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Jan 24, 2012 10:49 AM
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Is it just me or could this whole series benefit more from really prolonging the scenes in which the characters are put face to face with their "alternate" selves?
This is, imo, the best part of the game, ditching the goody-goody images and accepting the not-so-perfect-but-completly-verosimile-human inside them, and rushing through it in the anime too seems a shame.
Jan 24, 2012 10:58 AM

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I don't quite agree because I think that, in the beginning, they were doing it way better than in the game. Yosuke's Shadow had much more of an impact in me than it had in the game, simply because the game showed a short scene and then went straight to battle (not only that but Yosuke fainted as well, meaning he wouldn't be haunted by his Shadow anymore). In the tv series, nor only did Yosuke not faint but "Jiraiya" also kept haunting him all the time while fighting against Izanagi. Chie was quite nice as well. But from Yukiko on their "battle with themselves" got more and more meh.
Jan 24, 2012 11:11 AM
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agreed, i expected more from Kanji's and Yukiko's confrontations, i felt them as the most haunted, if you will, in real life- having a cookie cutter mold they had to fit into in order to be accepted by society.
Jan 24, 2012 6:50 PM

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Agreed with Miya_F_Exia, Yosuke's was much better, and so was Chie's, Yukiko's and Rise's, IMO. The game version of these 4 were much shorter and not as impactful until you go through their SLink.

The symbolism of locking Yukiko up in a cage and the flashbacks helped me atleast understand a bit of her problem, even though I still think it's a minor one, compared to the others. Chie's many different faces was a nice touch as she was being "two-faced" to Yukiko. The "other Rise's" was a good one aswell - They also had Rise suffer a bit more by hinting the removal of the swimsuit - almost exposed to the watchers, which is an embarrassing nightmare for many girls.

The only one that was horrible was Kanji's. Yeah, the episode was funny, but it didn't really torment him as it should. All there was, was rushed gay jokes and Narukami "accepting" Kanji for his sewing - Which doesn't really "apply" now because they had Narukami say "not at night" during episode 8. It kinda made his arc pointless. Hopefully his social link rank up fixes that error..
Jan 24, 2012 8:15 PM
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The funny part is, they are not just "alternate personalities", they are fears, shadows, hidden desires, regrets. Literally everything dark in their minds, or what they are depressed about. Say Rise, for example, wasn't just showing a slutty side, she was showing her anger at how she was perceived, a ditzy slutty self-loving twit. It's not that she had a hidden side like that, but she's her fear, the fear she's perceived this way which is why she says there's no "single" personality that is her, she can't really clamp it down to "this single one is me" because she doesn't know who she is yet. She's just a teenager trying to find herself while the world tries to encase her in labels, like the idol, the ditzy girl, the slut, the plain shy girl,etc.

And Kanji is the most misunderstood one of the gang and even the game mishandles him a little in the dungeon. He's not really gay. He just wants to be accepted and he has a deep trauma of being rejected for being interested in "girl pastimes" and also being shunned by girls. So his "Shadow" miscontrued it into the common miconception "I don't like girls so obviously I'm gay and I want guys to accept me". Kanji says it very seriously in the game: "I just want to be accepted." And the anime really just turned it into a joke. Yuu, in the game, accepts him and treats him pretty well, as does Rise and Kuma too.

Anyway, just trying to put into words things the anime just glossed over. This is very easy to misunderstand even in the game because through most of it you don't know the truth behind the world of Shadows and what Shadows truly are. In a few episodes they should be reaching the decisive point where a very key situation comes down to whether they realize that not everything in that world can be taken as truth and that Shadows like to deceive and lie.
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Jan 27, 2012 1:49 PM

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Leon-Gun said:
Rise, for example, wasn't just showing a slutty side, she was showing her anger at how she was perceived, a ditzy slutty self-loving twit. It's not that she had a hidden side like that, but she's her fear, the fear she's perceived this way

And Kanji is not really gay.

These two were always my pet-peeve when people would discuss this about Persona4. People tend to take a bit "out there" shadow symbolism and blow it out of proportion. As someone once posted: "Rise doesn't want to be a stripper any more than Yukiko wanted to be a bird or Chie a dominatrix with a banana problem."

As for Kanji, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. People tend to gloss over the he is "just afraid to get rejected" line. If anything, he only blushes at Naoto because he was the only person to call him "interesting".
Jan 27, 2012 2:02 PM

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Yosuke shadow was done really well , others were... meh, kuma was awfull.
Feb 24, 2012 8:53 AM
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I liked Kanji's the best so far. Even though I played P4 twice, I don't recall Kanji beating his own Shadow, rather it was always the team who did the brunt of the work.

Will see Rise and Naoto's soon.

So far the adaptation is pretty good, if not even more hilarious. There's just some random animation at times (quality seem a bit random too).

It would've been better if they did a poll or something before the show for us to choose our fav personas. I like Pyro Jack but Mitama? Seriously? Barely used the snake either.