until the corpses of each shinobi was woven together by the ending thread at the hilt of the sword.

This was the signal reminding him that the situation was far worse than expected. He had to prepare himself accordingly, and did so by strapping his blade to his back, accompanying the larger sword as he took off the scroll from his lower back. After unrolling the scroll, four insignia's appeared on the paper. He slammed his hand onto the paper as a cloud of smoke engulfed him. When the smoke had settled, Amane was now equipped with six unique swords, all aligned at different angles on his back. Together the assortment of swords formed the shape of a star.

He continued his advancement towards the heart of the village until he approached the academy grounds, which appeared to be more like a graveyard than an actual area of training. All but one figure laid lifeless on the ground. He walked slowly amongst the sea of corpses, drawn in by a sole woman whom looked visibly exhausted, her silken armored robes were dirty with dust and stains of blood, and her hair heavy with ash. She was equipped with two swords, both of which were probably in use because a trickle of blood ran down her cheek. The combination was suspicious indeed, but it wasn't until he was within five feet of the woman, that his suspicision quickly turned into a state of alarm as he realized the striking resemblence between her clothing and those of a the man responsible for the assault on his village. It was hard to check his emotions, and it did take him several seconds to steady his breathing before he could addressed her. His eye lids lowered slightly, making him look almost lifeless as he asked her in a cold manner.

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Ichirin was about to make her leave as she felt a slight disturbance, quickly drawing her weapons she closed her eyes, feeling out the presence as it approached. It did not take long for her to realize the identity of the presence, she sighed deeply, this was one person she could not ignore, the objective had to be put on hold.

Amane: Kuro...Machi..?

She lifted her tired eyelid and turned to face the young man, her eyes shone dangerously with a red sheen as her eyes met his, an untentional act, one she could no longer fully control.

Soyokaze Amane?

Her eyes settled on his weapon, studying its odd shape as she thought through what she knew of the man.. Her mind filed through images of the man, pictures from his childhood up to the current point shot through her mind, he was a famous Ninja, in some circles, legendary. One of the few survivors of his bloodline, and Kirigakure for that matter, he was probably the strongest Ninja from that particular village with the exception of the Mizukage himself.. She bitterly gritted her teeth together for a short moment, she hated herself for accessing the memories she knew through her link with Mei.

Why have you come here?
To this sad.. sad.. Depressing battlefield..

You Phantom of the hidden mist.
Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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Her response through him off guard. She was nothing like the man who made hell rain down upon his former village. What was it that was hiding behind that solemn face of hers, pity? fear? guilt? He became upset, slightly grunting when she asked why did he come to such a place. However, his emotions would soon settle when he was ready to address her.

"Fate has guided me here, and with good reason. I come as an ally to the shinobi of Iwagakure, as such I am sworn to protect the village.

The look on your face confirms my accusation, which means you have a relation to him. Tell me, maiden of the Kuromachi, what purpose does your presence have in this foreign land?"
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So you really do recognise me as Kuromachi..
I am impressed.

She said honestly, her pale skin sharing with him a thin smile as her eyes went over his chest and to the place where he might have held some hidden weapons.

There are not many who would make that connection, then again, I guess this is also a part of your "fate"

She said in a teasing manner, her smile widening slightly before coming back down as she continued to answer his question.

Do you really want to know my purpose, "Phantom-kun"..
Or are you just looking for an excuse to avenge all those you've lost?

Another explosion ripped the air apart in the background, showering them in more orange sheen, causing her outline to glow and her form to darken as her back was facing the blast.
Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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His eyes narrowed while he studied her facial expression. He was surprised at how quickly that solemn look had been replaced with a smile, as she examined him from head to toe. There was no doubt in his mind, when he saw her face clearly due to the intense light of the explosion, that she bore a resemblance to Mei.

Or are you just looking for an excuse to avenge all those you've lost?

He stood his ground, not baiting into her attempt to rile him up emotionally. On the contrary, he would deliver an equally sharp response.

"Your death would not exact my revenge. However, I'm sure it would be profound enough to impact Mei, given he holds your life in high regard."

The threat seemed almost too wild, and he himself chuckled slightly at the sudden flash of teeth he finished displaying, after which he jokingly stated,

"Unless of course you don't mind taking me to him personally...."
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((This is going to be weird, because I have never done this before. So, I will put up a disclaimer right now. Disclaimer! I have not announced my tota yet, but according to the stat requirements, she is able to have one. Do to this being her final post, I am going to use it. Now with that said, here we go!))

As kayorii appeared in front of kerushii, kerushii began to speak. Her voice, was in a monotone, picking up a short rhythm, that could be quite hypnotic. As the heat began to build up around her, she smiled. The flames were quite beautiful, and set her in to a trance with their ever present flickering, and dancing.

“Temperature up, to combat against the heat…raising body temperature high, above normal fever temperature to make the day feel like spring…Water, to create a sponginess, earth to mold…wind to shove…now, swamp release! Great sucking vortex!”

A sweat had built up on her forehead, but the day felt as cool as a spring time day. As she channeled her chakra, the ground began to change color. Beneath her, and kayori’s feet the ground turned black. Slowly, ever so slowly both began to sink. Kerushii smiled as the girl yelled “Tag” and then she closed her eyes. The sinking began to pick up its pace, as the fire ball that kayori made punched right threw keru. It did not leave gore; do to the extreme heat of the flames. It cauterized the wound immediately. As the fire ball sank threw keru’s body, it struck her heart. As her body was hit, the jutsu of the swamp stopped working leaving kayori only sank up to her calf’s allowing her to escape if she wished.

((I took this liberty, because the mud was so sticky it would have been nearly impossible to wrench your foot from it; like quick sand.))

As kerushii died however, do to a jutsu being in effect at the time a great explosion occurred. All of her chakra that had been going in to the jutsu exploded out words in a physical blast that would do no harm, but blow someone over if caught in it.


“The fuck?”

A growl that was hardly intelligible slipped from the figures lips as he watched a shin obi fall from the sky. He looked closer, as another figure quickly joined him. One, was garbed in an iwa uniform the other, he did not recognize. He moved, silently out letting a spark form on the end of his finger, which quickly elongated in to a string that spread from finger to finger. This pair caught his attention. He pulled the cloaks hood tighter around him, and approached Yukio and his companion. Speaking, in his best approximation of his old Konoha accent, but failing miserably do to the wolfish aspect of his speech, he growled out:

“Oy…the fuck is going on here? Need some help taking out the enemy who has been doing this damage?”

Grrrr…if these fucking idiots are not suspicious of me, I will need to bite my own hand off…I do not think they will turn down help, but chances are they will not trust me…ah well, all the better…when I stab them in the back, when they are least expecting it…

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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To anyones surprise, the threat caused the Kuromachi maiden to almost burts into laugther, and she would if not for her futile attempt at snuffing it out by using her right sleeve to choke the waves of sounds.

You want me to take you to Meikaika?

She finally said as she dried away the water in her eyes, her expression still humored by what Ayame had said.

Kimi, you might not know of my relationship with my "honorable" grandfather, but I can yell you that am all but held in "high" regard.

She said with an honest smile.
Memories are the materials of a Soul, it is what makes and defines you.
And as such, blood is the currency of the soul, the silver plate of the will.

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"Sou des," he admitted with a faint sigh as she ceased laughing at his wild demand. He wore a look of disappointment because of her reply, but did not take his eyes off of her, not for a second. The question now became one of a different concern.

"Well, it looks like my options are limited," he stated whilst his left arm arched backward, pulling off a massive broadsword shaped like a butcher knife from his back, this weapon was famously known as one of the seven legendary swords of Kirigakure, Kubikiribōchō.

As he arched his left hand forward, bringing with it the massive broadsword, a thunderous chime of steel filled the air as the blade smacked the ground. The sword stood buried on the ground with the hilt facing upward. His left palm rested atop the handle while his right hand rested atop his left hand.

"The question is whether or not claiming your life is a risk worthy of my taking," he told her while flashing a confident smile.

"Tell me, descendant of Meikaika, descendant of a man whom forced judgement on the lives of innocent people. What would you do?"
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He turned to Nekki and smiled.

"Nice to see you aren't being as cold to me.. I must say I'm caught a bit off guard by it." he teased as he walked toward what was left of the manor.

He then spotted a hooded figure that was at near the entrance of the manor. Just as he was about to speak the man spoke. It sounded like a crude wolfish growl and led him to think that this might be an Inuzuka as they are known for there rough way of speaking. But what would an Inuzuka be doing here though? This had him a bit perplexed and led him to think that he might be an enemy based on his suspicious nature. I might as well talk to him to see if this man really want to help or if he is an enemy.

"Well I would love some help but I have never met you before.. You are obviously not an Iwagakure ninja and our ally Konagakure has problems of there own.. Sooo why don't you let the ghostly looking hood down and start explaining yourself." he said coldly as he got into a defensive stance.
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Miki's mind cleared after her emotions faded and her logic was re-instated as the driving force, giving her plans and ideas to fix what she had done and broken and what still needed to be done. She took a deep breath, held it and then released it in a slow, steady stream to try and breath out her anxiety. Miki had never used the technique before, it was theoretically sound and she believed it could do what needed to be done, and that it was the only way to do it. But that did not comfort her, who was so used to knowing the outcome of the die before the it was cast.

The air shimmered as she gathered every last remaining scrap of power she could muster, her eyes rimmed with a golden fire as she drew on the natural chakra around her to give her the strength to complete the technique. If only she hadn't wasted so much of her power in anger...

There was no thunder or lightning, earthquakes or eruptions to signal the primal power Miki unleashed. The world itself seemed unable to respond, it froze. A monotone grey barrier spread out from where Miki stood in a dome, covering the bodies of Mariko and the other ten. Anyone and anything trapped in the dome would be unable to even register it. When she reached her limit and the area that needed to be covered was Miki commenced the real heart of the technique.

Inside the stone grey dome the world was no longer frozen, but neither was it moving in the traditional sense. It was retracing it's steps. A shadowy double of Miki took it's place coldly executing the shinobi, his head reforming and then his body moving from crushed pulp back into solid mass as time rewound. More shadowy figures appeared as the rest of the party had their heads returned to them or their minds unbroken.

During this Miki held her eyes closed and her hands together over her chest with her lips pursed and a pained look on her face. Her body was distorted, glimmering and fading, parts were there one moment and gone the next. She started to shrink as time unwound, her body growing younger as she poured her own time into the surrounding area to rewind fate. At each point where someone was returned from death Miki's face betrayed a wince, starting from the tips of her toes an abyssal black miasma formed, creeping up towards her legs. Miki swayed on the spot to maintain her balanced, being forced to use her mind to stop herself from collapsing as her feet could no longer support her weight.

Time rewound, Miki grew younger and the black death extended up until the shadow of Miki was back over Mariko and her death was played back in reverse. As Mariko was returned to life the void black miasma swelled to the middle of her thighs and then suddenly stopped. The cloudly darkness suddenly imploded, smashing into Miki's legs and permeating her body through skin, flesh and bone. She cried out with tears flooding her face, the voice of a child, as the pain brought dazzling white lights to her eyes and threatened to make her lose consciousness.

The grey dome flickered but her iron mind eventually weathered the storm and the sharp, fresh sting of pain replaced the searing oblivion she regained enough control to finish her technique.

The dome pulsed again. Miki was no longer looked like the person she had once been, what had been a proud, imposing and unnerving body was replaced by the pitiful innocence of a young girl of the age of eight crying uncontrollably. She released herself from the mid air suspension and dropped into a seat as she summoned a wheelchair below her to catch herself. Her dead black legs dangling over the edge, no longer feeling a thing. Her head was being pounded from the inside, pulsing waves of pain out from her mind into her brain and turning her skull into a swarm of jumbled agony.

Colour returned to Mariko, now alive and well, before the sand destroyed her body. The grey dome still held, shaking and flickering but not faltering. Mariko, who retrained the memories of what had happened was stunned, staring at the ground in front of her in disbelief. She couldn't hear Miki crying and Miki could not speak while her body was not obeying her, the pain being overbearing for her immature form. Instead, Miki spoke with her mind.

"Don't ever leave me again"

Mariko blinked and turned her head to see Miki's child like body convulsing in pain and writhing in a sterile wheelchair.

"Miki...?" she questioned, their minds brushing removed all doubt but she could not comprehend so easily. "What did you do...?" she looked around at the grey dome and the frozen figures of the ten Shinobi. "What are you still doing...?"

"I turned back time Mariko, to save you. Right now we are frozen. At the point where you are about to be killed."

"I did die..." she shook her head as if trying to rid herself of the fact "Wait. How? How is this possible? I don't understand what's happening..."

"I will explain everything later. I need to leave now, but you still want to save the village." she didn't pose it as a question, she already knew Mariko's thoughts. "Fiera, she can help you. I will bring you to her, get her to activate the defenses. I need time to fix myself before I can do anything else, but I promise I will help you save the village."

Mariko nodded, she knew Fiera, the Tsuchikage's aid. The Tsuchikage before her had defenses put in place for the village when the wars started, she thought if that was what was being mentioned but put it out of her mind for now. Mariko looked at the young girl before her in unbearable pain, the sound of her mind shaking as she spoke but still trying to be strong and save not only her but an entire village. She could not help but cry.

Miki was finally able to distance her body from the pain long enough to sit still, though she was still shaking. She spoke without her mind.

"I'll see you when this is all over Mariko"

And then the world changed.


The grey dome disappeared, the ten shinobi returning to life in a blank state of torpor, their minds still reeling from the time reversal as their memories flooded their consciousness, swelled and disappeared. After a short moment everything returned to normal, though now with no memory of Mariko's death or their own.


Mariko was teleported away and into a building near the outskirts of the village. She heard a familiar voice and turned around to see a woman she recognized as Fiera.

"Where the hell did you come from?!"


Miki returned to blades, Tooru hurrying over looking worried at her current state was shunned his attempts to help her out of the wheel chair on onto her throne.

"Tooru, go help Mariko."

"But mis-"



He vanished in a puff of smoke to assist Mariko in whatever way Miki had wanted.

Miki slumped back in the throne, now comically over sized and closed her eyes and fought her exhaustion. She tried to separate the pain in her legs from her body and isolate it with her mind so that she could be of some use in the continuing battle for Iwagakure.
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It was over in an instant, and the actions of the puppeting boy from Konoha was masked by the massive explosions. The trap was marvelously put together, a symphony of finesse and distraction. But in the end, it failed.

Beneath the rubble of the ruined part of the Manor, movement stirred. One of Arachne's arms came into view as it popped out of the top of the pile, followed by another, before Kenseis salvation came into full view. It had happened in just a moment, but that was all he needed. As the contraption had started unfolding itself, Kenseis sharingan had done more then track its movements, it had actually begun predicting them. At the point of being a whole second ahead of the mechanism, Kensei noticed the explosive tags just in time to execute a desperate maneuver.

The pair of Puppets rolled out of the hole on the manor and hit the ground below. They had opened up their torsos a moment before the explosions begun, forming a protective barrel around Kensei. Both puppets where now scrap ofcourse, much to Kenseis dislike, evident on his face as he rose from the splintered remains. He brusked the sawdust and dirt off of him, and looked up at the huge part missing from the mansion.

"Clever, Tsuchikage. I preferr those who do battle with their mind instead of brawn. However, resistance is quite futile, kukukuu~"

Raising his hand to his face, he bit his thumb and formed a few handseals in rapid succession before thrusting his hand on the ground. "Summoning technique", he uttered coldly.
As the smoke-cloud clears out relatively quickly, a new puppet is revealed kneeling before Kensei. This one much more human-looking then the others. Its appearance was clearly inspired by the Konoha Anbu, even bearing the Leaf-headband on its right arm. Its left arm however was hidden by a longer sleeve, masking its appearance and weaponry.
As it stood up, it drew a white Katana from its belt which it held in its right hand. Kensei looked to the skies, his ears picked up the wonderful sound of chaos and conflict. All around, this spark of treachery was lighting a wildfire of battles. Just like Konoha, just like he planned~

"Now then, how do i find that which preferrs to remain hidden?~"
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Kaori's face froze as the hellfire dragon tore through Kerushii's body. She didn't notice the swamp form at her feet and threaten to swallow her into the earth. The shock wave stunned her but also broke the state of shock. The hellfire hydra cage was blown apart and the core at Kaori's back flickered and died as she no longer thought of maintaining it.

Kaori wriggled her feet in the swamp with no result, she stared across the street at the charred corpse of Kerushii, it was almost split in half with a gaping hole removed from her torso. She blinked and there were suddenly tears but they did not last long enough to get down her face, a brilliant flame springing forth and shrouding Kaori in an act of self-immolation. The swamp at her feet glowed orange and was heated to free flowing liquid, rising to a temperature that even Kaori found uncomfortable.

Kaori crawled out of the fiery swamp, walking dreamily towards the girl she had just killed. The fire around her did not abate, following her movements like an aura one of crimson red and hellish heat. When Kaori reached the body she knelt down over Kerushii, the tears still flowing and disappearing as they left her eyes as the heat claimed them.

"You weren't supposed to die so easily..."

Kaori leaned over to hug the corpse close to her chest, as if cradling a dying friend. The flames around her eating away at clothing, flesh and hair, beginning to cremate the dead girl as she was caressed.

"Why did you attack the village!?" Kaori shook the corpse "Why, Kerushii, Why!"

The body was no longer recognizable as human, everything, down to the bones was being burnt away to nothing.

"Why!" Kaori screamed, she tried to shake the body but only ash ran through her fingers. She let her hands fall into her lap with an ashen grey puff as she sniffled and cried into her shawl of fire.

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The old woman gritted her teeth as she made her way over to the balcony the glowing girl of light following just behind her, the rest of the elders had been left inside the room that the two of them had come from their task had already been completed and so served no further use to the girl or her goal. The elder had become exhausted both psychically and mentally after what she had witnessed and been forced to do she just wanted it all to stop and to make matters worse the Kage of the village was nowhere to be seen that in itself made her angry. After everything the elders had gone through in appointing the latest Kage she had let them down instead of standing strong and protecting the village she had gone into hiding not that it made much difference even if she fought would the outcome be any different.

“The’s crumbling after all these years...why...what have we done to all of did we do to anger him...the man known now as Tenshi?”

The tone and words of the elder directed towards the glowing girl in a way telling the girl that she knew exactly who was behind the attack on the village but yet she was at a loss as to why he had directed such a horrible attack on the village. as she spoke she slumped over the ledge of the balcony taking in the fiery flames and screaming voice of the people suffering in pain, it was all too much for the elder who had looked over the village for years protecting it from such things but this time she had failed, perhaps it was because she was old and had grown tired of all the fighting through the years. Turning around the elder looked back over towards the glowing girl hoping that she could find some answers to why Tenshi had orchestrated such a viscous attack on the village or perhaps she was looking for a slimmer of hope that the girl would help save them.

“You looked into his saw something you shouldn’t have.”

For a second or two the elder was stunned even the noises of the explosions ripping through the village didn’t reach her, did the girl before her know Tenshi and his past or was she just a pawn being used it had to be that she was a pawn that knew nothing for is she did she wouldn’t be serving such a monster of man if he was even a man. Clenching her hands together to form a fist the elder summoned the last ounce of strength and will she had left, there was a chance that she could turn this girl against Tenshi and save her village and it was worth a shot no matter how small it was she would cling to thing called hope.

“His past? Well what past do you mean, the current past of that man is nothing more than illusion it is a fabricated lie!...”

“Tenshi is my finish your task and your village will be freed.”

The cold girls’ voice cut through the heart of elder causing her to seize the speech she had planned it was hopeless, the last slimmer of hope had been extinguished and the elder had the look of a lost soul as she turned around to face the village once more with tears slowly flowing down her cheeks as all she knew was about to come to an end. Forming a single handed seal with her left hand the elder began to speak with her words carrying over the village for all to hear the tone of her voice being saddened yet still held that firm powerful tone that she had been known for throughout all her years.

“Listen to me with our Kage gone and our village suffering such significant blows we have been left with no choice but to fall upon our last resort. The barrier you can all see above you is our last line of defence but we need you all to raise your hands and call out your names as you say you accept the it now before all is lost!”

It had taken a while for the elders words to sink into the shinobi with them being locked into the heat of battle but eventually one by one they stopped to listen to her words and after thinking over what she had told them it all began to make sense. The barrier being their last line of defence and indeed their Kage was nowhere to be seen no matter how they looked at it, it all made sense to them and eventually one by one the shinobi and the people that had been trapped inside the village raised their hands carrying out everything that the elder said, it looked like some sort of ritual to anybody that had not followed the orders and instead observed what was happening. Moments later as most of the shinobi in the village finished the ritual a glossed like look came over their eyes something indeed had happened to them with their names forming on the seals in the barrier before fading away the white like barrier fading away with a secondary barrier finally coming into view it was a much darker barrier...the last barrier was pure white and this new one was pure black.

As the elder finished speaking she felt a sharp pain in the centre of her back and soon felt warmth but at the same time she felt cold as her life slowly slipped away from her, yet she felt relieved since she would finally be leaving the horrible world behind she had seen enough pain and sadness and for once she felt free she was about to meet up and join with her past comrades that had fallen before her in battles long before this one and even the ones she had lost in this battle. It wasn’t until she fell to the floor and looked up that she felt the true terror that caused the fear to run throughout her body as she saw a man sitting on the edge of the balcony with his cloak blowing slightly in the breeze from the explosions, his eyes burning with the destruction of the village and the girl that had forced her to lie to her own villagers standing right beside him without a doubt that man was Tenshi. Powerless and weak in her last few seconds she could only witness the Kages daughter being brought to Tenshi if only she had known he was after the daughter of the current Kage she could have prevented it but something made no sense not that it mattered with the images of the Tenshi and the others fading as she finally succumbed to her death.

“So she finally passed away after all these years...goodbye Saya.”

A hint of sadness came from Tenshi as he witnessed the final moments of Saya it was if he had known her or had a connection at least, these few moments of sadness soon passed as he turned again scanning over the battlefield something had happened and it had annoyed him. The current Kage of the village had yet to appear but again he had prepared for this already, if the Kage wouldn’t come out of hiding herself then Tenshi would simply force her from hiding without a doubt she would have been planning something but he had no time to waste in playing this game any longer...

“Maha...lets end this pathetic game of hide and seek...your village is on the verge of total annihilation and yet you cower in fear instead of rising up to protect the people of your village...and you call yourself a Kage?”

The words spoken by Tenshi carried across the entire village people who were familiar with Tenshi would be able to tell who he was almost instantly, with the few people that knew him better than most also knowing how dangerous the current situation was. As he spoke a giant dragon of flames formed just behind his head with Tenshi pointing out to a spot in the village it was just below the building that he was. The dragon roaring into life as it flew past Tenshi crashing into the spot where Tenshi had pointed his finger what occurred was a giant explosion of searing hot flames that could be seen throughout the entire area of the village, with the flames spreading outwards in all directions like an ocean consuming all in its path, as the flames eventually died out nothing was left but a few pieces of rubble in an otherwise clear area leaving nowhere to hide. As the sounds from the explosion and flames died out Tenshi resumed speaking to Maha again only this time he held her daughter beside him, blood wrapping around her very body it would be clear to anybody that saw that the girl was not there by her own choice.

“Now then Maha lets play your have less than 2 minutes to appear in the area I have just cleared if not then I will begin removing pieces from your lovely is an example.”

The scream that followed from the girl was sickening as she felt some of the blood that was around her slowly piercing through her right hand the blood that had pierced through her hand began to coil around her arm with it still being through her hand it meant that little blood escaped from the wound but she still felt the pain. It was cold and merciless simply a warning sent out to Maha proving how serious Tenshi was and just how far he would go to get what he wanted.
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“As you wish~” Maha said from wherever she was hiding. “But are you so sure of yourself on that? You know. The part about me hiding?”
A howl pierced the blazing sky and a hand reached up from the dirt under his feet, pulling him underground. The Tsuchikage had revealed herself and used the decapitation technique. “I was biding my time…for this.” She whistles and several of her traps go off at one time, leveling around 10% of the village and consuming another 5% in flames. “Now I know you won’t stay there for long but unfortunately for you…that’s not Sadie.” Maha strokes her chin as she ponders something. “Though I am curious as to how you know I have a daughter. Do you mind enlightening me?”

The girl didn’t look much like Maha. For one, she was lacking in the wolf-like ears and tail. “I’ll give you some time to get out of there but I should warn you…fighting isn’t my strongpoint. I’m quite confident a good punch to my jaw would be a total knock out~”
Why was she bragging about this?
Maha enhances the steel of a kunai and cuts the girl loose from the blood. “Go before I decide you’re a liability.” She says coldly to the girl while tossing away the kunai.

“Y-yes ma’am.” The girl bows and runs, diving into the ground as if it were water.

“Now pop out of the ground before I kick that sorry excuse you call a skull around what’s left of my village like a ball.”

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A soft wisper permiated the air, punctuated by screams and the sharp sound of flames crackling; the ever present explotions a back ground noise. The left hand of the figure rose, and lowered the hood. The hair, was a premature white, falling all around the mans face in a shaggy mass. His eyes were a tonney color, his teath, were visible as fangs. He wore an unscared konoha head band around his forhead, still unmarked from the day he had deffected. He had deffected so long ago, that Yukio would have only been a small child; and do to his rank, he had never really been documented; presumed dead, in the attacks upon kumo.

"Is that better child? as you sit and question me, your villidge burns to the ground, your kages' life is threatened, and your pressus family, are being slaughtered. You can eccept my help, or you can fight me; and delay your opertunity to become a hero."

Ender was playing off of Yukio's feelings, assuming much, and bluffing the rest. He had ignored the female with him; who he did not know, pressuming Yukio to be the group leader. He was standing in a slouch, as if unready to fight; however like a wolf, he was always ready to spring.

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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((I’m going to ignore the fact that we are on a roof and you couldn’t use that jutsu since are on the let’s get this started~))


The cold voice of Tenshi could be heard yet it came from behind Maha closer to the other side of the roof, his long dark black jacket blowing wildly in the wind from the explosions going off in the village around him, the blazing flames burning in the village caused the deep red eyes of Tenshi to darken to a much deeper fiery blaze similar to that of a demons. Although Maha had heard Tenshi speak by the time she had even thought about facing him the clone of him in the roof exploded taking out a good part of the building itself about quarter of the building had been reduced to mere rubble, the girl that Maha had freed was now charred beyond recognition, the death of the girl was the first sign that if Maha didn’t follow what Tenshi said then he would follow through on his actions it was also a clear sign of just how serious he was.

“In the time it took you to find your courage your village is gone.”

Despite Maha trying to prove Tenshi it seemed to have little to no affect on him instead his calm cold aura remained the same as it always did instead Tenshi walked over towards the dead body of the last elder in the village, the body of the old woman being kicked in the direction of Maha like it was a lump of useless meat and by now the dust and rubble kicked up by the explosion had begun to clear away allowing a clear viewing of the burning village most of which was reduced to rubble and along with the roaring flames that engulfed the village you could hear the screams and roars of the people that fought for their dreams with each passing second another person’s dream and future had been cut down and it was all something that Maha could have prevented if she had revealed herself matter how she looked at it the one responsible for the fall of her village was none other than herself.

“Your elders are dead...the lords of your country are also dead and you no longer command the shinobi of your village...tell me why is a failure like yourself a Kage?”

As he finished talking the sound of his fingers clicking together could just say be heard by Maha with a faint seal on his right hand glowing before fading away again as it sun back down into his skin, mere moments after the click of his fingers the agonizing screams of the people in the village had seized instead the thousands of footsteps could be heard surrounding the entire area of Tenshi and Maha entrapping them in a giant circle, from the building they were on the size of the area was that of several or more streets either side of them everything else inside the area was now gone, the shinobi of the village had fallen under the control of Tenshi and apart from maybe several stragglers Maha was now alone facing Tenshi and his new army.

“Ahh right you’re going to kick my ass right...then please kill me.”

Flames that had gathered around Tenshi begun to explode outwards yet the flames were not directed towards Maha instead they ran just in front of the shinobi that had sealed them off from the rest of the village once the flames ran the complete the circle around Maha and Tenshi they exploded upwards high into the sky creating a giant and thick wall of flames cutting Maha off from the outside world even more than she already was, she was now trapped in what could only be described as an arena meant for the two of them to fight to their death in. With his hand pointed out towards the direction of Maha it didn’t matter if she was hiding again or not he could now easily track her even with his eyes closed, there was no hiding for Maha now only the simple fact that she would have to face Tenshi head on and think fast on her feet if she couldn’t do both of these then life would be over in mere seconds. As Tenshi focused on Maha the blood from the fallen shinobi in the village had begun to move through the sky of the village coming down Tenshi in a red vortex of blood that spun around him, the amount of blood gathered in such a fast amount of time was that of a small ocean and it only served to show how many people had fought and last their lives while Maha hid like a coward. Some of the blood had become concentrated around the arm of Tenshi with dark sparks of lightning or electricity shooting off in random directions before the giant laser like beam of blood fired directly in the direction of Maha, the speed that it moved at was alarmingly fast an ordinary person wouldn’t even have chance to react a Kage however might have a split second if that with the distance of them both being so close.
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"Don't think I'm you're friend either...,"

She whispered under her breath before Yukio began to address the hooded figure that approached them. She immediately interpreted him as a hostile, and he proved her ascertions correct with he revealed his headband with the Konoha insignia unscathed.

However, she did not interfere between the exchange of Yukio and the unidentified male because her attention was drawn to something else. She turned to face the the heart of the Kage's Manor with her back against Yukio's. The building a few meters in front of the manor was incinerated moments ago, accompanied by the boastful voice of an all too familiar voice. He spoke as a giant dragon of flames formed and crashed upon the building in front of the manor. A giant explosion of searing hot flames illuminated the battlefield as she stared in horror.

It would only be a matter of time before she caught the glimpse of a red vortex swirling through the air, confirming that he was here. He had come to fulfill the promise he sworn upon years ago.

"Tenshi....," she barked as her hands rolled into fists.
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((this is a bit rushed so sorry if I missed something out that had happened in the thread or if I stopped people from doing what they wanted ^^” if you want your character to live through this I have left that open but the village is gone and practically everybody in the village has been wiped out so hate meh if you like :P))

“It seems you’re all too late to save your village.”

Tenshi sighed slightly as he spoke in fact he no longer even focused on the Kage of the village it was if she didn’t even matter anymore if anything he was slightly disappointed in her and her abilities, she had spent so long hiding in fear or trying to come up with a pathetic plan to stop the assault that she had failed and caused the deaths of so many and even worse still he didn’t get to play with her and watch her writhe in agony as he broke her mentally and physically. Looking back towards the Kage of the village his eyes changed they were no longer their normal color instead they were a red and not just any red but that of the sharingan, his eyes were that of the famous Uchiha clan something he had picked up from the last village he wiped from the face of the earth but that one was at least a challenge for his people anyway although it soon ended when he showed up to call time on the game.

“Why don’t you watch your village fall before your very eyes and then die along with your village...Soul binding...”

Soon the Kage of the village found hands reaching up from the ground all around her slowly wrapping themselves around every part of her body holding her tightly in place, not only hands emerged from the floor but soon the entire bodies of the hands rose up from under the earth they were people from the village that she had failed to protect or lost loved ones people that meant a great deal to her and some were even past people that she fought and killed each one speaking and shouting at her and asking her why she was so weak and how she couldn’t protect them all when they trusted her with their lives, it wasn’t a nice experience and worse still she could still see the village and Tenshi who was now looking up towards the sky. The sky had changed it was no longer the dark black sky of the eclipse instead it was a dark ominous red color, the color of blood and soon light rain started to fall from the sky only it wasn’t water or at least it wasn’t normal with the people in the village stopping what they were doing to look at the red liquid that was falling from the sky with many of the shinobi claiming it was blood that was raining from the sky.

”Devouring blood!”

The people that had been sent by Tenshi knew it was time for them to get as far away from the village as possible the sky was the sign it was time to leave for whatever Tenshi had planned it was certainly not going to be nice, several portals opened up around the village for them to get through and escape to safety with them standing outside the village a good distance away they were safe but could still see the destruction that was about to occur inside the village. within minutes the heavens truly opened up it was no longer a light shower of blood but a raging storm as the red blood thundered down more and more falling from the red sky above the village, soon the city had begun to flood like it would from a natural disaster but something was different and far more dangerous about the blood that was raining down, the buildings had begun to almost melt away and crumble as the blood crashed down upon them from the sky while the bottoms of the buildings were being devoured by the blood as they crumbled and collapsed falling further and further into the blood that flooded throughout the village and slowly it was becoming more like an ocean of blood as the rain seized to stop. The shinobi that stood in the village were swept away in the ocean of blood others found themselves stuck and rooted to the floor although they were scared it wasn’t fear holding them still but the blood around them like it was binding them preventing them from escaping whatever was coming and then screams began to be heard, sickening screams of fear and utmost pain as they felt themselves being broken down and devoured by the blood with them sinking deeper and deeper into the blood their lives being drained from them in probably one of the sickest and gruesome ways imaginable.

“ do you like that? All that planning and preparing for the end you like the others can’t stop the complete annihilation of your pathetic village and these are the villages meant to protect the world...don’t make me laugh!”

Tenshis words were directed towards the Kage who soon found herself surrounded by the blood just like the rest of the village in fact the only person freely moving and walking in the blood was Tenshi himself as he bathed in the blood than fell from the sky, the screams carried on for several long minutes until they eventually began to die out but the fading of the screams only meant that the shinobi were no longer in the land of the living, the blood like water had also found itself down the tunnels and towards the innocent villagers they too had slowly been devoured by the blood from the children to the elder people in the village every last one had met their end, with the village falling and crumbling under the power of the jutsu there was no longer anything left the people and the village had been wiped clean from the face of the earth, the few people that survived were alone they didn’t even have the bodies of their friends or loved ones everything had been swept away in the blood...the people left were left stunned and shocked they didn’t know how to react after what they had just witnessed the few people that lived would forever remember the day that their village was taken from them.

“ahh that was a good meal...shall we go then?”

Tenshi came out behind his people while licking his lips the way he spoke was almost as if he had eaten the people of the village himself, his hand rising up slightly as the red sky slowly faded away it was officially over and another village had officially fallen at the hands of Tenshi and who knows what was left of the other villages if Tenshi was right then out of the 5 shinobi villages not a single one remained. As the others observed Tenshi the air around them opened up sucking them in as they left the country to return back to where Suna used to be.
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Ears twitched slightly, wind blowing the hood of ender’s cloak against his cheek. His yellow eyes flickered up, his nostrils flaring slightly; the coppery smell of blood filling his nasal passages.


A harsh growl pealed itself from deep inside his throat. His gaze flickered up, taking in the two shinier in front of him. His left hand came up between them, palm out as if in a sign of peace. In one flick of his wrist however, a giant burst of lightning flashed back from where he stood, taking out a giant pile of rubble, leaving nothing in its place. The cloud cover directly above the two shinier showed nothing but clear night, for a few moments—before being swelled up by a wave of blood.

◦It feels so close to me, yet i can't grasp it even if i extend my hands. Even so ... Even if i cant reach it ... there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If i can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday .. I'll be able to reach what I aimed for.
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