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Poll: Initial D First Stage Episode 20 Discussion

Jun 15, 12:51 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Cellphones really destroyed our chances to see a good drama like this lol.. Except for awesome race scenes and music, this anime still has something else to offer ...
Jun 17, 6:54 AM
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The new opening is catchy, I prefer the old opening, though. Honestly Iketani was stupid to consult to that guy when it was already past the time he should've left, leaving her in the dark like that. Seems like she's going to abandon her love life now, for a while at least, and Iketani will regret his stupidity for a long time.
Jul 29, 2:20 AM

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Haha Iketani, what a foo.

To feel inferior over a picture when a girl literally offered to open her legs for you minutes before, he doesn’t deserve to hit that.

Wish I could turn into an anime character and take his place, I would have been there at 7:30.

Episode 5/5
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