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Poll: Elfen Lied Episode 1 Discussion

Feb 7, 2017 8:10 AM
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My first impression was like O_O I thought I was ended up in a hentai after that it became a massacre damn that girl is crazy scary I didn't expected to be this gore, to be honest she is really cute specially when she says Nyu not this new Nyan Nyan.
Mar 2, 2018 6:53 AM
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cool.. that girl just change? what happen to Lucy's behavior.. she is a cool blooded murderer.. why not she attack them ? i think i'm not gonna understand that ! what up with it!
Mar 24, 2018 11:17 AM

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The part where Elfen Lied/Nyu kills all those guards was awesome. Those bullets deflected off her. And that assistant. The cute klutz doesn't get even a minute of screen time.

And then Kouta/School Days protagonist comes in. He is seriously a foolish guy. He got ripped off that deal with his cousin and doesn't call the police or ambulance when a girl washes up on the shore. Is Japan always this guest friendly?

Something bad will happen to Katou soon. Preferably he gets his head ripped off.

And Nyu looks like a bad ripoff of Holo.
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May 26, 2018 9:08 AM

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ARGHHAAA!! MY FUCKING EYES AHHH! The.... most GENERIC looking MC of the fucking CENTURY. Seriously WTF was going through the character designers head when he created that monstrosity. Oh... sorry, lost myself for a second there. It's been a while I've seen the-generic-mc-card pulled up. And in a convincing manner aswell and oh yeah holy shit the gore, loved it. Been craving it recently.
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Nov 22, 2018 7:59 AM
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Nov 27, 2018 7:36 AM
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Chelle said:
I just started watching this series. Now... I can get into a little blood and gore now and again (as long as it's in anime form and not slasher flicks)... but OH.My.GOD. Just five minutes into the first episode, and I was covering my eyes, and gasping loudly, and thinking "Oh shit, what the f*** have I gotten myself into?" The part where she telekenetically just rips that guys heart from his chest... O_o

Yeah... awesome... looking forward to the next episode... will probably watch tonight... lol.

Just because of this post, I'll give this one a shot. Appears to be what I'm looking for. Thanks mate
Nov 29, 2018 8:34 PM

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Literally the first couple minutes was just gore and nudity, and I’m EXTRMELY interested in the rest with that said. This series looks absolutely brutal with a good story to boot, I’m definitely excited to watch more.
Feb 27, 8:43 AM
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I dropped this a few years ago, coming back to finish it this time. A lot of fanservice, gore, & drama. Seems promising & good.
Mar 15, 9:10 PM

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at least she didn't piss on carpet, that'd have been a bitch
May 18, 12:04 AM

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My little naked Diclonius can't be this cute!

Giving this anime a second chance after being on my "On Hold" list for a long time... and yep, this first episode was as unnecessarily violent as I remember it was. Basically, too absurd to be taken seriously.

Listening to the OP again was really nice tho.
Jul 9, 5:44 PM
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I just watched this anime again over 10 years after seeing it the first time. I watched season 2 of Stranger Things a couple of weeks ago and it made me think of this series. After watching that season of Stranger Things, I stumbled upon an interview with the Duffer Brothers that created the show. They said Elfen Lied was an inspiration behind them making Stranger Things. After thinking about Elfen Lied when I was watching Stranger Things and then seeing it mentioned in an article, I had no choice but to revisit this series. I'd honestly forgotten how good it was. The first few minutes of this episode reminded me right away.
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