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Jan 30, 2012 1:20 AM

Dec 2011
ichigo03 said:
Ok, I like a discussion so here we go.

Maddo_Scientisto said:
Because you actually expect a highschooler that live for boobs and never entered a single fight in his life to actually fight on par with demons and fallen angels that obviously had years to master fighting technique and their powers and that on his first few fight?

LOL, that's why I said he should play HIS part and NOT be the damn hero, and YES he is trying to be the hero by attempting to do things that could get him killed!

Maddo_Scientisto said:
We see the character thought, of course he'll think that he is weak but that is not whining about it. He's not going to Rias or anyone and complaining about how weak he is, he's sucking it up and is ready to train and that is something that should be praised.

And why the fuck do we need to be reminded that he is weak?

We can already see it for our damn selves that the MC is useless.

Maddo_Scientisto said:
After Rias saved him in ep3 he asked her to save Asia but she told him that she didn't want to.

He planned to go alone and I probably would have gone as well; it's not trying to be a hero it's just not wanting to feel guilt.

So if this was real life, and you know you CAN'T beat these guys, you would go on a suicide mission just because you want to save a cute girl?

OK, sure, yeah, I totally see the rationality behind that concept.

I totally agree that's the best course of action.

Here's a more rational approach: you persuade Rias and the others, you BEG if you have to and you tell them that this girl is NOT a threat and she could be converted to your side.

Instead he doesn't say any of these things and tries to go on a suicide mission, he's lucky the blonde haired guy and the loli tagged along.

Maddo_Scientisto said:
The plot is pretty much average so far but the most retarded thing in this anime is the boobs, not the plot. The story is much more consistant than most harem-battle we've seen in the last 3 years.

I agree this plot is average and consistent to what we've seen, that's why I said that almost all Harem-battle anime are done this way.

And if you think that the majority of the people are tuning in for the plot and not the tits then I call bullshit on YOU.

Maddo_Scientisto said:
Like I said, your reason for hating are bad, it sound like you were desesperate to paint the show worst than it actually is and that gave birth to your post.

So far the only thing I hate is the retarded MC, I agree with you that the story is consistent to what we've seen from Harem-Battle anime.

However, I'm here for the quality ecchi (it's not that great, but it's the most ecchiest anime of the season, and the girls are pretty likable/entertaining so I'm good), but while I'm at it, I'll also put in my two cents on how stupid the rest of the show really is.

Well, whatever, if I sounded too critical, it's probably because I'm very cynical towards anime like this when it comes to story.

The last harem-battle anime that I really liked for the story was HighSchool of the Dead.

Yeah, the story is horribly cliched for hollywood, but we've never seen that in anime, the MC (Takeshi) was a great lead and it although it had the feel of a blockbuster movie instead of an anime, I loved how the characters interacted with each other, which until now I can't say the same for this anime.

Although, who knows maybe it gets better, I hope it does, although I think my hatred for the MC will probably continue once I saw the preview for next episode :/

I can't tell you how many times I'v been beaten because of the girl. I even almost got stabbed because I helped a girl who was attacked by ex-boyfriend... I would never run and leave a girl like that. What if he stabbed her? And I saw what was going on. Would I be able to forgive myself? NO!!! I am irrational, but I don't care. I'd rather die helping someone, then die as a selfish bastard....

As for the episode I love it... I could watch it even without ( . Y . ).... I am glad I started watching this....

I wish girls form mew mew changed like this.........
akutasame94Jan 30, 2012 1:34 AM
Jan 30, 2012 10:15 AM

Nov 2010
Soooo .. angels are bad, devils are good?
hgeronimoJan 31, 2012 4:56 AM
Jan 30, 2012 12:25 PM

Feb 2008
It's devils, not demons.

"Your sight, my delight. Will you marry me?"
Jan 30, 2012 3:17 PM

May 2011
Koneko-chan! So adorable. -Note for Issei- Never call Koneko-chan a midget lol. Kiba is a cool guy, awesome sacred gear too.

Now that the sacred gear is out, it looks like Aashia is lifeless. Poor Aashia just getting used like that :/. But that means its time for Issei to get his revenge on Yuuma. That Mitelt fallen angel is like a doll, cutee.
Feb 1, 2012 11:29 PM

Nov 2010
Love the voiceova for when eva he uses the sacred gear!
Feb 7, 2012 4:23 AM
Jan 2012
What a horrible ending ? the poor asia
Feb 7, 2012 3:46 PM

Aug 2011
Epic episode, plenty fan service.
Feb 8, 2012 4:58 PM

Nov 2011
Akeno <3

Again poor Asia. It's obvious that she'll be saved...but I wonder how..?
Feb 18, 2012 9:22 PM

Sep 2009
i just love how hes charging up power then gets stabbed i want a gif of that
Feb 19, 2012 2:03 AM

Jan 2011
Better than expected, looking forward to the next episode.
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Mar 2, 2012 9:23 PM

May 2011
wow im surprised. i started watching this because im in the mood for ecchi. but i wasnt expecting to get excited for something other than that, this anime is just sheer awesomeness
Mar 8, 2012 11:21 PM

Aug 2011
Who are Matsuda and Motohata?
bxyhxyhMar 9, 2012 4:43 AM
Sorry for my bad English.
Mar 23, 2012 4:58 PM

Jan 2011
rape sensitive, purge of dropping
Hide behind the mighty wall of internet, i shall
Apr 16, 2012 4:37 AM

May 2010
Asia is so innocent,fanservice does not suit on her.
Jun 26, 2012 10:20 PM

Jul 2011
hellsascendant said:
rape sensitive, purge of dropping

where at all in this episode did you see anyone get even close to being raped??
Jun 26, 2012 10:21 PM

Jul 2011
anyway great episode i still love akeno and kiba and koneko dont call her a chibi lol
poor asia i kinda fell in love with her character
Jul 2, 2012 7:21 AM

Aug 2010
Good to see a series that can juggle things well, and this episode had a nice balance. Come for the fan service, but stay for the plot.
Eyes always lose their fire

Jul 9, 2012 8:23 AM
Jul 2012
Ahh I hope she will will surviive
Jul 19, 2012 8:38 PM

Feb 2012
Liked it, the OST is good, and the fights are not bad at all. :)
Jul 22, 2012 4:56 AM

May 2012
Damn sad ending, hopefully he still can save Asia!
Oct 18, 2012 5:23 PM

Jun 2011
I lol'ed at that crazy exorcist's "For real?" and "Ittai.." haha.

Poor Asia, but she will definitely be resurrected. Some random confession, I love Asia's breast the most in DxD so far xp
ToG25thBaamOct 18, 2012 5:26 PM
Honobono Log - best slice of life short
most kawaii loli overlord
Donquixote Doflamingo AMV - Control
Jan 2, 2013 1:42 PM

Feb 2011
Noooo :( Hope Asia doesn't die .
May 22, 2013 4:40 PM

Jul 2012
This was a rather pretty good episode, I didn't think I'd take things seriously with all the eechi but so far this shows starting to prove to me that this anime can be really good with the eechi; I'm quite happy about that. The small fight scenes were pretty good, that one fallen angel guy (too lazy to look up his name) with the gun and sword is still lolzy. Well, it looks like the big battle is gonna start next episode so I'm looking forward to that.
Jun 25, 2013 6:39 AM

Sep 2011
Who would have thought the nun and the sadist would be the best characters in the series! Damn.
Jul 5, 2013 8:37 PM

May 2013
Damn, that OST.

Issei may be weak, but I bet he'll get stronger!
We find out about his Sacred Gear's doubling power and about a Pawn's Promotion "on the other side of the board".

Never call Koneko a midget. Never.
Yuuto has a Sacred Gear called Devil's Blade. Pretty cool.
Akeno's transformation!

Another Fallen Angel? She'll be Loli Fallen Angel.
And look, Mr. Fallen Angel and Ms. Fallen Angel came back!
Yuuma comes back too, but as Reinare the Fallen Angel. And see steals Twilight Healing, Asia's Sacred Gear.

Noo, Asia! Don't die!
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Aug 22, 2013 4:31 PM
Jan 2013
Shit got real when Yuuma cuddled Asia. That was awesome.
Oct 28, 2013 11:53 AM

Apr 2012
Rozen Maiden cameo.
I like Hentai, you like real life.
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Jan 9, 2014 3:56 AM
The Shrike

Nov 2009
What's all this plot? I thought this was a high school harem show?!
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Jan 28, 2014 8:00 AM

Jan 2014
Let's hope she lives :l
Feb 7, 2014 4:50 AM

Oct 2013
Wow,now the anime is getting serious.

Feb 18, 2014 8:20 AM
May 2012
Noooooooooooooooo, how could you do that to my pure and innocent Asia!!!
Fuck, Yuuma is hot too :3
Freed is a fun character ahahaha.
Show them the shit, Issei!!!!
TengaiFeb 18, 2014 9:47 AM
Nov 28, 2014 2:21 PM
Worst One

Nov 2009
Issei's Sacred Gear looks so shit, Its like a dead red beetle stuck on his arm.
Nov 29, 2014 9:48 AM

Sep 2014
Sadly wasn't really shocked about Asia's death since both opening/ending pretty much spoil that she'll survive somehow.
So Akeno is a devil miko seems legit^^.

This series is getting better with each episode.
Jan 12, 2015 1:01 PM

Oct 2014
Woot, holy shit this is sooooo good.

It's the perfect anime. C'mon Issei fuck that yuuma up.
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Mar 18, 2015 12:32 PM

Aug 2013
Even when someone die in a dramatic moments, they have to show boob shot, right? xD
Well, of course, I'd guess she won't stay dead for long, since she's a main.

Kiba is a pretty cool guy in the end. He looked like a self-centered dude at the beginning, but I guess it's because that opinion was influenced by Issei.

Issei power is pretty damn strong. He's pretty much a copycat. When a member is missing, he can complete the group. One thing we learned too : don't call Koneko ''chibi''.

Freed punch in the face was satisfying. His corpse would be more satisfying though.
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Apr 15, 2015 3:49 PM

Feb 2013
I was eating at the time he was powering up and got stabbed. Nearly choked from laughing.
Oct 28, 2015 6:38 AM

Jan 2012
She is going to die no shit ,do something .

Nov 1, 2015 5:21 PM

Jul 2014
BurntJelly said:
I was eating at the time he was powering up and got stabbed. Nearly choked from laughing.

Yeah that was pretty ridiculous lol.

This anime gets a lot of recognition merely for the fanservice, but it's pretty dang awesome.
Oct 24, 2016 1:06 AM
Dec 2015
And those bastards call themselves angels. Appalling
May 20, 2018 1:57 PM

Oct 2017
Am I the only one who prefers Kiba over Issei? I mean Kiba is just freaking awesome..

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May 4, 2019 2:35 PM

Nov 2016
I really became attached to Asia, even with that little screen time, so killing her off would hurt :( never mind, the opening spoiled it xD

Dope action btw 👌🏻
One Piece episode 914 & 915 & 1027 were a mistake and 957 brought the salvation - FMmatron

Jul 20, 2019 6:18 AM

Mar 2017
Man, I love the ED of this show too much.
Apr 17, 2020 8:13 AM

Mar 2010
Well god damn seems all the big players are out and shit has hit the fan. I wonder if they will be able to resurrect that nun or something? eek

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But my feels.
Apr 24, 2020 6:57 AM

Feb 2018
Issei get a great sacred gear.

Aug 25, 2020 11:26 AM
Oct 2019
This show is pretty meh. I'll probably drop it here soon.

But at least I laughed my ass off when Issei was all "I can feel my power increasing" right as a light spear pierced his torso. Haha dumbass
Sep 25, 2020 4:04 PM

Aug 2020
Loved to see Asia again! :)

Jul 24, 2021 5:08 AM
Feb 2021
Asia is so cute
Aug 27, 2022 9:41 PM
Feb 2021
best anime hands down. bobs galore.
Sep 13, 2022 9:47 AM
Mar 2021
Jan 14, 4:08 PM
Jan 2023
hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
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