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Poll: One Piece Episode 531 Discussion

Feb 13, 2014 11:40 PM
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Multitasking= Reading subtitles + Nami- that is all.
Jun 4, 2014 7:51 AM

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I can imagine C.C. or not really xD

Looks like the annoying drama will come?
They invite them to castle -> arrest them -> plan to execute them
This line story is getting nowhere
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Sep 9, 2014 7:00 AM

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I like Shirahoshi! :D She's so cute!

1. Shirahoshi
2. Hancock
3. Robin

I laughed when I realized what Luffy was bouncing on. Usually I don't like that kind of scenes when pervyness is involved but it's Luffy alright! :D Still no Zori though!
Dec 19, 2014 3:41 AM

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I hope something with action happens.
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Jun 30, 2015 9:42 AM

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dem bouncy boobs
Aug 31, 2015 6:09 AM
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Hystery said:
Shirahoshi is pretty cute! Damn, Luffy is lucky to have been about to jump on the princess's breasts.
Sep 6, 2015 1:39 AM

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If that was Sanji all that would be left would be a pile of skin surrounded by blood
Jul 30, 2016 8:42 AM

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Luffy was lucky in this episode without even knowing it or even being aware of it once he found out what he was bouncing on
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Apr 4, 2017 10:41 AM

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Franky: looks for Tom's relatives
Robin: looks into the history of the island
Nami: goes shopping

Gotta love her!

The whole thing about the Eve tree's roots being luminous and lighting up Fishman Island was really interesting...and then we have the Sunny which is actually made from the bark of the Adam tree. No doubt it'll all mean something later on.

Shirahoshi got introduced this episode and good lord she is adorable!
But seriously Luffy...bouncing on her chest without realizing it XD

Will he gain the favour of yet another important and attractive lady??

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Jun 27, 2017 10:45 AM

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When he called him ZORI i laughed so freaking much XD

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Oct 15, 2017 3:58 AM

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Neptune got scolded a lot, lol.
Luffy used Shirahoshi's oppai like a trampoline, cool.
Jul 11, 6:20 PM

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The ministers of the Palace, or at least one is totally like a worried dad when it comes to King Neptune. And, the princess is giant, and cries a lot. I feel not only has One Piece boobs gone up from big to hentai sized, but Oda's been using them a lot more than on an aesthetic level if it is not filler content. The Nami Usopp motorboat, the Sanji face in Ishilly's boobs, and now Luffy bouncing on giant princess boobs all within a fairly short amount of time. Luffy really has a tendency to stumble into princess's rooms when they are alone and vulnerable, huh? He gave her the Hancock treatment.

The first part of the episode was cool. I don't really get why the princess is locked down in crazy security with tons of weapons dug into the door but she did think Luffy came to attack her like 'those others'. In the case of Caribou we got to know more about him! He's a swamp swamp man and he can turn his body into a muddy, endless swamp to absorb probably about anything. I'd imagine he could have sucked in the barrel somehow when he was inside but he isn't that smart from what we've seen. He's also being quite awful here, going around to steal mermaids and sell them like Camie was back then. But, without people being aware of Caribou's existence it's clear the Straw Hats are a prime target. On top of the fear of Straw Hats stealing mermaids, Sharley also has the Princes going to keep Luffy on lock down. This could get messy.

Then the rest of the crew. As expected Zoro is already at the palace drinking in the banquet hall! Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Brook, Usopp are thus in the royal palace. Sanji and Chopper are in the mermaid cafe taking care of Sanji's health. And interestingly, Franky is on his way to find Tom's relatives.. that is an amazingly personal mission to take up and one I didn't expect, but one that makes a lot of sense.. I wonder how much they know about what happened to Tom. All of a sudden the plotline I'm most invested in is Franky's journey. Robin also has split up to learn about the island..

Bubbly coral all of a sudden makes this terrain less scary. I was worried fishmen may attack the crew in a highly water based area but with bubbly coral they at least have a chance. I wonder if the drunk with Hammond was a practitioner of fishman karate now that I think about it, there's got to be more than Jimbei and the karate fish that was with Arlong.
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